DeeJay ViVo
DeeJay ViVo Prije 9 sati
Signed to Cavs: *Signs 10 year deal*
Littledroid YT
Littledroid YT Prije 9 sati
We love ya Shaq. Well said brother.
Clement H
Clement H Prije 9 sati
'Shaq started dancing in a random Applebee's fan's tiktok' <--Fixed it for you
Ryan Bursell
Ryan Bursell Prije 9 sati
I find this young man very likeable. I hope he is the future of the image of the NBA not self-centered stars we have now.
CREED117 Prije 9 sati
Run and dunk
D. Solomon
D. Solomon Prije 9 sati
That part lol
HELDSTAB Prije 9 sati
Thumbnail makes me cringe so hard.
Chris Yu
Chris Yu Prije 9 sati
what a kid
K7 Prije 9 sati
He never coming back😭
Tomthesk8r Prije 9 sati
I swear to god if this guy pulls a khawii.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Prije 9 sati
I immediately don't trust adults who use tik tok...
Paul Turn'd Up Schmidt
Paul Turn'd Up Schmidt Prije 9 sati
What a seventeenth birthday present it was for me
Conditionally Unconditional
Conditionally Unconditional Prije 9 sati
It's a shame they lost to France.
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe Prije 9 sati
Jesus loves you all!
Bot or bust
Bot or bust Prije 9 sati
matisha hopkins
matisha hopkins Prije 9 sati
PJ ain't lying. The city genuinely loves them so much, but don't play about the sports. Milwaukee is a full blown basketball city.
Micah Atkins
Micah Atkins Prije 9 sati
This is the type of non-story that should be completely ignored.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Prije 9 sati
Brons 32 11 11 with a dub was better, bad title for video
Ryan Baggarly
Ryan Baggarly Prije 9 sati
허미경 Prije 9 sati
The abounding anime invariably squeak because ravioli regionally multiply sans a royal boot. numerous, didactic room
Tyren Prije 9 sati
He currently on the troll all the hater speedrun
BigBoi 6
BigBoi 6 Prije 9 sati
My guy Lebron is 4-6 in the finals while having been swept twice. Man there really is no comparison to MJ. He would at least went 7-1 at the minimum if he would of stayed in the nba. The goat the real #23
Poozhikala Prije 9 sati
When u talk dominance dwade carrying Payton and Shaq to a title
gor9027 Prije 9 sati
He never should have left Cleveland & now he’ll just be remembered as a diva & 3rd fiddle.
Jbortega Prije 9 sati
Celebrities look different in person...People walk by and talk to celebrities all the time and never even know it...
gor9027 Prije 9 sati
And people really say LeBron isn’t clutch?
lfagramonte Prije 9 sati
I love shaq!!! He is a real og!!!! He literally does everything!!!!
Jonte Bowe
Jonte Bowe Prije 9 sati
This hurts
Jonte Bowe
Jonte Bowe Prije 9 sati
4DA CULTURE Prije 9 sati
Black lives matter
Moogod Prije 9 sati
This song makes me cry no matter what occasion
julian Johnson
julian Johnson Prije 9 sati
She had no clue lol she just thought he was a tall black man. Lol with a lot of kids ha ha she probably coolest mom at the pto meetings now
Cece hom
Cece hom Prije 9 sati
Shaq is fun person and joke around
KuroshitsujiRocker Prije 9 sati
Raw Dollah
Raw Dollah Prije 9 sati
This video made me realize J Cole is a top 5 producer all time
4glorysake 1988
4glorysake 1988 Prije 10 sati
This was the greatest first round series ever.
Hodl Hands
Hodl Hands Prije 10 sati
Stan Antonio hit the record button right as Shaq and his crew were coming out
BigusDicccusPlays Prije 10 sati
...And this is why he doesn’t play overseas 😂😂
Sky Silvestre
Sky Silvestre Prije 10 sati
I wonder how much dogs he said
jeff kemp
jeff kemp Prije 10 sati
Maybe thats why they losing in the Olympics now...............
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly Prije 10 sati
The Anti-LeBron
Harmonie Nomi
Harmonie Nomi Prije 10 sati
The daily manx cytologically paste because ramie finally complain between a cultured end. sticky, tested yam
Andre Moore
Andre Moore Prije 10 sati
Lebron wearing church pajamas🙏
Lovleen Prije 10 sati
Giannis deserves this and many more
Larry Sanchez
Larry Sanchez Prije 10 sati
We Got Blessed When Big Shot Rob Came To Play W/Da Spurs Via Free Agent Cause He Could Off Gone And Played Anywhere Else But Came To The Spurs More Than Likely Being Late in His Carrier Wanted To Be Close To Home Since He Had Played The Beginning of His Carrier in Houston 7- World Champion
jerrr Prije 10 sati
nobody: paul george: that's a bad shot
Sir Robinson
Sir Robinson Prije 10 sati
Memo game is soo beautiful 🥲
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Prije 10 sati
Potato Enjoyer
Potato Enjoyer Prije 10 sati
If Sabonis is 6'2 chuck is 5'8
Julian Ortega
Julian Ortega Prije 10 sati
Durant do you have a pen? You might want to take some notes. As a Heat fan I’m proud of you Milwaukee. You guys have been good for a while and it’s so fitting for you to get one. You always had my respect.
Omizzy Lizardi
Omizzy Lizardi Prije 10 sati
Shaq Daddy became the best version of himself. I’m just glad he was in my favourite team.
Ayomikun Isaac
Ayomikun Isaac Prije 10 sati
Who dislike are just haters or people that loss to Kobe Bryant
xXxKipper DipperxXx
xXxKipper DipperxXx Prije 10 sati
Y’all realize that fan was in slippers right he dumb for even trying
gor9027 Prije 10 sati
This guy might be an ok starter someday.
Malace From the Palace
Malace From the Palace Prije 10 sati
Thats a bigass customer lol
NoJuan Holmes
NoJuan Holmes Prije 10 sati
People think Charles Barkley is breathing hard because he’s out of shape… but that’s just the Joe Rogan secret formula of success using the Wymhoff method to get your brain to release DMT by hyperventilating.
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean Prije 10 sati
What song played at the end??
Salazar Raul
Salazar Raul Prije 10 sati
Shaq this is is when you need God the most for only GOD can comfort you thru Jesus!
Rajeik Majestic
Rajeik Majestic Prije 10 sati
After these last 2 finals.. The NBA officially corresponds to the WWE.... Not to be taken serious, it’s all bs and entertainment.
Divin Kiokio
Divin Kiokio Prije 10 sati
Crazy how skilled, special and talented ex or current NBA players really are. Kenny is 15+ years retired and just look how effortlessly he shot the ball in a suit. We forget that
Ellie Velli
Ellie Velli Prije 10 sati
Bam stole my ball and he knows it… Edit: I mean… Bam stole KD’s ball. This isn’t a burner.
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith Prije 10 sati
Omg the fact you Realize PJ Tucker got a Ring b4 Harden...😂😂😂
Jaxon jaski
Jaxon jaski Prije 10 sati
This is the only time I’ve cried watching one of these
Robert Cammon
Robert Cammon Prije 10 sati
But they gonna Blame Coach Pop when they catch those Ls
Da La
Da La Prije 10 sati
LeBron did not play because they did not let Richardson run
Hussein Prije 10 sati
I was watching this live like 2 years ago and I still remember how tense it was watching it.
Frizzy Drazzy
Frizzy Drazzy Prije 10 sati
Jesus Loves Yall And Is The Way To Everlasting Life. 🤍
Jose Hurtado
Jose Hurtado Prije 10 sati
Doesn't seem like there getting gold this summer