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imaji rupa
imaji rupa Prije 4 minuta
Francesco bergoglio’s song
shannon britton
shannon britton Prije 4 minuta
love it!
WILSON CRUZ Prije 12 minuta
Lana Live Lagom
Lana Live Lagom Prije 15 minuta
🙏🙏🙏❤🤗АББА I love you💗 Ураааа вы снова с нами. Хотя вы и были всегда с нами.У меня мурашки по телу😊
John Doe
John Doe Prije 20 minuta
don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro
xAvIer Prije 26 minuta
why everyone is looking to me same as luke skywalker🤣🤣
Maki Zen'in
Maki Zen'in Prije 41 minute
Nirecomend to ni zauber sakin potah.
Maki Zen'in
Maki Zen'in Prije 34 minuta
Moonbeam Z
Moonbeam Z Prije 35 minuta
Moonbeam Z
Moonbeam Z Prije 36 minuta
sino ka po sa mga friends ko sa facebook??
Maki Zen'in
Maki Zen'in Prije 36 minuta
wow speed haha si quanxi toh
Moonbeam Z
Moonbeam Z Prije 37 minuta
hoy gagi sana magustuhan mo 😭😭😭😭😭
theresa42213 Prije 43 minuta
Haha! That agnyetta is so cute you just cant take your eyes off her! Like a barbie doll she was! xD n l like groups like Yes, and Genesis but these guys are fun, and the girls can sing so nicely!
ufelcher Prije 47 minuta
james Parker
james Parker Prije 49 minuta
the original line, was "bad dates", but Geo Lucas said he would just sue their a**es off, so they changed it.....
slothbardi Prije 51 minute
this was the first abba video i ever watched and the first abba song i ever listened to. i was about 4-7 years old, and i thought this was so strange. all i knew was my grandma loved it. 15 years later, this band is my entire world<3
Azn Donis
Azn Donis Prije 57 minuta
Vienen del tik tok donde le avientan al bartender los hielos y el otro quiere volar ?? En que generación vives que hasta ahora descubres este temazo 😎
Er Prije sat
2 weeks out since the upload and got 21M views, and what makes it crazier... its ABBA 👏
Robert Curry
Robert Curry Prije sat
That synth riff is so amazing.
Arpollo Prije sat
Vengo de un tiktok donde están cantando esta joya en un bar 🙌🙌🙌
Jeff M
Jeff M Prije sat
ABBA is to me the modern equivalent of Johann Sebastian Bach for classical music. I imagine were Bach alive in this era, his music would approach that of Benny and Bjorn. Every bit as complex, a synthesis of so many diverse, eclectic styles of music, it hooks the listener, triggers the emotions, layers and layers and LAYERS of complexity to peel back and discover again and again - If we send more music recordings into space like we did on Voyager, the next one needs to contain ABBA.
M. ZACK Prije sat
It's been 40 years. And they come back and its like they never left. ABBA left a void that no one could fill so they had to come back and fill it themselves. Well be back ABBA.
MelarryO Prije sat
I like that camera man. He keeps diggin in on the girl in the red in the front. What a cutie... 1976. I was 17 exactly. In 77 this was played four times at my senior prom. My girlfriend was Debbie and the way she moved....swoon...
DJ Regnier
DJ Regnier Prije sat
Actually, the girl in the red and ABBA's brunette girl. That brunette ABBA girl is gorgeous - beautiful face and she looks like she is loving doing the video.
jim k
jim k Prije sat
as an aussi what do i think of abba, at the time when they hit aus ,i sort of dismissed them as lightweight . didn't touch floyd or led zep who really got into it . or some of our aussie pub bands . or dylan etc . was sort of contrived plastic falseness. now what do i think . the real incredibly strategic management never loosing sight of what they were after ;success . whoever did the production took a leaf out of george martin skill set . with audio visual production . the voices are so clear in their enunciation couldn't here a slur or mumble anywhere . pristine..these guys took their professionalism up a notch. like some tv coming out of scandinavia like "the bridge " so polished and slick . i heard benny say disciplined and he got that right . for me didn't really connect untill "the winner takes it all" and this one . ,when they seemed to take their clinical masks off. loved the girls voices and how they used them. they certainly weren't out on the piss every night swapping joints . also i did think this might have been an attraction for aussie males because it crossed my mind . and gave me hope .which was .how do these ordinary looking guys land such gorgeous looking women if they can do it it must be doable . and therefore there's hope for me . ps .benny said some thing about the melancholy ,sadness coming through the polish and sharp tools they were using . maybe that's what made the connection initially in aus .
José Luís Martínez Santiago
José Luís Martínez Santiago Prije 2 sati
Tengo 61 años estudie en prepa 5 y luego en mi UNAM y a mi me agradan éstos Excelsos temas ,soy un utopico o sea soñador,que quieres lo mejor para Todos en el mundo sin importar raza religión!!!
AnaIvanovic4ever Prije 2 sati
This might be the best pop song ever written
maroskn Prije 2 sati
Best ABBA song .. for me.
serkan SERKAN
serkan SERKAN Prije 2 sati
*Once upon a time, artists and their music were very high quality and great. Once upon a time, we, as a lucky generation, saw and listened to these wonderful music, songs and artists. Nowadays, in the 2000s, the music is terrible, the songs are terrible, everything is garbage*
Éder Cambuí
Éder Cambuí Prije 2 sati
Adoro essa música ela é muito forte, estou ansioso pelo novo álbum do ABBA!!!
Josiane Martins
Josiane Martins Prije 2 sati
SPBK HÄSTAR OFFICE DJUR och Jordbruk Prije 2 sati
Englishman are engelsk human dvs en engelsk människa så ni hysteriska män och brudar som hen som leker oss familjen tudor sluta ta bort ordet man Svenska språket lånar från engelskan det är inte könsbaserat ordet tjänsteman det står för tjänstemänniska så sluta var så könsfixerade låt männen vara ifred blanda inte in våra män i vårt svenska språk och försöka ta bort ordet man för man är inte män man är inte i heller men der order man står för på riktigt för human som betyder man är en människa Så lastbilen MAN en Volvo och SAAB ersättare för våra drag hästar det är Inter för inte der heter då då a man best friend the horse då vi drar igång järnloket som äver tåget ersatte hästarna Hasslarp är i inte Åstorps kommun Ja det är därför Helsingborgs stad egna Hasslarp sockerfabrik kallas i folkmun för SPRITAN för av socker och potatis gör vi Sverige Sprit med #Systembolaget som är #AbsolutVODKA viket land och vilken kontinent äger nu vår svenska #vodka #Alkohol med punchen gör våra beska droppar med priops bl och Halmstads tre hjärtan som också gör våra fantastiska galopphästar med travet med olympiaden med Quatar nu 2022 ? Vi har svenskt socker i våra franska champagne likörer och italienska mandel likör sherry och våra Björnåsen Findus sylter marmelader med kolen blir diamanter snart i Jordbodalen filtrerar sprit med malm med stål vi omstartat SJ tar över DSB öresundståg och nu o folkdansringen går med Lady Marmelader med franskan och wienerbrödet mee vaniljstång drar in i mun a cinnemanrolls med Svea Andersson och Göta Andersson med Nisse Andersson i Kvarsebo ropar jösses Posse GRISEN och Göta Pettersson nu startar upp prins Harry och moster Ester och Moster Matilda kålmården i Skåne på Skansen en svensk tiger och Svensk pitbull med Olle i skogen med Tyska Björnen med älgen Sam över till Danmark fick raska över bron i gen tillbaka till Länsstyrelsen Skåne för säkras med Skåne och Halland i skogen
Veni Galle
Veni Galle Prije 2 sati
En casa de mis padres crecimos con su musica , hermosos recuerdos 😍, saludos a todos desde 🇲🇽
Nina Ríos
Nina Ríos Prije 2 sati
Frida´s voice!!! wow!! it feels just in the heart!!! it feels like having her just in the heart!!! thank you Frida! Thank you ABBA!!! I love you! This difficult time we´re living is not so dark anymore!!! thank you! and welcome back!
Mark O.
Mark O. Prije 3 sati
The instrumental towards the end is so beautifully haunting.
Brenda Spicer
Brenda Spicer Prije 3 sati
Ramiro Prije 3 sati
Me gusta esta canción
Mitch Breedlove
Mitch Breedlove Prije 3 sati
Two things are certain in life… go to Costco for toilet paper and end up spending $300, and you can never listen to just one ABBA song!!
what must
what must Prije 3 sati
Timeless music as good as now 2021 as when it came out decades ago. I always love ABBA music . I grow old along with their music and never get bored to listen time and time again. That is what it means by timeless good music and melody. Fantastic voices from these two females voices!!!!!!!
agtonio Prije 3 sati
DavidNYC Prije 3 sati
Thank you ABBA! I really needed you.🤗❤️
Wolf Enstein
Wolf Enstein Prije 3 sati
Frida in that snakeskin outfit again, she's got me 'howlin' at the moon' as always, what a babe :) .
lance lott
lance lott Prije 3 sati
Que coisa maravilhosa...
dannythemedic Prije 3 sati
OMG theres TWO of them? wooooo
António Karmos
António Karmos Prije 3 sati
the world need more of this
jambeom Prije 3 sati
Naiiyak ako. I’m 30 and I grew up with their music. My aunt and uncle sang their songs to no end in family gatherings and karaoke. Their voices feel like home. Very familiar and nostalgic🥺
Tina Grimond
Tina Grimond Prije 3 sati
Love this song, they sound great
joen Sullivancompres
joen Sullivancompres Prije 3 sati los.mejores. en.lamusica. en.tik.tok.hisiempres.
lance lott
lance lott Prije 3 sati
Que coisa maravilhosa.. Que música linda. Te amo abba...for ever
Jack Kowitt
Jack Kowitt Prije 3 sati
Wow! Listening to a NEW ABBA song! Never thought I’d live to see it. Just wonderful! Long live in health and happiness ABBA
chuddle Prije 3 sati
This song has at least three hooks in it. Amazing.
Nobre_011 Prije 3 sati
não gracinha
Дмитрий Прасол
Дмитрий Прасол Prije 4 sati
Снова вместе жизнь продолжается, национальное достояние
RUEL QUISEL Prije 4 sati
Maraming Salamat ABBA sa inyong pagbabalik. Mahal namin kayo.
Roberto Wespi
Roberto Wespi Prije 4 sati
I didn't know of the existence of this video ... and I am immensely happy to have found it!
DreamKiller 33
DreamKiller 33 Prije 4 sati
Was that Cher!!?
Kenny Hall
Kenny Hall Prije 4 sati
I'm stuck loving this song! Not that bad!
Roger gustavo
Roger gustavo Prije 4 sati
Im traveling in the time, and you?
Rosalinda M.
Rosalinda M. Prije 4 sati
Oh my goodness... It’s... this song is SO GOOD!!! Amazing!!! 40 years later!
William Romero
William Romero Prije 4 sati
Luca videos on TikTok brought me here
Renan Câmara
Renan Câmara Prije 4 sati
Madonna - Hung Up
1415w Prije 4 sati
Whoever did the graphics deserves an award. I think they already have as such. "I did it for abba, 2021". Astounding simplicity. Imagine their next job interview... 'Well, I did this one.'
Mary Guy
Mary Guy Prije 4 sati
"Don't Shut Me Down" and "I Still have Faith In You" best Abba songs ever!
vj7s roblox
vj7s roblox Prije 4 sati
You here because of tik tok 4:44
TheUtuber999 Prije 4 sati
I never knew they were on Hollywood Squares. 😄
Claudia Bozzo
Claudia Bozzo Prije 4 sati
So comforting to hear these voices again!
TheUtuber999 Prije 4 sati
Despite the fact that the song is about the woman being the one that is lonely, in reality it's always the guy. Cats always land on their feet. 😁
ツChimChim Prije 4 sati
If you’re here in 2021, you’re a legend
Jano Jano
Jano Jano Prije 4 sati
mughni ramadhan
mughni ramadhan Prije 4 sati
4:44 this is it what u search buddy....
Tijs Prije 4 sati
as a 43 year old , i love this song
Harrison Birkbeck
Harrison Birkbeck Prije 4 sati
Amazing to know they have came back
흥수 Prije 4 sati
if you hate this song, socially distance from me permanently
Harrison Birkbeck
Harrison Birkbeck Prije 4 sati
This songs great
Harrison Birkbeck
Harrison Birkbeck Prije 4 sati
This proves Australia is real we made these guys big
αnemone› ‹mon
αnemone› ‹mon Prije 4 sati
Here for you 4:44
Perebynis Prije 5 sati
Since I turned 40 I´ve got cluster headache now and then. Losing nights of sleep, I´m turning to ABBA and their "happy sound". That music is a legit painkiller. :)
Heinz Wortmann
Heinz Wortmann Prije 5 sati
Ohrwurm......Danke, aber ich liebe IHN ! ^^
Prije 5 sati
i got goosebumps with this song
Julie Crook
Julie Crook Prije 5 sati
reg220 Prije 5 sati
Thank you for for the music once again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, The world Loves Abba xx
Liam Brown
Liam Brown Prije 5 sati
I like it 👍✌️😍
Canal do Siqueira
Canal do Siqueira Prije 5 sati
Awesome, amazing! ❤️
Rute Martins
Rute Martins Prije 5 sati
Viva a juventude.
M keane
M keane Prije 5 sati
ABBA should never have left, thank you for getting it together again, I was born in 73, the most amazing songwriting.
Ino Stiv
Ino Stiv Prije 5 sati
Heellooo, You are, b e a u t i f u l, for, all time's... 💖