Paperkut ĺive
Paperkut ĺive Prije minute
Shout out INDIANS X for the Jalibi beby"
Farzana Siddiqui
Farzana Siddiqui Prije 2 minuta
Loved it... I came here after insta reels😁 i thought it is a hindi song but it's not
Anouk Scheres
Anouk Scheres Prije 2 minuta
Love this song I’m listening to it every day
Yadav amit
Yadav amit Prije 3 minuta
Here is a perfect new music beat for indian #chapris doing mujra on instagram #reels 😭😭😭
Butterpeakx Prije 6 minuta
Ty for making this song me and my friends were trying to dance on song we never laughed this much thanks again jason and teasher for making such a legendary song
Indian proves they are Indian
RJ Prije 9 minuta
Jose Angel Malbranche
Jose Angel Malbranche Prije 12 minuta
Amazing video congrats! I loved the mix of the Cultures even the little bit of salsa in the rhtythm.
Suga Prije 14 minuta
I thought this song was out 1-2 month ago
Gaurav Parmar
Gaurav Parmar Prije 15 minuta
More this duo needed❤
Joury Alakel
Joury Alakel Prije 15 minuta
Gaurav Parmar
Gaurav Parmar Prije 16 minuta
kipster123 Prije 17 minuta
this song is too op
X  LORD  99
X LORD 99 Prije 17 minuta
Love from india
Alfred Rose
Alfred Rose Prije 20 minuta
I am addicted to this song.
Bean Babi
Bean Babi Prije 22 minuta
When I was like 10 I moved schools and my new Muslim friends used to make me say jalebi cuz I didn't know what it meant...I thought it meant pretty girl so for a while I used to say I am a jalebi and the fact this song came out I'm wheezing remembering it all 🤣🤣
PARKUR Prije 26 minuta
Why does Jason say his name before every song
Jalpa Parmar
Jalpa Parmar Prije 27 minuta
Heyyy I love this song, it’s really crazy with jason
Puneet Barjatya
Puneet Barjatya Prije 29 minuta
is that Ness Wadia(Zomato delivery guy) ??
Joren HN
Joren HN Prije 30 minuta
Jason Derulo dancing reminds me of Ne-Yo
Rubina Riaz
Rubina Riaz Prije 32 minuta
Now after Jason says about BTS I really don't like jason 😂 I am an Army but this song is famous in India
Naris'Xm Prije 32 minuta
So ain't nobody gon talk about the Rocking Chair in the first at 1:16 ?😂 I MEAN, GODDDDDDAMN!!!! 🔪💯 AS A PRODUCER IT MADE me LISTEN TO THE ALL THANG!!😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
NIKET Prije 33 minuta
Lovely 🤤❤️💯
Boney Meyn
Boney Meyn Prije 35 minuta
Jalebi jalebi woooooow
Yaboy15 Prije 40 minuta
This might be a hit🔥🤔
Michelle Okeke
Michelle Okeke Prije 40 minuta
I love the collaboration keep it up
Yaboy15 Prije 41 minute
Is this indian music 😭
Roxana _ninaccahuaya
Roxana _ninaccahuaya Prije 42 minuta
Todo buen hasta.que Jason derulo aparece
Pulse OP
Pulse OP Prije 43 minuta
listening always 😂
Balvin Gaming
Balvin Gaming Prije 46 minuta
Better then Jalebi bai🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅
Mz Gamer
Mz Gamer Prije 47 minuta
Ramkaji Surkheti
Ramkaji Surkheti Prije 47 minuta
Legendary song
Kuhu Prije 49 minuta
This is so good. Perhaps, I enjoyed listening this video more than those of its reels and Tiktok😛🤪
Bis Creativity
Bis Creativity Prije 51 minute
Damn... Addicted. 🥰
Aysha Prije 52 minuta
Now I want Indian food
Sahrish Majeed
Sahrish Majeed Prije 52 minuta
sponsored by zomato
Manas Chandrakar
Manas Chandrakar Prije 55 minuta
Is Tesher indian?
Gagan Sharma
Gagan Sharma Prije sat
But indians don't look like this kinda chutiya(sucker)... Nice song
sonakshi Prije sat
A Glass of Water
A Glass of Water Prije sat
OP Zomato Marketing Team🔥
noobda øp
noobda øp Prije sat
🇮🇳Indian attendance
Shaleny S
Shaleny S Prije sat
Fun fact: Jalebi is a sweet snack from India.
Seen Al.w
Seen Al.w Prije sat
Hollywood × bollywood 😂😂❤❤❤
Parth Goel
Parth Goel Prije sat
yup that was sharma ji ka ladka with a government job at the end............
Tavi Babi
Tavi Babi Prije sat
Whole time I’m thinking this a Spanish song 😂😂 I love this though I love to see a Indian mainstream artist ❤️❤️❤️don’t know if he’s Indian correct me if I’m wrong
Imene Bouch
Imene Bouch Prije sat
Similar to the song afghan jalébi ya baba by Katrina kaif 🤩&Saif Ali Khan in the movie Phantom
Magic Ministry
Magic Ministry Prije 27 minuta
Seriously? It is same as jalebi bhai
Vikram Sawad
Vikram Sawad Prije sat
lol ZOMATO got free or paid sponsership lol
Imene Bouch
Imene Bouch Prije sat
as afghan jalébi ya baba soung of katrina Kaif ♥️& saif ali khan in phantom film
Chinchu Remanan
Chinchu Remanan Prije sat
Seems all songs with “jalebi “ in it are instant hits ....🤘
G T Prije sat
Zomato 🤗
Jorge V
Jorge V Prije sat
I like this song...but Derulo wasn't needed since this song was great already. He's full of himself and gives no credit where it's due
Özlem Sönmez
Özlem Sönmez Prije sat
Vay arkadaş ne tatlıymış bu Jalebi tatlisi adına şarkı yapılıyor. Jason Derulo bile söylüyor. Sarki dünya ya açıldı 1 haftada 29 milyon dinlenmiş.. Bizim Turkish baklavasından bisey çıkmazmi acaba? Hemen baklavanın adına şarkı yazılması lazım bizim tatlimiz daha guzel😊🤭🤤
alex rivin
alex rivin Prije sat
"JALEBI BAI" is better than this song. Watch it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abhi Prije sat
Milica Vasilijevic
Milica Vasilijevic Prije sat
Music Cover
Music Cover Prije sat
Sena Karahan
Sena Karahan Prije sat
aşırı güzel lan
حسين زغلي
حسين زغلي Prije sat
ترند 😂
Sou Ana
Sou Ana Prije sat
فخر الهنود 😹♥️
WERNER BROSs Prije sat
Jayden Rowell
Jayden Rowell Prije sat
Baby let me see it
Foxy_ThePirate_Fox Prije sat
1:55 buena esa tesher
Nxthras Corner
Nxthras Corner Prije sat
Steven Wolfe
Steven Wolfe Prije sat
Intro is op ✌️🔥
Eren the birb🕊
Eren the birb🕊 Prije sat
Jason Derulo doing Bhangra was one of the things I never thought I would see but loved it 😂❤️
so nice song
anidubme Studios
anidubme Studios Prije sat
I had an ad of Zomato before the song played 😂😂
R.positive bora
R.positive bora Prije sat
Indian fans
ROOKIE MAC Prije 2 sati
Indian fans.. 😂😂 fan of jalbie
Slow Sloth
Slow Sloth Prije 2 sati
jeson derulo being captain levi
Harjit Randhawa
Harjit Randhawa Prije 2 sati
2011: Jalebi Bai 2020: Jalebi Baby Jalebi Felling Proud
Nayon Das
Nayon Das Prije 2 sati
Addicted to this song
Ronny Jahn
Ronny Jahn Prije 2 sati
Afisha akram
Afisha akram Prije 2 sati
Addicted ❤❤❤❤