J Rob
J Rob Prije 15 sati
She's to pretty for the competition
The Human Cloaca
The Human Cloaca Prije 15 sati
RE8 is RE7's attempt at RE4. Not a bad game really but it does drop the ball in quite a few instances and no spoilers but I really don't like what they did with Chris here as he comes off a kind of incompetent and baiting for the sake of bait when he, as a character, wouldn't do the things he does in this game.
xSammy Prije 15 sati
Charley clearly hasn’t seen the one where this dude gets his d stuck in a outside barbecue.
GameKnight08 Prije 15 sati
Splatoon fans: T H I S I S N O T O K E Y D O K E Y
EunLawon Prije 15 sati
Dumb arse sport
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Prije 15 sati
Elon musk barely gets social interaction period ,he's a classical savant. Why would you get a man who's emotionless in real life to try to be an actor.
Bzz Vlog
Bzz Vlog Prije 15 sati
that ghost type pokemon. i can see that. haha
k1ngpoopo0 Prije 15 sati
that is the definition of insane
Hunter on the run
Hunter on the run Prije 15 sati
This why I have 3 rings that come apart in two parts with an alen wrench to keep that from happen to me.
Andria A.
Andria A. Prije 15 sati
I just finished watching it. I saw it posted by someone else, but yeah, first time a Charlie's story is not greatly exaggerated.
Joshua Nichols
Joshua Nichols Prije 15 sati
For all commenters, please don't involve the consistent masterpiece that is AOT in the same comment of TPN.
Jakon Prije 15 sati
We need to stop treating slapping as a sexist sport. I AM FOR GENDER EQUALITY! LET THE PINK HAIR GIRL FIGHT VASILY COWARDS!!!
Sage Vaporwave
Sage Vaporwave Prije 15 sati
lucas kirby
lucas kirby Prije 15 sati
Black flips are why these movies are good
Tristan Kubas
Tristan Kubas Prije 15 sati
Lady d is my mommy i cant hide it anymore
Cody Sampson
Cody Sampson Prije 15 sati
Who is this dude??? Why does he have 8.3 million subscribers for nothing. Is he like a kardashian of YT? What skill does he have??
Daniel GM
Daniel GM Prije 15 sati
Somebody hit me with a LINK
Sam Ringdahl
Sam Ringdahl Prije 15 sati
Tyler Plueddemann
Tyler Plueddemann Prije 15 sati
What he saw was from sex sent me to the er on tlc HRpost channel... and no you don’t actually see his nuts... or anything...
Vatsal Dalsania
Vatsal Dalsania Prije 15 sati
i saw this vid on reddit. it will really have a rent free space in memory forever.
The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
Ajay Kumar Balaji
Ajay Kumar Balaji Prije 15 sati
Anyone know where I can find this video lmao. I'm curious.
Ducio Prije 15 sati
ay thats my friend they yellin at behind the counter
Colin James
Colin James Prije 15 sati
The second Karen looks like a character you'd make in Ark. She's the walking definition of built different.
Excalibur Prime
Excalibur Prime Prije 15 sati
Moist Critikal looks like he'd be knocked out by one slap against any one of them tbh.
Crosser Gaming
Crosser Gaming Prije 15 sati
Pov you saw the video
Heather Holme
Heather Holme Prije 15 sati
The proportions are so bizarre it’s almost hard to believe they are testicles. It is an incredible video.
Last, First
Last, First Prije 15 sati
15 fucking rounds later dudes faces look like they just took a sledge hammer to the cheek. Also wanna make a point hillbilly hipsters sister is real annoying😂
HakuTheAnimeOtaku Prije 15 sati
Just hearing charlie talks about balls hurt my balls.
Nagiwagi Prije 15 sati
Do M
Do M Prije 15 sati
2 girls 1 cup
Big Tex
Big Tex Prije 15 sati
Charlie 75% - Moist Meter 95%
Reignman96 Prije 15 sati
if Andre the giant was still alive, he would knock heads off then celebrate with 113 beers
Spodrs Prije 15 sati
the stupid fucking baby talk fills me with an insatiable rage
Julius Belmont
Julius Belmont Prije 15 sati
Damn, Polish breed is scary
the RIOT
the RIOT Prije 15 sati
22:35 “gather around the trashcan.” Is more like “gather around the campfire, and sing our camp fire song”
Kurva kaip Klaunas
Kurva kaip Klaunas Prije 15 sati
Charlie has a literall catchfrase to his stream: stop being a loser,come over. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JackTheRipper Prije 15 sati
I was trying to eat I was not ready f or this
Sajan Rai
Sajan Rai Prije 15 sati
Charlie just gave us the memory no matter what happens neither him nor we are gonna forget
Darren Walles Johnson
Darren Walles Johnson Prije 15 sati
5:30 SSSniperwolf knew what she was doin
Dustin Pulliam
Dustin Pulliam Prije 15 sati
Jesus this garbage is worse than I thought. Insufferable really is the only way to describe it.
biggus purpose
biggus purpose Prije 15 sati
I would like to recommend ethereal snake to Charlie, I think he would enjoy it.
UrbanScroff Prije 15 sati
I am a big fan of John Mulaney's SNL musicals! Feel like they are written well...
Glazie Prije 15 sati
"I don't want it to reflect off the glasses" Charlie really is one step ahead
YouYourAnxiety Prije 15 sati
where can i find the video
Yes Prije 15 sati
God i shouldnt have click on this during lunch But shouldnt they just file it instead of a saw, seems a bit daring
Adam Howard
Adam Howard Prije 15 sati
I like the chucky movie when chucky tricks the old guy into getting in the garbage truck to save him and chucky turns on the hydraulic press
Connor Ferguson
Connor Ferguson Prije 15 sati
I know Charlies rant about sucker punching is more directed at this guy and in this case, yes, its completely unjustified and a pussy move. However, in a self defense scenario, sucker punches are completely justified and are more often than not necessary in order to defend yourself. Im not trying to sound like mr blackbelt keyboard warrior who knows everything about fighting. I just dont want people to get the wrong impression about when theyre necessary so they feel like they cant throw one when necessary. In a real conflict or physical situation you dont tell someone youre about to hit them. Thats a good way to get shot or jumped. If someone is threatening to physically harm you and you cant defuse the situation or get away you should by all means sucker punch them so you can surpise/hurt them enough to get away. Dont worry about acting tough, worry about how you can escape conflict with minimal damage to yourself.
Andy Pandy858
Andy Pandy858 Prije 15 sati
The only good stuff on SNL these days is anything Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett touch, and that stuff gets cut for time.
ODST K Champ
ODST K Champ Prije 15 sati
The moment he said something about the Flood I had a worse image in my mind 💀💀💀
IAmANoob Prije 15 sati
Charlie: this show is bad, so awful. Also Charlie: Imma rate it a 7(good).
nongosu Prije 15 sati
also elons monologue was ok
Gix! Prije 15 sati
Fun (also very known) fact: the rant part of the song is almost a direct quote from a real message a twitch mod sent to a streamer, yikes.
IIBloodII Prije 15 sati
Requis vs vasilli
fortressonahill Prije 15 sati
The scene where Joker climbs into the fridge, if I recall correctly, was actually Improv from good ol Joaqs
nongosu Prije 15 sati
good takes though LOL elons body language was a little sus but I agree that the writing is generally pretty bad
XP Gutsu
XP Gutsu Prije 15 sati
4:45 that sketch just made me cringe
UnityTrap Prije 15 sati
About to smash my keyboard to find it
Me watch Ship
Me watch Ship Prije 15 sati
I want you all to know that Michael is STILL GOING. He last posted 2 months ago.
John Oster
John Oster Prije 15 sati
*cries in California*
Jared Sires
Jared Sires Prije 15 sati
Yea that nectarine was just not a good individual like the bad apple. Nectarines are A tier easy.
Alex Mejia
Alex Mejia Prije 15 sati
How did they even manage to secure one African American person during the cringe of a sketch "Gen Z Hospital?" My lord they had to get the token black person in the skit so it wouldn't set off the racism alarm. Pink girl got cake tho
Dustin Pulliam
Dustin Pulliam Prije 15 sati
Yes SNL was good season one and two etc. now it is hot garbage
Billyion Prije 15 sati
I mean the guy must have pulled one nut through, then as much skin as he could, then the second nut through, and squeezed his limp wiener through. It's like one of the metal puzzles you get a Cracker Barrel. I'm not brave enough to actually watch the video. They don't cut him at all? And is he sedated?
dr .n0
dr .n0 Prije 15 sati
jack Mishoff
jack Mishoff Prije 15 sati
Why do I actually feel pain.
Julius Belmont
Julius Belmont Prije 15 sati
Imagine you're a new born baby and gonna get slapped by Vasilli...
BoredBlaby Prije 15 sati
Coach Zilla has so much more power than he looks like he has, super impressive
PapaYop Prije 15 sati
ayooo DONT google ts but if you do, it's exactly what charlie describes ._.
Matts2wavy _
Matts2wavy _ Prije 15 sati
I wish I could find this video😂😭
Archangel Metatron
Archangel Metatron Prije 15 sati
nongosu Prije 15 sati
the last time SNL was good was 2017 imo, before and after that I don't know much.. but when you have to come up with new funny skit material every single week for decades I mean you must run out of good ideas like idk.. i agree some of the elon skits were kinda trash but some of them were good, I liked chad on mars and I thought gen-z hospital was acceptable also.. but the wario skit was pretty super-cringe if you watch it stand-alone. I feel like the wario skit only makes sense in the context of the entire episode, when I watched it the first time I was like WTF IS THIS LOL but after watching the full episode it kinda makes sense in it's place imo idk
Noodah Prije 15 sati
The 5 pounds of makeup are to protect their face from slapping damage.
Isaiah Jacobo
Isaiah Jacobo Prije 15 sati
Its wierd that they didnt even use the gen z lines correctly
Tasty Prije 15 sati
Dammit, Cletus
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison Prije 15 sati
The teen hospital skit was very hard to watch
Logan G. Mohler
Logan G. Mohler Prije 15 sati
Newer snl is good because bill hader
Cat to the Future
Cat to the Future Prije 15 sati
This could be a very lame super villain origin story.
Sleepy Joe
Sleepy Joe Prije 15 sati
Actually the skit you showed was pretty funny. It probably just hot too close to home for you infantilized NPCs 😂
jhebenst Prije 15 sati
OK zoomer.