Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
From now on everything will be so good and easy that if a person remains poor,,,, it's his choice
Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
We're nearing that point where the law will be,,,"thou shalt not help the poor."
Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
Bitcoin is the smart way to go
Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
You all haven't seen a trillionare and you will. Imagine, the poorest person is a millionaire. Happy Life for everyone. 🙏
Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
Smart is doing the right thing for everyone
Jeff Kingin
Jeff Kingin Prije 10 sati
What is smart?
jo pete
jo pete Prije 10 sati
Well let’s hope it stays up there I hope he took social distancing and then Covid vaccines with him They can have a little party and dance around and jab Each other!
RAJASEKHAR Reddy Prije 10 sati
WorldRenownedCFE Prije 11 sati
they should have played the KISS song Rocket Ride
Dustin Brandel
Dustin Brandel Prije 11 sati
That announcer lady was freakin thirsty
I am sick and tired of it all - I am sick and tired of innocent people being drawn and quartered - historically people were dismembered as punishment for treason - today it’s dismemberment and death for being considered as a tad inconvenient and it’s called ABORTION
Steve Wayda
Steve Wayda Prije 11 sati
I'm most interested in how this will affect Fitbit. I can't see Fitbit and Samsung devices using identical OS'es in this new update. What would be the determining factor in buying one over the other? Yet, they will both be using Wear OS.
Texas iorn forge.
Texas iorn forge. Prije 11 sati
They should name that rocket The BIG stiffi.
Rob Bisson
Rob Bisson Prije 11 sati
How gullible do you have to be to believe this nonsense?
HG Prije 11 sati
Meaningless events to fuel the egos of the billionaires, no achievement to benefit mankind. At least Space X has a purpose, these 2 events are just the usual glorified fanfare.
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman Prije 11 sati
lots of money that could have been used to help the poor.
Fernando Heustagio
Fernando Heustagio Prije 11 sati
richard branson's space craft is more impressive. it's like bezos took himself crudely to space while branson went there and came back in style.
Jason P. Ravain
Jason P. Ravain Prije 12 sati
This launch contributed absolutely NOTHING to space flight or mankind. LAME.
Jeanmarco Vidal
Jeanmarco Vidal Prije 12 sati
juicero anyone??
Fredly Dog
Fredly Dog Prije 12 sati
Glad no carbon footprint was left. Uh huh
Zarrar شيخ
Zarrar شيخ Prije 12 sati
What to do next only launch 🙂.there have so many options for humans
Digital Encom
Digital Encom Prije 12 sati
100% FAKED!
POWER RASHED X Prije 12 sati
Why are you block Fortnite I don’t love you
διαβόητο φάντασμα
διαβόητο φάντασμα Prije 12 sati
Some days you'll have flights to outer space, just like flights to other countries. Crazy how far we've come
Arcadia Green
Arcadia Green Prije 12 sati
Jeff Bezos? more like Second Plazos. get gud Jeffy Boy
Teddy Illusion
Teddy Illusion Prije 13 sati
I do believe there was voter fraud. But i don't need to believe there was voter fraud to believe the election was stolen. Google Facebook and others in big tech stole the election. Censoring conservatives and censoring news that didn't conform to their preferred narrative. Big tech is capable of swaying any election using these tactics.
Chris Lin
Chris Lin Prije 13 sati
Why is nobody talking about digbyte?
Red Pill
Red Pill Prije 13 sati
Bezos needs to refund our tax dollars...!!!!!
Victory Ben
Victory Ben Prije 13 sati
i was able to get rid of my herpes virus with Dr Ugbohkolan herbal medication
S Sumlin
S Sumlin Prije 13 sati
What an unfathomable waste of money and resources...
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin Prije 13 sati
Please senator Cruz don’t back down.. fight these evil comucrats to death.. we must turn this rotten ship around and soon!!!!!!!
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Prije 13 sati
So they built a private vomit comet -- they ain't astronauts
Travis Mcree
Travis Mcree Prije 13 sati
Bruh they just went to the edge of the atmosphere👎
Matthew Stull
Matthew Stull Prije 13 sati
they should have kept editing the footage for a while longer
Edward Crim
Edward Crim Prije 13 sati
So just an average old white guy here but what is so different now when the rockets go up and come back they don't look beat up like before plus it looks like they are not taking long to get up there and they have smaller tanks so did something drastically change? It feels like NASA is done and they can't or won't get anymore pop or glam now and these billionaires are taking over. Just does not seem real either because it is effortless
Andrew Calvert
Andrew Calvert Prije 13 sati
I pity the fool that believes any of this delusional nonsense
Duane Rondorf
Duane Rondorf Prije 13 sati
Was that an eclipse or Bezo’s head in the sun?
dotch Prije 14 sati
Bezos was never on that lmfao
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Prije 14 sati
Just received a few Amazon packages today. Glad I could help.
CandidSecret4682 Prije 14 sati
The thumbnail 4 apple look like its from pokemon go
no one
no one Prije 15 sati
THE FLYING FALACE. ya that's just embarrassing
Kenton Carter
Kenton Carter Prije 15 sati
So was earth flat?
cris33311 Prije 15 sati
interesting spaceship design, looks like a giant vibrator. :)
Jus Crank Tackle
Jus Crank Tackle Prije 15 sati
Proof Earth is flat...... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Peaceful Pets
Peaceful Pets Prije 15 sati
Big deal. They made it to the border of space. Not a thing. Cowboy lol
Svetoslav Popov
Svetoslav Popov Prije 15 sati
and now 3x this altitude and they are in space :)
ʕಠ‿ಠ ʔ
ʕಠ‿ಠ ʔ Prije 15 sati
its a covid city now
uncommon cents
uncommon cents Prije 16 sati
New Era
New Era Prije 16 sati
Reminds me of Austin powers movie hey look up there looks like a huge ______….lol
Raquel Castillo
Raquel Castillo Prije 16 sati
Van, come on Van - call me daddy call me daddy
Luciano Lucidi
Luciano Lucidi Prije 16 sati
Games for billioners. Nothing worse than that especially during an awufull period like covidone . So while people is getting pooer and pooer the richones plays expensive games instead using those money for helping others. And we... just watching this happening. Shame on us
Raquel Castillo
Raquel Castillo Prije 16 sati
Van Jones is corrupt. I don’t like the use of civility for this time in history as people have accustomed themselves to hiding serious evil behind their proposed “decorum.” This is America, say what you want. Just say what you have to say so we can build on truth.
Paul Hancock
Paul Hancock Prije 16 sati
The flat-earthers must be so worried right now.
Fifth Prije 16 sati
Too bad it didn't explode - there would have been zero loss.
jeff f
jeff f Prije 16 sati
Space made affordable...how much,1 billion and you get to do spinning things in the air for 2 minutes
Thierry Marcellus
Thierry Marcellus Prije 16 sati
Congratulations, Bezos, that looks like a giant private rocket.
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson Prije 16 sati
This women commentator is irritating!
MagicDontMiss Prije 17 sati
The launch looks so fake
Giggitygoo Prije 17 sati
To boldly go where men have gone since the 1950s.
Tim Krill
Tim Krill Prije 17 sati
Tom Hanks will play Jeff Bezos in the movie.
Ines Kowal
Ines Kowal Prije 17 sati
Why Michael Saylor wasn't there?
James Graham
James Graham Prije 17 sati
Can't believe they aren't puking.
Zaki Qalbi
Zaki Qalbi Prije 17 sati
How many minutes was in air?
R Oliver
R Oliver Prije 17 sati
I want Jeff's hat.
James Graham
James Graham Prije 17 sati
Are there any videos of them inside the capsule floating around?
Shane Brown
Shane Brown Prije 17 sati
I thought they said that man had actually walked on the moon. Now they are saying this is the first human flight into space. What a conspiracy.
Mary McC
Mary McC Prije 17 sati
Flat as a pancake 🥞
V A Prije 17 sati
Пипелац без гравицапы ;)
David Burton
David Burton Prije 17 sati
Common people dont give two hoots and one of them done hooted.
Алексей Культин
Алексей Культин Prije 17 sati
Blue balls Origin has finally penetrated the space!
mike schatz
mike schatz Prije 17 sati
You can get to the same altitude with a weather balloon. All in less than 50k. This is not historical.
George Odhiambo
George Odhiambo Prije 18 sati
What a shape?
Imagin monkey escape comes back with million friends to end the fuckery.. Planet of the Abe's baby.
John Doe
John Doe Prije 18 sati
Can someone explain the color of the plume ?? This rocket is supposed to use LH2/LOX... something doesn't match here...??
Matt Osborne
Matt Osborne Prije 18 sati
Please tell me you all are kidding, playing is safe, or are bots. There cannot be this many hoodwinked people out there after things like Bart Sibrel's "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon", Hibbeler's "Level",& all this PATHETIC CGI! C'mon, fellow humans! Think! NASA is FAKE.
ENDER SIDE Prije 19 sati
google: Haha yes we are still the only ones with live view apple: whippity whine your idea is mine