Juice WRLD - 734 (Lyrics)
Σπύρος Κολοκοτρώνης
Σπύρος Κολοκοτρώνης Prije 3 minuta
*This actually Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons….*
faith bell
faith bell Prije 8 minuta
Yes I agree with him it sucks in our head and our heart it breaks our heart but it never stops me so you know that it's going to sing it so bad but y'all know that you're going to have a good life and it will hurt you so bad but it's a great song so listen to it all the time okay very good
Pottah! Prije 10 minuta
If your tired from how good sound RATATA comms... Then leave :)
Fit Ri
Fit Ri Prije 12 minuta
new vibes
Shayla Brown
Shayla Brown Prije 12 minuta
Its him for me
faith bell
faith bell Prije 13 minuta
I love y'all guys
faith bell
faith bell Prije 12 minuta
This is the best song ever my mom and my step dad and my uncle and my brother and my sister and me we love it we just cannot stop singing it every time when it comes on
Larry Canzater
Larry Canzater Prije 14 minuta
Larry Canzater
Larry Canzater Prije 15 minuta
Every woman I met so far knows My faults and the woman I want to spend the rest of my days with, love me for my FAULTS, like I'm still in the basement.
Slim shady07
Slim shady07 Prije 16 minuta
Yess siirrrr iii cccaaaannnnn bbbooogggiieeee Bbbuuuuttt iiii nnneeeddd aaa ccceerrtttaaaiiinnn sssooooonnnnngggg! Can’t believe we lost the scotland v Czech Republic 😭😭😭😭😭😭
The_Great_Rose Prije 16 minuta
Live at your moms
tik tok
tik tok Prije 17 minuta
Anna S. Schubert
Anna S. Schubert Prije 19 minuta
This Sound screams aries engery tbh
Veneranda Cantarella
Veneranda Cantarella Prije 29 minuta
Abbiamo conosciuto questa canzone tramite Instagram!Bellissima!
MISSY C Prije 34 minuta
here after Kelly Clarkson show
Ta Suraj
Ta Suraj Prije 36 minuta
Κωνσταντίνος Τσιλιγκάνος
Κωνσταντίνος Τσιλιγκάνος Prije 37 minuta
I am the only one that I come from tik tok. 🤷🏼‍♂️
McGucci Prije 43 minuta
1:30 🤟🏼
Kegel Klaus
Kegel Klaus Prije 45 minuta
It's the way he says ,,Killer" for me
Lee Zhen xiong
Lee Zhen xiong Prije 48 minuta
ASHTRAL KOALA Prije 49 minuta
Bro, ArrDee was meant to be powerful, because ARRDEEZNUTSGONNAFITINYOURMOUTH?
Tomas Latauskas
Tomas Latauskas Prije 52 minuta
Me favorite song
Sasori N
Sasori N Prije 53 minuta
Sasori N
Sasori N Prije 53 minuta
Ellene Gvelesiani
Ellene Gvelesiani Prije 54 minuta
Best lyries
Galal Yasser zedan
Galal Yasser zedan Prije 54 minuta
It is my favourite song when im want pop dance and happy
Corsaro Alfio
Corsaro Alfio Prije 55 minuta
Wint_62 Prije 57 minuta
PM chorus 🔥
Leslie clausell
Leslie clausell Prije sat
Thissssss issssss sooooo gooooooddd
şevval g
şevval g Prije sat
Ahhhh no idea where my mind is while listening
This is a perfect song for me right now..am broken 💔 2021 LIFE
*Hello Sweet*
*Hello Sweet* Prije sat
pozdrawiam polskę <3
1951gramps Prije sat
Utter tripe
Winter Moccasin
Winter Moccasin Prije sat
This the rap that should be hyped up. No swear words and it actually make sense than singin about seggs and drogs = sounds cheap. THIS. THE. RAP 🔥
Chona mae Calawigan
Chona mae Calawigan Prije sat
Can't let you go 😭 I swear I tried😔😔😔 How to move on😢😢😢 I'm still trying to know😔😢
mom salemanager
mom salemanager Prije sat
sad bad
simp Prije sat
Can this play on my funeral?oh wait no can EVERY song of this group play on my funeral?(im not sure if i spelled right tho)
Elri Megan Fourie
Elri Megan Fourie Prije sat
This was a quiet kid in high school who makes songs like this at home and nobody knows
Arfa Auji
Arfa Auji Prije sat
Why she think he can buy her a flower ? He got no job babe
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo Prije sat
The willing line acutely deliver because cone cytomorphologically save for a reminiscent icon. tightfisted, zonked berry
Виктория Донева
Виктория Донева Prije sat
We listened this at school today XD (my music teacher doesn't understand English tho)
Karleigh Allison
Karleigh Allison Prije sat
I like this song
Luna plona
Luna plona Prije sat
The optimal mine tribally permit because brother karyologically earn near a glossy pocket. late, dazzling muscle
iliana louis
iliana louis Prije sat
593 dislike απο τον ανδρικό πληθυσμό 100%
SumDumGai Prije 2 sati
Nicki O.O. this my song to you. I still love you.
krix Prije 2 sati
Robertha Arriola
Robertha Arriola Prije 2 sati
When he said promise my son the streets gon get no more of me i felt that
raka Prije 2 sati
jahajajaja 😻😻😻
Mohamed Muhumed
Mohamed Muhumed Prije 2 sati
Jade you are the best
Other from Tik tok Me : Football Instagram reels
حسام واخوته
حسام واخوته Prije 2 sati
Yeah baby
Hanz Jansen Ferrer
Hanz Jansen Ferrer Prije 2 sati
What genre is this?
afreen ece
afreen ece Prije 2 sati
doja cat is an bts army 🙄
Amy Lungungu
Amy Lungungu Prije 2 sati
Rip that p*ssy AYeeeeeeee 🤩🤯✨✅💥💣
Sherry Mae Rose Iringan
Sherry Mae Rose Iringan Prije 2 sati
I love this song [love]
Madhavi Moyde
Madhavi Moyde Prije 2 sati
123 ..... Stuck in my head 😎
Elizhamie Quider Duron
Elizhamie Quider Duron Prije 2 sati
2:03 here you go BTS ARMYs
Sulistian Sastra Pratama
Sulistian Sastra Pratama Prije 2 sati
Put your loving hand out, baby 'Cause I'm beggin' I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out baby I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out darlin' Ridin' high, when I was king I played it hard and fast, 'cause I had everything I walked away, but you warned me then But easy come and easy go And it would end So, any time I need ya, let me go Yah, any time I feed you, get me? No Any time I see you, let me know But I planted that seed, just let me grow I'm on my knees while I'm beggin' 'Cause I don't want to lose you Hey yeah, ratatata I'm beggin', beggin' you And put your loving hand out baby I'm beggin', beggin' you And put your loving hand out darlin' I need you to understand Tried so hard to be your man The kind of man you want in the end Only then can I begin to live again An empty shell I used to be The shadow of my life Was hangin' over me A broken man But I don't know Won't even stand the devil's dance To win my soul What we doin'? What we chasin'? What about 'em, why the basement? Why we got good shit, don't embrace it? Why the feel for the need to replace me? You on a runway track from the good I want to paint in the pictures any way we could, react Like the heart in a trash where you should You done gave it away, ya had it 'til you took it back But I keep walkin' on Keep rockin' dawns Keep walking forward Now the court is yours Keep browsin' halls 'Cause I don't wanna live in a broken home Girl I'm beggin' Mhh ye-e-e-ah I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out baby I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out darlin' I'm fightin' hard To hold my own Just can't make it all alone I'm holdin' on I can't fall back I'm just a con about to fade to black I'm beggin', beggin' you Put your loving hand out baby I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out darlin' I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out baby I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out darlin' I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out baby I'm beggin', beggin' you So put your loving hand out
TXO Tidus
TXO Tidus Prije 2 sati
Both... The original and the cover are trash
krisman Play
krisman Play Prije 2 sati
Тот самый русский комм
Мария Васильева
Мария Васильева Prije 2 sati
оооо здрасте аахахахаха
Elif Kayacı
Elif Kayacı Prije 3 sati
teamjoss AUTOR
teamjoss AUTOR Prije 3 sati
Lil nas x is gay or not?
ٰ ـ𓆩ʟ̤ɾʅᓗฺȊjᓄ𓆪ـ ٰ
ٰ ـ𓆩ʟ̤ɾʅᓗฺȊjᓄ𓆪ـ ٰ Prije 3 sati
🎈....... 🌼
Widia Ningsih
Widia Ningsih Prije 3 sati
Anjrottt kene bngt ni lagu 😭😭
Tori Searfoss
Tori Searfoss Prije 3 sati
My father is close to death, He's my best friend... I'm learning this to sing at his funeral 😭 he says I have the voice of an angel when I sing 🥺😭😭
Bipin Rajbanshi
Bipin Rajbanshi Prije 3 sati
Please add some bike noise 😂
upul ratnayake
upul ratnayake Prije 3 sati
Young Sathareak
Young Sathareak Prije 3 sati
Deltarider Prije 3 sati
Well Imma just listen to this on loop to get over the fact that my boyfriend decided that he was gonna move away in. A moments notice without telling me im fiiinnee🙂
🧸AmzII♡Coco🧸 Prije sat
Are you really okay? Alot of people are not fine this 2020-2021 Either getting no sleep, breaking up, losing loved ones, people moving away, ect. Example for no sleep: I went to bed at 2 AM last night, then I woke up at 4:40 AM.. its 7:26 AM right now. I have been doing this for more than 2 years
Kaye Estafia
Kaye Estafia Prije 3 sati
sometimes i wonder if i can go to the moon
Lol Haraga
Lol Haraga Prije 3 sati
Это шедевр
Мария Васильева
Мария Васильева Prije 2 sati
Nhya Wati
Nhya Wati Prije 3 sati
Dari tiktok, enak bgt ini lagunya
afra alfaheem
afra alfaheem Prije 3 sati
so baiscally this song is about money and that the guy dosent have any
SA Prije 3 sati
Single life😭😭
MOBB130 Prije 3 sati
in bando we trust
Fazley Dayanan
Fazley Dayanan Prije 3 sati
Watching from PH Magingay!
Rosa Anzalone
Rosa Anzalone Prije 3 sati
Belo. Si maneschin
Malak El Khiraoui
Malak El Khiraoui Prije 3 sati
pk non trovo commenti italiani ?
a wild pm person appeared
a wild pm person appeared Prije 3 sati
I don't know why but I love the way he says "Goliath"
arianas- Prije 3 sati
Ive been listening to this bop for 3 hours. never gets old 🤠
Tea Pugliese
Tea Pugliese Prije 3 sati
La aodoroo