JakubTv Prije 20 sati
Aser amr
Aser amr Prije 20 sati
i <3 lankybox they never fail to make my day
Raul garcia
Raul garcia Prije 20 sati
dont rage justie is just a game
Noemasculino Chavezmas Culino
Noemasculino Chavezmas Culino Prije 20 sati
Both are smart
Beanie babies family
Beanie babies family Prije 20 sati
Yes it is a good trade
Håkon Thorsen
Håkon Thorsen Prije 20 sati
And thats my favourite game
Max Givan Playz
Max Givan Playz Prije 20 sati
Explain not get oofed
lanky_fan🍩💜💛💙 Prije 20 sati
omg i used to play this when i was like 5 or sum
Pranav Rampal
Pranav Rampal Prije 20 sati
why does this have 4.5 mil views
Emily Zhou
Emily Zhou Prije 20 sati
I am a greater player at Brawl stars
Russell Herbert
Russell Herbert Prije 20 sati
Um 😳 the this Minecraft show this one gets me embarrassed 😳
Håkon Thorsen
Håkon Thorsen Prije 20 sati
I love scary things thats my faourite qand my das let me whacht scary tings whit 16 years old movies thats so cool😍🥰🐼🐼🐼
Mahu !
Mahu ! Prije 20 sati
Hello lankybox!
Valexsa Lopez
Valexsa Lopez Prije 20 sati
He was lagging at him choking 😂
Tattoos By flash
Tattoos By flash Prije 20 sati
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhpohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🪆🪆🪆🪆🪆🪆🪆🪆🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍
Rachelle Walcott
Rachelle Walcott Prije 20 sati
PRINCE HASIN Prije 20 sati
Both chutiya
Leonard Chua
Leonard Chua Prije 20 sati
I'm the smartest cause i went directly to the comment section and wrote this because i know this is such a waste of time
Thuy Ha Nguyen
Thuy Ha Nguyen Prije 20 sati
At the Groot part then i heard from Justin im Groot and i like poop i understand or food
Malaika Fatima
Malaika Fatima Prije 20 sati
Austin Moore
Austin Moore Prije 20 sati
I don't get it!
Enza Di terlizzi
Enza Di terlizzi Prije 20 sati
Jyotsna Yelagandula
Jyotsna Yelagandula Prije 20 sati
I really did cry
Buyisile Ishabalala
Buyisile Ishabalala Prije 20 sati
Serey Chheng
Serey Chheng Prije 20 sati
*Cries* Wahhh
SUBHAN MULLA Prije 20 sati
U can spawn cars with that DUber app in ur phone and their even cheat codes!
Simone Dias
Simone Dias Prije 20 sati
I would do no such thing to hack Adam we buddy’s with the neck
Liliana Onica
Liliana Onica Prije 20 sati
Justin: *get by aliens* ..Thanks for the sculpture!
claudia arana
claudia arana Prije 20 sati
Ranin Braidy
Ranin Braidy Prije 20 sati
they are ✨b e s t i e s✨
Sham Playz
Sham Playz Prije 20 sati
Raul garcia
Raul garcia Prije 20 sati
i just hate when Justin always says this game make know senses it make's senses
Ella Zheng
Ella Zheng Prije 20 sati
I clicked faster then Justin could say jelly bean 🍮🥛
Dina Mehdi
Dina Mehdi Prije 20 sati
Omg this made me cry of happiness 😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tommyinnit _fan
Tommyinnit _fan Prije 20 sati
This didn't break my heart it put my heart together because that's what they call friendship
Conor Kilemade2
Conor Kilemade2 Prije 20 sati
this isnt even that sad its kinda funny
Kolyo Mihov
Kolyo Mihov Prije 20 sati
Play Empires and puzzles
Emerald Rae
Emerald Rae Prije 20 sati
That is true friends
pro gamer
pro gamer Prije 20 sati
If Justin wins:he gets to wrap Adem Adem wins:he gets to take 2 of Justin's friends
MaMa DoLL Prije 20 sati
Have fun with Jacob M
Have fun with Jacob M Prije 20 sati
Adem’s cringy
Sandra Diaz
Sandra Diaz Prije 20 sati
The sound that they make doesn't sound like in the real show so that means they are very stupid
Michelle S
Michelle S Prije 20 sati
I love this video play this game again 😂
javier carbajal
javier carbajal Prije 20 sati
Freddie Buckley
Freddie Buckley Prije 20 sati
Did it
John Yosh
John Yosh Prije 20 sati
Amende ni bodo
Dr Abdullah
Dr Abdullah Prije 20 sati
The HRpostr was a faze
Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang Prije 20 sati
Justin drowned!
CaRtOoNz Prije 20 sati
Madhu Radder
Madhu Radder Prije 20 sati
He plays all games
paolo penaflor
paolo penaflor Prije 20 sati
Tf this is Fucking trending ,this world need humor
Rachelle Walcott
Rachelle Walcott Prije 20 sati
is not lankybox your youtube channl is gon now ha ha ha ha
Maya Bustamante
Maya Bustamante Prije 20 sati
Lanky box I want your March
rafat tambe
rafat tambe Prije 20 sati
Omg it's so cool
Andrea Melchor
Andrea Melchor Prije 20 sati
Oh when I saw your movie lanky box and foxy and boxy well kidnapped that was the saddest part but I still give it a thumbs up
Wang Emily
Wang Emily Prije 20 sati
I'm a BoNntiful flOWer
I'm a BoNntiful flOWer Prije 20 sati
I well be your friend .r. .I. .p. Adam idk
Shanna Buchanan
Shanna Buchanan Prije 20 sati
Lankybox HRpost funny
Aravindhan Panneerselvam
Aravindhan Panneerselvam Prije 20 sati
Raitis Zamurs
Raitis Zamurs Prije 20 sati
Simone Vellucci
Simone Vellucci Prije 20 sati
Che simpatici 😂😂😂... Trovatevi un lavoro falliti
Dustin Alcock
Dustin Alcock Prije 20 sati
I didn't even cry
Sara Rex
Sara Rex Prije 20 sati
Goody Boy
Goody Boy Prije 20 sati
adam:dont be careful me:he wanted to say dont do that and be careful
Andrea Melchor
Andrea Melchor Prije 20 sati
I love lanky box and I gave lanky box I subscribed and I hit the bell and I gave it a thumbs up and now I love lanky box
erika žigova
erika žigova Prije 20 sati
Cooper Chow
Cooper Chow Prije 20 sati
Faith Riley
Faith Riley Prije 20 sati
5 boxys
Elinore Eriksson
Elinore Eriksson Prije 20 sati
adem ridile a look to a safe
tik tok
tik tok Prije 20 sati
This is just dumb
Marcie Case
Marcie Case Prije 20 sati
Maya Bustamante
Maya Bustamante Prije 20 sati
I want to see one like the box
Julius P
Julius P Prije 20 sati
Adam looks so good
Patrick Daniel R. Nicolas
Patrick Daniel R. Nicolas Prije 20 sati
This game is so fun
catchme1412 Prije 20 sati
Nothing will destroy there friendship
Nurudeen Awudu
Nurudeen Awudu Prije 20 sati
theos hadjilambrou
theos hadjilambrou Prije 20 sati
I like Justin more than adem
pro gamer
pro gamer Prije 20 sati
Justin won because he's so thicc can I please have a shout out
Andrea Melchor
Andrea Melchor Prije 20 sati
I I watched your zero budgets and they’re actually so funny👍👍👍👍👍👍