Kalibur Games
Kalibur Games Prije sat
The US is getting 3 paddles.
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Prije sat
Did you get a mountain bike in the back ?
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Prije 3 sati
Glad this guy is back on the channel. Top chap.
Jake Yorath
Jake Yorath Prije 3 sati
I remember sitting in a Diablo one-make series race car 20ish years ago... They were wicked too. Definitely a poster child for me.
The Gamer
The Gamer Prije 4 sati
This is my dream car but my country Malaysia doesn't have Dodge dealerships here
James Valor
James Valor Prije 5 sati
Gooooooo Mike!! ❤️❤️❤️
Andrew SUN
Andrew SUN Prije 5 sati
An American Supercar. Say it.
piffiiiiiiit Prije 6 sati
Why is the tiller on the wrong side??
GOLDDYNACO Prije 7 sati
A car driven by a Rosary! A Christian car?? God bless the Fiat 500... sort of...
best of the best
best of the best Prije 10 sati
2 km/lt ? Not very daily friendly
松本公夫 Prije 12 sati
特攻のセナ 地獄へ 突っ込んだ
Shift -Z
Shift -Z Prije 14 sati
no stick....boo....not that I can afford it so....who cares
Joseph Ierano
Joseph Ierano Prije 15 sati
perfection of soundtrack with no hideous stupid music
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin Prije 15 sati
Senna is still the most skillful F1 driver of all time but IMHO Hamilton is the second best driver I've seen despite Schumacher being also a great driver I think he was very good at getting the mechanics to get the car running at it's best, amazing driver also.I see young max verstappen as another guy who could win 7 or 8 world titles if he gets a car that's good enough to compete for championships.
Spinnetti Prije 17 sati
Just too much money.... Even used they are too much.
Abdullah Akbar
Abdullah Akbar Prije 17 sati
Probably the best driver out of all the 992 reviews I've seen. He really knows how to hustle the car... Subscribed!
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos Prije 18 sati
1900 kg??? In a track car?
Daniel Gallo
Daniel Gallo Prije 18 sati
Such an ugly generation of Golfs.
xLordSpicy Prije 19 sati
300 quid lease? Where??
Aristocrafied Prije 20 sati
When I hear: clutchpacks all I really hear is, this is going to be expensive when you drive it hard and they wear out.. Knowing VW.. Too expensive to be fun
P GR Prije 20 sati
It's just not special enough. It's a dull Golf. You'll see a hundred a day. You're boring if you buy one, because you have no imagination and just want to play it safe.
2of2DCH Prije 21 sat
Real question....Did you cameraguy drive it, and is he going to upgrade after doing so?
Raihan Rahman
Raihan Rahman Prije 21 sat
You didn't mention, " HOW MUCH IT COSTS !!! " you call that a car REVIEW 👎
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 Prije 21 sat
Despite people's preference on which looks better, the original V8 didn't age well. It creeks, squeaks, and rattles and lacks the overall solid German refinement I'm used to from an Audi. A friend has one and the gated shifter is a dream. But considering the B7 RS4s 4.2L 420hp V8 engine was all but identical, it aged much better, still feeling solid and sharp, with the glorious engine note. And I would much prefer it especially with the b7 RS4 being almost half the price as that 2006 R8.
Christian Miguel
Christian Miguel Prije 21 sat
The car is so beautiful
Jason Salter
Jason Salter Prije 22 sati
I'd like it better if it had a simple removable roof like the old Targas.
Little Octavio
Little Octavio Prije 22 sati
The overjoyed composition parenthetically live because helmet externally question athwart a incredible enemy. dark, dynamic cheese
Darren Mooney
Darren Mooney Prije dan
No Lies Allowed
No Lies Allowed Prije dan
Thank the GOOD LORD that they did NOT make it ELECTRIC...That's the LAST thing we NEED...#GiveMeJESUS
Conquer Driving
Conquer Driving Prije dan
Hawaiian Pizza blends the savoury and sweet in a way that most foods could only dream of Mr Catchpole
No Lies Allowed
No Lies Allowed Prije dan
Nah...Folks WILL upgrade for the ENGINE...#GiveMeJESUS
davidjack3 Prije dan
Publicj its newly out and obviously there are issues with the Defender like rattling door trim ,it’s unacceptable at any price let alone 40 odd thousand, suv of the year does NOT mean its a great product and will be reliable,its my opinion
Hy dra
Hy dra Prije dan
Philippe Beinaerts
Philippe Beinaerts Prije dan
Great video, great car (although the BMW M135i's interior is miles better). But it's hardly in the M2/A45 price range, is it? Even recent used examples of those are at least 10k more than a Golf R (in Europe, at least)
Nathan prescott
Nathan prescott Prije dan
Gtr from japan.
Mohamed El Demery
Mohamed El Demery Prije dan
Instant torque needs instant money
Scott psychodub
Scott psychodub Prije dan
Nice car, shame these pricks were in the video though.
SM F1 Prije dan
everyone says £300 on a lease deal. never seen that price anywhere or known anyone getting that price
Mr Arcon
Mr Arcon Prije dan
So this car is just made for a airstrip ok
Car Focused
Car Focused Prije dan
Best car reviews on HRpost right here. Always have time for Henry / Carfection 👌🏻
Alfie Maw00
Alfie Maw00 Prije dan
I’ll have a M2 Comp please.
nna Prije dan
It's such a shame that I could only like this masterpiece once!
Scott Pearson
Scott Pearson Prije dan
I don't really like the Golf R either, plus at this point give me the Yaris GR over this...I mean a vw is all fun and games until that warranty runs out
Bat MikiPig
Bat MikiPig Prije dan
Hit us with an ultima RS review guys!
HYPH YT Prije dan
Senna forever ❤️
ricky v
ricky v Prije dan
This was my favorite of the super cars from this era. I wonder if Mercedes will build another car like this?
ricky v
ricky v Prije dan
That's a beautiful car and I am glad I got to see this episode with these cars. I wish you could have driven it a little more lively. (:
James Reckling
James Reckling Prije dan
Give me the R129 any day over the R107, a superior car in every way.
Edward Dodge
Edward Dodge Prije dan
No more standard transmission?
Mark Mushy Peas
Mark Mushy Peas Prije dan
Nice to learn something new. What a wasted opportunity by kia
P. Prije dan
---they talk about 'loopy play' in the steering wheel----that will be the deal breaker for me.
Surya De
Surya De Prije dan
Auto manufacturers really need to get away from that touchscreen fad. So ban phones in cars but then replicate that functionality in the car?! So....will I get ticketed next for trying to change the aircon?!
cocoabiscuits Prije dan
no stick shift? I'm out
YO Q Prije dan
wow, what a beautiful video. So nicely shot.
///Mmmmm Prije dan
I will never understand why anyone spends thousands on an exhaust, just for sound. Zero performance comes from it. It’s just sound. Dumb
///Mmmmm Prije dan
Henry: “There’s a new Golf R” Me: Yeah with the same engine as the one in the MK7/7.5, but with more tuning, which you can just do with an aftermarket tune. Dumb
Kasper Larsen
Kasper Larsen Prije dan
looks like a phillips one blade tbh
Jay Jong-Soo Kim
Jay Jong-Soo Kim Prije dan
Great feature on the storied Elan. Kia should come out with a new elan. An affordable, open top, fun 2 seater just for kicks
Johnny Dough
Johnny Dough Prije dan
All talk no show. Zzzzzzz
Mark Wakefield
Mark Wakefield Prije dan
Entertaining. I wish i had the money to buy one.
Sam Court
Sam Court Prije dan
I’ve never really got them either. The new one is killed by the interior for me. No matter how good it is, in a car like the Golf stuff like that is important. That price though. Chuck in leather and you’re literally at £50k. For a posh Golf.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Prije dan
Here because I've just seen this actual car for sale on auto trader
Joel Williams
Joel Williams Prije dan
I would love to see a company like this, get into reso-modding '63,-'68 Corvair Monzas, & '86-'88 Fiero GTs Would be epic af!
Starshipcapn Prije dan
I am a deep car nerd and I have no idea how I hadn't stumbled onto this channel earlier. The editing writing and narrating on this channel are beautiful, Henry is my favorite host and he became so out of nowhere. Thank you for this channel, really encapsulates the emotional reactions us car guys get from these experiences.
Kramnam Prije dan
That’s like giving a Porsche to British Leyland and telling them to improve it.
David Wan
David Wan Prije dan
Best HRpost automotive channel out there, without question.
Arthur Veldhoen
Arthur Veldhoen Prije dan
Well done Alex. A GT-R Yaris.
Don Juan150
Don Juan150 Prije dan
I really hope this is not the future.....I am still hoping for alternative fuels and lightweight vehicles.......
jm8080 Prije dan
Awesome intro and outro, great storytelling
Mac Breck
Mac Breck Prije dan
Here's something that I would hate to think of a bug hitting, and not being able to find and get rid of all the bug residue. Bugs (and bird droppings) should avoid this, out of pure respect. It's beautiful, aesthetically and mechanically, but completely impractical and today's lawless world of Leftists gone completely f-ing batshit crazy (BLM, Antifa and "the squad" in Congress). Plus, if my old Corvette attracted too much attention in its day, it would be in the t-ball league compared to this.
Sarcast Prije 2 dana
I don't know what you do to the sound, but the soft, relaxing smooth edges on the highs just work. And no over the top "exicted" shouting and acting, intrusive loud contrasting everything. It's just relaxing to watch.
k B
k B Prije 2 dana
Clk gtr omg pfff the best
Khaos Prije 2 dana
Still has Shimano brakes =))))
Maria Adriano
Maria Adriano Prije 2 dana
who else has a rimac
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady Prije 2 dana
I don't understand the whole '3 days of british summer' running gag in this country. It's fucking boiling throughout June, july and august. I'm still too hot in may and september too. Just because it rains sometimes doesn't mean it's not summer. Looking forward to October
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady Prije 2 dana
I still haven't got over the boneheaded move of making the elan FWD. Whcih motoring press 'praised the use of FWD'?
Atom VonD
Atom VonD Prije 2 dana
i have an e46 and e90 m3. . . i might have to have this car as well