Ronan Moriarty
Ronan Moriarty Prije 5 sati
Black privilege
kaomoji supremacy
kaomoji supremacy Prije 5 sati
The guy on the hoverboard is a time traveler
Tinta Prije 5 sati
Beautifully done lol
Ronan Moriarty
Ronan Moriarty Prije 5 sati
White farmers south Africa
Time 4 Change
Time 4 Change Prije 5 sati
You forget the “Ever”, after your title. “The greatest president of all time in history, ever”
triloization Prije 5 sati
It is like you got rid of a dictator.
Ludyxa Prije 5 sati
The ex-presidents club is only for guys who won the election twice. It's not about Trump doesn't want to be there, he just can't!
Miranex Prije 5 sati
Teletubbies require more brain cells to watch. Their source of information: Facebook, Twitter, "watch other people read the transcript" I don't know how they even breath without overloading their poor brains.
Tammy Ecker
Tammy Ecker Prije 5 sati
Minnesota is NOT boring. I live in Minnesota.
A P Prije 5 sati
To all the Indian bots in the comments section....remember when Trevor Noah said a war between India and Pakistan would be "the most entertaining longest war of all time" Nice guy, huh?
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Prije 5 sati
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Se7en SunnyDay Real Estate
Se7en SunnyDay Real Estate Prije 5 sati
The absolute shameless deceit and absolute cheap blows of republicans/conservatives tried to put on Obama was shocking. Obama was the first president in decades to avoid any type of scandal, the worst thing they could pin on him (excuse the pun) was that he apparently disrespected the flag because he didn’t wear a pin flag😂
fingercrack Prije 5 sati
Why the audience clap and laughing on this ?
PlumBerryCherries Prije 5 sati
This was a dope interview. I learned a lot about our country in 9 short minutes. #TimeNotWasted
Jan Zimmermann
Jan Zimmermann Prije 5 sati
America is flat out a joke 😂
Niklas S
Niklas S Prije 5 sati
Great video! But as far as I know Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian journalist not an American one.
Michael keaton
Michael keaton Prije 5 sati
1:07 who?
roy trail
roy trail Prije 5 sati
Muhutda Fuga
Muhutda Fuga Prije 5 sati
These 1/6 Tim McVeigh conservatives are TYPICAL conservatives.
Tyrone Reese
Tyrone Reese Prije 5 sati
Any BS in 2021..I kindly request that I be missed..this guy has the best last words
Peter Brazeal
Peter Brazeal Prije 5 sati
Damn, Tomi’s entire argument aged like milk
Bugs H
Bugs H Prije 5 sati
George Washington had dentures made out the people he enslaveds teeth. There is pictures of them. He was a character out of a horror movie.. The wooden teeth thing is a cover/myth.
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Prije 5 sati
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Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi Prije 5 sati
Kanye West could've been president (could be worse lol)
Kasper klein Tank
Kasper klein Tank Prije 5 sati
There was a letter from Trump tho.
user6960 _
user6960 _ Prije 5 sati
The Netherlands never ever mention anything about this in their history classes
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith Prije 5 sati
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Farzad Pakshie
Farzad Pakshie Prije 5 sati
عزيز دل است مستر پرزيدنت او با ما باشخصيت با كلاس خوب نازنين ولي عمو باراك موها را سفيد كرد البته خوش تيپ تر شده نازنين خودشان وهمسرشان وبچه ها سالم وتندرست باشند
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Prije 5 sati
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Chelsea Ani
Chelsea Ani Prije 5 sati
Why are so bent on insulting Mrs trump. Are you so bored
Guy Funtyme
Guy Funtyme Prije 5 sati
Based on the USA population, we should have less than 90,000 deaths from Covid... thanks conservatives for the unnecessary deaths of over 300,000 of your fellow citizens. 😐
road runner
road runner Prije 5 sati
The white house is a public building and belongs to the people but the stupid media are so ignorant and idiots by saying that public building belongs to the corrupt government, im glad the stupid trump is out but we put another old expired man.
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded Prije 5 sati
Nappy boy nappy boy
Farzad Pakshie
Farzad Pakshie Prije 5 sati
Very nice 👍
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded Prije 5 sati
Krutor packt aus
Krutor packt aus Prije 5 sati
that didn't aged well...
Richard Herczeg
Richard Herczeg Prije 5 sati
Oh gosh, how I will miss this clown....
dabsbang ar
dabsbang ar Prije 5 sati
What is the problem being black were all people
Quoodle Prije 5 sati
The longer Trevor's hair gets, the younger he looks. I hope he doesn't shave it all off when he goes out to get a haircut.
David Quirk
David Quirk Prije 5 sati
Question? Is she gettin’ any?? Barron is 14 so maybe 15 years ago? The orange was 60 fat and disgusting then,,,, Miracles are possible and money can blind the seeing,,,
Er. Nature
Er. Nature Prije 5 sati
BeShared Rotterdam
BeShared Rotterdam Prije 5 sati
If Jared and Ivanka were born middle class, they'd be on welfare right now
road runner
road runner Prije 5 sati
Those people are brave Americans, the mistakes they did is cause destruction inside the white house,instead they should get those corrupts politicians because they are responsible for most of our problems in the country.
CrazinAsian Prije 5 sati
I need a "Miss me with that Bullshit" segment with Trevor from now on.
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Prije 5 sati
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Fun for Funny
Fun for Funny Prije 5 sati
Hey mannn I’m your big fan cause of your logical comedy
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded Prije 5 sati
A year ago he is ripping biden up and down. Watch the video before he deletes it. I saved a copy for when he denys it. Let me know I will post over and over if he takes down.
TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE
TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE Prije 5 sati
Biden day 1 approval poll: 48% Trump day 1 approval poll: 56% Obama day 1 approval poll 67% Yeah .... but Biden got more votes than anyone in human history ... OKAAAAYYY
Frank Espinoza
Frank Espinoza Prije 5 sati
The invincible pie biosynthetically attach because softdrink nearly shelter minus a cynical prosecution. infamous, changeable bay
simou joelle
simou joelle Prije 5 sati
We will definitely miss Trump. He was a hilarious president
Chef Jam
Chef Jam Prije 5 sati
a z
a z Prije 5 sati
Gladius Shepard
Gladius Shepard Prije 5 sati
Pure comedy
Lance King
Lance King Prije 5 sati
Love your commentary Trevor, but a word of CAUTION: After the third time you said "Miss me with that Bullshit," ALL I could think about was Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential debate saying "Lockbox" over and over and over. Don't be that guy.
Lauren LaDota
Lauren LaDota Prije 5 sati
it should be against the law for a civilian to wear military uniforms... why is this ok?
Claire Louisy
Claire Louisy Prije 5 sati
Absolute BS at 7 minutes
Taylor Schoenhofer
Taylor Schoenhofer Prije 5 sati
because no one should have to die a virgin omg
David Quirk
David Quirk Prije 5 sati
As they say in the Jewish community, You’re lucky your father was born before you!! And so he is,,,,
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed Prije 5 sati
“Yer fired!”
Holy Chad
Holy Chad Prije 5 sati
Black dude : *standing* some karen: i guess i call the police
Solo Wing
Solo Wing Prije 5 sati
It's like watching Judge Judy.
Eleanor Cohen
Eleanor Cohen Prije 5 sati
David Quirk
David Quirk Prije 5 sati
What will they become when they grow up?
hesbon bwire
hesbon bwire Prije 5 sati
God who protected us , how do you explain a disease that spread very fast , we don't have mask . Look at our transport system is crowded . God is in charger scientists will never be happy with this statement .
Lilly Wansa
Lilly Wansa Prije 5 sati
"We will be back in some form." 😂😂😂😂Ok, that's creepy. Is he coming back as some lethal virus? Dude is so dramatic.
ShadowCat Prije 5 sati
Shut up FoxNews Queen Kamala still won anyway. Thank you fly where ever you are