Barry Turgoose
Barry Turgoose Prije 22 minuta
What a load of lies
rootzee Prije 22 minuta
if there is another lockdown then that's the end, there's no point aymore
Anna Firth
Anna Firth Prije 22 minuta
Yeah, the more mutations they go on about the more I think it's the regular cold after all.
H vM
H vM Prije 23 minuta
I hope Andrew, Harry and his wife behave today. Today the focus should be on commemorating the life of PP and supporting the Queen.
Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale
Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale Prije 23 minuta
Rest well King
Perish Joodah
Perish Joodah Prije 23 minuta
Honorary Aryan⚡⚡
random kid that is lost
random kid that is lost Prije 23 minuta
Monkey D luffy
Monkey D luffy Prije 23 minuta
Sly news
One Nation
One Nation Prije 23 minuta
“Amongst the music” some DMX ?
Klar Prije 23 minuta
The unclean man wants to clean first...
Monkey D luffy
Monkey D luffy Prije 23 minuta
Has Boris not heard of zoom call.
Kay R
Kay R Prije 24 minuta
Yes, celebrate the cop that didn't kill an innocent man. USA is a weird place.
A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?
A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack? Prije 24 minuta
To be brought bing out phrases like ‘covid deniers’ about genuine objections just exposes yet again sky news as a scummy propaganda machine
Steve pal
Steve pal Prije 24 minuta
It's fine we will allow holidays for the idiots who wanna or feel the need to take a holiday and have no respect for others, Costa del sol variation to be announced. Looks like China has made something that lasts longer than a day👍
HippiePanda Prije 24 minuta
UK: *opens borders and allows overseas travel* Also UK: *discovers another variant from another country in people in UK* UK: wHy HaS tHiS hApPeNnEd¿ This country is fucked lmao
Yeshua's Words
Yeshua's Words Prije 25 minuta
Jesus is coming soon.
Joseph Hodgetts
Joseph Hodgetts Prije 25 minuta
The 🌍 is on a Covid-19 variant roundabout, every country needs to be on lockdown and shut all back doors until it’s under control.
Tim Haslum
Tim Haslum Prije 26 minuta
Yawn , come on sky think of a new way to terrorise the world this boring now.
Jon Dickson
Jon Dickson Prije 26 minuta
And here it is everyone! Be scared, stay scared, rely on big government, don’t question anything!
Midas King
Midas King Prije 26 minuta
Shut the borders 😐
NoScopeThePope pope
NoScopeThePope pope Prije 25 minuta
Not going to happen lockdown 4.0 is on the way
Figga Lover
Figga Lover Prije 26 minuta
Thanks, we thought it will be good to return the favour after we imported the Uk variant 😛
John 0072
John 0072 Prije 26 minuta
This captain can no longer steer the ship,and must now leave to make enormous amounts of money and build a property empire,like Blair.
Fighting Pride TV
Fighting Pride TV Prije 26 minuta
I dont trust a single thing sky news reports on must think we are 🤡🤡🤡
Nigel Taylor
Nigel Taylor Prije 26 minuta
Criminality among politicians has been going on for the longest time..the laws that they make they break behind closed doors. They are a bunch of hypocrites
Vava Leo
Vava Leo Prije 26 minuta
None of them will face jail time. There's no justice or accountabiity.
SpecialTK Prije 26 minuta
The only 'variant' is how many times the government can introduce another extension to our misery, backed up by a complicit, sensationalist media. This is scaremongering on an industrial scale - and utter bollocks.
Gerald Brookes
Gerald Brookes Prije 27 minuta
What a bellend
Roman Pschenyckyj
Roman Pschenyckyj Prije 27 minuta
Many need to be in prison
Jesse Elmer
Jesse Elmer Prije 27 minuta
So the queen is available now??🥵🥵
Georgy Boy
Georgy Boy Prije 27 minuta
Desperate or what
Blendi Prije 27 minuta
Biden gets in and wars explode everywhere...
Bob Carter
Bob Carter Prije 27 minuta
“The vaccines work brilliantly well” 🙃
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce Prije 28 minuta
Be prepared for Zombie Varient in future
Shouting Muteness
Shouting Muteness Prije 28 minuta
Who cares for usa and its insanities? Let them live in their matrix, being bombarded with propaganda, negativity every millisecond.
Jordan Lifts
Jordan Lifts Prije 28 minuta
Viruses mutate THATS WHAT THEY DO ! ITS NOT NEWS ! ......”Up next wet falls from the sky and and giant fire ball in the sky appears to be getting lower will it ever return?”
Mun Hassan
Mun Hassan Prije 28 minuta
Can’t trust news and can’t trust government. They all seem to have a plan. Next minute they will start slating the government. What’s behind that.
Leon Dyer
Leon Dyer Prije 28 minuta
A new mutation means lockdown Mark2 on the way as the vaccine might not work against it...this is the beginning of the end...🤦🏻‍♂️
Nabi Isa
Nabi Isa Prije 30 minuta
He is not my brother due to DNA test so for those who not happy with him please deal with him personally.dont include me cause Im not part of his family members or whatever.please investigage family DNA real well before judging.please
Mitch ninja
Mitch ninja Prije 30 minuta
He carried a gun. Its simple as that shoot or he shot
steelyatron Prije 30 minuta
Fake News. Jail the scamdemic pushers.
NoScopeThePope pope
NoScopeThePope pope Prije 30 minuta
What can we all do about it too late now too many sheep who are still sleeping
Olemi Suria
Olemi Suria Prije 31 minute
Pretty amazing how these guys did It. People like to cite Orwell which I have not read, but another more recent that I am reading tells it all THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. People can just throw away their passport and votes cause they don’t worth anything. They probably never had.
manilove2pwn Prije 31 minute
I couldn't give a flying fook about this bs virus scare mongering or about a old dead racist. Show news not bs
Amy Williams
Amy Williams Prije 33 minuta
Condolences from North Carolina U.S.A.
Jp Young
Jp Young Prije 33 minuta
The mayor was physically emotional and yet her city has the highest gun shot fatalities in US but upset at this good reporting
J Scotland
J Scotland Prije 34 minuta
Sad.. I was wondering where he was going to be buried, how big is the royal volt? How many past royals are there and is that the place where Queen Elizabeth will be laid to rest also?
Noel Kitonga
Noel Kitonga Prije 34 minuta
War mongering
Lex jensen carter
Lex jensen carter Prije 35 minuta
I'm tearing
Aaron Dorn
Aaron Dorn Prije 35 minuta
NoScopeThePope pope
NoScopeThePope pope Prije 35 minuta
Onit Uastum
Onit Uastum Prije 35 minuta
They ain’t gonna do jack it’s like the Epstein thing soon it’ll be forgotten about
CHEESY PLAYS Prije 35 minuta
honestly we should just massacre all of them