New iPad Air (2020) review
How 5G works: the pros and cons
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on
Why the new TCL phones matter
Chantelle's blueming content
Chantelle's blueming content Prije 22 sati
I like purple duh NGL i like this iphone 11 instead of Iphone 12 model or design.. iphone 11 wins the purple one!!🤍💜
Rishab Mehta
Rishab Mehta Prije 22 sati
Becca says "techtober" and it reminds me of MKBHD!
Eric Wang
Eric Wang Prije 23 sati
great vids, but after transferring older notebook chrome OS than how you add bluetooth function?
Rushi Gaming
Rushi Gaming Prije 23 sati
I get ringing rarely in any one of my ears. Is that bad?
Sree Sree Simhadri
Sree Sree Simhadri Prije 23 sati
Galaxy buds live for a boster board and Air pods for a bike. Kinda ironic
Cryptic Prije 23 sati
It's $999. I get it's expensive, but I can't buy it because it's SO expensive. I really want it though, this phone seems amazing. I really hope this isn't a one generation kind of phone. Give me a couple years to save money/get more financially stable due to covid being crazy and I would TOTALLY buy this. I wonder how many software updates it'll get. Motorola does 1 for their phones, most brands do 2. I'd keep this phone for 2-3 years like I've kept all my other phones Most smartphones run fine when I buy new ones. The battery just degrades over time and the software is outdated. If those 2 problems were fixed, I'd keep a phone for 5+ years
dreamland Prije 23 sati
thanks for the info. but why are you pledging allegiance to the NWO?
Leon Samuel
Leon Samuel Prije 23 sati
Late 2018ish!
Mascadal Roland
Mascadal Roland Prije 23 sati
Try hackerzggy on Instagram to help you to fix your phone....
Kgodisho Sebela
Kgodisho Sebela Prije dan
Zuckerburg is the chosen one to manipulate the society. His possessed by a powerful Demon 🤦🏽‍♂️
Drio FN
Drio FN Prije dan
5000th comment
Robert Prije dan
I find it to be a great business tool. Mine earns it's cost over and over.
ThatBoiRamen Prije dan
Ah yes. A fellow RattPack tech user
Windsurfing Nelson
Windsurfing Nelson Prije dan
Thanks for the review! I use both apps: the desktop app to get the frame exactly right, the phone (Android) version is better / faster for the lookaround. Both have deficiencies though...
dark bacon
dark bacon Prije dan
I see weird number cell me and cell me every day in internat
Can I know about the skateboard?
KingCharles Prije dan
I think you got the joke of endgame wrong, because it's not that it's hard to find the best for you, its that when you have that you think other things will be better and try new things still and move on. Also keebs are fun to make so endgame is bs.
Nando martinez
Nando martinez Prije dan
Im thinking of buying a projector for my man cave have a pretty big room and dark if I want to. Will like to know if the Epson Cinema 2150 will be better choice than LG - CineBeam HU70LAB 4K? Since there's not much money difference right now cause best buy has the LG 300dls less than original price. If you or someone that knows about this can help me will definitely appreciate it
Pirates VGS
Pirates VGS Prije dan
I Am A Patel Too
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez Prije dan
Mission accomplished
sweetgurl75 Shaw
sweetgurl75 Shaw Prije dan
actually you can't arrest someone for cussing in public. it's covered under free speech in the constitution
TripleVenti Prije dan
I would like to use this for 360 virtual tours to embed on a website. I have not yet found a good free program to use.
Reizel Charm Dela Cruz
Reizel Charm Dela Cruz Prije dan
Planning to buy an ipad mini then I saw an ipad air and saw this video! Now my question is.. Is 64gb worth it? I’ll just gonna have my netflix and drawing in ipad so still undecided 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jacob Frank 2
Jacob Frank 2 Prije dan
Flavio Carlos
Flavio Carlos Prije dan
that footage from the One X2 looks AMAZING. did it go through any color grading?
mariju bulauitan
mariju bulauitan Prije dan
I missed Friendster
Johnny Pinkleton
Johnny Pinkleton Prije dan
I really like the 4a 5g and its headphone. If it gets discounted on black friday I may seriously consider buying it as a my daily phone.
Vanessa Nigley
Vanessa Nigley Prije dan
Woww just got my iPhone 12 pro and some other Apple product through alvinshyper40 on 1G . I wasn't expecting it to work but it did so amazing contact him now to get yours
Mabi Nerd ಠ .ಠ
Mabi Nerd ಠ .ಠ Prije dan
I think its safe to say we don't have to worry about anybody using google glass anymore. 😌
David Coupal
David Coupal Prije dan
The phone app will not work Only the brain implant will work with g5 or g6 tech The future is looking friendly
Nadine Smith
Nadine Smith Prije dan
Josh Farley
Josh Farley Prije dan
When will the Pixel 4a 5G be available for Pre Order in the U.S?
Petra Novak
Petra Novak Prije dan
Chiping people!!!
ere Prije dan
The micro SD card max write speed might be the limitation for camera resolution/refresh rate
kaneki uchiha
kaneki uchiha Prije dan
Thats it? No assault charges or what ? If i knee am officer im getting killed if i dont kill him first thats why we all hate cops
Ryder Donahue
Ryder Donahue Prije dan
Verge's video review and staff are killing it nowadays. Really appreciate your folks videos and coverage
Dax Jacobson
Dax Jacobson Prije dan
I expect Epic Games to get crushed, Apple and Google are duopolies and only for now, tomorrow a better mousetrap could wipe them both out, like they did to RIM / Blackberry
Brandon Lucas
Brandon Lucas Prije dan
I love phones built without labor laws also
Jarian Warren
Jarian Warren Prije dan
I can tell she doesn’t care about this device
xanbex Prije dan
Tiny men given a badge and a gun!
Eye on art
Eye on art Prije dan
It is just a new version of the old flip phone and should cost less.
Samuel Harris
Samuel Harris Prije dan
It’s interesting to watch this video in October of 2020. ARM powered Macs are just around the corner and the MacBook has been killed off (again) in favor of the bigger, more powerful and practical 3rd gen Air, and MacBook Pro, in 13in and 16in (no 15 anymore) variants. No sign of a MacBook replacement. Meanwhile, Apple went all in on iPad, with 8th gen iPad, 5th gen Air, and two sizes of Pro, each with smart connectors and Apple Pencil support. I consider the 11in pro to be the spiritual successor to the MacBook featured in the this video. I wonder what the future of mobile computing will look like for Apple, and the for the computer industry as a whole.
Herotovillain Prije dan
I lost my 360 one X on my flight to Banff last year. So glad they came out with this, with a touch screen. Just what I need. Very nice review!
rcinematic Prije dan
So this is basically a One R with Vertical Battery
kctyphoon Prije dan
Most people don’t realize that the infrastructure this country depends on - is over 100 years old in many areas. We have been patching things up to keep them working for decades.
Carlisle House
Carlisle House Prije dan
I am here for the Verge Becca review energy
Markus Köster
Markus Köster Prije dan
and yet again a super video from you. thanks !
FatLazyCat Feral
FatLazyCat Feral Prije dan
another paid advertisement by apple .
Richard Briere
Richard Briere Prije dan
Im seeing this in 2020. I wonder how LaRoy is doing. His wife is very strong, and I only hope that the worst has not happened.
Derek Duzan
Derek Duzan Prije dan
No spec bump!? I'm out.
ItzSebas Prije dan
Mines are arriving next week :3
Dmitrij Paškevič
Dmitrij Paškevič Prije dan
Props to whoever does colour grading At Verge. This episode looks gorgeous!
dr.nefario Prije dan
Great camera, really want one when these sort of cameras are not $500 plus with one or two a accessories. I’m just here to say Rylo is the OG inventor of this type of 360 shoot and frame in post. Ode, Rylo. No mention of One R, with the big sensor?
Zaman zia
Zaman zia Prije dan
ɴɪᴄᴇ ʜᴀɪʀsᴛʏʟᴇ ʙʀᴏ
kyro Prije dan
Will the google pixel 5 last and feel good for 2 years? Or should I go team samsung
Ari Roy
Ari Roy Prije dan
Pixel 4a is the best bet...5G needs another 2 years at least
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Prije dan
I like the presentation.. I hate the commercial noise songs or devil noises.. I really need a great camera phone that is cheap like me.. Apparently the software sucls to support the camera..Thanks
Overland Landscape Photography
Overland Landscape Photography Prije dan
Really should call out that your praise for the GoPro desktop app is ONLY for the Mac version, the windows version availability was over a year after the Max hit the market, and is a buggy feature limited mess.
Jonathan Damon
Jonathan Damon Prije dan
I use the one-x a lot. My biggest gripes were that the case would fog and the battery life. Being able to ditch the case and have the battery last longer are both huge improvements for using it kiteboarding
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen Prije dan
I saw you put the camera face down. Is the fish eye lens easy to get scratched?
Ariel b
Ariel b Prije dan
Have you guys not heard of the stalker series
elijah haskins
elijah haskins Prije dan
Why did i think this was a camera by Instagram...
cafeine Prije dan
Good video, kudos for the Withings watch (amazing battery), but the real question is...who is so sleazy to wear a golden bracelet in 2020? never trust a man that wears gold accessories! oh and the DUO rocks! :)
TheThoughtPalace Prije dan
I don't know how anybody else feels but I love how critical she is of her own self and how argumentative they are LOL at one point I honestly thought that she just had a twin but then I realized how far apart they were from each other lol
Daniel Lwin
Daniel Lwin Prije dan
I want her to review the FujiFilm XS10, I think she’d do great!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Prije dan
I love how this video seems it was filmed for oled. Lol
Nybbl er
Nybbl er Prije dan
Remember guys... "Don't be evil"
Epithium Prije dan
Hi Brian
Rafael Carvalho
Rafael Carvalho Prije dan
Rafael Carvalho
Rafael Carvalho Prije dan
Arya Hidayah
Arya Hidayah Prije dan
You know that people is not smart enough/neeed more brain if he willingly bought a $1300 phablet with S Pen but: 1.He not using the S Pen 2.Complaining its too big.
ben's gadget reviews
ben's gadget reviews Prije dan
Becca's reviews are always so fun to watch. Just enough personality without being too much, great knowledge of cameras.
Nave Art
Nave Art Prije dan
But yours are just a bit better. Still look both because the more you know the better 😊
frankO TexasFishing
frankO TexasFishing Prije dan
TheFurious Gamer
TheFurious Gamer Prije dan
Planning on getting a Pixel 5 and the pixel buds
Y.A. Digital / Youssef Ashraf
Y.A. Digital / Youssef Ashraf Prije dan