Fortnite's NEW TRAPS!
it's coming back...
Prije 15 dana
When Am I Quitting Fortnite?
My Fortnite Crush..
Prije 29 dana
i FINALLY did it…
Prije mjesec
TimmySZN Prije 5 sati
pubs are like arena now why tf are the sweating there ass off
Steven Dishongh
Steven Dishongh Prije 5 sati
The last 2 weeks (when the mechs exploded when they landed) of season X was the best time in Fortnite. (Statement made before watching the video)
Elite Prije 5 sati
🔥 thanks
MiracleYt Prije 5 sati
The trap king is back
saionfps Prije 5 sati
if its in endgame and people block people off in storm with this trap, thats going to be very broken
PAINFUL Prije 5 sati
This man needs a burger
Zachary Novick
Zachary Novick Prije 5 sati
no the other right
Kal Prije 5 sati
I want SPIKE TRAPS back
Zkaiyz Prije 5 sati
imagine they added the gas bombs with the wall that would be op (you almost got clipped btw by the fish
Skillerz6431 Prije 5 sati
The shockwave launcher is already in the game and it was leaked
Cayden Morgan
Cayden Morgan Prije 5 sati
They fixed the bug btw just letting you know
Exel Triqz
Exel Triqz Prije 5 sati
Bring back shocky launcher
ZayDaGodYT Prije 5 sati
If the rift Comes back and its a mythic with infinite uses but every time you use it you will have to wait 20secs to use it again and it would be a great video
Corwin Baker
Corwin Baker Prije 5 sati
It’s the guy from fortnite
ItsZax Prije 6 sati
i got on and wasted all my gold..........
Joseph Saldana
Joseph Saldana Prije 6 sati
Got boxed
Trey Schoenwetter
Trey Schoenwetter Prije 6 sati
Next weeks update is supposedly car and gun modifications, skin trading, and arena awards
zero striker565
zero striker565 Prije 6 sati
The trex 0is back
Liam Baerman
Liam Baerman Prije 6 sati
What are your settings so you can see through the storm
FADE_SAVAGE_816 Savage
FADE_SAVAGE_816 Savage Prije 6 sati
Took you long enough
Darren L.
Darren L. Prije 6 sati
what he needs is to use the dragons breath sniper rifle instead of fireflies
Kaitlin Zink
Kaitlin Zink Prije 6 sati
you can have 155 wall traps
Will Davidson
Will Davidson Prije 6 sati
luv u cypher <33
lt's the reverb for me
lt's the reverb for me Prije 6 sati
Hydr0 Prije 6 sati
We have so much in common:)
average ;-;
average ;-; Prije 6 sati
Bro I play nintendo were not that much of a bot
SMEJ Gaming
SMEJ Gaming Prije 6 sati
The venom mythic is too op it needs to be removed or heavily nerfed
Ry IsSmall
Ry IsSmall Prije 6 sati
Seaseon 8 might bring fortnite back we already have mini cubes new items and map changes already fortnite keep it up
Limskezes Falamoe
Limskezes Falamoe Prije 6 sati
ngl tfue kinda looks like logan paul
Blazing Buffalo
Blazing Buffalo Prije 6 sati
ThePprotoType Prije 6 sati
I could see how the community could be split by this the annoying sweats is the reason
Frost⁵⁰²   FF
Frost⁵⁰² FF Prije 6 sati
Imagin this in FNC pros be like full iron box lol
Abhiram Mupparaju
Abhiram Mupparaju Prije 6 sati
I wonder if the symbiotes can break through this?
Keyan Clement
Keyan Clement Prije 6 sati
I really wish I was played fortnite back when marvel was around
AdhamAmr Prije 6 sati
كييييييف صوتك لبنانييييي او اردني اوووووووف
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Prije 6 sati
New trap in Fortnite: is added Sypher: Time to showcase.
Ck_rocks2010 YT
Ck_rocks2010 YT Prije 6 sati
Every time
Gideon Pippin
Gideon Pippin Prije 6 sati
Usually more people reply to you, but I guess I’m first today XD
Thicknes boi
Thicknes boi Prije 6 sati
Can the venom or carnage mythic 1 tap an armoured wall?
jake simpson
jake simpson Prije 6 sati
I wonder if the mythic can break through the traps
Hockey g0d17
Hockey g0d17 Prije 6 sati
Op af
Kataleya Tᴀᴘ Mʏ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ
Kataleya Tᴀᴘ Mʏ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ Prije 6 sati
It’s a pretty balanced and average item I think they should be in the game all the time just like the scar or the AR
Oscar 070chanathip
Oscar 070chanathip Prije 5 sati
Nice pfp
Artemis FN
Artemis FN Prije 6 sati
bro I get so hype when he kills those sweats. He still claps them and he has a life XD.
Tahj T
Tahj T Prije 6 sati
The kid at the end was like "I can't believe I jus boxed him, I'm the most cracked...(loud pump noise) Sypher: Get outta ma face booooi
Daniel Brewster
Daniel Brewster Prije 6 sati
Tina -  ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ғᴏʀ ʟɪᴠᴇ sᴇᴇ ᴍʏ ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ
Tina - ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ғᴏʀ ʟɪᴠᴇ sᴇᴇ ᴍʏ ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ Prije 6 sati
When he placed the trap when the sweat took his wall, I could just hear the 'Nope' sound effect in my head.
Hori Prije 6 sati
To help the mythic glide faster you just have to skydive once and glide again
BEAST 1 Prije 6 sati
Why you looking like nickmercs? Head down and everything
Mat Nadworny
Mat Nadworny Prije 6 sati
Content creators really piss me off.
Giovanna D'Amico
Giovanna D'Amico Prije 6 sati
If you search up give me $10,000
Gucci Greens
Gucci Greens Prije 6 sati
Finally I can’t get piece controlled by sweats sweats be dead!!!
Pintz Prije 6 sati
do ryft to go
Trooper Prije 6 sati
ClearShotYo Prije 6 sati
5 stack huh? would that be 4 walls and a roof? 2500 each means an unbreakable box
wuqi Prije 6 sati
Imo this is the dumbest item they added to the game kids gonna camp in this with one wall edited and spraying from across the map thats just my opinion
getclaped son
getclaped son Prije 6 sati
Tell me y this is the worst gameplay he ever doweloaded to show a 15second clip
Ronanxdxd Prije 6 sati
Can you say hi to me
Ronanxdxd Prije 6 sati
I like the new update I think it’s really cool of the walls
Kash the G.O.A.T
Kash the G.O.A.T Prije 6 sati
People can make some rlly good play with this
Styx Prije 6 sati
Pro player 🤓
Glenda Rios
Glenda Rios Prije 6 sati
Gold that picture frame is good
Ghastify Prije 6 sati
alright. so it will be very good for comp endgames
Elliot Nash Estrada
Elliot Nash Estrada Prije 6 sati
Me with 4000 gold: the shocky launcher is coming back
Durpy Dylan
Durpy Dylan Prije 6 sati
Wow thanks
ExplodingCherry Prije 6 sati
You can carry cube fish and the eat it to phase through the walls
YktheVib3 3
YktheVib3 3 Prije 6 sati
or you could spam them all around you to create a death match between you and your opponent
Chicken G
Chicken G Prije 6 sati
Just found out I’m not subscribed to sypher! Needs to add the “check to see if your subbed” in your vids
Tomix Tom
Tomix Tom Prije 6 sati
Fortnite: adds a new trap Sypher PK: uploads a vid about it 0.01 secs
Isaac Hargrove
Isaac Hargrove Prije 6 sati
Ayeeee I see you pk
Yuhhh Prije 6 sati
I really want someone to gift me this skin like really bad😭💔
Daviando Prije 6 sati
It's going to be best used defensively especially against player with 0 ping
Kango Prije 6 sati
Aye who noticed the old music yayyyyy
Jordan Waters
Jordan Waters Prije 6 sati
Sheeesh!!!! That’s 200iq way to use them walls that’s insane omg 🤣
Univers3 Designs
Univers3 Designs Prije 6 sati
I knew fresh, X2, Lachy, and muselk right off the bat
Pop Stantot
Pop Stantot Prije 6 sati
Why is the vid 480p?
itzlocko Prije 6 sati
i found the rift to go and the shockwave launcher
April Dlugosh
April Dlugosh Prije 6 sati
I want the shortwave launcher cause it was very fun to use but the rift no because if u use it next to a opponent they come and also follow u and kill u
F**СК МЕ! СНЕСK МY РR0FILЕ Prije 6 sati
There's one thing that I experienced in the new season. People with toona fish are sweaty as hell.
unch4rtered Prije 6 sati
its crazy that real people do this
Im SøLø BtW
Im SøLø BtW Prije 6 sati
i feel so bad for clippers theyre going to get trolled lol.
Luke Purfield
Luke Purfield Prije 6 sati
He is not hooked up to A lie detector lie detector‘s have way more wires and equipment used for them he only has a heartbeat sensor on his finger and one of those things that you put on your muscle that does nothing for a lie detector
María Garcia
María Garcia Prije 6 sati
You can troll people w it
BlueBaron Prije 6 sati
not ur fault syper but the d'amelios doing honey ad that I got makes me wanna call a suicide hotline