Shae Henderson
Shae Henderson Prije 16 sati
Rate the new kits
Villa Fan
Villa Fan Prije 16 sati
Doo doo doo doo du du du du da doo doo doo doo du du du du da
Davide Mignani
Davide Mignani Prije 16 sati
Arrivo in Inghilterra ELISABETTA NON M'INCHINO💚🤍❤
Aruna Prije 16 sati
I'm sorry but Palhinha to Wolves is not realistic at all, he'd be £60m+
james The dog
james The dog Prije 16 sati
we don't need harry the dog
Markie Mark
Markie Mark Prije 16 sati
“Jorginho, what a mug” 🤡
amogus Prije 16 sati
STEPHEN!?!?! how did i not know lol
DF LADS Prije 16 sati
United United Ireland and
OllieH_YT Prije 16 sati
Are you going the Spurs Chelsea game?
Jopík Jopíček
Jopík Jopíček Prije 16 sati
I love Brighton & Hove Albiol, and super tip !
Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker Prije 16 sati
Need a kit ranking for all the leagues
Darth Zayexeet
Darth Zayexeet Prije 17 sati
Fun Fact: Gianluigi Donnarumma was not sure they had won. He just realized when his mates jumped him
Aksel Schmitt
Aksel Schmitt Prije 17 sati
the chelsea one with thogdad was a joke
EFC Gibbo 1878
EFC Gibbo 1878 Prije 17 sati
tbh I think everton need denzel dumfries from psv
PF Owen
PF Owen Prije 17 sati
I think this guy has been on more trains than trains themselves
Franck T.
Franck T. Prije 17 sati
I am from Belgium and I want to congratulate you on the way you deal with the loss. England will finish high at the World Cup next year...maybe the title
Max Mex
Max Mex Prije 17 sati
it's cooming ROME
luka siljeg
luka siljeg Prije 17 sati
U didnt say anything about streling dive against denmark
Frezzer Moinis
Frezzer Moinis Prije 18 sati
Ben Gates
Ben Gates Prije 18 sati
2026 AFC TOP 3
Big Stones
Big Stones Prije 18 sati
Spare seats in Man U end ??
HP sauce
HP sauce Prije 18 sati
Yeeeeessssss come on you rs
Luke Flannery
Luke Flannery Prije 18 sati
bwjm Prije 18 sati
please do prem and Scottish prem predictions
Kwgamer 20
Kwgamer 20 Prije 19 sati
How can you say qpr is bad but what about Huddersfield
Brandon Griffin
Brandon Griffin Prije 19 sati
The rangers fans are all going crazy its the United reserves its not the prem like ????
Lyndsey Simpson
Lyndsey Simpson Prije 19 sati
Come on you palace come on QPR well deserved
David Stockwell
David Stockwell Prije 19 sati
You rrrrrrs. Cheers Thogden and good luck to Bolton next season. Might pop and say hi.
jtbaldur Prije 19 sati
I'm sorry did they just say that Ainsley-Maitland Niles had a good year last season?? He was horrible. He was utterly forgettable and was relegated. How is that a good year?
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg Prije 19 sati
Qpr playing as if they're taking revenge for 1992 breakup of ECL
Liverpool forever
Liverpool forever Prije 19 sati
United 🤡
Liverpool forever
Liverpool forever Prije 19 sati
United are shit
xXPyrophorusXx Prije 19 sati
GREAT GAME, Better Result, COYRS!!!!
Ave JB
Ave JB Prije 19 sati
You should go to the Fullham vs Charlton game on the 31st
im a pigeon
im a pigeon Prije 20 sati
james would be a star for a midtable or relegation club since he will have the space to just run
Oliver Richardson
Oliver Richardson Prije 20 sati
The way they celebrated these goals is very strange behaviour for a kick about
Michele Derario
Michele Derario Prije 20 sati
Tu togliti quella maglia
Michele Derario
Michele Derario Prije 20 sati
È stata una goduria fottervi nel vostro stadio
Cuencana Prije 20 sati
Harry Maguire never took a knee and took his penalty like a man and the kneers choked ! Bravo !
Michele Derario
Michele Derario Prije 20 sati
Ciao ciao england
Michele Derario
Michele Derario Prije 20 sati
Il calcio non è per voi.
Sebastian Di Cesare
Sebastian Di Cesare Prije 20 sati
Neto won’t go to Liverpool this window because he’s injured lol
Sebastian Di Cesare
Sebastian Di Cesare Prije 20 sati
They just say random players. Rubbish
Sebastian Di Cesare
Sebastian Di Cesare Prije 20 sati
Traore didn’t perform last season because wolves didn’t have a good striker which he could link up with. That’s why he was bad he will be good again this season
MiniApocalypse2 Prije 20 sati
hahaha never any effort put into these videos. You looked up who is linked with Watford, found the first name being Thorsby and put it in the video. Billing would not be a good signing for Norwich, he has underperformed for Bournemouth.
Ben Walker
Ben Walker Prije 20 sati
Brighton should buy Martin brathwaite
Laddiewink Prije 20 sati
Going to watch my team reading fc vs crystal palace. I think we'll get battered but I cant wait for the atomsphere!
Chris bell 05
Chris bell 05 Prije 20 sati
1:59 I’m sure u mean rangers
we Snooker
we Snooker Prije 20 sati
City ain’t paying 160m
Caleb Aîrâwn
Caleb Aîrâwn Prije 21 sat
Personally I like Tchouameni. Also Haaland lol
Andy Colbert
Andy Colbert Prije 21 sat
A hate this we thorgan creetin
Big Flopper
Big Flopper Prije 21 sat
Can u go to a Liverpool pre season game ?
imicca Prije 21 sat
Dont fkin boo italians goddamit. Disrespectful seriously
Rufo Sports
Rufo Sports Prije 21 sat
Real funny to see a former ESL Club get dumped by a Championship club 😂😂
Aleksandar Vrbarac
Aleksandar Vrbarac Prije 21 sat
Maureen McCarthy
Maureen McCarthy Prije 21 sat
Forza italia ❤️ from Ireland 🇮🇪
Raffaella Petruzzo
Raffaella Petruzzo Prije 22 sati
Raffaella Petruzzo
Raffaella Petruzzo Prije 22 sati
It's coming to Rome🇮🇹🇮🇹
Bo Bo
Bo Bo Prije 22 sati
Cornet at Burnley is like saint maximan at Newcastle
Seb Lay
Seb Lay Prije 22 sati
Well Dortmund have just signed a new striker in malen could be a replacement for haaland if he’s going to Chelsea
Mangez Prije 22 sati
Leicester would need Matheus Pereira the most cause he can play RW aswell and that is the position that Leicester need to strenghten the most
Aaron V
Aaron V Prije 22 sati
QPR fan here! After watching them play how much of a chance do you think we have of being peomoted?
Dimitar Spasov
Dimitar Spasov Prije 22 sati
1 year later, Euro 2020 same rasist attacks to the same players but this time from the English fans 🤡
Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy Prije 22 sati
why are the qpr fans like that? like bruh chill it's a pre season friendly 😂. The United fans were positive and respectful.
Lorenzo Antinucci
Lorenzo Antinucci Prije 22 sati
This is the way to support tour national team. Good for you. It will happen sooner or later. I didn't like players takin off their medal at the end, ad well as england "supporters" (hooligans) beating Italian supporters caming out of the stadium. It is no good for English National team to have respect printed on the shirt when people behave this way. Had We Lost I dont think we would have behaved the same. Or at least one expects a different behavior by the inventore of fair play. At Wimbledon you can see a different type of support andvrespect. Glad to see youngsters like you know how to properly support. Again, good for you 😉
Lorenzo Antinucci
Lorenzo Antinucci Prije 22 sati
I'm guessing your father has something to do with it. 👏
Niilo Hietanen
Niilo Hietanen Prije 22 sati
Im a huuuuuuge Villa fan
Phillip Murphy
Phillip Murphy Prije 22 sati
Thogden have some of that 😂 forza Italia!!!!!!!!!!
Niilo Hietanen
Niilo Hietanen Prije 22 sati
You are legend my friend! 👊 Keep doing the very good work my friend 🙂 watching from Finland
bjkilgallon1969 Prije 22 sati
Who cares as a united fan. We dont give two fucks about pre season
janeyre82 Prije 22 sati
Oops... it's come to Rome 🤣🇮🇹💙
SkyzFly-Down Prije 22 sati
R.i.p that bailey ayy😂😂 he's a kid and he signed with everton😂
Heckles United
Heckles United Prije 22 sati
Do championship
Me I am ronaldo
Me I am ronaldo Prije 22 sati
As a Man U fan, we didn’t do as good.. plus - all the really good players are taking a break because of tournaments
Kirito Prije 22 sati
We are not giving naldini to anyone sorry
Oliver Hewson
Oliver Hewson Prije 22 sati
“Sigurðsson has been doing it for years”
Charanjit Johal
Charanjit Johal Prije 22 sati
Is winner italy
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor Prije 23 sati
Newcastle need to sign Joe Willock either on another loan or permanently.
JMat10 Prije 23 sati
Rate every prem jersey
Combat Mentality
Combat Mentality Prije 23 sati
Dortmund Hooligans would have smoked tottenham 10000%. Dortmund trained mma fighters, kickboxers, boxers etc vs tottenham alcoholics and fatsos. No hate or trolling here but the english scene is among the weakest nowadays. I wish the english would get into the gym and train and then come to the mainland to meet in the forests. At least the germans, swedish, dutch, polish, russian, swiss, french etc are meeting outside of games in the woods or fields.
mohsen alnazer
mohsen alnazer Prije 23 sati
Next efl
James Harr1s
James Harr1s Prije 23 sati
Big viera making money moves this season