I owe AMD an apology...
Reacting to YOUR setups!
Prije 2 mjeseci
Don’t get RIPPED OFF!
Prije 2 mjeseci
RTX 3080 Launch... RIP
Prije 2 mjeseci
Custom RTX 3080 cards are here!
I should be ashamed of this...
Can AMD beat NVIDIA?
Prije 2 mjeseci
Is NVIDIA 30 Series Worth it?
PC vs Console 2020.... Uh oh...
Intel is in serious trouble...
Should kids have powerful PCs?
Does the 10900k Melt!?
Prije 6 mjeseci
Corsair Waterblocks... oof
I'm a bad PC dad...
Prije 6 mjeseci
John Bales
John Bales Prije 6 sati
Out of curiosity, was the version of Windows 10 a retail or OEM? Asking as I thought a motherboard change was one of the changes that would trigger Windows to be validated again. OEM versions supposedly the most picky about major hardware changes, retail able to be moved to a new computer so motherboard might not trigger re-validation.
Jonah Wolf
Jonah Wolf Prije 6 sati
A true world of warships player knows 18 insh is 457 lol, cmon Jay
Nelson Echevarria
Nelson Echevarria Prije 6 sati
What am I going to do you ask?Very simple,I'm going to order that monster PC case that you did a review on,the Phanteks Enthoo 719 (PH-ES719LTG_DAG01) High Performance Full Tower Case, this coming summer and I'm going to buy the radiator,the combination reservoir/water pump and a water block little by little then once I have the things that I need and have set everything up for water cooling I'm going to buy a Gigabyte aorus x570 bundled with a ryzen cpu,the memory and a decent graphics card then I'll put it all together and I'll have myself a heck of a custom built PC.It will take me a while but I'm not going anywhere so far as I know so there's no rush.Thank you for another great video and God bless you and your family.
Iven Prije 6 sati
this is what i needed :o
Dunno Prije 6 sati
Me, who has an amd radeon vii: I cannot agree more. The worst part about my card is the driver software and most of the driver versions they offer. Not the performance of the card itself.
Nicholas Bassaholic
Nicholas Bassaholic Prije 6 sati
I have that same card and love it. - 980ti g1 gaming
Andrés Márquez
Andrés Márquez Prije 6 sati
well, im in a middle of a build, im only missing gpu and cpu, don't know if i should get a 3200g or wait for these to be comercially available
Nalesniki33 Prije 6 sati
i dont get it im running cinebench r20 and max im getting on multi core is 6938 on my 5900x but i havent done anything to it like try to oc, are the 8500 scores from a OCd 5900x or what cuz stock out the box im getting 6938 which was my best score
ZeHoSmusician Prije 6 sati
Indeed, no need to panic-sell your cards. :) - a GTX 1080 Ti owner PS: See you in a few years when newer RTX chipsets are unleashed...
mito 0815
mito 0815 Prije 6 sati
3:58 Real Bro moment :D
K-plus tunjevina
K-plus tunjevina Prije 6 sati
Tech youtubers are the dumbest people on earth. 500 dollars my ass. I could have told them it would never be sold for that much.
serafin nieves
serafin nieves Prije 6 sati
Thank you, I've picked up a few info that is very useful. Keep up the great work ,I appreciate ya man.
Alexandre Martini
Alexandre Martini Prije 6 sati
AMD told me to upgrade.
Araz Seyfinezhad
Araz Seyfinezhad Prije 7 sati
Simply download some ram Also delete the virus called system 32
N Prije 7 sati
donald jayz trump, you lost maaan admit it
Kenneth Maddocks
Kenneth Maddocks Prije 6 sati
Well it is in fun from both of them. It brings attention to both channels which is good for both of them. The AMD cards benchmark far less than a 3090 and won't really let either of them set records on port royal.
N Prije 6 sati
@Kenneth Maddocks meh at this point it seems more like jayz trump having an obsession for gn. probably would be better to switch to another card like amd, and another bench to make it less ackward (for jayz).
Kenneth Maddocks
Kenneth Maddocks Prije 6 sati
The RIP GN/RIP Jay series of videos has been going on before that stream right? Like this has been going on over a month. Steve will probably do a video in reply when he isn't drowning in work himself.
N Prije 6 sati
@Kenneth Maddocks he should have done that during the competition, not a week after 🤣
Kenneth Maddocks
Kenneth Maddocks Prije 6 sati
You do realize Jay is ahead in the port royal hall of fame over GN by 321 points right? Your comment doesn't make sense.
MrCarbonProductions Prije 7 sati
I used Macrium Reflect to clone my SSD to a bigger SSD , and I noticed that the speed of the new drive was cut in half of what it was suppose to be, loading into windows from start button took about 5 minutes when it should have normally took me 30 seconds like my original. I ended up cloning that drive again from my original drive using my new SSD manufacturer's software and completely fixed the issue. Not sure why this happened as Macrium Reflect stated the drive was 100% cloned with no issues. I would like to hear others thoughts on this as well
iMann iFail
iMann iFail Prije 7 sati
Well.. did anyone laugh when Jay mention their Individual price tag?.. you’re damn lucky if you get one of them GPUs let alone their RRP.
BoundlessOwl Prije 7 sati
just cause you can completely fill an SSD or harddrive, doesnt mean you should
Pen and Brush
Pen and Brush Prije 7 sati
I see ur daughter is a girl of culture for watching anime
ALUO Video in novi mediji
ALUO Video in novi mediji Prije 7 sati
Congratulations on the overclocking!!!
Sh Wolverine
Sh Wolverine Prije 7 sati
Best sound that i heard in laptops was in asus laptops when they were working with bang and olufsen and had a little buffer with them it was soooooo good quality
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson Prije 7 sati
If possible could we get a better view of the benchmark screen next time. Being able to see the fps counter like we could on the EVGA stream made viewing more enjoyable and a better learning experience. Otherwise I really enjoy this series. Thank you for the work you have put into it.
Kenneth Maddocks
Kenneth Maddocks Prije 7 sati
Does the LN2 just evaporate away after it is poured, or does it flow out somewhere from the pot? I'm thinking it looks like it evaporates pretty fast, but I've 0 experience with this.
azuldream Prije 7 sati
kingpin: "contact is bad you're throttling" Jayznocents: "I have great contact" dude can't get a clue
Syde Prije 7 sati
stop disliking this man's videos!
Jake Moran
Jake Moran Prije 7 sati
I watched this video because I wanted to not regret buying my 5700xt and then you said it might be worth upgrading lol sigh
D Hill
D Hill Prije 7 sati
Having the same problem right now... just installed i9-9900k Freezes on boot up just like this.. never OCd or anything.. already cleared CMOS same thing freezes on boot up.. running ASrock z390 mobo .. any help would be awesome thanks in advance
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian Prije 7 sati
"Headphone Users: Speakers are obsolete! Only nerds use Speakers! They are Ancient Relics! Who even uses speakers anymore. They are overrated even are headphones can do just as good as a full surround sound system can!"
PC_GameWorld Prije 7 sati
Jayz so funny, this stream was to make fun of GN 🤣
Zachary Prije 7 sati
The ROG Zephyrus CPU kills that thing.
Karam Marji
Karam Marji Prije 7 sati
26:36 I have something like this from AMD that runs on my phone, very useful in game. ;)
Ahmed Koubasy
Ahmed Koubasy Prije 7 sati
THANK YOU LIKE + SUBSCRIBE DONE <3 BUT I HAVE QUESTION PLEASE HELP SOME PPL SAID THAT I SHOULD PUT SOME POWER OPTIONS 300 OR 320 TO CARDS THERE 'S CODE BE RETUN Max Power Limit fix, change xxx to your power limit @ECHO start cmd.exe /k "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI\nvidia-smi.exe" -pl xxx hrpost.info/history/mN1yc6zIn5unpqA/video&ab_channel=oath YOU CAN CHECK THIS VIDEO BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY MY ICAN'T ADD THIS PWOER OPTION TO MY CARD ( QUADRO 600 ) IDIN'T FIND THE NUM POWER IN THE ( .ROM FILE SITE )
A-A-ron 996
A-A-ron 996 Prije 7 sati
I switched from intel to AMD 3700x. I’m happy with it so far, now if only I could get a new gpu. My 1070 will have to do for now
chaowei liang
chaowei liang Prije 7 sati
how to get kingpin?
DrakenARTZsteam Prije 7 sati
Very useful video, Thank you!
TheDwarvenDefender Prije 7 sati
Ah, yes. The cheap and easy way including the use of automotive tools. That cheap and easy way. Why didn't I think of that?
Gababoi Prije 7 sati
I was watching this and waiting for my laptop to boot up, and look, the same thing appears on my screen
Ragu raman
Ragu raman Prije 7 sati
I have a Y740 which is more or less the same.The hinge is a problem. If you buy this be careful with that.The lenovo repair guy broke my screen trying to open when the screen was stuck in the closed position. And they sell crappy Extended warranty . Dont buy that.
Karam Marji
Karam Marji Prije 7 sati
"Won't fit vertically because triple mount." They invented hammers for a reason.
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget Prije 7 sati
I science teacher said the moment liquid nitrogen is involved with anything you know this is serious.
Tim Haun Fishing
Tim Haun Fishing Prije 8 sati
Let me be the 100th person to say Vaseline is absolutely non comductive and won't interfere with your cpu contacts at all
Intuitive Observer
Intuitive Observer Prije 8 sati
Back 20something years ago I used to both race on PC and race for real on my local track. We spent way more on PC racing (with my real racing buddies) than racing on the track. I decided back then already that trying to stay ahead of the curve in the PC hardware world is futile and a waste of money. Rather go out and do real shit. It's cheaper and it's real
The Tristan
The Tristan Prije 8 sati
I am terrified of using the psu power switch... terrified
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong Prije 8 sati
Hi, I need help here. Yes, I bought 7i but somehow the temps are a little off the logic. On load, my GPU is 75 degrees Celsius, but the weird part is my CPU is 95 degrees. It even says “thermal throttling” in HWiNFO sensor software. CPU idle is 80°C. I suspect it’s thermal paste application error right out of the box? I could be the unlucky ones..
DrakenARTZsteam Prije 8 sati
Thank you for the video :)
Mathieu Tapp
Mathieu Tapp Prije 8 sati
Thank you for this, I was hesitant to get them.
Alan Golden
Alan Golden Prije 8 sati
your such a creep, 'maximize your sex apeal lmfao"
askloglog Prije 8 sati
Just bought the little brother, 34" 3440x1440p, to this since the Samsung CRG9 was too big for my space. There's a new version that was just launched not long ago (LG 34GP83A-B 34 Inch) and is $799.99 instead of the $999.99 price of the old one (LG 34gn850-b).
Suraj Arya
Suraj Arya Prije 8 sati
These minimalist cards look better than flashy rgb ones.
Panji Martiandaru
Panji Martiandaru Prije 8 sati
Me and my 6 years old pentium g3220 Radeon r7 250.... Welp, imma buy new pc when it dead 😂
Dr_ Juicebox404
Dr_ Juicebox404 Prije 8 sati
The mixing of the isopropol alcohol would of effected the KPX
Keith Mass
Keith Mass Prije 8 sati
Here in the UK if Scan an official supplier are struggling to stock then forget everywhere else.
Ace Strife
Ace Strife Prije 8 sati
0:26 "Updating to 2020" Me: "So you mean 2019?" _after watching_ "Oh, 2018" (essentially) I wonder how long into 2021 it'll take for things to come back in stock.. Really fear that by the time normal people can buy parts from normal e-tailers, the next generation of hardware will be close to release, if not already out (definitely Intel's anyway). Happened with my CPU (3950x) already (heck, my LG 34GK950-F monitor too) before covid, can't bear it actually being WORSE this time.
-*KGB*- Prije 8 sati
more powerful than my pc, jayz2Cents is shelling out
chris greene
chris greene Prije 8 sati
*laughs in Rx580 8gb*
Trippy Rex
Trippy Rex Prije 8 sati
Hi 2014 Jay!! just randomly came across this video in 2020 : D
77meridiano Prije 8 sati
You look surprisingly fresh after full day of work, 7h of streaming and 36h(?) without sleep ;) Good session! Thanks!
Jay Prije 8 sati
Also Avast is probably the worst anti-virus you can get. They do shady things. You're better off with MS' own defender.
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet Prije 8 sati
On a side note, THANK YOU for getting a proper manual!
John Beaudette
John Beaudette Prije 8 sati
I just reran benchmarks after a driver update yesterday and Forgot gsync on and got a better score. Reran them again with it on and off and same result. Also running things from steam or other apps rather than the standalone games or apps like 3D mark will hurt your fps and score. At least it does on my main PC. I get 20 fps more in MS Flight Sim 2020 running standalone. I have not tested this on my other systems so not sure if it is just a quirk with my system. Cheers
Elguancho699 Prije 8 sati
though shalt not speaketh with fulleth mouth
NoBrainDPS Prije 8 sati
I've just got the Lenovo Legion 5P (AMD 4800H) upgraded RAM from 8 to 24GB and slapped another m.2 I had and it's a beast for £950ish (with ram) no complaints at all.
Sheila olfieWay
Sheila olfieWay Prije 8 sati
Novaa Prije 8 sati
Those are just normal temps for mine lol
James Yi
James Yi Prije 8 sati
I came to know if my PC is obsolete. But, instead, I learned a valuable life lesson. No lie.
Abo Ammar gaming ابو عمار جيمنج
Abo Ammar gaming ابو عمار جيمنج Prije 8 sati
Don't Buy RTX 3080 GAMING X لا تشتري 3080 مراجعة لل كارت واختبار أداء سيء جدا جدا كامل hrpost.info/history/ptShase6mdRunag/video
Jay Prije 8 sati
1:15 - You said this with the straightest face I've seen so far 😂
bob qwerty
bob qwerty Prije 8 sati
I want a merch t-shirt that has Phil laughing and Jay going "Shut up"
NeonPinHead Prije 9 sati
Is it just me or does it seem the Lian-Li O11D with a distro block are cookie cutter builds by now? even EKfluid gaming sells them as prebuilts
DuucKSauce Prije 9 sati
Where can I find that rad power screwdriver? 👍
Vaibhav Bhat
Vaibhav Bhat Prije 9 sati
Downloaded and booted up the game. Ran completely fine for first couple of hours. Then it started crashing. It would crash every 15 minutes. Had to download a crack file that replaces the original launcher and that completely fixed it. But before that i wasted my whole weekend trying to get this game to run. This really is a piss poor pc port of such an awesome game.
MobiFix Prije 9 sati
So, i bet this has been asked before.. But i never saw the answer .. Why's Jay promoting nzxt bld, specially after what GamerNexus had to say about their sub-standard work and quality?
Also your cable is a huge factor.. I took a 75hz monitor up to 144hz just by upgrading my dp cable
Speed Bird
Speed Bird Prije 9 sati
What happens with Windows activation when you replace the motherboard like this ?
Ibinabo Aprioku
Ibinabo Aprioku Prije 9 sati
Please does it mean that using a 650watt PSU for a RTX 2070 Super card will always have a power draw of 650watt? I would like to know how much power draw the system is likely to take. Thanks
Gavin Mcconnell
Gavin Mcconnell Prije 9 sati
Hey JayzTwoCents, can you make a video about how to make hot pockets?
BIll Bill
BIll Bill Prije 9 sati
how much did they pay you not to mention cpu temps?
Heyyyits Josh
Heyyyits Josh Prije 9 sati
Now it’s been running for 4 years. Basic mats
Prevektion Prije 9 sati
The Hi I'm Cortana part got me lol
Josh Berroth
Josh Berroth Prije 9 sati
accidentally installed Windows Server on my desktop instead of my VMWare Workstation so watching this while my PC resets 🤕