Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!
Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Prije 2 mjeseci
Prije 4 mjeseci
Building Iron Man's Workshop!
Swinging From Web Shooters!
Just Cause Grappling Hook!
Prije godine
Thanos Sword Build!
Prije godine
Flying a JET SUIT!
Prije godine
Building Stormbreaker: Part 1
MT-OKNES San Prije 23 sati
Its been 4 years im still waiting for the Ruby scythe from RWBY😂
Stingray111 Prije 23 sati
I wished the Hacksmith was The Hacksmith
Winter Sonata
Winter Sonata Prije 23 sati
12:29 Is that breathtaking guy!
Captain Ed Mercer
Captain Ed Mercer Prije 23 sati
This made me happy! Omg I'm usually sad but thank you hacksmith! You put me in a good mood!!
MilthontheLegoBuilder 2020
MilthontheLegoBuilder 2020 Prije 23 sati
Earthworm sally Carrying Diseases from florado cali
Samuel Mompremier
Samuel Mompremier Prije 23 sati
Thank God I'm watching this 2 weeks after it was uploaded! Lol I was right about to become a member because the suspense would eat away at me for a week!
hacker FAHAD
hacker FAHAD Prije 23 sati
You should give this to fbi and army
Smithmarks joseph
Smithmarks joseph Prije 23 sati
time portal and time machine
Mi Phegl
Mi Phegl Prije 23 sati
Idk, I feel ike this is obvious, but do you have to reload it?
John SM
John SM Prije 23 sati
Your biceps are lovely!!
Marion Alexis Aguilar
Marion Alexis Aguilar Prije 23 sati
Pls do a uni beam iron man he he
Eraser Prije 23 sati
Why didn't anyone do a Fortnite dance in front of the vault to open it?
Carl Henryk
Carl Henryk Prije 23 sati
Today we see the lightsaber. Tomorrow we see the formation of the Jedi. 2000 years later we see star wars come to fruition
BlackCreeper Prije 23 sati
Fun Fact: Thor's Hammer Is Not Heavy, Its Just Thor Worthy
pugug Prije 23 sati
Did this remind anyone of attack on titan?
Shubh Narain Srivastava
Shubh Narain Srivastava Prije 23 sati
just imagine the hacksmith with adam savage
Ocean Titan Lesley
Ocean Titan Lesley Prije 23 sati
Please make the batwings
Kit CatHide
Kit CatHide Prije 23 sati
He can Defeat Bedrock with His Light Saber
LongX49 Prije 23 sati
imagine flipping that on your face
Samuel’s Adventures
Samuel’s Adventures Prije 23 sati
You should try making your own onewheel
Nandhakishore KK
Nandhakishore KK Prije 23 sati
Guys your videos are awesome
Stingray111 Prije 23 sati
Make jets that ACTUALLY make you HOVER!
Jareth Theron
Jareth Theron Prije 23 sati
You got a permit for that...
Green Dholia
Green Dholia Prije 23 sati
50 yrs from now hacksmith might build an actual lightsaber
Orbit Plays
Orbit Plays Prije 23 sati
3:14 Him says the words particle excelerator Me:Gasps Also me under breath: the flash
Fanix 17
Fanix 17 Prije 23 sati
Oh God... I can finally become the sith lord I was meant to be
Ari Silaen
Ari Silaen Prije dan
Now i get it why thief dont want to mess up with Hacksmith Industries
Scott Culver
Scott Culver Prije dan
You do realize of course, this IS how it all began... A long time ago...
Plz Help Me Get 100k Subs
Plz Help Me Get 100k Subs Prije dan
I don’t want to sound like a begger but I just ask that you guys get me to 100k subscribers you can turn off notifications, anything but you don’t have to all I want is to get the silver HRpost play button. Have a Nice Day 🙌
Hunger Strike Gaming
Hunger Strike Gaming Prije dan
3:50 there is something
ios mackbook
ios mackbook Prije dan
he literally have 4 to 5 sponsors in a single video dammmn son!!!!
joshua charles
joshua charles Prije dan
Holy obi wan kenobi!!!
Turn the cybertruck into a BATMOBILE. How cool that will be.
Yo BygoneSZN
Yo BygoneSZN Prije dan
Avatar glider no balls hacksmith
Not Acat
Not Acat Prije dan
The battle cry is why he could break 6 tiles
Amin M
Amin M Prije dan
Recreate now the “Luke , im your father “ scene
misolou fout
misolou fout Prije dan
They kinda look like heist crew with a skilled member
misolou fout
misolou fout Prije dan
Can’t wait for one without the big tanks on the back
Ar you. Dad Hmmm
Ar you. Dad Hmmm Prije dan
BrokenLuck Prije dan
I want this ngl
Farrukh Ahmed
Farrukh Ahmed Prije dan
Starwar fan atteddence here
Yagi Toshinori
Yagi Toshinori Prije dan
I like when bogdan makes wooshing sounds when swinging stuff around lol
Clayton Binder
Clayton Binder Prije dan
It need more weight in the front so it doesn't have to dig through the water so much, it can glide on top.
BennyTalentTV Prije dan
I have tears in my eyes! Now we can f us up with style at least!
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Prije dan
dont tell mama or papa
alecrocksable gaming
alecrocksable gaming Prije dan
Was I the only one cringing real hard from this?
Panda Gaming Official
Panda Gaming Official Prije dan
Me :puff easy. my hands : no 🤙🏻
SpartanWolf Prije dan
6:53 funniest reaction I've seen thus far and with those goggles it's even funnier
AS Sharp Gaming
AS Sharp Gaming Prije dan
when r u posting new video
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Prije dan
Translate to small brain plz.
harsh chauhan
harsh chauhan Prije dan
3:45 man , i was thinking he was to cut someone arm!
David Bob
David Bob Prije dan
I mean silver and gold allied
David Bob
David Bob Prije dan
This is very important I'm in suit is made of iron and gold alloy
Landon Gray
Landon Gray Prije dan
can you buy it i like it is so cool
FPKBlast Prije dan
If this man was born in the 1500's we would have flying cars by now.
Charu Jain
Charu Jain Prije dan
Poor pumpkin :(
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus Prije dan
im pissed theres an among us reference
dlihcfodoG Prije dan
ok got it rob bank with lightsaber
Chilli Extract
Chilli Extract Prije dan
These guys are so badass how have I only just found them?!!!
YsmCreekz Prije dan
1988: *we will have flying cars in the future* 2020: *hold my lightsaber*
Joy Bacani
Joy Bacani Prije dan
YsmCreekz Prije dan
*imagine he dropped it* 💀💀
komal pandey
komal pandey Prije dan
How do you make holograms please tell me sir
ItzChronic Btw
ItzChronic Btw Prije dan
Can I have the light saber
Mother Brick
Mother Brick Prije dan
try to use magnets in the extra cold space in the handle.
Morgz 2
Morgz 2 Prije dan
How did you get a advanced mask
nightmare Prije dan
Make a scuba suit with ai in the mask/helmet
ErikWithaKnotaC Prije dan
Considering you make projects based on video games too, is it at all possible to replicate the poltergust from Luigi’s Mansion?
AjaxianMega123 Prije dan
i want to see him get his hand pinched in that metal mouse trap
Yukari ist Meine waifu
Yukari ist Meine waifu Prije dan
Should've just use 20mm of cast rolled homongeus armour
Green Destroyer
Green Destroyer Prije dan
Hey I’m actually taking election technology for my tech class
Yukari ist Meine waifu
Yukari ist Meine waifu Prije dan
Bolt will fly around like bullets
Kevin Li
Kevin Li Prije dan
I think the light cycle in TRON legacy is also cool to build!
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile Prije dan
You guys could use a high magnetic field to direct the plasma
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile Prije dan
Nice plasma cutter
Yukari ist Meine waifu
Yukari ist Meine waifu Prije dan
8:13 I didn't know you have reactive armour to your pan XD
Noe Loya
Noe Loya Prije dan
Well we know where to go to if a zombie apocalypse happens
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile Prije dan
Styropyro Pyro could do better 4000°F ha