FIFA 21 Review
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The Academy | Episode 1
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Football Is Back 🙌
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Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso Prije 3 sati
Yes Ronaldo, you are a a portuguese legend, just like Eusebio. Just not as good as Eusebio was.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Prije 3 sati
Ismael Meléndez Ruiz
Ismael Meléndez Ruiz Prije 3 sati
And that's why PES has been always better than thas sh*t. FIFA game is a bad football arcade, if ypu love football you play PES (the real footbal simulator) not that Fifa sh*t. The worst players are the ones that play 4 the licenses.
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso Prije 4 sati
Will they ever make jokes about all the teams Red Bull owns, or is it just the teams that play the Champions League?
Julie Zyuan
Julie Zyuan Prije 4 sati
I like the way pep slapping his own head🤣
Hindren Zaxo
Hindren Zaxo Prije 5 sati
fifas players faces is so suck 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
bla blabla
bla blabla Prije 5 sati
Where's Tottenham? They finished below leicester last season. They only made it to the Europa due to a small goal difference. Mourinho should have been there grumbling.
Tinotenda Fungai
Tinotenda Fungai Prije 5 sati
Can you do a tottenham one
Chukwudi Kingsley
Chukwudi Kingsley Prije 5 sati
The Varane part really got me
Mahir Daiyan
Mahir Daiyan Prije 5 sati
"Man city bought Bayern Munich"(Pep Gurdiola)..😂😂😂lol(sorry if the name is wrong ..😂😂😂)
Logan Renouf
Logan Renouf Prije 5 sati
I’m sorry but some of these accents are appalling
Rishav Sarkar
Rishav Sarkar Prije 5 sati
I hate Ramos.
Faathir Muhammad
Faathir Muhammad Prije 7 sati
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Prije 8 sati
I like how Tottenham didn’t even appear in this😂
Antara Chatterjee
Antara Chatterjee Prije 8 sati
Liverpool are the best
andrewsim26 Prije 8 sati
Haha they are nowhere near alike. FM21 is miles ahead.
Troy Biagi
Troy Biagi Prije 8 sati
Whats the tittle of the song?
Sachin Ganesh
Sachin Ganesh Prije 8 sati
Aaaannnddd, that was my alarm
MrSuperyang Prije 8 sati
1:40 a little not accurate because messi wants neymar back
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart Prije 8 sati
They really have to go to Pripyat with that kind of music!
KingOfTheSea S
KingOfTheSea S Prije 9 sati
Messi is Kyrie Irving Ronaldo is Lebron James Vandijk is giannis atetokoumpo Haaland is Steph curry De Bruyne is Kyle lowry
The User Adi
The User Adi Prije 9 sati
Anyone after "The Champions" is back ? 😎
AR Prije 9 sati
Bro this singer can hit some good fucking notes holy shit. Reminds me of prime Adele
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 9 sati
No one : Christian Pulisic ”Sergio Rawmos”
Abdelrahman Ahmed
Abdelrahman Ahmed Prije 9 sati
Did you see the red cards
shantydoctor Prije 10 sati
more europa house please that was great
jojofr30 Prije 10 sati
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Prije 8 sati
This came one day before the death of Maradona.
NiutekGaming Prije 10 sati
Why you aprouching Lewandowski je us amazing guy i meet on a match Polish-italia
ibrohaim orti
ibrohaim orti Prije 10 sati
That wasn't fng
Samuel Montano
Samuel Montano Prije 11 sati
Ehh the first goal is possible in a real game. #Maguire
TFR Gaminzz
TFR Gaminzz Prije 11 sati
Even though Ramos was solely responsible for his injury Salah refused to talk against Ramos This shows how HUMBLE he is 💖💖
Alfi Dolan
Alfi Dolan Prije 11 sati
Thats why Pes is the best
Fahim Maf
Fahim Maf Prije 11 sati
Episode 3 is my fav cause messi said cr7 the best siiiiuuuuuu
Khaled Abdul-Baqi
Khaled Abdul-Baqi Prije 13 sati
lets be honest, hes not a diver but all wingers are sensitive coz u dont just dive because u want to score a pen its coz u know it could help ur team
REKA PLAY Prije 14 sati
Great video👍 i am play pes 🎮
Yusuf Khiyarrayyan Kusmayaputra
Yusuf Khiyarrayyan Kusmayaputra Prije 14 sati
I want to see subs exercising at the sideline I want a flow celebration not cutscene I want the ball boy be useful at the game
Chuks Prije 14 sati
Now we have 7 minutes episodes
Andrew Chai
Andrew Chai Prije 14 sati
Anyone notice that they draw Christians eyes differently
Logan Mridul
Logan Mridul Prije 14 sati
Lol people still play FIFA?
Ziemek Pastor
Ziemek Pastor Prije 14 sati
Me when I do something stupid 1:53
fahri husaini
fahri husaini Prije 15 sati
"Hero worship is unhealty" Patrick star.
Domingo Segun
Domingo Segun Prije 15 sati
I'm with Brendan tho
REKA PLAY Prije 14 sati
Thandolinethu Mkhize
Thandolinethu Mkhize Prije 15 sati
People here have bigger heads than their bodies😂😂😂😂
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh Prije 15 sati
Kante being mad is so inaccurate
IC7 Prije 16 sati
“Jaaaaaaime Vaaaaarrdy”
REKA PLAY Prije 14 sati
IC7 Prije 16 sati
2:49 David Luiz peeking in the background acting like we wouldn’t see him
IC7 Prije 16 sati
“When the weather gets colder, it’s a good time to reconsider Florida! We’ve got loads of hotspots- *cough cough covid”*
Max Munoz
Max Munoz Prije 16 sati
David Luiz right behind Rodrygo 3:00
Alex Montiel
Alex Montiel Prije 16 sati
please made Lev yashin and olviver Kahn fight about who is the best goalkeeper
The Lit Bros
The Lit Bros Prije 16 sati
He played for iroundbound soccer club the club I play for
Kel Mac
Kel Mac Prije 16 sati
Why no Celtic why rangers
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Prije 17 sati
Hilarious but they got Brendan Rodgers’s accent wrong. He’s from Northern Ireland not the Republic of Ireland.
Raymond Frank
Raymond Frank Prije 17 sati
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NUNO NEVES Prije 17 sati
Im sad to say this must be their worst episode of B/R
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije 9 sati
Great Video...cheers bud!!!?
paco ramon
paco ramon Prije 18 sati
With Sevilla already in the last 16, the house is safe... for now.
paco ramon
paco ramon Prije 18 sati
The Sevilla Hotel.
Fodé Abdoulaye
Fodé Abdoulaye Prije 18 sati
Please for the love of God get some better voice actors
paco ramon
paco ramon Prije 18 sati
So does is where Sevilla lives.
paco ramon
paco ramon Prije 18 sati
This came one day before the death of Maradona.
Daniel Riley
Daniel Riley Prije 18 sati
I thought this series was really below the level of funny of previous. But the whole thing is worth it for the Brendan Rogers section. Outstanding!
ExperienceLD Prije 18 sati
Sommer should be there
Josephine emmanuel
Josephine emmanuel Prije 18 sati
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sahil 4
sahil 4 Prije 18 sati
My man is giving me a borat impression😂😂
PonyWants Carrots
PonyWants Carrots Prije 19 sati
Malkav Prije 19 sati
I'm glad that pes is better than fifa now
Daniel ELUFOWOJU Prije 19 sati
Love this show
Hødd G16 2020
Hødd G16 2020 Prije 19 sati
At 4:07 i was like what is wrong with polish peppole
dan daniel
dan daniel Prije 19 sati
Chelsea is not there it is boring me
Ratul Hossain
Ratul Hossain Prije 20 sati
Vardy doing the Joe Pesci impression from Good Fellas was cool
Leonardo David
Leonardo David Prije 20 sati
The rain are footballs and the windshield wiper have gloves on it hahahahhaha
Jonah Crosby
Jonah Crosby Prije 20 sati
Such a scripted game...
_-Living-_ Deadz03
_-Living-_ Deadz03 Prije 20 sati
Its so stupid how many times I´ve been watching this
JinSung Niner
JinSung Niner Prije 11 sati
same here.
Ari Animations
Ari Animations Prije 20 sati
This happened to me I was a america football player/soccer then it was postponed
Paulo Pimenta
Paulo Pimenta Prije 21 sat
10:46 😳
Jishanjit Roy
Jishanjit Roy Prije 21 sat
Lampard that's just my face cracked me
Thandolinethu Mkhize
Thandolinethu Mkhize Prije 21 sat
Suarez teeth Blamer😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thandolinethu Mkhize
Thandolinethu Mkhize Prije 21 sat
Ronaldhino is ugly
Thandolinethu Mkhize
Thandolinethu Mkhize Prije 21 sat
And fat 2😅😅😂
Thandolinethu Mkhize
Thandolinethu Mkhize Prije 21 sat
😂😂😂😂"what do u mean u cause these ufix this
Frxdz Prije 21 sat
~AnYoNe WaNt A lOaN tO lEiCeStEr~ Brendan Rodgers in the sauna 2020🤣😂
laudelosrios Prije 21 sat
The worst is that Kepa gains 8 million a year with Chelsea.xd