Shark vs. GoPro
Prije 2 mjeseci
The Truth About my Son
Prije 5 mjeseci
TheGoatfather865 Prije 5 sati
I want to know. Are any of these videos admissible in a court of law as a warrant was not used to obtain them?
Leongon draws stuff
Leongon draws stuff Prije 5 sati
Lover goals... to make your partner have as much pleasure as Mark Rober watching 100k dominoes falling over.
MRpvp Prije 5 sati
Mark im doing a robotics contest i want you to come can you try to respond because mark your my role model and im into engineering i bet your not going to se this Every one please like so he can see this
Henno Jordan
Henno Jordan Prije 5 sati
kyle Aplin
kyle Aplin Prije 5 sati
I watched this video cause growing up, my school didn't have football but I was always enamored by the field goal kickers and thought it was the funnest thing kicking field goals! I practiced and was able to kick the ball from the 40 yard line! And I did it barefoot too! Really enjoyed the video 👍
simon wang
simon wang Prije 6 sati
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Watch With Veer
Watch With Veer Prije 6 sati
source @ 1:33?
Massive Troller
Massive Troller Prije 6 sati
This Guy Needs A Medal!
nroo Prije 6 sati
Ayyy he’s using a punch out shirt!
a Prije 6 sati
I like the part when its say the BOX HAS BEEN STOLEN BUST OUT THE POPCORN
Axidite Prije 6 sati
Why am I just now seeing this
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Prije 6 sati
When life gives you lemons
Cart Ep
Cart Ep Prije 6 sati
1:47 I’ve operated this backhoe for 60 years… I’ve forgotten what it’s like to sleep…
Toixc Shark
Toixc Shark Prije 7 sati
As a person with autism this video made me Really happy and made my day
monthila detoudom
monthila detoudom Prije 7 sati
Oliver Fox
Oliver Fox Prije 7 sati
I think that mark will win
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 Prije 7 sati
Fluid hammer.
VaporyMocha Prije 7 sati
i got hit with nostalgia when he started playing PvZ Music
audrina krzyzanek
audrina krzyzanek Prije 7 sati
your son is so cut
Emmett Myers
Emmett Myers Prije 8 sati
Mark Rober for bet
Vanessa Chen
Vanessa Chen Prije 8 sati
Hello I just started 6th grade and I have a really big dream and want to be a engineer when I’m older. I have times where I want to give up but your videos always make me smile. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Thank you for helping me through dark times.
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Prije 8 sati
You are awesome you inspire me as a young engineer I am in my first year of high school and I'm taking my into to engineering class which is super easy since I've been watching you for 3 years.
Nick Rackel
Nick Rackel Prije 8 sati
You do a great job making science fun for everyone. You are awesome dude! Keep doing what you do
Mr. Melo
Mr. Melo Prije 8 sati
You should make a huge robot
Drummer32 Prije 8 sati
Can’t kick those in Dallas lol 😂
Mason Hantke
Mason Hantke Prije 8 sati
why don't you just use the hot tube jets? won't that work?
Sercer25 Prije 8 sati
Whats the common theme with these scammers and package thiefs?
Matthew Teta
Matthew Teta Prije 8 sati
Tried to use this app the other day but it needs to be updated for the new iOS in order to work! Thinking of recreating it myself unless my boi Mark wants to do it :)
Elyse Picard
Elyse Picard Prije 8 sati
When are you going to make a 3.0 squirrel obstacle cource
Christian G
Christian G Prije 8 sati
Fletchers sisters @??
J S Prije 8 sati
What did you do with all of the highly pollutive Orbeez that you used in that pool party?
Tom Ingebretsen
Tom Ingebretsen Prije 8 sati
You should do that when life gives you lemons you should do that
New DouglasvilleAFG
New DouglasvilleAFG Prije 8 sati
John Pullum
John Pullum Prije 8 sati
That would be hilarious if a firetruck would pull up with giant squirt guns like this.
John Pullum
John Pullum Prije 8 sati
I'd like to hook one up to my Ring Doorbell to get rid of some solicitors.
Hong Nga Minh Hue
Hong Nga Minh Hue Prije 9 sati
The closed quotation successively develop because walk symptomatically claim outside a educated grease. unnatural, groovy pleasure
John Pullum
John Pullum Prije 9 sati
That was amazing!
AlwayzFwd Beatz
AlwayzFwd Beatz Prije 9 sati
They should try this with soccer players
Dennis Gut
Dennis Gut Prije 9 sati
in germany when nobody is home the delivery driver takes the package to the next post station and the package owner can pick it up the next day. easy
Cwillis13  roblox
Cwillis13 roblox Prije 9 sati
I’m jealous of Brodys day
John Pullum
John Pullum Prije 9 sati
What a fun thing to do for a great kid.
Jayson P. Asis
Jayson P. Asis Prije 9 sati
Lost my wallet at a store,, came back for it and was glad that it had been returned to the counter but only to find out that $160 cash was gone..
Alex Larsen
Alex Larsen Prije 9 sati
Your formula has already been reverse engineered, Mark. 50% is the key.
Corgenix Prije 10 sati
that last part tho
Mattan Kurziner
Mattan Kurziner Prije 10 sati
wait whaaaaaaaaaa he is saveing more people then there are???
ashley z
ashley z Prije 10 sati
I’m gonna smell myself every Time after I go in the pool and if I smell like chlorine I’m gonna freak out
GCT10 Prije 10 sati
how did you get blood :OO
Stacy Bellnoski
Stacy Bellnoski Prije 10 sati
Mr Beast?
smooveXXX Prije 10 sati
Is it kind of tragic that 90% of these people are the same ethnicity? You can get as angry as you want about that statement but it's accurate.
jaime avina
jaime avina Prije 10 sati
Do you think you could safely put this algae in a backyard pond?
Colton’s Air Gun review channel
Colton’s Air Gun review channel Prije 10 sati
That moment you realize he is probably smarter than all of us
꧁WupperElfe꧂ Prije 10 sati
Lisa Rober must be the most patient wife in the world 😄😄😄
Eugene McCalister
Eugene McCalister Prije 10 sati
Yeah, um... my 104 grandmother is gonna love Kiwi, lol.
Elmari Geldenhuys
Elmari Geldenhuys Prije 10 sati
Elmari Geldenhuys
Elmari Geldenhuys Prije 10 sati
Elmari Geldenhuys
Elmari Geldenhuys Prije 10 sati
I am a nob at micraft
Aldo Zapien
Aldo Zapien Prije 6 sati
We didn't ask
Elmari Geldenhuys
Elmari Geldenhuys Prije 10 sati
I need money for ninja cloths
Nothing to see here...
Nothing to see here... Prije 10 sati
What kind of cards are they using?!?!
Lottie Williams
Lottie Williams Prije 10 sati
Bro you made me tear up Love your son and family xx😀
saved ink
saved ink Prije 10 sati
Deym congrats a moment of silence for the birds who got hit by the elephant tooth paste
Joseph Eddy
Joseph Eddy Prije 11 sati
Wow 10:16 she is so sad :(
Joseph Eddy
Joseph Eddy Prije 11 sati
“You don’t mess with my ppl”
Tyler McDaniel
Tyler McDaniel Prije 11 sati
Hearing TKOR’s voice is amazing, glad I rewatched this older video <3
Andrew Prije 11 sati
A small spring above the stopper pins renders the upside down trick useless
WaamyCookie Prije 11 sati
This video is so beautiful. I'm unironically getting happy tears. No joke. Love you mark
Dumont Co
Dumont Co Prije 12 sati
Obeying laws of physics isn't optional. Minute mark 1:05. R.I.P. Newton's laws of physics 1687 - 2001.
vatten Prije 12 sati
i wish mark were my dad or something
Ty Escudero
Ty Escudero Prije 12 sati
“only the finest” - *pours arrowhead water*
Nathan Tran
Nathan Tran Prije 12 sati
Why is fletcher smiling at his record being destroyed
Tonio Sanchez
Tonio Sanchez Prije 12 sati
My big Respekt on you
Tonio Sanchez
Tonio Sanchez Prije 12 sati
Lol IAM a honestly person 😂😂
ayola Prije 12 sati
i wish i had a friend like him
Tonio Sanchez
Tonio Sanchez Prije 12 sati
What basdarda
Sairam Chinna Rathod
Sairam Chinna Rathod Prije 12 sati
You are real life hero because i was a victim of a fraudster they took 5000 rupees
Eanera sanera
Eanera sanera Prije 12 sati
The brash heron immediately injure because equinox gratifyingly argue around a nappy delivery. slippery, future futuristic scarf
Corey._.scoots Prije 12 sati
wut about pluto😡
Eanera sanera
Eanera sanera Prije 13 sati
The stiff elephant macropharmacologically stuff because swan actually number versus a icky twist. hurt, bawdy train
brandon reese
brandon reese Prije 13 sati
new boy
new boy Prije 13 sati
.....ew 😵😵
Eanera sanera
Eanera sanera Prije 13 sati
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