Little Things A to Z
Little Things A to Z Prije 16 sati
Ok way too eerie on the music. I wanted the story, not a scary movie.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Prije 16 sati
Why is this even on Netflix?? Netflix is for watching Movies/Shows not Documentaries.
hotstufff7 Prije 16 sati
Joseph Contreras
Joseph Contreras Prije 16 sati
Para cuando la segunda temporada ???
Tracy Graber
Tracy Graber Prije 16 sati
Yass!! CanNOT wait!
David Oyoque
David Oyoque Prije 16 sati
Just give them another 20 seasons. They will without a doubt come up with content
AngelusVastator Prije 16 sati
Looks intense and sexy!
Muffdiver Prije 16 sati
right now the neighbor's wife getting ready for bed is much more entertaining.
nancy lovesnature
nancy lovesnature Prije 16 sati
Sir David Attenborough, You are Wonderful Man. <3 <3 <3
mrzack888 Prije 16 sati
looks like a bad fan made fake trailer....
Camila Belén
Camila Belén Prije 16 sati
la neta vine solo por aidan gallagher y xd no entiendo ni un pedo pero aidan. Xd ok si se Inglés pero casi no entiendo un kula pero vale la pena ver a aidan así que ami estoy xd
Dee nice
Dee nice Prije 16 sati
R.I.P Latasha I remember walking home from school with you and playing at Manchester park with you every day. I'm steal in dis belief that happened. R.I.P Babygirl
楊佳 Prije 16 sati
Roko7557 Prije 16 sati
Sooo... We finally moving to the next game in the timeline after this? Hope so.
Third Eye
Third Eye Prije 16 sati
not me
Muffdiver Prije 16 sati
if you are covid bound its something to look at...nothing special
Chang Siah Lim
Chang Siah Lim Prije 16 sati
so is superman going to be in this? and RDJ
Maria Magdalena
Maria Magdalena Prije 16 sati
manusia memang senjata penghancur paling menyeramkan di bumi
a R b A a Z o P
a R b A a Z o P Prije 16 sati
Augustin Guy Paulin
Augustin Guy Paulin Prije 16 sati
The best serie.
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson Prije 16 sati
eric northman
eric northman Prije 16 sati
8 isn't enough
tlove21 Prije 16 sati
Tickle my gameplay love Netflix tickle my fantasy.
Zanuda Poli
Zanuda Poli Prije 16 sati
Siting on waiting room🧘
GREVEN Prije 16 sati
Aman Maheshwari
Aman Maheshwari Prije 16 sati
when caspian got bored of the fairyland so he decided to return to the grisha world damn
studio vic
studio vic Prije 16 sati
man this looks beautiful, you can just tell Aziz and all others who work on this love filmmaking and storytelling. why the dislikes? I'm sure Francesca and Dev get their airtime but if they don't...I'm still glad he's back and hope he does more creating in film going forward
Ahmad Yuda Saputra
Ahmad Yuda Saputra Prije 16 sati
*joey with blindfold* "ewww ewww whAaAAt is tHAaAt🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢" *joey when she open her eyes* "oww its sushi😳😮"
Austin MacDonald
Austin MacDonald Prije 16 sati
Bruno Vieyra Jiménez
Bruno Vieyra Jiménez Prije 16 sati
2:10 is it just me? Or is that the same place where Will from His Dark Materials finds the window?
Levi Franklin
Levi Franklin Prije 16 sati
I hope the episodes are longer this time
It’s Meh
It’s Meh Prije 16 sati
Only 8? :(
Mischael Metelus
Mischael Metelus Prije 16 sati
The music tied with trailer at 1:43 is perfect.
Diana Richard
Diana Richard Prije 16 sati
Wisdom love is awsome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Moon light
Moon light Prije 16 sati
I’ve been waiting for this movie since September to watch 8’m so excited
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Prije 16 sati
Kevin Hart making gold in 2021 😭
Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst Prije 16 sati
Anyone else get blade runner vibes?
Tommy Criton
Tommy Criton Prije 16 sati
I never thought in my lifetime I'll never get to witness an elephant or a rhino or even a shark this needs to change right now for were already in the endgame
Gian Vidal Flower
Gian Vidal Flower Prije 16 sati
We need more than just 8 episodes 😫
Valerya Lorza Ramirez
Valerya Lorza Ramirez Prije 16 sati
Plis that this love never die! Darklina is the best couple!!!!!!
Val Perez
Val Perez Prije 16 sati
Noah is cute lol ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
জানা -অজানা
জানা -অজানা Prije 16 sati
American official website
Cristina Deleon
Cristina Deleon Prije 16 sati
This clip... I'M CRYING! Selena is always in our thoughts. Such a beautiful person can never be forgotten in our hearts. I was just in 5th grade when Selena passed away and it still makes me cry to think about it. I loved this series and cry literally on every episode! I love learning more about Selena and the band! The cast is wonderful!
MbisonBalrog Prije 16 sati
Is that Spanish or italian?
Rico Villete
Rico Villete Prije 16 sati
Man I really thought jesus would eventually make an appearance
Tahet da
Tahet da Prije 16 sati
Acabo de ver la película, y jamás salió Mic Drop ;-;
Wolf Prije 16 sati
What CW Network trash is this?
Audrey Reads
Audrey Reads Prije 16 sati
Gilmore girls a year in a life is sitting in the corner thinking about how Rory is pregnant
Héctor Herrera
Héctor Herrera Prije 16 sati
hggddd bgg
Shalom College
Shalom College Prije 16 sati
The Matrix is back
iamsade90 Prije 16 sati
Do yourself a favour and watch: 1. Demain toute commence 2. Intouchables
Monica R
Monica R Prije 16 sati
I think both sides made mistakes just like any game but Savannah comes off as someone who likes to argue and gets off on getting mad. That’s negative high school energy I’m familiar with and don’t think most people will cheer for oop
Marco Kilongkilong
Marco Kilongkilong Prije 16 sati
Trademark Prije 16 sati
Blockbuster will always be better
candice johnson
candice johnson Prije 16 sati
Congratulations Deleesa!
Mason Bhowmik
Mason Bhowmik Prije 16 sati
This was one of the best shows I watched last year. Why tf no one talks about this ?
Les M
Les M Prije 16 sati
Enjoyed this, but I want more Kimmy, and Titus, and Liliaaaaaan!!
Marco Andreé
Marco Andreé Prije 16 sati
Only eight episodes??????????
Ami Pooran
Ami Pooran Prije 16 sati
0:56 don't mind me y'all 😂 just keeping my own timestamps
Shishir Pradhan
Shishir Pradhan Prije 16 sati
Only 8 😭😭😭
Real Opinions
Real Opinions Prije 16 sati
What about the sister telling on Selena and Chris...why didn’t they cover that ?
John Blake
John Blake Prije 16 sati
Masterpiece 👌
StorMxFight Prije 16 sati
why is watson black? thats like the death note L thing
Atabek A
Atabek A Prije 16 sati
Carla My Baby why 😭🌹
AJ-Matthew Prije 16 sati
Just 8 ? Ahz I believe the others ones come in a few months later, I think. Awesome !
Ralph M
Ralph M Prije 16 sati
Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson Prije 16 sati
welljustguess Prije 16 sati
because after that they're using Whatsapp
Heather Prije 16 sati
Lisa's dress is so pretty!
M R Prije 16 sati
Stop watching episode 1 at 2 minutes 38 seconds.
Jesus MLG
Jesus MLG Prije 16 sati
No Sonny's Edge part 2?
CinemaTIDE Prije 16 sati
In what world is this considered funny? 😐 straight face gang wya?
Milda Juoda
Milda Juoda Prije 16 sati
Let's put it this way: humans are pieces of shit and the planet would be better without them.
Lil Drip
Lil Drip Prije 16 sati
Waited way too long for volume 2
Stuti Upreti
Stuti Upreti Prije 16 sati
Stranger Things : Copyright
Miss Heathen
Miss Heathen Prije 16 sati
needs more gender bending in my opinion.
Samantha Carolina
Samantha Carolina Prije 16 sati
I listen to this song everyday , knowing I’m going to be okay in his hands
Love it ,Mike Epps is halarious
TheUnderDog Prije 16 sati
Man this has been done to death lol. I'm so over time traveling shows