2CELLOS - We Found Love
2CELLOS - Mombasa
Prije godine
2CELLOS - Voodoo People
2CELLOS - The Trooper
2CELLOS - Highway to Hell
2CELLOS - Back In Black
2CELLOS - Wake Me Up
2CELLOS - Whole Lotta Love
2CELLOS - Thunderstruck
2CELLOS - Seven Nation Army
RelicX ID
RelicX ID Prije sat
Marco Bärenz
Marco Bärenz Prije sat
Are you kidding me? So wonderful!
dennis schwartzentruber
dennis schwartzentruber Prije sat
They certainly aren't children of a lesser God !
Marie-Paule Schol
Marie-Paule Schol Prije sat
17/04/2021 From 2014 congrats guys, love your music ! Awesome !
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez Prije sat
¡WOW! Kurt Cobian Approves.
Samuel Leconte
Samuel Leconte Prije sat
Une traduction en Français aurait été sympathique Attention !! le red bull est mauvais pour le cœur
Josee Roges
Josee Roges Prije sat
Whaou ça dégage super les bads boys hiiihi 🤣j'espère qu'un jour vous viendrez en France .belle performance l love so much thank😻😻😻
Marie-Paule Schol
Marie-Paule Schol Prije sat
17/04/2021 Twee mooie jonge muzikanten, heel mooi, prachtige muziek ! Ik zie graag foto's en muziek van het verleden! Bravo !
Ahmad Roozan Sirojuddin
Ahmad Roozan Sirojuddin Prije sat
Ahmad Roozan Sirojuddin
Ahmad Roozan Sirojuddin Prije sat
Luchita Lopez
Luchita Lopez Prije 2 sati
David Claudio Gonzalez Veliz
David Claudio Gonzalez Veliz Prije 2 sati
Los dos tipos con los chelos......weon....imposible wey !!!!!!!!
mirko kos
mirko kos Prije 2 sati
For me this beach is the most beautiful place in the world.
Antonio Rios Fernandez
Antonio Rios Fernandez Prije 2 sati
Soys unos fenómenos
Chami Yoonmin
Chami Yoonmin Prije 2 sati
All them string destroyed from that awesome cello playing
smith J.R.
smith J.R. Prije 2 sati
@angus young
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh Prije 2 sati
12k dislike from davi jones and flying dutchman.
Hawk Li
Hawk Li Prije 3 sati
I remember watching this as a kid and thinking the song was kinda lame but when I got older I listened to the original and I love it
scott grasher
scott grasher Prije 3 sati
Why do I like this better than the original...
HoV x HoT
HoV x HoT Prije 4 sati
when you come back after wiping so many times in the new raid and go to the repair guy just to find all your gear red and 0% durability. thats EXACTLY the state of their gear right now
Дуговая Надежда
Дуговая Надежда Prije 4 sati
Sara Oliveira
Sara Oliveira Prije 4 sati
A mds eles tocam bem dmsss🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Scott Strecker
Scott Strecker Prije 4 sati
These guys are great so the drummer beats John John
BB GG Prije 5 sati
This year chelsea will be champions. 🦁🦁🦁
abdul ijaz
abdul ijaz Prije 4 sati
They are unstoppable
abdul ijaz
abdul ijaz Prije 4 sati
No psg
Wingnut Drever
Wingnut Drever Prije 5 sati
Okay, do an Italian song for 58 biker. I am half scott and half brit but...
Iulian Mirea
Iulian Mirea Prije 5 sati
Mad wolves. Really.🆒🆔
JoJos Bangers
JoJos Bangers Prije 5 sati
The baritone of my heart is calm thank you
JoJos Bangers
JoJos Bangers Prije 5 sati
Wes Sanford
Wes Sanford Prije 5 sati
This. Shit. Right. Here.
J Keeper
J Keeper Prije 6 sati
If I was a time traveller I'd go recreate this
Sport Predictions
Sport Predictions Prije 6 sati
how can u click unlike here mfkrs???? big big big like!!!!!!!! letgooooooooo
Elida Fernandez
Elida Fernandez Prije 6 sati
Andy Aguayo
Andy Aguayo Prije 6 sati
The blue guy is just banging his cello
Nature vibes
Nature vibes Prije 6 sati
I played this while sleeping now im awake When u know it😂😂😂
HD DD Prije 6 sati
u guys have not only blow up the strings of ur celloes but also u have blow up the in internet , i can't stop writing coments 4u guys, i went to th super market of new zealand (warehouse) cpl of years ago n i saw a music disc $50 i said why is this so expensive the man said cuz they r legend so i bought it, i never knew this band existed cuz I'm Persian from iran or just like an arad from Egypt we had never heard of that......,n that was the thunder song from AC -DC band n i was so sad 2c th original singer had passed away n th new singer has a hard time 2follow, n th guitarist really amazed me with these melodies on this song, 2date I'm still studying about them who was involved in this band n who was the creater of such a 1of th kind melodies 😢😥
Cydney McNeece
Cydney McNeece Prije 6 sati
I don't know why this showed up in my recommended (probably cause I've rewatched a wellerman video 7 times) but I'm very glad it did.
Akash Nath
Akash Nath Prije 6 sati
Made my day
HD DD Prije 7 sati
all i can say is wow thrs no other word 2explain or 2express this amazing n unbleavable performance ,only our ears can tell us , thank u all guys 2bring the memory of the legends back 2us with your heavenly talent, u really shook our hearts 🌷🌷❣
Дмитрий Колачёв
Дмитрий Колачёв Prije 7 sati
Апокалиптика 1992 год это плагиат. ничего своего.
Doğa Prije 7 sati
AnimeGamer501st The Last Yeet
AnimeGamer501st The Last Yeet Prije 7 sati
Proof that the people back then could have rocked out they were just not ready for it
J R Prije 7 sati
Who ever create this music for titanic is a legend !
CteFox Zeus
CteFox Zeus Prije 8 sati
This was literally Cr7 last day at Real Madrid. Thanks for the grand performance Cellos bros 👍
Strocub Prije 8 sati
schon 100 mal gehört und immer wieder geil ich liebe eure musik
Patricia Egan
Patricia Egan Prije 8 sati
Yout cello must be a very strong instrument based on how vibrantly you play it! Keep playing great music! 😍
Ahmet Korkmaz
Ahmet Korkmaz Prije 8 sati
tam arkada nusrette var
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Prije 8 sati
Lookin at my cello: Gonna pick you up My cello: I don’t think so
Ariana Claire
Ariana Claire Prije 8 sati
I'm not crying... I'm not crying... Alright... I'm crying😭😭😭
Carol Schirmer
Carol Schirmer Prije 9 sati
Killer drummer PLUS Stjepan and Luka, outstanding talent 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
bakkup Prije 9 sati
must be an honor to have james milner walk beside you
lnzinorbit lnzinorbit
lnzinorbit lnzinorbit Prije 9 sati
Wish they would get back together again!
Jane anak Dripin
Jane anak Dripin Prije 10 sati
Greetings. Such a heartfelt and soul rendition of this beautiful piece I used to listen to as a younger me many years ago played on the keyboard by Vangelis. Now to see it played by two passionate young souls on the cello is a gift of life I am grateful for. Thank you very much.
Wingnut Drever
Wingnut Drever Prije 10 sati
me and my brother are weird.
Levi Winman
Levi Winman Prije 10 sati
Its funny to think that back then if someone were to play this type of music, people would be disturbed to say the least, but if someone plays this today, people start jamming out to it. Funny how taste for music and music in general has changed so much through the centuries.
LBurgos Prije 10 sati
come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Cynthia Huse
Cynthia Huse Prije 11 sati
Thank God you are back!! Even better.....if that is possible. Incredibly gifted and hot too............
Dannythebest100 Prije 11 sati
who got this suggested by youtube after 8 years?
Astrid RAHMTOTH Prije 11 sati
SoohNabis Prije 11 sati
how insaine it should be to navigate on this kind of boat.. the peacefull of the nature on the sea.
Liliane De beule
Liliane De beule Prije 11 sati
I love this. I always said that we need four hands. Two hands are not enough to satisfy your partner lol
domi Prije 12 sati
pure magic, best cover all times. its so beautiful, they even managed to get the crowd look like statues.
Liliane De beule
Liliane De beule Prije 12 sati
You're so funny. Charming. You're the best. You make me laugh so much here on my own . I spent very good time on watching you here on my own
Barbara Brachman
Barbara Brachman Prije 12 sati
Rashid Ali
Rashid Ali Prije 12 sati
I just cannot stop myself from seeing the expressions these two men sitting on the front are making.
Cristina Gomes-Trauth
Cristina Gomes-Trauth Prije 12 sati
Qque lindooooo, pena a arena foi usada oara massacres, onse reis saboreavam a nirte das vitimas, mas kindaaaaa cancao para os nirtis neste holocazsto de antigamente. Historia tuneooo do temlooooo, que kindiooooo, parabéns parabens oarabens
Hüseyin Özdemir
Hüseyin Özdemir Prije 12 sati
that is so wild 😎😎
xDuckio Prije 12 sati
I just want to point out that this is HEAVILY autotuned. Believe me, I've been a violinist for nine years. You cant sound like that.
Viktor Wallaby
Viktor Wallaby Prije 12 sati
Final 2021 2cellos y los palmeras
Adrian M
Adrian M Prije 12 sati
The only song that can make a grown man cry
Damian Conley
Damian Conley Prije 12 sati
2Cellos: When electric guitars are no more
Shape Prije 12 sati
What I like most about the two of them is when you can feel the connection between them. That's the best thing about them. The music adds to the whole thing in a great way.
Samuel Leconte
Samuel Leconte Prije 12 sati
Un des meilleurs concert que j' ai entendu !! La performance des 2 violoncellistes et du batteur sont exceptionnels !
TheJanez59 Prije 13 sati
When i am sad, or my wife made me angry, i just listen this wonderfol master piece,and i became calm and relaxing ! This is just magic and love them and the music they produce.... Amazing i say it is......it is !!
Maxi the dog
Maxi the dog Prije 13 sati
como se llama el fotografo
barodarockers Prije 13 sati
seems like superman is playing cello
Samuel Leconte
Samuel Leconte Prije 13 sati
Performance exceptionnelle ! Et ne pas oublier le batteur !
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez Prije 13 sati
this is really something
zeljko avramovic
zeljko avramovic Prije 13 sati
Nicolas Ringuedet
Nicolas Ringuedet Prije 14 sati
Des putains de magiciens !
MrHetrigan Prije 14 sati
Que dificil sacarla con dos chelos ...