Steppenwolf liest
Steppenwolf liest Prije 20 sati
I think, she has had a more difficult tournament than Emma Raducanu. I love her play and I love her statement. And yes, she will comes back.
Amolo Amolo
Amolo Amolo Prije 20 sati
Pliskova really hates moving around the court, so frustrating to watch
Evaristo Tampus
Evaristo Tampus Prije 20 sati
I'm very proud🎾🇵🇭🇨🇦
Rahul Prije 20 sati
1:24:42 best point of the match
David Chang
David Chang Prije 20 sati
So nice!!
Восток запад
Восток запад Prije 21 sat
Сливной бачок 👨бублик.
M Smith
M Smith Prije 21 sat
Lets call it how it was. Real fortunate run of the draw and many of the better players losing these two were the left overs. Will be interesting to see if both players use this as inspiration and a booster to go on to be great champions and win many more tournaments.
Asyraf Nukman
Asyraf Nukman Prije 21 sat
Anak wells
Wangder Chi
Wangder Chi Prije 21 sat
Leylah, super girl
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Prije 21 sat
Still can’t believe it - just stunning! What a player.
r grepo
r grepo Prije 21 sat
Hmmm funny Osaka didn't bow this time :/
Lek Sukijo Mbolang
Lek Sukijo Mbolang Prije 21 sat
She is the real gladiator..
Kith Prije 22 sati
7:04 Almost. He should have learned from what happened last year. The ball kid was indeed in real danger.
Wangder Chi
Wangder Chi Prije 22 sati
Leylah is No. 1
Bikash Dhakal
Bikash Dhakal Prije 22 sati
Miss great player like helep ,s .etc William s, ... For me the finalists of us 2021 is just a kid to compare the old women champion s..this 2 finalists look biggeners.plz fine the great player .final matcha is like opening match
Саша Медведь
Саша Медведь Prije 22 sati
Разве возможно хрупкой Шараповой выйграть у мужика ?
llea Nge
llea Nge Prije 22 sati
alcaraz and raducanu...
Milroy Nishantha
Milroy Nishantha Prije 22 sati
I Am Super Hero 🙏👍☝️
David Flores
David Flores Prije 22 sati
ELAINE Mendoza
ELAINE Mendoza Prije 22 sati
That amazing...hardwork pays off really😂
Since winning her Slam, iga hasn't been able to go deeper, semi or final But she has time on her side.
Skating Canuck
Skating Canuck Prije 22 sati
I have to credit Aryna for owning up to not stepping up, yet crediting her opponent. To say "she deserved this win", rather than just saying she played terrible. Aryna owned up without downplaying her opponent's accomplishment. Respect.
Amanzhol Tolendi
Amanzhol Tolendi Prije 22 sati
Джокович слил финал за большие деньги
Пок Док
Пок Док Prije 22 sati
Yahoo Prije 22 sati
Alex T
Alex T Prije 22 sati
Naomi had it all to win this match, and even to win the championship. What she lacked was the mentality and mindset of someone like, for instance, Serena Williams.
T LALRUATKIMA Prije 22 sati
Medvedev learned the game og Djokovic.Djokovic is an illusive player..
John brian Mandado
John brian Mandado Prije 23 sati
The Best LEYLAH FERNANDEZ!!! Mabuhay Pilipinas...
ニャンコ先生 Prije 23 sati
Sergey Didukh
Sergey Didukh Prije 23 sati
This is showtime!!!
Michael Viger
Michael Viger Prije 23 sati
Iga serve her weakpoint.
lebastar Prije dan
I love her!
hamimannn Prije dan
Kids winning us open now Women's devision looks tonb going down the drain
Bryan Rigby-Roberts
Bryan Rigby-Roberts Prije dan
Her shot choice and forehand power is like nothing I have seen in someone of her age. Astonishing.
ardak ardaki
ardak ardaki Prije dan
Что за крики оргазм
1mstevm Prije dan
Remember when Steffi got stabbed after a match?
OakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original Videos
OakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original Videos Prije dan
Why only 720p?
Alvaro Pilco
Alvaro Pilco Prije dan
THE BEST 17:33
xpapa can
xpapa can Prije dan
Future Champion every GrandSlam
ahsan sumit
ahsan sumit Prije dan
wanna see a gAME between Emma and Federer....! not a bad wish so far....
Asish Kumar
Asish Kumar Prije dan
Earthquake agaya kya Medvedev ko 😂
Hector Wong
Hector Wong Prije dan
Classy, beautiful, and great person
Stanley Blazeraznik
Stanley Blazeraznik Prije dan
Novak is a Richard Head!
Flicks Prije dan
And he lost in the first round this year
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon Prije dan
Is he Alexander’s brother?!
Bryed Arga
Bryed Arga Prije dan
Cómo quisiera una mujer como Iga de ESPOSA Tremenda mujer tan HERMOSA Además de súper TALENTOSA Ay madre mía pero qué cosa, que COSA!
xploring Prije dan
Both of them seemed to only have one gear or one way of playing, whereas Emma seemed to be able to adjust and adapt with different opponents and situations.
yanjie ji
yanjie ji Prije dan
Emma is a quick learner, picking up something each game.
izzat nordin
izzat nordin Prije dan
why need to shout
Miles Allen
Miles Allen Prije dan
Not even 30 seconds in and the commentator has mispronounced both of their names...
Accident 158
Accident 158 Prije dan
Maybe the reason why she get lost against Emma is because of pressure surrounds her , if i'm wrong here, most of the audience during that time are on the side of Emma on numerous of them for Leyla
T Tran
T Tran Prije dan
Now watching this again and comparing it with 2021 USO final, though a little not fair because Djokovic didn’t have enough energy in his legs, but as a Djokovic fan I honestly say Nadal is a tiny bit better than Djokovic at USO. The records and their H2H at USO prove it. Nadal has that big forehand he can use to finish a rallies. His net game is also more solid.
Robin四夕文武 Prije dan
90% Danii vs 50% Novak! Novak played like someone who played his first grand slam final.
Tenzin Thinley
Tenzin Thinley Prije dan
She is not only insanely gifted in tennis but exceptional in studies too with straight As. Just to think how much motivated she might have been in her early teens to reach such height. Mind boggling
4u25out Prije dan
Very articulate,beautiful inside and out, congratulations,Emma.
Ash Op
Ash Op Prije dan
フェルナンドモモンソ Prije dan
ルーズベルトゲームすぎるな 最高やこれは 錦織また活躍してほしいなー
luzon rodante
luzon rodante Prije dan
Leylah wanted more. Her attitude changed. Until....she fell short to the glory.
OUTTAIDEAS88 Prije dan
Who are the commentators? They did a great job. Great match.
Arya Ng
Arya Ng Prije dan
Iga needs to find a twist on her games, or else she will just be a 1 slam wonder. and stuck where she is now.
MorningHope Prije dan
Emma's visceral scream is awesome to see at 2:10. She has this completive beast from within lurking inside that delicate feminine exterior. LOL at 4:28 "potentially"
hafid mostarhfir
hafid mostarhfir Prije dan
She has got all the shots with brilliant serve and ruthless forehand and volley She is here to stay Make no mistake about that
hello520111 Prije dan
William is so big and massive ... it is almost unfair to play against with.
Redwood Trees
Redwood Trees Prije dan
bonus points for Emma because she didn't do a cringe 9/11 name drop
Bench26 Prije dan
congrats leylah watching from cayman islang but im from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
lakewall Prije dan
I've enjoyed Taylor Dent's commentating in the past. Not here. Sarcastic through the whole match and negative even when something great happens. Unfortunate.
coach6250 Prije dan
Iga still has the shots, but she doesn't look Slam-ready. She's having trouble reading the court, and her movement is shockingly slow. Maybe she took too much time off, instead of playing the pre-Slam tournaments.
suddenly_susan Prije dan
I can't give much credibility to a commentator who doesn't know how to pronounce the players' names. I mean Belinda Bencic has been on the WTA tour for at least 10 years. All the pros have a recording of their names on the WTA website. Please do your due diligence!
Stats Guy
Stats Guy Prije 23 sati
Exactly, she keeps calling her Benchick even after her fellow commentator and umpire pronounce in correctly many times.. Svaitek? No comment.
Red Road
Red Road Prije dan
Who is the woman commentator? Could not even bother to _try_ to pronounce the players's names correctly. SHVEE-AHN-TEK not shvy-a-tek. BEN-CHICH not ben-chick.
Charles Nelson
Charles Nelson Prije dan
Just read about you helping Emma only if she asked you,but was surprised you didn't like it when someone tried to give you advice weird thing to say concerning they were only trying to help you Andy at the time...
Doksh Prije dan
I just love these two players
Pek Lim Ung
Pek Lim Ung Prije dan
The world is proud of you 👍
Sania Malik
Sania Malik Prije dan
Bringing her American Dream in to a reality. Its an Outstanding Achievement!
Cheba Skipper
Cheba Skipper Prije dan
first and last
Authorised User
Authorised User Prije dan
Off the top of my head I could think of 10 shots Raducanu hit that were better than these ones. Who is making these videos??
Jes Prije dan
Best point 2:28:07!
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Prije dan
Congratulations Daniil,well done! Love from Italy 🇮🇹 US Open crowd, and I don't mean the whole crowd, once again you showed disrespect. Such a shame.
Evaristo Tampus
Evaristo Tampus Prije dan
I'm very proud leylah Fernandez congrats 🇵🇭🇨🇦💟
wpasi Prije dan
Is that Serena's agent, Jill, at the end?