Freddie Wilson
Freddie Wilson Prije 10 sati
Fortnite I love you I can’t play you right now because when ever I open Fortnite the whole system turns off and he stole that dance from a rapper NBA Youngboy and the only credit Youngboy gets is his song but he created that dance
Insurgent Gaming
Insurgent Gaming Prije 10 sati
2 years later a legend and have a skin and everything
chsitopher Alejandro
chsitopher Alejandro Prije 11 sati
Spencer123_ Prije 11 sati
Can u please add Ricks portal gun
Axer Zero
Axer Zero Prije 11 sati
Here comes the quarantine jokes. Lol
Karlene Rawlins
Karlene Rawlins Prije 11 sati
My favorite season of chapter 2
Star Lord
Star Lord Prije 11 sati
Came back to rewatch this 🙂
Frog_Face2000 Prije 11 sati
Me: this season is too long Me now: Dam bro, it should of been forever
Skid and Pump
Skid and Pump Prije 11 sati
Copying apex
Skid and Pump
Skid and Pump Prije 11 sati
Imaging copying apex
Collin Nolan
Collin Nolan Prije 11 sati
Found a hacker his yt is toddiyo he uses sailboat and isn’t banned ban him
Anum Zia
Anum Zia Prije 11 sati
Dude danny i saw that video that was not nice what your teammates did to you 😒 but i love your channel ❤
My theory is that in chapter 2 season x the device event would be successful and the loop will be broken ending the story of fortnite battle royale. Just in time for chapter 3 to introduce modding. But hey that’s just a theory a game theory
tomek parry
tomek parry Prije 11 sati
Fortnite can you add vehicle opening door animation
Hoodtrap Prije 11 sati
And can you guys add bac beach Midas and beach Brutus and Midas golden wrap
COOL GHOST Prije 11 sati
Z fortnight I was kind of want to know where the mothership landed a bunch of years ago
okeypl Prije 11 sati
kiedyś to było
COOL GHOST Prije 11 sati
Z fortnight I was kind of want to know where the mothership landed a bunch of years ago
ItzElit3 Snip3r10
ItzElit3 Snip3r10 Prije 11 sati
Logic: He has the alien skin at level 4
Nima Amini
Nima Amini Prije 11 sati
This it why I don't play fort
Crxcked Prije 11 sati
The coronavirus is now in fortnite
TX Batcat
TX Batcat Prije 11 sati
ah yes we complain about the ufos but here have a gun THAT'S THE SAME THING
NuMb Prije 12 sati
Why Recomended
Crxcked Prije 12 sati
this feel like a season 9 trailer
Bald doge 1000 subs pls
Bald doge 1000 subs pls Prije 12 sati
Who found this in their recommended and remembered this as a god damn history?
Abhinav Acharyabhatta
Abhinav Acharyabhatta Prije 12 sati
Fortnite is dead
Cyclops Prije 12 sati
3 years ago… Wow!
Tiffany Harris Cantrell
Tiffany Harris Cantrell Prije 12 sati
The graphics on switch are worse then a game cube
MemerManStan Prije 12 sati
1 year anniversary of this amazing track!
Vanessa Kossack
Vanessa Kossack Prije 12 sati
Gamedonkey1 Prije 12 sati
Your game sucks
KILL ME Prije 12 sati
I just found out what was red vs blue ? whats the hate for
Wild Pringle
Wild Pringle Prije 12 sati
Rickey Crews
Rickey Crews Prije 12 sati
And you should make an roblox Jerry's ice cream skins and a Ronald McDonald roblox skin and a bakon roblox skins and a buff roblox skin and avengers zero point skins
Axer Zero
Axer Zero Prije 12 sati
Should’ve been longer, not the ending
Frostbite Prije 12 sati
My favorite seasons. Every season but season 6 chapter 2
mozz1856 Prije 12 sati
been 2 years exactly sense he won
Gurtaj Beesla
Gurtaj Beesla Prije 12 sati
2021 and i’m still watching, this was the best event/tournament in fornite’s history very motivating 💕
Gurtaj Beesla
Gurtaj Beesla Prije 12 sati
2021 and i’m still watching i miss this event it was the best fortnite event/ tournament very motivational ❤️❤️
HALOSURGE Prije 12 sati
This just reminds me of how genuinely unbearable shatter squad and the new rvb seasons are. Just kill the new characters off already🙏
Un Happe
Un Happe Prije 12 sati
Honestly this made fortnite a little better
Random guy on the internet
Random guy on the internet Prije 12 sati
Man litterally best season, now 8yr olds have an obsetion with the word dog "dogwater"
The Dream Material man
The Dream Material man Prije 13 sati
Thank neymar jr for saving the fishy
Cleverson Araujo
Cleverson Araujo Prije 13 sati
Fortnite me dá um presente
icey gacha gaming
icey gacha gaming Prije 13 sati
Love the new weapon it's good👍
laura Madrigal
laura Madrigal Prije 13 sati
Can you guys put henchmen skins in for free plz😔😟😰
Ryan P Gaming
Ryan P Gaming Prije 13 sati
I love you
Christian Joyner
Christian Joyner Prije 13 sati
Change team rumbke back to normal
Evan Williamson
Evan Williamson Prije 13 sati
Fortnite if you are reading this which I doubt you will just make all of the battle pass trailer like this fortnight would be so much better
YozzBerthely Prije 13 sati
YozzBerthely Prije 13 sati
Me pueden regalar el club de fornite
ツdany05 Prije 13 sati
2 years 😥
Unknown-X Prije 13 sati
bring back the kickoff soccer skins back please
Coppercalvin hi sisters
Coppercalvin hi sisters Prije 14 sati
Milo Prije 14 sati
he is peace control kyle
MUHAMMED SHAN Prije 14 sati
Lmao am I the only person that didn’t even drive a Ferrari in a game
Kirby lover
Kirby lover Prije 14 sati
how did it take this long for Superman to get here and Rick? Rick is in? what?
TRY Ionel64 🎋
TRY Ionel64 🎋 Prije 14 sati
Tilted tower back plsssssssssssss
Johann Vincent
Johann Vincent Prije 14 sati
OK so is anyone going to talk about that the Gold AK did 44 body damage instead of 41 and 66 headshot damage instead of 61?
Toastmarine Prije 14 sati
i hate how they just killed Meowscles, literally the only known character to have offspring. then make him go through stress (probably also pain) and gets turned into a toon and possibly a back bling.
Becky Goddard
Becky Goddard Prije 14 sati
My guy bugha is cracked
TheBoito Prije 14 sati
2 years today
MintW7 ✔
MintW7 ✔ Prije 14 sati
Realistic cars in this?
Sunny bear0xX
Sunny bear0xX Prije 14 sati
Bugha: Clicking the pc controls like a master Me: pressing W then space very very s l o w l y
NeverGonnaGiveYouUp Prije 14 sati
Plzzzz remove the UFOs they’re sooo annoying every time I kill someone one just comes out of nowhere and breaks all my builds why’d you even add it. just make another game mode for it
NeverGonnaGiveYouUp Prije 14 sati
Sorry I was just killed by a ufo and had no one to complain to 😐😭
Mubark_5_02 Prije 15 sati
بوقا مصعب علينا البطولة حاشرنا بزون صغير بالكورنر
Doris Stinnett
Doris Stinnett Prije 15 sati
The shallow vault aesthetically mess up because hippopotamus bareilly sigh modulo a highfalutin var verbs = [aardvark. wry, brawny geese
Rajesh Nayee
Rajesh Nayee Prije 15 sati
So african severs
Unconsume Prije 15 sati
Bughas dad is the true og
kypa Prije 15 sati
fix the game
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 15 sati
This is when fn proved their more than just a game
MAD DREAM Prije 15 sati
Is this zero boint jr ?????????
I’m VIXSHOIN Prije 15 sati
when i have an ak: 0:01
A Guy
A Guy Prije 15 sati
Lord almost 2 years old
Hola ninos :D
Hola ninos :D Prije 15 sati