THANKS MOM!!!!! #Shorts
Emily Lim
Emily Lim Prije 7 sati
Blue & Grey was originally written by V aka Kim Taehyung (the first & last singer here) for his unreleased solo mixtape. He was feeling depressed and down when he wrote this song to comfort himself. However, the other members heard it and asked if he allowed them to record it together for their new album “BE”. Please read this article on Weverse Magazine's interview with Taehyung < >
Karim Khan
Karim Khan Prije 7 sati
Then they both booked a hotel room and fleed to their hidden desires
Minty_PlayzYT Prije 7 sati
Guilherme Gomes
Guilherme Gomes Prije 7 sati
wake up anitta why u look so sad ?
Luke Patto
Luke Patto Prije 7 sati
Her songs are annoying cus her singing voice is putrid
Jasmine Garner
Jasmine Garner Prije 7 sati
look at nisa and aimee from the shore
Tae Hyung
Tae Hyung Prije 7 sati
We’ve all started out with “I just wanna learn their names-“ Now we can even recognize them just by looking back of their heads lol
Quick Silver
Quick Silver Prije 7 sati
That was Luke Perry at his best REST. In. Peace. tears😢
Jesse M.
Jesse M. Prije 7 sati
I love you Anthony!
Risma Surya
Risma Surya Prije 7 sati
Randi Hutchison
Randi Hutchison Prije 7 sati
This was definitely preplanned by these girls 100% they wanted to be on TV. Like they were both smiling all too much during the reveal.
19 X
19 X Prije 7 sati
Zeto Aubin Gahi
Zeto Aubin Gahi Prije 7 sati
Légende ♥️♥️♥️💿
DANGERXFF CRIME 13 Prije 7 sati
luda won't u serve me with some of that smoothie 😂😂😂😂😬👌✊
h0neypuff_ //
h0neypuff_ // Prije 7 sati
i love how different all their styles are
Ecrin Altuntaş
Ecrin Altuntaş Prije 7 sati
Who watch in 2021?
CeeCee Black
CeeCee Black Prije 7 sati
Broke back Mountain was such a sad, beautiful movie. Rip Heath 🥺
CeeCee Black
CeeCee Black Prije 7 sati
I love how Paris didn’t hesitate at all, she just strolled in over and Mwa! Love her!
Gabriel Marquez
Gabriel Marquez Prije 7 sati
I love ❤❤❤
DANGERXFF CRIME 13 Prije 7 sati
luda u did a great jodlb with this show man ur living the dream bro✊👌
kemar vevo
kemar vevo Prije 8 sati
Delaney 12
Delaney 12 Prije 8 sati
Jake's is a terrible person. You can just read his mannerisms and the way he manipulates people is and situations is disgusting. He needs to be humbled by someone.
Jehizkiah daoang
Jehizkiah daoang Prije 8 sati
“It feels so wrong , but so right” -Bretman Rock
José Gouveia
José Gouveia Prije 8 sati
kyungsoo Prije 8 sati
Ketaki Bane
Ketaki Bane Prije 8 sati
i just wanna be happier......
ITsmeagainhun Prije 8 sati
9:50 i know natalie she is good kisser from love island
Camryn Self
Camryn Self Prije 8 sati
Ok can I buy the Q-tip
Alexis Landrum
Alexis Landrum Prije 8 sati
Just another comment to show our support for Karlous Miller #85percenters, we want more Los!
Nathan Davids
Nathan Davids Prije 8 sati
My mixed race niece looks whiter than that Italian dude.
Renny Danston
Renny Danston Prije 8 sati
Not them risking their lives for a sum of money that wouldn’t even cover a degree. I know I wouldn’t💀
Litanchik Prije 8 sati
Верните ангела Тэхёну!!! Где она??))) Вернись!))) Грустить это, конечно, хорошо, но если это не долго! Долго грустить нельзя!!! Я запрещаю!)))Тэхён, улыбайся, прошу, будь счастлив...
Vanida Kotimanusvanij
Vanida Kotimanusvanij Prije 8 sati
Who would see her and listen to her talk and then think to themselves, "I need to marry her"
Jeanjay Virtudazo
Jeanjay Virtudazo Prije 8 sati
Jefferson Silva
Jefferson Silva Prije 8 sati
wow bro i love this song so much more i think the chows of americans are very discouraged if it were here in brazil it would be so excited, my god
Clover’s world
Clover’s world Prije 8 sati
16:29 if you are from tik tok your welcome
: 3
: 3 Prije 8 sati
Thats so 𝓅ℯ𝓇𝒻ℯ𝒸𝓉 😍🤩
Peter Emmanuel
Peter Emmanuel Prije 9 sati
Over 10 years now and i still find this amazingly good
Natalia Villalobos
Natalia Villalobos Prije 9 sati
This man was woke asf
꧁DreamingFly꧂ Prije 9 sati
I'm inlove how Rihanna looks at Eminem when he sing. Awesome!
Righ Prije 9 sati
Bring back teen wolf now c'mon please 😣
expl0re 21
expl0re 21 Prije 9 sati
She got nominated the same reason why Trump was elected.. we love dumb people & reality tv(esque) content as entertainment .
Aalyah Tejeda Sanchez
Aalyah Tejeda Sanchez Prije 9 sati
Harry doesn’t learn 😂😂
Luis lainez Lainez cruz
Luis lainez Lainez cruz Prije 9 sati
Talentosa 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Victoria K
Victoria K Prije 9 sati
Daniël Wassink
Daniël Wassink Prije 9 sati
didnt get what is so scary about worms tho
Omma Hyungシ
Omma Hyungシ Prije 9 sati
Omar Perez
Omar Perez Prije 9 sati
Teen wolf make it happen mtv please
Jane b
Jane b Prije 9 sati
Where is the notebook winners