GOAT777 Prije 6 sati
FalconAcer Prije 6 sati
Yes Max, Harden is more talented than Kyrie.
carole pasion-capan
carole pasion-capan Prije 6 sati
Did curry will retire or go to the lakers
Chimezie Prije 6 sati
Is not they needed him. (In a respectful manner) its overkill.
OG DANNY Prije 6 sati
He was worried he would offend karen irving
Kam Scott
Kam Scott Prije 6 sati
Ares Kingdom
Ares Kingdom Prije 6 sati
Im a cowboy fan I got offended. To a degree.
spore chrome
spore chrome Prije 6 sati
Hall of fame season
Chaste Minor
Chaste Minor Prije 6 sati
That question is a understatement. Steph a HOF already.
Ilovemusic Prije 6 sati
No Penny Hardaway?
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ Prije 6 sati
Embiid has Simmons, so no, my homie is NOT MVP. He's not Shaq and that's what people right now, not the comments tho. Nick may not win, but this talk right here is blasphemy.
0ther Un1t
0ther Un1t Prije 6 sati
Tyson is so adorable, I wanna give him a hug.
Milosh Starchevich
Milosh Starchevich Prije 6 sati
The first time I ever see Stephen A give the Nuggets a chance. haha
Killerstar Prije 6 sati
I’m white but I love how he doesn’t change his accent for the media just being himself and I love it.
Chris Prije 6 sati
He’s like that one uncle that swear he still got it in him 😂
liu travis
liu travis Prije 6 sati
Still not gonna be the last star to drop, good thing is it doesnt look that bad.
Sam Prije 6 sati
Steph and Lillard are evenly matched at the PG position. I might take Luka over either of them though given his mind-boggling stats and he’s 6-7 inches taller!
The Answer
The Answer Prije 6 sati
Max is🔥here. 🐐 inducting 🐐 Love it
Rob KH
Rob KH Prije 6 sati
Bill should trade #1 to 49ers for Garoppolo. Bill likes him and he wants to replace Brady before.
David Vision
David Vision Prije 6 sati
I don’t like Tua!
Michael williams
Michael williams Prije 6 sati
DC is really really made for this I am so happy for him hopefully ufc and ESPN sign him for long contract is really perfect for this job than fighting
Michael Najera
Michael Najera Prije 6 sati
I miss Paul Pierce
E Prije 6 sati
He knows loyalty unlike your tossed around favorite player
Custom Shade
Custom Shade Prije 6 sati
My #1 "If only" athlete - *Len Bias* !!! I guess you had to be a Maryland native of a certain age, I don't know... It **still** hurts! I know that!
Every time somebody beat the Lakers all of a sudden oh my they contenders all of a sudden!!! It’s regular season people!!!
Sarah Poisel
Sarah Poisel Prije 6 sati
I’m soooooooo glad 😃 to see Stephen A. not turning this into a bit about Trevor L’s white privilege. I’m not a fan of the system fields comes from at Ohio state/Florida Also if fields was the goat 🐐 why did he have to transfer schools to get onto the field.
718empire Prije 6 sati
Another NBA star down for the season The NBA ain't seeing rushing all these teams back and playing this tight schedule didn't just hurt the product more than it helped it it's going to be the year the NBA going to regret for the next 5 years
Ken Hamilton
Ken Hamilton Prije 6 sati
This is pathetic... the media making something out of nothing. This young man is very secure with himself. They are manufacturing a story for no other reason but ratings.
bigbadbobii Prije 6 sati
welp penny didnt even make the list
kalem rhodriguez
kalem rhodriguez Prije 6 sati
Take a wide receiver then a OL in the first round
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos Prije 6 sati
Michael Angelo Buenaventura
Michael Angelo Buenaventura Prije 6 sati
Max need to check his timeline! Steph and warriors beat Harden's Houston and Dame's Blazers in how many playoff games?? This dude needs a reality check!
6IG SUGE Prije 6 sati
Lebron should’ve got it since he’s the goat now
Reginald Shivmangal
Reginald Shivmangal Prije 6 sati
It's a shame cause Kobe would've given the best speech ever😔
Will Aragon
Will Aragon Prije 6 sati
Bo the best
Lucius Cashmere
Lucius Cashmere Prije 6 sati
Of course, Jordan, who else? Kobe is my second favorite basketball player of all time, and Steph Curry is the 3rd.
Gilbert Reyes
Gilbert Reyes Prije 6 sati
Charles "the real truth" Barkley
Celo B
Celo B Prije 6 sati
Sometimes I really just be thinking about it like Kobe is gone forever
Dillon Mulholland
Dillon Mulholland Prije 6 sati
Remember when harden did it for basically a season?
DeVante Wallace
DeVante Wallace Prije 6 sati
That was the quickest change of mind I've ever seen 😅
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Prije 6 sati
What do you think of Aldridge retiring Vince? Well I was a kid in high school and... 😑
Killerstar Prije 6 sati
How is this a debate? Jokic has played more games, has a higher PER VORP win shares per 48 and box plus minus while being the higher seed. Stop this bs. The MVP is jokic. DAME AINT EVEN TOP 3. Not just I think that but ACTUAL voters so as well AND how is Embid in the debate? The man has missed 18games and will miss more so how is he the MVP? The sixers are 9-9 without Embid guess what the nuggets record is without jokic. Oh wait... The best ability is Availability. Btw where is ,curry and luka in this debate? Warriors without curry are 1-7 and lost by 50. Curry averaging 30.7 6 6 on 49% 42% 92%. Luka is just doing Luka stuff 28 7 8 on 49% 36% 74% and just like lillard didn’t have most of his team in the beginning and porzingis is missing even more games but he ain’t in the debate?
Brandon Tu
Brandon Tu Prije 6 sati
only problem is going through the airport heading back home
crazy math
crazy math Prije 6 sati
Nets physically and mentally weak Philly in 6
KING CARTER Prije 6 sati
I love how they don't mention Kyrie Irving 😭😂🚮he 💩💩that's why
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Prije 6 sati
He said never mind so quickly lmfao
Love One
Love One Prije 6 sati
I definitely respect that List, I would probably have D Rose higher on the list. Maybe a little bias being from the Chi. But debatables would be Penny Hardaway, Greg Oden, Ron Harper, Marcus Dupree, Sterling Sharp, Len Bias, Patrick Willis, Megatron.
Pyojjang Prije 6 sati
Surprised they didn't show some numbers. I think it was jimmyxballer(can't find his channel, maybe he changed the name?), in his video he showed how the numbers in three point shots drastically increased after curry's two mvp seasons
kev j
kev j Prije 6 sati
like if westbrick should’ve been in the helicopter instead of kobe
RightNow Prije 6 sati
Thats not cool. Have you ever thought how a family member feels after reading this? Just delete it fool
basketball tv
basketball tv Prije 6 sati
@James Laing he right tho
James Laing
James Laing Prije 6 sati
@John Barber mans pushed it way to much talking about being extra my god
Kostas Akumpo
Kostas Akumpo Prije 6 sati
John Barber
John Barber Prije 6 sati
Bruh thats foul chill. Why tf would u want him in that situation weirdo
Paulo Mercado
Paulo Mercado Prije 6 sati
Be ready for the finals, all bench players....
Big Pun
Big Pun Prije 6 sati
More L at stake for AD and them flakers 😂
Cameron Siavoshi
Cameron Siavoshi Prije 6 sati
"Max Kellerman should be banned from discussing basketball on national television!!"- Stephen A. Smith. Steph is literally this close to getting the scoring title, and will in my opinion, even though he's the most guarded player in the NBA. Literally three-guys guarding him at times when he drives to the hoop.
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher Prije 6 sati
Eugene Sullivan
Eugene Sullivan Prije 6 sati
Do you mean Mizzou versus Marquette?
Jean Moleus
Jean Moleus Prije 6 sati
I'm sick of Max until it matters most Kellerman
Relly Rell
Relly Rell Prije 6 sati
Congrats to D. Wade Prayers up for Mitchell
James Williams
James Williams Prije 6 sati
Both of you guy's are wrong. K.c 9/7
Christopher Murillo
Christopher Murillo Prije 6 sati
steph curry signs with Miami 2022.
David Dillon
David Dillon Prije 6 sati
“Dan, thanks for watching ESPN on HRpost!”
Josepino Rizal
Josepino Rizal Prije 6 sati
@0:32 They had a plan to have play together on LaMarcus Aldridge final season, but an unfortunate event happened
Quan Loves Gaming
Quan Loves Gaming Prije 6 sati
I'm with Stephen A now. This man should be BANNED from talking basketball.
Alexandro Villa
Alexandro Villa Prije 6 sati
2 blazers in this list🙃
RTM Bandz
RTM Bandz Prije 6 sati
Any time someone’s name ends with an A. Stephen A. Makes the Er sound. Kember walker now vanesser Bryant 😂😂😂
Jvontia Hackett
Jvontia Hackett Prije 6 sati
0:50 I know y’all seen that travel tho.
Darrell Anderson
Darrell Anderson Prije 6 sati
Vanesser 😭
Mr3191980 Prije 6 sati
Jordan just one of them sensitive Superstars man his basketball team set the record for most losses in the season and had like 10 losing seasons in a row and I don't believe they've made the playoffs since he been there, nobody has to say how bad they have been or his job has been since he's been the owner the record speaks for itself and if he wants to get mad he should be mad at himself he's the boss making the decisions
Rene Parada
Rene Parada Prije 6 sati
Lebron did not influence basketball like Jordan did and Curry is doing now. He made it worse, with team hopping, ring chasing, stat-padding, flopping, trading teammates to get all NBA players to join him, throwing coaches under the bus, political and socially obnoxious, and most of all, a boring style of play. So Max, please stop with the comparison of MJ to Lebron. He cannot be like the next MIke, so he made a brand of his own, changed the game and how we get bored with the game now, then Curry made it great to watch again, but injuries befell them and now we are back to boring Lebron.
MindfulAttraction.Org Prije 6 sati
I think Bill watten should have been the top list. That dude was unstoppable. That dude was the 70s version of yokich
Bryan Mosende
Bryan Mosende Prije 6 sati
what people dont get is that "LUCK" is a "SKILL" in and of itself.
mastergtg Prije 6 sati
Is AD better than Lebron, Kawhi, Harden, KD, Embiid?? He’s not Top 5!!! I didn’t even mention that guy in Milwaukee
ossie spencer
ossie spencer Prije 6 sati
In Kobe's honor, I believe Shaq, MJ, and Lebron should induct Kobe Bryant into the HOF. Kobe was that special to all of us on and off the court.
Ronin Yang
Ronin Yang Prije 6 sati
Can’t forget Yao Ming and anfernee hardaway
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore Prije 6 sati
Jordan will be ok, but it should of been Pau. Pau is the brother to Kobe and he is still in Kobe’s family’s life. I just feel like with MJ presenting the conversation is going to be just as much about MJ as it is about Kobe. And this moment should be as much about Kobe and his family as possible.
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore Prije 6 sati
@krlm2280 It’s going to be about MJ more than it’ll be about Kobe and that’s sad. The news should be that Kobes being inducted, not that MJ is doing the speech
krlm2280 Prije 6 sati
Pau,shaq or Odom would've been a good choice but mj is the best choice it was Kobe's idol so it's only right
James Doon
James Doon Prije 6 sati
If jokic wins the mvp that proves any avg player can win it if put in a favorable situation
delstephen123 Prije 6 sati
MindfulAttraction.Org Prije 6 sati
Wow bill walton?!? Incredible pick!!! The goat hipster baller of all time
Custom Shade
Custom Shade Prije 6 sati
Roll Away The Dew
Jeremiah Carter
Jeremiah Carter Prije 7 sati
Yao Ming
Chessbox09 Prije 7 sati
The answer is in the question. Does anybody ever ask “ Is Curry as good as Lillard”? He’ll no
amerik556 Prije 7 sati
So that Woj guy has more power with NBA than Stephen a smith?? Cause everytime theres a big story its Woj wit all the info
ShotsFiredTV Prije 7 sati
Kobe could’ve got that 6 if our Laker squad didn’t have those injuries in 08.