Team Up for Change 2020
SAP GM School: Episode 3
Cheo-zero Mangual Pererez
Cheo-zero Mangual Pererez Prije 16 sati
KING TINE Prije 16 sati
Murray and Jokic are awesome! 🙊🙊🙊
Clamp UN
Clamp UN Prije 16 sati
Incoming Murray top comments
Kippei Yamaguchi
Kippei Yamaguchi Prije 16 sati
Gallo is such an underrated passer so is Steven Adams I will miss them very much hope they do well on pels and hawks!!
MRTUPAC 28 Prije 16 sati
Just a friendly reminder that the LAC blew a 3-1 series lead to DEN. 😉.
Luke Brown
Luke Brown Prije 16 sati
Hoop Productions
Hoop Productions Prije 16 sati
The only Reason Jamal Murray went off is because Of his Girl
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh Prije 16 sati
Jokic is the best center in the league without question
josh herm
josh herm Prije 16 sati
this girl was as bad as 50 cent throwing out the first pitch at the barbell game the guy can't rap or throw a baseball but he's with millions ..America for ya
Basket Line
Basket Line Prije 16 sati
who is the kid 2:30
Mofe Fregene
Mofe Fregene Prije 16 sati
Playoff Murray went off🔥
Hoop Fly Nba
Hoop Fly Nba Prije 16 sati
11 comments 144 thousand views yup HRpost drunk
ItzTriMax Prije 16 sati
They really uploaded during a premiere for a different video. Bruh
B Honcho
B Honcho Prije 16 sati
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
Hoop Productions
Hoop Productions Prije 16 sati
Jamal Murray’s Girl was sensational In the gawk gawk 30000
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso Prije 16 sati
18 Goat
18 Goat Prije 16 sati
I think the best dunk is going to be a lebron one because look he's on the cover
18 Goat
18 Goat Prije 16 sati
@Ty Coffey same
Ty Coffey
Ty Coffey Prije 16 sati
Ya I think it's going to be the LBJ on the kings
Inigo Bantok
Inigo Bantok Prije 16 sati
The 1-3 Boys
Steven Rigby
Steven Rigby Prije 16 sati
Who is the best player in the Denver Nuggets I say Jamall Murray
2k Gaming
2k Gaming Prije 16 sati
1:25 best commentator of all time
BobHotdog Prije 16 sati
Davod Hashimi
Davod Hashimi Prije 16 sati
Screw the nuggets they are shit
josh herm
josh herm Prije 16 sati
thanks to curry cus she didn't deserve a dime was she trying to be that bad Stevie wonder could have done better lol
iihead_shot Prije 16 sati
The Candid One
The Candid One Prije 16 sati
Isiah Thomas looks like Kylian Mbappe..😂😂
M KJ Prije 16 sati
Tre Prije 16 sati
Guys repent from your sins Jesus Christ is coming back soon you don’t want to be left behind.
Paul Mereb
Paul Mereb Prije 16 sati
the 3-pointer from Battier to the 88-82 lead with the commentary is just epic
Hayrettin Kaçan
Hayrettin Kaçan Prije 16 sati
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Prije 16 sati
I think there is also a playoff Murray too 😱
Luckiest Prije 16 sati
My favorite one is LBJ on the Kings.
Josh Staggs
Josh Staggs Prije 16 sati
You know its Christmas time when youtube puts this on your recommended
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Prije 16 sati
Let's rename the title : bet of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic cos they're the only ones who'll have a lotta highlights
Amanda Goode
Amanda Goode Prije 16 sati
rip kobe
Lukas TheBanana
Lukas TheBanana Prije 16 sati
Hayrettin Kaçan
Hayrettin Kaçan Prije 16 sati
First comment is mine bruuh
Bryan M
Bryan M Prije 16 sati
son the light
son the light Prije 16 sati
iGRANDE Prije 16 sati
Literalmente 99% das pessoas iram ler, Deus te abençoe sempre.!
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry Prije 16 sati
Kyle Lowry
KING YBs PLUG Prije 16 sati
gamer boy boukari
gamer boy boukari Prije 16 sati
King labron and king giannis
Arnab Das
Arnab Das Prije 16 sati
DGamingLizardD’s Channel
DGamingLizardD’s Channel Prije 16 sati
I am the seventh one here and I LOVE WATCHING LEBRON JAMES
Samuel Tam
Samuel Tam Prije 16 sati
What is the song in 3:05?
Top son
Top son Prije 16 sati
HEAT ❤🔥🏀
Stefan Arndt
Stefan Arndt Prije 16 sati
The way Dominique's legs flex and spring when he looks mechanical. Dominique just had a bionic appearance. Probably one of the top 3 in game dunkers of all time. Dominique is my favorite scorer of all time. And I was a religious Bulls fan in the 80s and 90s.
Sam Reaport
Sam Reaport Prije 16 sati
Why do so much people hate this guy. He plays so well considering he is in his mid 30s. You cant stop the KING👑 doing his THING!
Sam Reaport
Sam Reaport Prije 16 sati
That is true. But they should just shut up. All haters should shut up
how to
how to Prije 16 sati
Wdym by hating. No one hates him. Only fake basketball fans will hate on him. They don't know basketball
ItzTriMax Prije 16 sati
Yeah idk why so many people think he is trash
Emmanuel Nyame
Emmanuel Nyame Prije 16 sati
5th here
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Prije 16 sati
I bet you that more than half of the dunks will be better than best dunk they put lmao
Giovanni M
Giovanni M Prije 16 sati
@Axel Renato no, LeBron's poster against the Kings is above that one
Axel Renato
Axel Renato Prije 16 sati
@Jonathan Omes i'm not sure, the best dunk is the Derozan one against Boucher
Jonathan Omes
Jonathan Omes Prije 16 sati
Nah the top dunk will probably deserve it.
Big Bad Swan
Big Bad Swan Prije 16 sati
Lebron ⚡️
Saniya Rochester
Saniya Rochester Prije 16 sati
let’s go!
gamer boy boukari
gamer boy boukari Prije 16 sati
gamer boy boukari
gamer boy boukari Prije 16 sati
Robert J
Robert J Prije 16 sati
Love Luka, but big guys can be fun too. KP's authority on defense and Maxi's smoothness on offense at 12:29
Jun Wei Tan
Jun Wei Tan Prije 16 sati
1:47 no travel?
Nell Ermino
Nell Ermino Prije 16 sati
Comentator: They have some words... AD to Irving: You alright?
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa Prije 16 sati
@2:27. "I'm open, I'm open, I'M OPEN!!!" MJ: Eff you, I'm shootin'".
Bornready_Bubble Prije 16 sati
Ben Simmons going to be the greatest player watch
Andrey Baholdin-Zimmermann
Andrey Baholdin-Zimmermann Prije 16 sati
He is underrated
Johnuel Prije 16 sati
Man, yall know why Chriss was almost perfect all game right? He's only being thrown lobs and dunking all game. That's easy as hell
David Sketch
David Sketch Prije 16 sati
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Michael Donaldson
Michael Donaldson Prije 16 sati
This should’ve been called the Robinson season Highlights
Opinder Bhandohal
Opinder Bhandohal Prije 16 sati
7:55 look at miles' ugly ass in the back LMAO
Bauer Stephens
Bauer Stephens Prije 17 sati
DRose deserves a ring
Winty The B-ball fan
Winty The B-ball fan Prije 17 sati
I hope Caruso’s chasedown on Harden is here
GoodPrince Prije 17 sati
what a game !!!
Yacine Le Vrai
Yacine Le Vrai Prije 17 sati
Can we get a video on: Top 75 Brick Misses 2019-20 Season 🧱
Faron Anderson
Faron Anderson Prije 17 sati
One of the best dunkers of all time.Amazing airtime,reach and power!!!
Es lo más 💩 que ojos humanos han visto.
Bunny Face TV
Bunny Face TV Prije 17 sati
"Crowder crowds him." .... drops mic🎤
Sharkboy Magma
Sharkboy Magma Prije 17 sati
Anthony Bennet 🔥
Otis Hooper
Otis Hooper Prije 17 sati
Demnon lookin like KD
Luise MPH
Luise MPH Prije 17 sati
Gee Bees
Gee Bees Prije 17 sati
Lavar vs MJ coming soon
Osman Can
Osman Can Prije 17 sati
Siyahların ölmediği bir amerika
Pierre Labriel
Pierre Labriel Prije 17 sati
5:29 one of the most magic-esque thing bron has done this season such an underrated dish
Osman Can
Osman Can Prije 17 sati
Siz siyah olanlar Amerikan polisi sizleri hep öldürüyor siz adam olsanız Amerikan çıkarına çalışmaz Asya'yı dinlerseniz hani Amerika herkese demokrasi getiriyor ya bizde ona gerçek demokrasi yı getirelim siyahhistanı kuralım Amerika da
Jim Dowsett
Jim Dowsett Prije 17 sati
I was expecting 5 mins not 25 lol