Car Tik Tok is Cringe
Prije 14 dana
Blackavant *
Blackavant * Prije 17 minuta
I got it the same day this video was released, the car is good have good amount of customization but in races as long catch up is on you can still manage to win even against Calico GTF.
WiiSportsMX5 Prije 18 minuta
Im rep 33. No clue how
The Gamers
The Gamers Prije 24 minuta
His taste is bad and FRIKEN AWSOME at the same time but i still love him😁
Jamall Marsh
Jamall Marsh Prije 27 minuta
I actually like the way this build looks.
Sylwester Sobolewski
Sylwester Sobolewski Prije 31 minute
U need a joy pad with proper triggers where u can control the amount of accelerator/ brake. Then you will be MUCH better
heyyforrest Prije 47 minuta
Nicolas Closson
Nicolas Closson Prije 58 minuta
Me: Call Of Duty syndrome is that we have nostalgia and prefer WaW, Bo1 and Bo2, I know it cuz it’s my case Meanwhile BlackPantha: they are always hyped about the new ones *visible confusion*
DEQ9r Prije sat
Guess It's time to go back to Los Santos.
Akmal Afdhal
Akmal Afdhal Prije sat
What't hell are you doing you ruining it the look of car JDM are crazy 😧
1Pac Prije sat
Uh, i may or may not have found your linkedIn profile
Boogie Woogie
Boogie Woogie Prije sat
3:11 lmaooo this guys name is ur mum in dutch
Tracy Jugenheimer
Tracy Jugenheimer Prije sat
Ro my mom has a volx wagon git
Austin Gilreath
Austin Gilreath Prije sat
The in-game clock for the LS Car prize is based on a real-time 24 hours, since your last win or place 3rd within the race. If Rockstar is changing its window of opportunity to Tuesday. Which only gives you 3 days to get the car since this video was published at the bare minimum. But if they did not. I hope you get the car and I can't wait to see what you may do with it (a tuner build or a drift build).
Austin Gilreath
Austin Gilreath Prije sat
So you went with a wacky build. It fits your style what I have seen of your GTA car builds.
Hella-rogue Prije 2 sati
how did u get ur own embelem?
Arsene Prije 2 sati
I made mine all Princess Robot bubble gum, with hearts for the exhaustion
j P
j P Prije 2 sati
U should do a reaction to subscribers builds
lycanthrochick Prije 2 sati
lol $1.7 million for an AE86
BordBrain Prije 2 sati
4:04 Theo's Tyres: 😡😡 👽 👽
a random person
a random person Prije 2 sati
I legit thought the vid ended for a second
Mustachio Mr.
Mustachio Mr. Prije 2 sati
Dude, stop talking about real cars, you don't know s**t...
prankstr_gaming Prije 2 sati
lower stance for better peformance
NFSLEGEND7-66 gaming
NFSLEGEND7-66 gaming Prije 3 sati
Few years later he has over 1 million
Martyn West
Martyn West Prije 3 sati
With those silly exhausts, I'm sad that Rockstar didn't go full Bosozoku
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum Prije 3 sati
Does it mean a normal fwd version costing 10k aka 10 lakhs is a barian buy it
Intimidating Barong
Intimidating Barong Prije 3 sati
Calico in LS Time trial can get you through in the sub 53second leaderboard
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
Not lazy gotta be lap latched 👉 👉 right
Lucifer Nie
Lucifer Nie Prije 3 sati
“This racist” instead of racing u said literally every fucking video bro
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
MW 05 06 GT2 grand tranismo2 hospital similator
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
Fo sho that Happy Meal!!!😏😏😏😏
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
Bigger rims
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
F Type with 4rotor26B thinn-ness of tires now thats rx9
Jacob on gfuel
Jacob on gfuel Prije 3 sati
Hey do you play on ps4 cause if you do can you please add me and play gta with me I need help with money for an outo shop
timothy w
timothy w Prije 3 sati
Now try 4rotor26B
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Prije 3 sati
I'm just surprised the people at gta know what URAS is
Mitul Chaudhari
Mitul Chaudhari Prije 4 sati
I really want a Garage like we have In Crew 2. As we make progress in game we can buy big Garages, that will be cool.
ShOwOba Prije 4 sati
Personally, since I have an outfit with the Jackal racing outfit which is blue and orange, I put dark blue with secondary orange on my Remus and boi it looks beautiful
ShOwOba Prije 4 sati
The Remus is kiiiinda average It has good handling, but it's acceleration is nothing compared to the Calico. I survived a first corner when like 4 people crashed, and they just came up to me like half a minute later, no slipstream. It's kinda sad
B1L4L PLYZ Prije 4 sati
This is like what u would do in a nfs game with no fucks
pedo kåre 69
pedo kåre 69 Prije 4 sati
Im crying
Tupacovic Prije 4 sati
Blaster Anonymous
Blaster Anonymous Prije 4 sati
8:15 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But yeah I'm counting on Pantha to put Princess Robot Bubblegum on his S13
Leo Gilbert
Leo Gilbert Prije 4 sati
Cel - Lee- ka
ali sadiq
ali sadiq Prije 4 sati
Enjoy it man This is my dream car ☺
vBxmpton Prije 4 sati
Absolutely rice.
Justin Rdest
Justin Rdest Prije 4 sati
He thinks he is a car guy but tunes all cars like a stupid fuck
KwikFiqs Prije 5 sati
69 dislikes 😂😂😂
DcD Prije 5 sati
Ruined the car 🤦🏾‍♂️
BH Kuczy
BH Kuczy Prije 5 sati
Put slepery tiers and you go to 144mph instead of 120mph
Lucas gaming machine
Lucas gaming machine Prije 5 sati
You are best
ToxRanWids Prije 5 sati
I’m sorry but my eyes hurt so bad i had to close the vid halfway thru
jakobimatt 20
jakobimatt 20 Prije 5 sati
can we just talk about how bad matty c is at driving
Tankrider Prije 5 sati
Did you know that if you take low grip tyres on the calico it will be the fastest car in the game basically?
Loaysurlala Prije 5 sati
OMG the evo is so fast
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy Prije 6 sati
Sup man... awesome car collection. Can i ask you something can i have the name of song ? 2:31 when you say it's look fantastic when you enter your Supra!
Kevin N
Kevin N Prije 6 sati
Her: So baby, how big is your wang? Me: 8:56
azaik fuentes
azaik fuentes Prije 6 sati
How many times should I press x
JDMRacer Prije 7 sati
There's actually a reward for completeing The Run on Extreme, you get a Black Pagani Zonda titled, "Shadow", i didn't read the stats so i don't much about it
Mauz Mansoor
Mauz Mansoor Prije 7 sati
Is that a supra
Vxlocity Prije 7 sati
The arabic bootleg of forza 😂😂😂😂
Shichibukai Prije 7 sati
Yes btw you can apply the livery to the one you can buy from online aswell. BACK TO PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM
Adeel Prije 7 sati
NFS cancelled I guess?
Muhammad Fahmi
Muhammad Fahmi Prije 7 sati
Gta 5 need to add manual transmission and speedometer ...
Mr. Skinz
Mr. Skinz Prije 7 sati
It depends on how you drive your car cuz I’ve beat that car 8/10 races I’ve done so far with the gta supra car
TheLonelyMoon Prije 7 sati
Maybe I'm too basic but I made mine look like Takumis as close as if can get
Ronin 90
Ronin 90 Prije 7 sati
Geez you don’t just have the cars on Gta but you have them in real life🤣
NoobGamers4Life Prije 7 sati
“I can't even see my exhaust because I've put these stupid exhausts on" - Theo
H4CK3R Prije 8 sati
*HE’S GOING TO DO A POO POO IN PEE PEE* BlackPanthaa / Theo 2021
Prije 8 sati
Blackpanthaa: I'm a simple man I see a *BIG MEATY WANG* I put it on my car
Fritz Prije 8 sati
So will the ride challenge task change every week?
shaik Abdulrahman
shaik Abdulrahman Prije 8 sati
Pagal hai kya
Lotimis Prije 8 sati
my man completely skipped over the tokyo drift liveries
neeko Prije 8 sati
i only trust this guy when it comes to cars in gta ‼️
Marks Pilapil
Marks Pilapil Prije 8 sati
In this video of a Celica, Theo said the word "Supra" more than actual "Celica"
Baraka Afrobama
Baraka Afrobama Prije 9 sati
"you boring man" Says the man who chooses a fuckin Lamborghini
Eddie Parra
Eddie Parra Prije 9 sati
🍚 Rice 🍚 Lmao😂
fluffulethan Prije 9 sati
6:40 He's not worried about a brain because he doesn't have one.