Its 10pm
Its 10pm Prije 9 sati
Where can I buy these?
Livia Birler
Livia Birler Prije 9 sati
This video gives me exiety because I new the solution a few minutes into the video. Still loved it tho.
Bill Borja
Bill Borja Prije 9 sati
Lol hahaha the first compartment of the chocolate was much bigger than the second one 😂
Purified Water II
Purified Water II Prije 9 sati
Tie it to 2 different cars and have them take off in different directions
mask by dream isn’t that good
mask by dream isn’t that good Prije 9 sati
imagine playing dnd with a dice set of those
Baki Dou!
Baki Dou! Prije 9 sati
Jason Stutts
Jason Stutts Prije 9 sati
I just got this puzzle today and had a great time figuring it out. Took me about ten minutes, maybe a little longer but it was so satisfying when I solved it and had the ring back into it’s beginning position. I have one wooden puzzle box I got years ago and a metal horseshoe puzzle I bought when I was ten years old that both sparked an interest in puzzles but watching your channel has really made me want to get back into them. I decided your puzzle would be the first in a long time because you inspired me and I am not disappointed. Thanks Chris!
tommy niviaxie
tommy niviaxie Prije 9 sati
i got your lab leak virus its mind control americas secret war veteran
u is stoopid
u is stoopid Prije 9 sati
Donald is that uuu? ( •᷄ - •᷅ )
wet toast
wet toast Prije 9 sati
Don't think i don't see that hellraiser puzzle cube 👀
TLMM (timlikeminecraftman)
TLMM (timlikeminecraftman) Prije 9 sati
i seen those first ones in my sisters drawer and they smelt awful
Masta Blasta
Masta Blasta Prije 9 sati
I want die
Kavin Adhitya
Kavin Adhitya Prije 9 sati
Jesse Roberts
Jesse Roberts Prije 9 sati
Thats creepy af
Daniel Dixon
Daniel Dixon Prije 9 sati
When Chris puts the peace on the bored at 7:09 there is another peace that would fit there
PurpleAsherr Prije 9 sati
Who else wanna squish that so badly
Beru Prije 9 sati
forbidden fleshlight
Eepop_stuffs Prije 9 sati
Please kill it
Xigbar Prije 9 sati
Kill it kill it wit fire 😱😱😱😱😱
Fea Kreuz
Fea Kreuz Prije 9 sati
Resident Evil basically
WakaWaka47 Prije 9 sati
This is my first video from this guy but I remember his part in Spiral and I’m honestly shocked to find out this was his first role. i would have never guessed he was an actor, he did great. Subscribed
David Mola1003
David Mola1003 Prije 9 sati
I'm playing Clash Royale while watching this xd
rog in skirt♡
rog in skirt♡ Prije 9 sati
but seriously though, i'd love to have one!
Sterling Fulton
Sterling Fulton Prije 9 sati
This is what Eldritch beings use to play Monopoly
Waifu material
Waifu material Prije 9 sati
I need the name of all of these
Derek Gromling
Derek Gromling Prije 9 sati
BRO THE INTROS R SO SICKK keep it up !!!!!!!
Felix M.
Felix M. Prije 9 sati
Where can one find these ?
Abcd Efg
Abcd Efg Prije 9 sati
Use two persons....and see
xav x gg
xav x gg Prije 9 sati
Sherlock Variety
Sherlock Variety Prije 10 sati
I had to blink 40 times to understand the thumbnail
MrBred Prije 10 sati
Never let that thing near me
jacabo Prije 10 sati
Is there a jojo dadadadada golden wind one
Lucifer Mould
Lucifer Mould Prije 10 sati
I want one where do I get one how much is 1 one is one but I want one
KenshinSato Prije 10 sati
cool... but why.
ELvro pg3d
ELvro pg3d Prije 10 sati
Bruh you can make an insane prank with that 🔥
Join Green
Join Green Prije 10 sati
U folded the side’s
Zaeden 1
Zaeden 1 Prije 10 sati
Jesus loves u
Shay Patrick Cormac
Shay Patrick Cormac Prije 10 sati
Eww, what the hell Japan?
Devil Liar
Devil Liar Prije 10 sati
That was like a 3rd grader trick that you learn from a magic kit lol
Kaydrikoo Prije 10 sati
Prison realm..
Jiankan Liao
Jiankan Liao Prije 10 sati
19:39 when you are so close to the solution but you start over XD
Rei Tiedemann
Rei Tiedemann Prije 10 sati
ngl tho the eye color is really pretty
Milo Strikes
Milo Strikes Prije 10 sati
This isn't even about learning/paying attention in geometry this is about how people haven't seen this dumb little optical illusion already it's old
• Squishy •
• Squishy • Prije 10 sati
Somethings are better off not built
That One Internet Tube
That One Internet Tube Prije 10 sati
You want to watch the world burn.
ItsSupaflyTNT Prije 10 sati
When you complete them all the cenebites come for you
Tori Vandetta
Tori Vandetta Prije 10 sati
Hanayama puzzles... Very satisfying. they're like low level ones but still satisfying. Try one of the level 6's
hani al-amin
hani al-amin Prije 10 sati
Lucid Focks
Lucid Focks Prije 10 sati
Jacob Buxton
Jacob Buxton Prije 10 sati
Cool video!
Samuel - Movie Making
Samuel - Movie Making Prije 10 sati
Is it too late to get these cards?
Arkitech Prije 10 sati
Better for it to have a sensor that opens the eye when something gets closer
Eliott Alletto
Eliott Alletto Prije 10 sati
If you look closely, you'll notice a slightly larger gap around the reassembled chocolate bar than the gap taken by the initial configuration, that's where the bonus comes from. It's like how in the old days people would take hardly noticeable slivers off coins and use them to forge counterfeit coins
Homeless Hank
Homeless Hank Prije 10 sati
Thanks, I hate it.
Pikavee Mania
Pikavee Mania Prije 10 sati
This looks like an Omega Mart product
roadtiger playz
roadtiger playz Prije 10 sati
Sean Burton
Sean Burton Prije 10 sati
That looks like my life!
Alexander Roguski
Alexander Roguski Prije 10 sati
Just yank them apart sideways
Cade Keeper
Cade Keeper Prije 10 sati
This is kinda freaky in both a bad and good way
Walker Clifton
Walker Clifton Prije 10 sati
The king is holding the 7 of diamonds
Brian Egendorf
Brian Egendorf Prije 10 sati
I'm at 7:30, and my suggestion is put the screw out as far as you can, and trap the ball against the screw and guide it to hudini. Then while keeping the ball trapped against hudini, very very slightly unscrew the screw until the ball slides between hudini and the screw. Finally, barely tighten the screw to trap it against and then push hudini out of the cage.
Nightm4re Prije 10 sati
Is it weird that I want it?
:0 Prije 10 sati
Xero Prije 10 sati
Me see this at 3am be like
Nyx Underhill
Nyx Underhill Prije 10 sati
Omfg I’d trade my eye for a magic dice eye
TJ Coates
TJ Coates Prije 10 sati
Eww 🤢
Tad-chan Prije 10 sati
Me: who decided that making this is a good idea? Also me: where can I buy this?
TheSpace Button
TheSpace Button Prije 11 sati
Heisenberg? Is that you?
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja Prije 11 sati
3:00 I saw that 😉 that was smooth though
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja Prije 10 sati
I love knowing how tricks are done but not knowing how to do them myself lol. Like the 8 of spades one. Like I know you the right amount of change in your pocket to make 0-52 cents, and that you knew the order the cards were in in the deck because of I guess either s fake shuffle, or a special kind of shuffle where you know what the order is after and so when he said a card you knew exactly where in the deck it was and so you left that many coins in your pocket to total the amount he would have to go through to find the card, but like I have absolutely no idea how to do whatever kind of shuffle to get to a memorized order. Like i don’t know if you have them set up a certain way before hand, then do a fake shuffle or even a real shuffle and you know if you do the break at a certain point, and do the shuffle properly alternating every other card starting with one side then the other that you know you get to a certain order and that’s the one you memorize or what. I’d assume you’d do it that way and practice that over and over so that the cards actually seem shuffled to begin with and not in order which would make it more likely for the person so guess you just memorized what the shuffle order looks like after shuffling a brand new deck of cards once. Instead you put them in a specific order ahead of time, but making it appear shuffled and random, then do a precise shuffle that then makes it look shuffled even more and that there’s no way you could know the order because it was already shuffled up and random before the shuffle. Like I know all these kinds of tricks of the trade, I just have no idea about how to actually do them properly myself lol. I’m assuming I’m right though. I mean I know I’m right in that you had the coins and left the amount needed to the card because you memorized the order of the cards and where each one is, I just don’t know if I’m right in how you approach getting that specific order. I’d assume it’s a specific “out of order” order, followed by a precise shuffle the same way every time so you know the order it becomes, but it could also be a fake shuffle and maybe it wasn’t shuffled at all snd you just kept the same order as it was before. That’s the part i don’t know
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja Prije 10 sati
Also i don’t know how you did that animal one, well I mean I saw you force his subconscious by showing it to him upside down ever so slightly so it was in his head without him realizing so I get how he picked skunk, but i don’t know how you made that “random” number say skunk or had it become something that could have been written in any way to resemble an animal. The only way I can assume is that you forced that number somehow. So the only thing I can guess is that you had a special calculator app that no matter what he typed in it gave the result as 7,140,715 so you knew how to already write it to look like skunk upside down. But i don’t know how you can rely on that because you had him type in a random number multiplied by his favorite number so what if his random number was like 340 and his favorite number was 2, I mean obviously 340x2 isn’t going to be anywhere even CLOSE to 7,140,715. So the only other thing I can imagine is that you would have had to play it by ear as it went. So if he had done 340 as his random number, you would’ve then said now multiply it by your favorite number, say it was 2, then you would’ve known it would be way too low and so you need to keep going at least to the point where any normal person would just completely lose track of what the product could realistically be, which I assume would be easy to do as they aren’t worrying about the math during the trick, but you still wouldn’t want them going “wait, that number wouldn’t make any sense”, so you’d then probably say ok now multiply it by a random number between 25 and 50, then multiply that by a random number between 66 and 94, but making it seem like you just randomly thought of a number or something so they wouldn’t just keep doing like x100 or 10 or something easy to follow in their head. At that point, now they are lost and have no idea what it really could be, and so by then having them hit the equals button, it shows the answer as 7,140,715 every time regardless of what they typed in and they don’t question it because they didn’t do 340x2x37x86 in their head as quickly as you were having them type it out, snd with numbers that big and multiplication, one could easily just think 7,140,715 is certainly a realistic answer to that and not even question it
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja Prije 11 sati
I’ve done a couple variations of this trick to some family and friends before as it’s an extremely easy trick to do and yet seems extremely impressive to a lot of people
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja Prije 11 sati
For those that really don’t know, when he started the trick he had his hand in his right pocket, you can make any amount between 0 and $1.00 with just 3 quarters, 2 dimes, a nickel, and 4 pennies. So he had those in his hand organized and ready to release the amount he said the item cost, so as soon as he said $0.62 he released 2 quarters, a dime, and 2 pennies, then pulled his hand out of his pocket with the other 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 2 pennies, and slyly dumped them in his back pocket
Roki Ochoa
Roki Ochoa Prije 11 sati
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja Prije 11 sati
Wait that producer had a great idea for a trick. Tell someone to take out their phone and change their password to something different so they can change it back later to what they had. Then have them tell you the password and take their phone and show that it is indeed the password then tell them you’re going to hold on to the phone in your pocket while you do the trick but before you put it away you have to somehow slyly open their phone, get into the change password option, and change it to a specific card. You can either do this before hand and then will have to do a card trick that involves a force, so that you know the card ahead of time, or do the trick, have them pick a random card, and somehow change their password to that card while finishing the trick or after. Then the grand reveal is taking the phone back out of your pocket and showing them now look, and you type in the password they just showed that it was and it says incorrect, and now tell them to type in the name of their card, and then it will open. This would probably work best with a force, and therefore you don’t get to see what their card was and so they think you somehow changed the password to a card that you didn’t even know what it was because you never saw it. Now i don’t know how you would pull this off to be able to access their phone and change it without them knowing or seeing, I mean I guess you could memorize where to go in the phone and where to tap on the screen to do it without looking, but that would be extremely difficult to do especially without making it obvious you’re doing something with your hand while the phone is supposed to be in your pocket. So maybe you have to dumb it down a bit and after they pick their card, have them hide it from you and you then take the phone out and say you’re going to change the password to what you think the card is. Then set it down and then somehow do another part of the trick where it makes sense and then have them type it in. But again it wouldn’t be as “wow” as the original way where you’re somehow able to change it while doing the trick without them knowing. So maybe you may even have to have a partner involved who is standing close behind you and when you move to put the phone in your back pocket you instead hand it to him who then does it behind your back really sneakily for you then puts it into your pocket. But I feel like there’s probably a way you could do it yourself without them knowing and without you stalling or making it obvious you’re doing something with 1 hand. Like maybe as they change it, you tell them to lock it right away and then take it and show what the new password is, which means it’s now going to open right to the change password page once unlocked and all you have to do then is memorize where to tap to change it again. I don’t know, there might already be a version of this trick out there or something or there might be an easy solution on how to pull this off but I just thought it would be a cool trick just based off of what that producer said lol
ItsMrRager Prije 11 sati
Cayden Light
Cayden Light Prije 11 sati
“It’s a die.” Yes indeed it should die No disrespect to the maker :)
ShameyT Prije 11 sati
Reminds me of accurate angels
きMembraneき Prije 11 sati
If he can make something this realistic could he make a p-…. Nevermind
nuggetdude687 Prije 11 sati
King Dice
Patrick JD
Patrick JD Prije 11 sati
It was painfully obvious you had to have the lever pulled at the same time
Aos RenAgAde
Aos RenAgAde Prije 11 sati
What was that solution to the lock?? It might be that the math symbols relate to the clock work numbers as the solution is anti clock work with the click. ?? That or the lock opened on 4 and as he turned the number to 5 it forced it out more??
exihibt Prije 11 sati
Sir I have a “special” request…
I.Heart. Animals
I.Heart. Animals Prije 11 sati
It’s juicy