Luis Lozano
Luis Lozano Prije 13 sati
VERY GOOD PROSPECT MORRELL jr. and now here in USA he get a great FUTURE...
Antonio Sara
Antonio Sara Prije 13 sati
Rego best runner sicond by maywether
Andre Williams
Andre Williams Prije 13 sati
Floyd like 😒🤦‍♂️
Gabriel Alonso
Gabriel Alonso Prije 14 sati
This is the guy that canelo is supposedly scared of ? Idk man the way love touched him up , If that's canelo might be an early mismatch.
Gentleman & a Cook
Gentleman & a Cook Prije 14 sati
What was up with that sorry ass jab Hurd was throwing
Miklo Prije 14 sati
after this I found it Psycho that people still thought he would beat Fury, dude got dominated and lucked out
Gentleman & a Cook
Gentleman & a Cook Prije 14 sati
When I see this fight. Jrock just wanted it more
juandiamante Prije 14 sati
Ninguno de los dos tiene talla de boxeador, se ven muy mal . Mas bien parece una pelea medio payasa
Reny Alvarado
Reny Alvarado Prije 15 sati
Good day to all
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed Prije 15 sati
Hi good morning nice
O O Prije 15 sati
Granados is a good fighter altho broner wasnt at his hghest he did well enough to get the W so Salute to both artists
The D Hive
The D Hive Prije 15 sati
Isn't it funny to realize that Jordan hardy and Caleb Plant started fcking while they were working here lol Jordan literally took her work home with her.
Xavier Richard
Xavier Richard Prije 16 sati
Wilder is totally lost as soon as his right big shots appear uneffective.
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Prije 16 sati
The bummer got bombed fury had his fist in those pillows
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Prije 16 sati
What I want to know is who called that bum a boxer Wilder should have fought the so called boggy man for a third time old pony boy new he could whip the boggy man
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Prije 16 sati
What I want to know is who called that bum a boxer Wilder should have fought the so called boggy man for a third time old pony boy new he could whip the boggy man
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Prije 16 sati
What I want to know is who called that bum a boxer Wilder should have fought the so called boggy man for a third time old pony boy new he could whip the boggy man
Javier Arbolaez perez
Javier Arbolaez perez Prije 16 sati
I've seen fights that have been stopped by smaller cuts 🚶🏾‍♂️
Vidal Campa
Vidal Campa Prije 16 sati
No wonder tank wants this guy next no defense what so ever
Hong Cee Quan
Hong Cee Quan Prije 16 sati
Normally when you beat a fighter the first time the second time is usually easier. But Harrison didn't win the first fight that's why he got whooped the second fight.
MINIMaxBOXING Prije 16 sati
Barrios's size and toughness will give Tank a good fight, but I got Tank by decision.
ybk Prije 16 sati
Keith "once upon a time " Thurman !!!
AUBREY CIAK Prije 16 sati
One punch n a tie up boxing fucking sucks
ripia ripiasuju
ripia ripiasuju Prije 16 sati
21:00 anyone else hear that 'wilder fuck you man, spent all this money on the second round' that guys got chops after what he just saw 😂
Noé Rodriguez
Noé Rodriguez Prije 17 sati
That’s how they make their idols by helping them win
Eva Ilunga
Eva Ilunga Prije 17 sati
Wilder was scared
Roy Garcia
Roy Garcia Prije 17 sati
good fight,Spence the truth!!Danny needs to throw more punches,like the end of round 12..A solid chin should give you the confidence to sit on some good combos,may be he'll learn from this one.
Draziw Prije 17 sati
Angel “Cokehead” Garcia was hiding behind Danny as he was attempting to talk trash to Porter cause Porter Sr. Was right there ready to back his son up! The man is a straight racist Coward!
Abel Flores
Abel Flores Prije 18 sati
Not worth watching
Tom Graz
Tom Graz Prije 18 sati
Benavidez got a little careless in the last round but clearly won the fight. This was 4 years ago and he's matured quite a bit in that time.
ImFrmNJ Prije 18 sati
Leo Santa Cruz can beat Ryan Garcia.. Ryan wouldnt be able to take them shots like Leo did
Jesus Flores
Jesus Flores Prije 18 sati
Barrios is going to be 160 fight night watch
Tony Barber
Tony Barber Prije 18 sati
Taru Amara 5032
Taru Amara 5032 Prije 19 sati
Jay Dub
Jay Dub Prije 19 sati
To bad Canelo doesn't fight fighters that punch back.
Bore Prije 19 sati
They are pretty much the same height, and it says broner 5'6" 1/2 and santiago 5'8" wtf?
Argentris Barber
Argentris Barber Prije 20 sati
Bud should move up to 154lbs...he would DESTROY Charlo....
Damian Weatherhead
Damian Weatherhead Prije 20 sati
What and ass boxer bronzer because I say that look how he fight come on mayweather teach he to fight 😅
Ramo Duff
Ramo Duff Prije 20 sati
Spence made Garcia's whole face red. Guess Garcia couldn't those jabs.
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Prije 20 sati
Lara won this fight. I intentionally skipped the intro just to see what they both would bring to the fight and even though Castano brought a fight he didnt dictate it. Hes the champion thats what he is supposed to do. Lara dictated the fight and boxed. Perfect example of taming the bull. Laras career was doomed walking into this fight because hes too good for fights to not shuffle enough, its almost like the boxing world has gotten tired of his fame.
Beltus Enow
Beltus Enow Prije 20 sati
As the name goes WILDER, he is wild he is brutal
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn Prije 20 sati
During exam times which stresses me out a shit ton, I watch this fight and superbowl 42 to instantly feel better
andalo55 Prije 20 sati
Cobbs couldn’t even look at David’s eyes
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez Prije 20 sati
Everyone that’s here because of tank are fake boxing fans
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Prije 20 sati
Big fan of David, from his hometown actually, but people really calling out for a Benavidez vs Canelo fight..?
BAT - TOYS Prije 21 sat
Pinche video tan malo.
Joel Brito
Joel Brito Prije 21 sat
Lutadozinho limitado luta por um golpe 👎
KAMEL IACC CBA Prije 21 sat
desde cuando abrazar todo el tiempo y correr es de buen boxeador ?? lara es un cobarde ..
Asincian Anthony Moreno
Asincian Anthony Moreno Prije 21 sat
Damn this announcer sucks and is annoying smh
Chris Delgado
Chris Delgado Prije 21 sat
The 8 dislikes need to take a left hook from benaviedes!#!#!#! 😆
7pinky7 Prije 21 sat
Broner, let your hands go man!
Focusoncreativity Prije 21 sat
They gave him the fight on 16 day notice? What that mean lol prepare yourself at all times you're a fighter, no excuse no pity. Errol is a beast
DR Reed
DR Reed Prije 21 sat
This is the Mexican style that Gennady is always talking about. Glen Johnson, a non-Mexican, also knew the style very well.
who am i
who am i Prije 21 sat
32:24 I think he was looking at how much time he has left in the round lmao
Young Junior
Young Junior Prije 21 sat
Only thing I worry about Benavidez is his foot work. He a little flat footed I think if he works on his footwork it will help him be less vulnerable to a knock down
Doug Smith
Doug Smith Prije 22 sati
Warn Pedraza for hitting the back of the head, then warn Tank for punching multiple shots to the head while hold Pedraza in a headlock.
a Macek
a Macek Prije 22 sati
Duhaupas 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 👍👍✊✊✊💪💪💪
hpfromkatytx Prije 22 sati
David would KO GGG, Canelo and Charlo trust me. He has the real mexican style he goes to the body real good and has fast hands and good combos and a great chin.
Patrick Hausenfleck
Patrick Hausenfleck Prije 22 sati
Tank will have a hell of a time trying to get inside...and will pay the price when trying to do so....Mario Barrios by 9th rd. TKO😉
Mo Prije 22 sati
Please upload full fight PBC. HAVEN'T been able to watch it since the fight occurred.
K. Tucker
K. Tucker Prije 22 sati
Ellis fights too short and if he dose that with David then it will be an easy win for Ben
Gtv O
Gtv O Prije 22 sati
Is it weird that this shit brought tears to my eyes this art is beautiful great fight respect to both men 💪🏾 Tank Jesus Christ
top tier
top tier Prije 22 sati
what the fuck kind of shorts is broner wearing
angst Prije 22 sati
Antonio Gallardo
Antonio Gallardo Prije 22 sati
AtxVn89 99
AtxVn89 99 Prije 23 sati
21:14 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Fury turned wilder the other way with that punch like a pimp slap
S H Prije 23 sati
4:28 😂😂
Walid Riaz
Walid Riaz Prije 23 sati
Finally pbc accepted the loss...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Les Ant
Les Ant Prije 23 sati
Simpson schooled that fool .
Alan Gomez
Alan Gomez Prije 23 sati
Tiro más golpes en el primer round que en toda la pelea con Canelo 😆
Little Israel
Little Israel Prije 23 sati
Fights should be outside more often. It's more gladiator like. 🥊🥊🔥🔥
Bin Rich
Bin Rich Prije dan
Tank takes all those shots imagine those shots from teofimo🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sincere Henderson
Sincere Henderson Prije dan
This has to be hands down 1 of the greatest fights thus far!! Beautiful Lara just beautiful
BoxingWithBen Prije dan
This was such a good fight!
Muhammad Ridha
Muhammad Ridha Prije dan
Super mantap berkwalitas