Șerban Junior Brumar
Șerban Junior Brumar Prije 3 sati
2:35 You son of a witch
Zachary Berde
Zachary Berde Prije 3 sati
firecracker: allow me to introduce myself.
Tomás Pérez de San Roman
Tomás Pérez de San Roman Prije 3 sati
This only work in x7 elixir legendary
Kshitij clash Gamer
Kshitij clash Gamer Prije 3 sati
Dart goblin is best
The King of Patka
The King of Patka Prije 3 sati
Clash royale is better et BROWL STARS
Victoria Torres
Victoria Torres Prije 4 sati
I love the book of book but is not enough for all the cards that I need to upgrade. Do you need to bring back the Gold coins offers please🙏
sweden empire
sweden empire Prije 4 sati
Evry one simp to prinnces: NO ONE NO ONE SIMP TO ELEKRO THAT DESTROY SHE(sorry 4 bad english
Mirkos Prije 4 sati
In the old days, this was actually a good strategy
Yugioh-ProxyTV Prije 4 sati
Dragon... or anything
Aman Rampuria
Aman Rampuria Prije 4 sati
Blue had ha positive elixir trade
Andrei Popescul
Andrei Popescul Prije 4 sati
The day they destroyed the game...
murat baran inal
murat baran inal Prije 5 sati
Brock + (Shelly and Bull)=Penny
Gaming Life
Gaming Life Prije 5 sati
i love clash royale
raining acid
raining acid Prije 5 sati
i am here again in 2021.
Banana Boksh
Banana Boksh Prije 5 sati
This game sucks I’m level ten and in getting matched with level 12’s and 13’s this game is not fun anymore I don’t stand a chance against those maxed out losers FIX YOUR FREAKING GAME SUPPERCELL
dhhd sjjc
dhhd sjjc Prije 4 sati
E E Prije 5 sati
Meet the trash!
Viljo Kauppinen
Viljo Kauppinen Prije 6 sati
Im Finnish
Hisham Bin Anwer
Hisham Bin Anwer Prije 6 sati
Give us more anime. please!
ツKaljurotta Prije 6 sati
Is he talking with Goblin Giant’s voice?
Adeeb Mujahid
Adeeb Mujahid Prije 6 sati
Everybody gangsta till the tombstone starts spawning giant skeletons
Sören Ahlbäck
Sören Ahlbäck Prije 6 sati
After about a month I haven’t seen a Legendary Book yet.
Harrison Bell
Harrison Bell Prije 6 sati
big mistake
Daniel Navarro
Daniel Navarro Prije 6 sati
Unless youve been playing this game for a long time. This game isnt pay to win. This game is easy to learn hard to master