EdenVee07 Prije 21 sat
i LOVE it how Tom syas "that was a sympathy vote, because obviously Chris Hemsworth is incredibly ugly, so hes just trying to make Chris feel a bit better about his self." soo funny mate
Hughie Maughan
Hughie Maughan Prije 21 sat
But she caused it all and then it led to that, so she's just hating on cardi b and went out of her way to cause trouble
bugontheice Prije 21 sat
I love Mason's earring! 4:43
Erica Charles
Erica Charles Prije 21 sat
The ones that’s hurt the most in this mess is the kids
D Boy
D Boy Prije 21 sat
Soft ass people, good luck raising entitled brats
friendly video's with travis basso
friendly video's with travis basso Prije 21 sat
Floyd makes his own money
IAmJust Amanda
IAmJust Amanda Prije 21 sat
Still love this❤️❤️
Maido Melker
Maido Melker Prije 21 sat
The boy should try out Mike Tyson 😄
astra trixx astra trixx
astra trixx astra trixx Prije 21 sat
Kayla Cupido
Kayla Cupido Prije 21 sat
He was really nice and respectful.
IAmMichaelLavelle Prije 21 sat
Scott and Travis have similar physical features
Bea Forsay
Bea Forsay Prije 21 sat
She needs to go she's stupid an he's a user
កូន ខ្មែរ
កូន ខ្មែរ Prije 21 sat
អាផ្លយខ្លាចចាញ់​ ទេីបប្រកួតជាមួយតែតួសម្តែង​ អាពងក្ត😂
Diamond Tacos
Diamond Tacos Prije 21 sat
Denied pulling out the fire arm When your son just snitched on you- lmao
samtye94 Prije 21 sat
Meghans children are going to be the most annoying people ever in 18 years.
Cordeplayz_YT Prije 21 sat
Its not rare if she posts it
MsNatural Me
MsNatural Me Prije 21 sat
Wow I thought she was like kourtneyandwas strictly white guy , But I think this guy is biracial aka Black
Abdulaziz Javinchi
Abdulaziz Javinchi Prije 21 sat
This is business and Hollywood stories n publicities. How can you pay your mother for taking care of your children
Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan
Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan Prije 21 sat
Just leave boy alone old woman
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine Prije 21 sat
I will never understand why People with English accents are so good at American ones like
Darth Mation
Darth Mation Prije 21 sat
First of all why does no one like Rahim Im sitting over here thinking that benji just screamed and cussed out victor just because there is some drama Rahim would be better for Victor because he treats him like a person and not a piece of dog crap so Rahim all the way and no one has to agree 😁🤔😶😏
Barb Prije 21 sat
Chuck keeps setting up these fiascos then just stands back and watches. I see a lot of phony production designed fights in this.
It’s Tarey
It’s Tarey Prije 21 sat
Penelope & North are gonna be so iconic in the future
Barbra Osoba
Barbra Osoba Prije 21 sat
He is my rock.....😂😂😂😂😂
Peris Ndirangu
Peris Ndirangu Prije 21 sat
Girls looking good
Linda Willams DaGama
Linda Willams DaGama Prije 21 sat
It was a very quick rebound, it wont last for long.
Star Blane
Star Blane Prije 21 sat
I didn't know Kendall like black men too I thought she was more like Kourtney 😂😭🤣😆🤦
Karen Dunn
Karen Dunn Prije 21 sat
I really think this June is still full of shit as usual. Pumpkin and the girls are always had to care of there selfs. Why dose June think she is number one because she always been selfish. She has allowed men come into her girls lives and been abused and sexual abuse by them and even let a man come back into her life after getting out of prison after sexual abusing her oldest girls. That is why TLC droop them. I really think they are using drinking Alcohol in place of drugs. Who in the hell would hire her to be a counselor. She is sooo missed up. Come on this is a joke. Alana is June cash 💰 she not ever going to be out of her life because of the money and theses girls are always going to suffer, but that is going to 🛑 because like I said June don’t have anything without Alana. And I would never ever ever disrespect my daughter or granddaughters by calling them bitches or bitch they are my beautiful lovely daughters with beautiful names. June is never ever going to grow up and be a woman and not going to grow and be a mother
Jeric Abrazaldo
Jeric Abrazaldo Prije 21 sat
Pick Benji Please Victor! You already have a very amazing foundation of your relationship!
Cay Mann
Cay Mann Prije 21 sat
In this country ppl. who own businesses should be given a CAP on loans. Andre asking his father- in- law for $100, 000. loan? is he the bank? if he is certain he can get that money guess what happens then. These ppl. who borrow lots of money then file bankruptcy we the ppl. end up paying back those bankruptcies through inflation. Somebody had to pay back. This system is out of control. Elizabeth is going to age real fast with this husband of hers.
Karen Mccarthy
Karen Mccarthy Prije 21 sat
uggg... who cares
2 Exclusive
2 Exclusive Prije 22 sati
He looking at them daddy-longleg ass toes
Cortney Agren
Cortney Agren Prije 22 sati
Devin… not Derek 😂😂😂😂
Martín Pintus
Martín Pintus Prije 22 sati
I think that the writers are smart in hearing the fans out before they decide who Victor chooses.
Arsh Nizam
Arsh Nizam Prije 22 sati
Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts Prije 22 sati
Brawadis named his dog booker after Devin.lol
Musettube Prije 22 sati
Love her strength. Best wishes for her future.
Nakid Man9000
Nakid Man9000 Prije 22 sati
We’ll see her in a cameo in season 2 or 3💯👌🏾
Brooklyn S
Brooklyn S Prije 22 sati
Elizabeth plays both sides. Would hate to have her as a sibling.
Faiz Hamizan Muhammad
Faiz Hamizan Muhammad Prije 22 sati
I want Victor to be with Benji. But he should be with Rahim. They have so much chemistry together
crissy lutchman
crissy lutchman Prije 22 sati
Jlo maybe see this and just said 'whatever'...lol
hope san miguel
hope san miguel Prije 22 sati
No harrison no bachelor for me
MJ Unreleased Big Materials
MJ Unreleased Big Materials Prije 22 sati
Jerry Trainor Has Not Changed At All And The Usual Jerry Is Left
lisa limon
lisa limon Prije 22 sati
Omg both
Dawn Cliff
Dawn Cliff Prije 22 sati
Again her friends can only go on what SHE says.... and I think we can agree she's a proven liar!!!!
regina anderson
regina anderson Prije 22 sati
He just want money from the Dad. he don't want to work for it. He asked for 100 thousand dollars
G L Prije 22 sati
Arod just wants to get back at Jlo, but she’s the one winning with Ben😌😌
Dawn Cliff
Dawn Cliff Prije 22 sati
Sorry omid you've been taken for a ride mate...I know your hoping for a 2nd book but you really need to open your eye's... 're sending e-mails I could send you an e-mail saying I'm going to be the next queen...it doesn't make it true... H is a spoilt child who's been brainwashed by a manipulative shrew!!!!!
Angelo Salas
Angelo Salas Prije 22 sati
Could’ve said spoiler alert before Rahim started talking
Water Greg
Water Greg Prije 22 sati
So stupid that a bunch of gay boys gossiping about which two of the three straight actors should be together😂
Sultan Of swing
Sultan Of swing Prije 22 sati
Wtf is this shit! ... i mean the match not the video
Unavaatu [Space-churro]
Unavaatu [Space-churro] Prije 22 sati
You guys wouldn't do this to a grown person, so why tf do you do it to your own child? Why would it be okay because you're their parent? You're their PARENT not their OWNER.
Night Attack
Night Attack Prije 22 sati
Suzyy Rai
Suzyy Rai Prije 22 sati
But I want Rahim to be seen in next door🥺🥺💗💗
Swarnim Prije 22 sati
Lol I read *BTS crushes over Ariana Grande*
StarBori Prije 22 sati
What an idiot lol
Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson Prije 22 sati
With a cliffhanger like this, I wonder how they're gonna make the trailer for season 3 without spoiling who Victor chooses
Unavaatu [Space-churro]
Unavaatu [Space-churro] Prije 22 sati
even if the child wasn't "special needs", beatings, even spankings, are detrimental to a child's mental wellbeing. It may have happened to a lot of adults nowadays and they claim "but I'm okay now", it doesn't mean you get to excuse everybody else's struggle with abuse. There are studies that showed that spanking is no different than than physical abuse, it literally is physical abuse. Teaching your child to fear you is not how you parent, if your child is unruly or whatever, beating them will only teach them that if they want something, to get violent, or teach them that it's okay to do bad things, as long as there's no one around. Why would they know otherwise? You didn't even tell them why it was wrong you just say "cause I said so" and beat them?? This needs to stop, and everyone who got beat as a child needs to stop rationalizing it as okay, and realize it brought them actual harm. It's the only way to grow, and be better than your parents, you won't get that making excuses for them.
L.j Jawara
L.j Jawara Prije 22 sati
He didn’t even speak about her so why some of y’all mad lol...
Vera Bolton
Vera Bolton Prije 22 sati
Don't hold your breath. I don't think a meet will take place any time soon. Hope I'll be proved wrong... If everything goes as usual, a photo of Lili will likely be published on 1st July.
Shilton Spelberg
Shilton Spelberg Prije 22 sati
nah he was knocked out, mayweather hug him to keep the show going
Brittany Zimmerman
Brittany Zimmerman Prije 22 sati
That makes sense ab Kendall Jenner she is a cold scorpio 🤣
Karolina Nikolic
Karolina Nikolic Prije 22 sati
100.000$ and in Moldova he was crying for 100$🤮🤮🤮🤮
L.j Jawara
L.j Jawara Prije 22 sati
If this is what Rihanna likes then this is what Rihanna likes. We don’t know nun of them personally. She’s still not gonna be with the man you want for her because this is who she seems to want.
California Caveman Dastardly Dave
California Caveman Dastardly Dave Prije 22 sati
Sounds like Californias going to get a good governor
Cassandra Cole
Cassandra Cole Prije 22 sati
They both hang out with their ex’s after the breakup and I guess nostalgia is everything lol
Aleexx Martinez
Aleexx Martinez Prije 22 sati
Rahim & Victor all the way ✋😗
T Jimmy
T Jimmy Prije 22 sati
ok. next, Tyson vs Trump.
Batel Skater
Batel Skater Prije 22 sati
These people get into these relationships quick and pop 100 babies then split up. They have no self respect, or understanding of what love is. For anyone that actually watches these people and follow their lifestyle is a huge mistake. Learn yourself and love yourself first, because money and fame is all script.
MaryLovesMakeup77 Prije 22 sati
I’m glad that those girls have such a healthy example of respect. I wish more people put the needs of their kids above their egos.
Winston Ruddle
Winston Ruddle Prije 22 sati
You did a really good job Christian Serratos I've watched the series twice now
Alif Halid
Alif Halid Prije 22 sati
Why logan don't fight with canelo
Y R Prije 22 sati
You can never be Jesus. Please STOP.
Kodiack Weese
Kodiack Weese Prije 22 sati
I respect Floyd Mayweather and that was cool what he said to Logan Paul and if I was Logan Paul I would be inspired
Nahtally .B
Nahtally .B Prije 22 sati
This man is going to shred this family apart.
Bhushan Raykangor
Bhushan Raykangor Prije 22 sati
Seems like NBA is a dating site for Kardashians and jenners😂😂
Elsa Manzanero
Elsa Manzanero Prije 22 sati
Clown check
Aalbi Jijo
Aalbi Jijo Prije 22 sati
She said she wanted to be happy. She should realise that there won't always be happy times for everyone there will be ups and downs.