Rasima Pirmadova
Rasima Pirmadova Prije 9 sati
Bu çoxdanın serialıdı?
Anum iftikhar Iftikhar Aslam
Anum iftikhar Iftikhar Aslam Prije 9 sati
When 31 episode will release.
Christina Singh
Christina Singh Prije 9 sati
The day Seher conquer Yaman's heart entirely his bodyguards will be the happiest guys🤣🤣🤣😂at least they wont have to hear yelling anymore and put up with Yaman's unfair behaviour🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Лайла Рахими
Лайла Рахими Prije 9 sati
parul sarmal
parul sarmal Prije 9 sati
I am spellbound to see each scene they perfomed on. Really loved their closeness. ❤️❤️❤️
Jazz Convites
Jazz Convites Prije 9 sati
Please provide subtitles in English and Spanish
Christina Singh
Christina Singh Prije 9 sati
I love when a woman is confident and pure by heart😍😍😍😍..That's what u call beauty and not outward appearance.
Teniejije Dickson
Teniejije Dickson Prije 9 sati
This movie is nice. But its frustrating without English subtitle.
Tamara Alikhanashvili
Tamara Alikhanashvili Prije 9 sati
Iaman you r super ♥️👍 Hero
Leticia Velarde
Leticia Velarde Prije 9 sati
Buen día no la podrán poner en su títulos en español gracias
Nebeca05 Prije 9 sati
EXCELENTE, EXCELENTE CAPÍTULO ! Única novela en su puesta en escena, en su historia, en su propia personalidad y carácter. FELICITACIONES !!! No han bajado e ningún momento en la calidad de la historia y la puesta en escena. Un lujo para nosotros los televidentes. Sigan sorprendiéndonos !!! Se ve que la hacen con mucho amor, talento, detalle y pasión !
Патимат Магомедова
Патимат Магомедова Prije 9 sati
Что за сериал
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Prije 10 sati
Please convert all episodes in Urdu plz plz plz plz
Sana Sebae
Sana Sebae Prije 10 sati
Guys there is no translation
Nadira Teguh
Nadira Teguh Prije 10 sati
please, countinue to put english subtitle for another episode
Padmini Mahesh
Padmini Mahesh Prije 10 sati
I love yaman's strong character,,thanks to the creators behind the show...
Yanisleidi Liao
Yanisleidi Liao Prije 10 sati
Maureen Wignall
Maureen Wignall Prije 10 sati
Good day to you all. They have left us out in the cold to fend for ourselves re the translation. It is a pleasure and so appreciated by the people who translate the episodes for me. I lift my hat to them because they didn't have to but they gave us pleasure in watching one of our favourite drama. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep safe and let's continue to be a family outside of our family in this pandemic time. God bless all of you.
beautiful world
beautiful world Prije 10 sati
نريد الترجمة بالعربية بليييز
Isabel Moreno Hidalgo
Isabel Moreno Hidalgo Prije 10 sati
Enamorada total de esta serie
Elsa Mathew
Elsa Mathew Prije 10 sati
Good to have English sub titles for those who do not understand tutkish
Nicole Dela cruz
Nicole Dela cruz Prije 10 sati
I can't wait for 31 eps.😁
valdene silva
valdene silva Prije 10 sati
Gente cadê o episódio 31? Quero assistir
Misriyye Cafarova
Misriyye Cafarova Prije 10 sati
Bu dizini cox sevdim superdi.🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿❤❤❤🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Jeane Santos
Jeane Santos Prije 10 sati
Achei a coisa mais linda ele preocupado com ela 😍😍
Wilma Rego05
Wilma Rego05 Prije 10 sati
انس محمود
انس محمود Prije 10 sati
كثير حبيت قناتكم لاانو تعرض اول بوال
Teresa Oliveira
Teresa Oliveira Prije 10 sati
Coloquem a legenda em português.
Adelaide Monteiro
Adelaide Monteiro Prije 10 sati
Estou esperando o capítulo completo 31 gosto muito dessa novela obrigado
shah Ibraheem
shah Ibraheem Prije 10 sati
I love 💗 this show very much .. like show The promise... It also should be in hindi dubbed... Who want this show in hindi dubbed ???
turkish serial
turkish serial Prije 10 sati
Yusuf is perfect match maker❤️
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Prije 11 sati
Please convert all episodes in Urdu plz plz plz
Manana Bilixodze
Manana Bilixodze Prije 11 sati
Bambi Gonzaga
Bambi Gonzaga Prije 11 sati
Unfortunately there's no subs; but put two and two things together. Am happy !
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Prije 11 sati
Please convert all episodes in Urdu plz plz plz plz
Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life Prije 11 sati
Love is here.
Sandra Ortega
Sandra Ortega Prije 11 sati
Por favor estoy esperando los capítulos siguientes que pasó?
Duska Pavlovic
Duska Pavlovic Prije 11 sati
Glavni glumci su ovu scenu jako dobro odradili ovaj posao...bravo dobar spoj ovih dvoje glumaca!!!
makksima Prije 11 sati
Ahh how things have changed 💖💖😍🥰
Gammelrosa Prije 11 sati
Yaman: Hey you! O please, you were dead jealous over the moon a second ago. You cannot even take your eyes off her. Later in the park, you are literally breathing on her neck. Yaman bey, shame on you...
123 Prije 12 sati
English subtitles please.
maisecat x
maisecat x Prije 12 sati
Hello, when will we be able to see Bolum 31?
maisecat x
maisecat x Prije 9 sati
@yasmina aljawhara Thanks!
yasmina aljawhara
yasmina aljawhara Prije 11 sati
tonight 07.00 pm turkish time the episodes are from monday to friday
Semsija Elezi
Semsija Elezi Prije 12 sati
Where can we watch the whole episode with english subtitles?
Giovanna Capobianco
Giovanna Capobianco Prije 12 sati
Bellissimo questo attore... Gli auguri moltissima fortuna... Se la merita perché sa fare molto bene il suo lavoro... Sa emozionare i telespettatori 🌹
S.Turane Prije 12 sati
Her ikisi sahnenin hakkını verdi👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Helal olsun Valla 100 kere izlemişimdir bu sahneyi👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️✨♥️✨♥️✨
Christy Bonayon
Christy Bonayon Prije 12 sati
Wow!!! It hit million views now🤗👏👏👏amazing keep up the good and great job Legacy! Bless this show 💖❤
Maryam Rehman 11
Maryam Rehman 11 Prije 13 sati
Such a great drama love it....both are so awesome in their own ways❤😇bs it will be great if full episode with engsub with happyending....they deserve it all their life was in pain ending should be happy...i wish💖❤😇
Самара КУЛМАТОВА Prije 13 sati
Nara Nr
Nara Nr Prije 13 sati
Kalbim parcalanir bu diziyi izleyende. Cox sag olun. Yaman cox gozəl xarakterli bir obraz.👏👏
Aesha Gallow
Aesha Gallow Prije 13 sati
Can anyone tell why the clips with english subtitle but not the episodes
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Prije 13 sati
Please convert all episodes in Urdu plz plz plz
Günay İbrahimli
Günay İbrahimli Prije 13 sati
Bu neyaa nacada yabancılar izliyo 😤
Alemar Stieglitz
Alemar Stieglitz Prije 13 sati
I thought I’m the only one who watch this without understanding the language!! Awesome Serie! From Germany
Camille Challis
Camille Challis Prije 13 sati
How can Ali be a cop and have so little understanding of people that he would marry a girl who is dishonest and conniving, and marry for comfort for someone he doesn’t even know! It’s not realistic that he would be so stupid.
Salihu Remzije
Salihu Remzije Prije 13 sati
Yaman Seher 👌💞💞
Royal Mirzeyev
Royal Mirzeyev Prije 13 sati
men azerbaycenen bu dizini izleyirem çox gözel dizidir
DUDA YOUTUBE Prije 13 sati
Peço por gentileza que respeite mais nos espectadores que assiste e da IBOPE as novelas TURCAS peço que traduz em português porque ni BRASIL as novelas TURCAS são muito assistida ano as no ela EMANET mas não é traduzida então por favor colabore conosco. Obrigada
Veniana Nai
Veniana Nai Prije 13 sati
Can't wait to see episode 31
Ganga Hettiarachchi
Ganga Hettiarachchi Prije 13 sati
This cute baby is not afraid but...😂😊
hasima harun
hasima harun Prije 14 sati
Rewatching this more than 10x..😘😘😘😘
Eleonore Quero
Eleonore Quero Prije 14 sati
Yaman aurait dû la prendre dans ses bras pour la consoler🤗🤗🤗🤗
hasima harun
hasima harun Prije 14 sati
8 -9 hours to go.. yamen..make sure you start to make her as yours
Vinoli Kiho
Vinoli Kiho Prije 14 sati
English subtitles please
Ja Sha
Ja Sha Prije 14 sati
When next episode
Wantana Jung
Wantana Jung Prije 13 sati
In the next 8 hours
Manana Bilixodze
Manana Bilixodze Prije 14 sati
Li Aki
Li Aki Prije 14 sati
Yuin el film i love you. Ickbal 3illa li gatl3om dfnuhum ka thdar m3a l3esaba u rah i3teha ljabar 3adak hua li jarez 3leh
Manana Bilixodze
Manana Bilixodze Prije 14 sati
JOGOROSO Prije 14 sati
Rəqsanə Zəkəryəyeva
Rəqsanə Zəkəryəyeva Prije 14 sati
Tabikide pişman olmassın Yaman efendi çünkü seher için yapdın😁😁
Herbal Indonesia
Herbal Indonesia Prije 14 sati
Фатима Дадова
Фатима Дадова Prije 14 sati
Как называется сериал
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Prije 15 sati
Please convert all episodes in Urdu plz plz plz
Jolanta Kucharska
Jolanta Kucharska Prije 15 sati
To chce śmierci bohaterki
tamarah mejbel
tamarah mejbel Prije 15 sati
When is the next episode coming up
Wantana Jung
Wantana Jung Prije 13 sati
In about 8 hours
Parmida Heydari
Parmida Heydari Prije 15 sati
اسم این سریالو کسی میدونه؟