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Meeting with Senior Judges During his visit to Israel, Mr. Matas met with the chairman of the Israeli National Council for Bioethics, who is also the chairman of the Helsinki Committee in Israel. The chairman was already familiar with the issue of organ harvesting in China but wanted to learn more, especially since Israel is currently discussing new laws regarding medical ethics. Another meeting was held with a retired senior judge who expressed his sympathy and support. Screening of the Film “Hard to Believe” Followed by Panel Discussion at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque On December 3, a diverse audience, mainly from the fields of medicine and law, was invited to listen to a panel of experts after a screening of the film “Hard to Believe.” The film is a documentary that examines the issue of forced live organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China. The panel's participants included Mr. Matas, the Director of the Sheba Heart Transplantation Unit Professor Jacob Lavee, and representative of the Israeli Falun Dafa Information Center Dr. Israela Yablonka. Panel of experts following the screening of “Hard to Believe:” Attorney David Matas, Professor Jacob Lavee, and Dr. Israela Yablonka. Additional Meetings Matas also met with professors and students at the University of Haifa to screen the film “Medical Genocide,” another documentary exposing large-scale organ-harvesting crimes in China. The same film was also screened for several senior directors of the Ministry of Justice. Mr. Matas has contributed greatly to informing people in Israel about the crimes against humanity taking place today in China. As a result of Matas' recent visit, many people in senior positions in Israel were exposed to the issue of forced organ harvesting in China. Further, new channels were opened to raise awareness of the issue, leading towards future legislation to combat the crisis.
hytjj liu
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) S-240, a bill that targets human organ trafficking, was unanimously passed on the evening of April 30 in the Canadian House of Commons. It was introduced by the Senate and was already approved by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (AEFA) prior to voting in the House of Commons. The Act amends the Criminal Code and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The first is that unauthorized overseas organ transplant would be treated as criminal activities. The second is that those involved in organ trafficking will not be granted immigration or refugee status. The bill will go back to the Senate for a vote on the amendments by the House before it can be signed into law. Parliamentary Secretary: New Offenses in the Criminal Code Arif Virani, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, said the bill aims to combat organ trafficking and protect vulnerable people from whom organs are forcibly removed. “Bill S-240 proposes to strengthen Canada’s response to organ trafficking by creating four new Criminal Code offences related to this conduct, extending extraterritorial jurisdiction over these new offences and amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to add a new ground of inadmissibility to Canada for having engaged in conduct that would be an offence under the bill,” he explained. More specifically, the bill will criminalize all involvement in the removal of an organ for transplant without the informed consent of the donor or a substitute decision-maker. “Bill S-240 also proposes to add a new ground of inadmissibility to section 35 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, for having engaged in conduct that would constitute an offence under the bill. As a result, a permanent resident or foreign national could be found inadmissible to Canada for having engaged in one of the new organ trafficking offences. This amendment sends a clear signal that purchasing any organs, including from vulnerable people abroad, is serious criminal conduct here in Canada.”
hytjj liu
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Patient Medical Journal, a publication from the Finnish Medical Association, carried an article on February 7 with a title of “Where Do the Organs for Transplants in China Come From?” It discussed the concerns raised in medical publications over the organ transplantation ethics in China. Patient Medical Journal, a publication from the Finnish Medical Association, published an article on February 7, 2018, discussing forced organ harvesting in China. “China did not have a national organ donation system until the end of 2013. In 2011, only 37 people in China were registered as donors. The national donation system has not succeeded in acquiring significant quantities of transferring organs since, according to traditional Chinese practices, the deceased are left untouched after death,” said the article. This raised many questions since a large number of transplants take place in China every year. Because of that, China admitted using executed prisoners as a source of organs. The number of prisoners executed is only a fraction of total transplants carried out in China, however. Increasing evidence suggests that living prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners, have become victims of this malpractice. The International Coalition to End Organ Pillaging in China (EOP) was formed to address these issues. Its members include top experts in medicine, law and bioethics such as Wendy Rogers, Professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Macquarie, and Human Rights Lawyer Eeva Heikkilä. “Following the 680-page research report published in June 2016, they have been convinced that the systematic threats by China towards the dissidents and prisoners of conscience are true,” continued the article. Based on an article published in the Caijing magazine in 2009, between 1993 and 2007, the number of liver transplants in China increased by 400 times. “The explosive growth of liver transfers began in 2000, six months after the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners began. They are imprisoned on the basis of their religious convictions,” wrote the article. This has drawn concern in international scientific journals. “In 2017, BMJ reported on how the Liver International magazine removed the Chinese article published in 2016, as the origins of the transplanted organs used in the study could not be determined.” In particular, the authors of the article failed to convince the delivery that the internal organs were not harvested from living prisoners of conscience as was suspected in the journal.” According to an article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2016, the ethical problems of Chinese organ transplants continue to grow. The American Journal of Transplantation published an article in 2016 stating that independent and objective evidence that China has actually put an end to such unethical practices is needed.
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Neko poslije partijam?
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ja nzm sto ga hejtajte ja ne volim flex ali covjek kida alo ono mn je dobar vama nije tako da gg
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Ctg dzem h hu 66 i ja
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next road 6m
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"Tera me da mafijam" Miloš (15) ubacio 200din u aparat uzo 1000
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Meni su najveca misterija ove kifle? na stolu kad je ova posljednja vecera koja eksplodira na 2:11 jer mi onda izgleda da se ta jedna kifla pretvori u bananu, a jedna u papucu?
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Kada čujem autotune odma mi se povraćaaaa
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Ovi sto ne razumiju pjesmu dovoljno je da razumite ovih 18m pregleda 😀😀Buba I Jala 💪💪
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Ti nisi pala na poklone skupe kristina(9)ja jesam svaki da mi da 1 evro
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Zašto ovu pesmu više yt ne preporučuje i zbog toga su stali pregledi skroz, moram da kucam pesmu u search, da bih je našao
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Najjači ste ali sigurno smo svi očekivali da će i BUBA biti u spotu,volimmm vvaaaassssssssssss
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Nadraza rijec: mojaa braća noćas slave Maa ekstraa pjesma nije džabe trendd♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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ako neko moze nek se suba na moj yt kanal jer je vama to sekunda meni mnogo znaci
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Nemam sta rec 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝❤❤💯😬💯💯💯😬💯💯💯💪🏼💪🏼
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Nema nista ljepse na svetu nego kad cjedi spuzvu na njena ledja
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Drug:Jala pre 5 minuta objavio pesmu Pretraži "partijama" Ja: Ulazim u HRpost i idem na trending
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Molimo RimDa da malo manje krade beatove od Rae sremmurd powerslide. HVALA!
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2020???? Da vas vidim
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Ona tjera me da mafijam Goran (10) obriso tablu kad nije bio redar
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bravo brate...........................
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trebalo bi pisat Valentino - Valentino
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Koliko vas je iskompleksirao brat.
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2020 još tražim tekst uskoro ću potražiti pomoć od policije 🚨...
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Ovaj sto maše zastavom.... Jel on od Inasa otac?
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Coby radio traku.ahhaah
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Najjaca koju je ikad snimio.
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