Static Display
Static Display Prije 3 sati
This is the most perfect looking car I've ever seen
iwannabeakop Prije 4 sati
I’m curious of why it says “W 16.4” on the Bugatti tail fin going to the spoiler
Ryan Thorn
Ryan Thorn Prije 4 sati
Just hoping they will make a v12 as well.
Jeremy Boyes
Jeremy Boyes Prije 4 sati
Mat? Or another someone out there...I have a question. I am thinking of buying a 2010 version of the TT, currently my dog bides in the boot of my A4. If I were to remove the back shelf would my smallish dog (whippet) be able to sit there and poke her head out, looking forward without me putting the seats down? Many thanks in advance
Erik v B
Erik v B Prije 4 sati
Nobody: Car manufacturers: let's put plastic air vents everywhere, people love that shit
Laxmikant Botkewar
Laxmikant Botkewar Prije 4 sati
please do a drag race between Porche 911 turboS 992 vs BMW M5 evolve
David Calitz
David Calitz Prije 4 sati
£1000 per horsepower!
Asal Weerawansa
Asal Weerawansa Prije 4 sati
"FINALLY. There's a thing there"
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT Prije 4 sati
2.5k for phil and 5k for his supercharge
Manchris Jbisd
Manchris Jbisd Prije 4 sati
African politicians: "Well bois, its that time of the year again... where are those medical funds. We need like 30 of these."
Supra 2JZ Gaming
Supra 2JZ Gaming Prije 4 sati
Tasha Fierce
Tasha Fierce Prije 4 sati
I'm wet looking at this car... I'm in love
Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor Prije 4 sati
The $2 mods on the M3 are criminal
Ivan Karacic
Ivan Karacic Prije 4 sati
After Nevera everything feels like a boby car.
lee smith
lee smith Prije 4 sati
1 like = 1 Honda prayer
avantus A
avantus A Prije 4 sati
If the Tesla had door bins, you could of had your big bottles in them and just wee'd in them Matt.
Chris h
Chris h Prije 4 sati
Teleportation I love it
rossjybuis Prije 4 sati
Crushed by Tesla
Kevin Menezes
Kevin Menezes Prije 4 sati
0:10 are those windows a PNG? Oh wait!
Scott K
Scott K Prije 4 sati
You'd have to train up to drive / maintain control of a car that can accelerate that hard. It's above 2.7G That's right at the maximum lateral G that an F1 car can pull.
Chris h
Chris h Prije 4 sati
One in black one in blue please. Basically telaporting around in this car
one whip solo
one whip solo Prije 4 sati
It wasn’t “pista” enough
ElCabri Prije 4 sati
Now we want a dragrace between Tesla Model S Plaid and Rimac Nevera
MrThePsychologist Prije 4 sati
i would buy any time an alfa over the audi best car in it's class
Azwad uddin
Azwad uddin Prije 4 sati
The tesla roadster will do 0 to 60 im 1.9s right, like it's only 200k once that comes out the competition is done out, why would you buy a 2million dollar car when you can get quicker performance in a 200k car, as an average person. If you a millionaire I get why you would buy the 2million dollar car
I will have an Audi please.
Thomas Tommy
Thomas Tommy Prije 4 sati
Bilolah bisa dipakai kamera 360 awak ko dlm oto mode ko yo...?🤭 iko msh dihonda juo baru lai...wkwkwk
Doggy Dinner Time
Doggy Dinner Time Prije 4 sati
Please do nevera against Jinny drag race But the nevera driver has to drink a cup of tea before he can accelerate
OscarCharlieZulu Prije 4 sati
I want to see Matt vs Yianni in a quarter mile peddle car race.
Majid Bajbouj
Majid Bajbouj Prije 4 sati
Do you your team work only in England ?
4 Gaming Bois
4 Gaming Bois Prije 4 sati
I love bugatti
lilbluwrx Prije 4 sati
Anyone here cause of AMC LOL
Thierry Bechard
Thierry Bechard Prije 4 sati
Mat, "bolide" is also a commonly used French word meaning "fast car". It's from the latin "bolis" meaning meteorite or fireball (same root as Italian by the looks of it).
Syah Rixky
Syah Rixky Prije 4 sati
totally not fair dude you are using a old nissan nismo and brake test not the new 2021 GTR
Yawar riaz
Yawar riaz Prije 4 sati
i would say: when tech meets politics. simple!!
ALY 007
ALY 007 Prije 4 sati
Kawasaki H2 vs Porsche 911 Turbo S
Wesley Lewis
Wesley Lewis Prije 4 sati
Is it just me or has the mic for sound test been changed. Those Audi V8s sound good even with soft limiter...
Simon Miller
Simon Miller Prije 4 sati
Anything is possible. If a Top Fuel dragster can go from 0 to 160kmh in 0.8 seconds and 0 to 540kmh in 3.6 seconds then yes it is possible. A 1 second 0-60mph would be a constant 2.72g of acceleration. That would be very difficult to control for most people especially as the G-Force would not be linear and could peak at over 4G!
Ali Az
Ali Az Prije 4 sati
3 videos or more about riiiiimac come on! i'm out. rimac is not the answer to transportation future answer! so maybe tesla or anything in the 1 year will give us an answer! till then keep playing with 40000 hp or 0.01s to 1000 km or miles. come give rimac a good review to there work in innovating nothing else!
Unknown Archon
Unknown Archon Prije 4 sati
Rimac should be said as Rima(z) not Rima(k). It's not English word and sure it's not a English brand.
Thordur Hognason
Thordur Hognason Prije 4 sati
I’ll take the Ferrari
Thierry Bechard
Thierry Bechard Prije 4 sati
0-60 mpg in <1s? Is that possible? According to this guy (hrpost.info/history/oKSne7qoect9nKg/video), you can't accelerate faster that you can brake. I'd be curious to see what Bugatti/Rimac can do. Anyway, great video Mat, as always.
Andrea Demaldè
Andrea Demaldè Prije 4 sati
No matters, c5 still the coolest one
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor Prije 4 sati
What a ridiculous car
Dan Lavelle
Dan Lavelle Prije 4 sati
This is history folks. No production internal combustion-engined non-hybrid car will ever be this fast. Period.
Roblox_Lover_2010 Prije 4 sati
The fiat 500 I like better
SlavPlaysGames Prije 4 sati
Ali Az
Ali Az Prije 4 sati
we love cars, but cars need roads! and roads are roooooooolds so!
Ali Az
Ali Az Prije 4 sati
talking too much about riiiiiimac, talk to yanii what he thinks about it!
Nick Haralampopoulos
Nick Haralampopoulos Prije 4 sati
[email protected] emission regulators! CO2 is not even a polluter. We want 4000hp 16cyl, 12lt engines!
Enem Disk
Enem Disk Prije 5 sati
This German engineers reactions are so dry - it cracks me up...so funny, love it! Great guy!!
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry Prije 5 sati
Did you film this at the weekend? I could have sworn I saw these 2 cars when I was coming out of Aviemore.
brunn Prije 5 sati
its 300kmh not mph, change your tittle dummy
amir rezaee
amir rezaee Prije 5 sati
Why you dont review m5 cs while the other journalists made their review of this car
Jimmy Koilo
Jimmy Koilo Prije 5 sati
Put the Porsche against the rimac nevera
David Prije 5 sati
2:30 "Since then, the VW group has cleaned up its image and is now launching as many electric cars as possible" I got a Cupra advertisement that very second 😂😂
とひこ Prije 5 sati
Ok but y’all are using top of the range German cars against a cheap 5 seater family sedan lol. Not only that but the dude said it’s half the price
Misha 0.2 Lupeev
Misha 0.2 Lupeev Prije 5 sati
make a check-in of Russian cars
Hanzo2008 Prije 5 sati
Isnt 7.5r 310hp?
MR Drive
MR Drive Prije 5 sati
True SUV 🔥
Adam ONE
Adam ONE Prije 5 sati
Even if it losed, i still think that the Type R is the best
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Prije 5 sati
Are we not gonna talk about how the Tesla is a full 40,000 pounds cheaper AND has significantly more HP and torque?!
Finesse God
Finesse God Prije 5 sati
Whistlin diesel has entered the chat
Mikhil Panday
Mikhil Panday Prije 5 sati
A Hyundai Venue Is Also Quite A Good Small Suv
Manny MM
Manny MM Prije 5 sati
Why bother, just give the Hilux the win. This video is useless. Everyone knows Toyota is king, no competition.
Ali Karic
Ali Karic Prije 5 sati
This BMW is my best car.
Papa Smith
Papa Smith Prije 5 sati
Sustainable synthetic fuels is the answer not a unethically sourced, unsustainable battery materials powered microwave on wheels
PHV Prije 5 sati
Whats with the frickin masks in one of the races!! 🤷‍♂️
FrostKing Prije 5 sati
make the vw have manual and you'll get your ass kicked
Marcus Svean Flaten
Marcus Svean Flaten Prije 5 sati
Tesla killer!!!!!
Shivendra Pratap Singh Bhadauria
Shivendra Pratap Singh Bhadauria Prije 5 sati
U missed to make us hear it's exhaust sound...
La poutre Poutreuse
La poutre Poutreuse Prije 5 sati
in both races a French won 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
S Chathuranga Jayasinghe
S Chathuranga Jayasinghe Prije 5 sati
BMW fan boy here 😊 bit of moisture from here
Aadish Prije 5 sati
Make a race with toyota supra 1000hp 2jz vs rimac nevara
im jeff
im jeff Prije 5 sati
Race will start at 4:31 thank me later
Sonny Bill
Sonny Bill Prije 6 sati
Wow 🤩 absolutely beautiful, well done Toyota
Алил Алилов
Алил Алилов Prije 6 sati
Я русский
Rusdi Karsandi
Rusdi Karsandi Prije 6 sati
this guy deserve a medal in talking cars history and make people laughing. a new subscriber has arrived.
Francis Nørgaard Jensen
Francis Nørgaard Jensen Prije 6 sati
And so what…in most cities it will go slower than my grandma on her old rusty bicycle.
Shounak Mukherjee
Shounak Mukherjee Prije 6 sati
No one stands a chance against the Peugeot Also the bump where Mat gets hit on the back of his head is hilarious !!