good morning
Prije 8 dana
Der Panzermacher
Der Panzermacher Prije 23 sati
The tea with lemon and honey is also true in my country in western europe, usually with a shot of whiskey. Nice to see similarities with our eastern brothers and sisters.
Goonily -
Goonily - Prije 23 sati
Ελενη Κωνστα
Ελενη Κωνστα Prije 23 sati
the way to survve to the apocalips if your subscribe youl survive comrads
I want to game end myself
I want to game end myself Prije 23 sati
Ruski sir jis jis
Tyler Horn
Tyler Horn Prije 23 sati
Everyone: why put that much stuff in your pot Boris: cuz mother Russia
Wonderful Timeline
Wonderful Timeline Prije 23 sati
How I missed this
Václav Klepáček
Václav Klepáček Prije 23 sati
Pure american Coca cola: Only debil drinks it, because it's high sugar, anti-rust material. Kvass: It contain pure slav power in high concentration!
Who Cares
Who Cares Prije 23 sati
Gordon approves
takinqcare Prije 23 sati
boris change title because he angy with previous title
Václav Klepáček
Václav Klepáček Prije 23 sati
McDonald fries: blyaaaaaat, it taste like scrap. Cheburek: Om nom nom, The high quality slav product.
jan tokarski
jan tokarski Prije 23 sati
finally, i see someone advertising war thunder.
Rara Nguyen
Rara Nguyen Prije 23 sati
Twinkletoes NZ
Twinkletoes NZ Prije 23 sati
Ahh, garlic and ginger. The true chef's multitool
Devdoot Tarafder
Devdoot Tarafder Prije 23 sati
I think mostly European countries have this stories, as the whole comment section is filled with axe and stone soup stories as well, coming from mostly Europe
Kristof gémpléj.csenöl
Kristof gémpléj.csenöl Prije dan
9:24 XDD
lakshmivallabh Prije dan
A Random Dead Person
A Random Dead Person Prije dan
All of these were extremely wrong. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your slavic soul. Jk here’s my like
Terminator69 Prije dan
that pub is acually chernobil theamed
Alessio Carciu
Alessio Carciu Prije dan
6:49 Top ten anime betrayals
Zoof Prije dan
What is this? Madness combat
Janek Bokwa
Janek Bokwa Prije dan
Raja Athaya RA
Raja Athaya RA Prije dan
Give smol boris a smol kalashnikov he will be happy ^^
John Marks
John Marks Prije dan
n0tRed_ Prije dan
14:40, looks like cola, but i know you would never do that.
CapitainTV Prije dan
I am from Slovakia (smol Russia basically 😜) and we have our version of this soup thats basically solyanka with saurkraut and all the meat and sausages are smoked and it has no olives. But still cures every cold. Introducing the “Kapustnica”
Viktor Approves
Viktor Approves Prije dan
I replayed this 23 times now
BizzaroSteve Prije dan
Smol Boris looks like something stright out of NG
Cats Productions
Cats Productions Prije dan
I know this story they told it to us in kindergarten btw im from moldova kinda romania+russia speaking style
aaHANSOLO Prije dan
Legend has it that smol boris is just a jar of Mayonez with hands, legs and a head.
Cody Carabotta
Cody Carabotta Prije dan
damn...that creation you made...oof. Good morning to you too. haha
Hüseyin Can Şimşek
Hüseyin Can Şimşek Prije dan
21 k snack bowl
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Prije dan
Fanmail back It makes me have gopnik kind of happienes
cristianspete 091gaming
cristianspete 091gaming Prije dan
boris haves bread legs?
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije dan
Watching boris again is like a breath of fresh air. He's just so cool.
numberyellow Prije dan
Need a Lada? Try the guys over at Garage 54.... i hear they have many.
Aaron Aquino
Aaron Aquino Prije dan
Make a game with the characters you make.
ADOMAN TM Prije dan
tatratea best
Kust Productions
Kust Productions Prije dan
New madness combat animation lookin nice
Chaos insurgent
Chaos insurgent Prije dan
Madness Boris
SovietDerpDude Prije dan
Bread feet Boris pog
Percival Bayaona
Percival Bayaona Prije dan
Omg Boris what have you done to dose people
ROYAL-_- Prije dan
Mark Hendrikx
Mark Hendrikx Prije dan
My dad had 3 lada's 2x 1100 Lada 2107 After that French Peugeot
mega gengar shiny
mega gengar shiny Prije dan
when the cat sits in the ushanka My Head: If it fits, it sits
crrano322 Prije dan
Madness combat moment
mega gengar shiny
mega gengar shiny Prije dan
"daily dose of inter nyet" ~Boris 2020
Puri Kury6
Puri Kury6 Prije dan
What is the real name of song in this part 1:59 ?
WAscourge Prije dan
I love that half of this video is literally just Anatoli fucking with the drill whisk device
stelfer Prije dan
Damn boris accent was thick as hell
PeaceControlMilk Prije dan
i eat семечкн while watching your videos
gabattaz1 Prije dan
Boris if you ever come to costa rica please try the Pilsen 6.0, best beer you'll ever come by.
PeaceControlMilk Prije dan
You can never watch a boris video without the awesome intro
_Syyckk_ vulgo MafiosoGamer
_Syyckk_ vulgo MafiosoGamer Prije dan
Смол Борис series plz
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Prije dan
Hey Boris, It would be fun if you and Uamee did a video together. For example, Making an ultimate mayonnaise blin tower with Uamee.
napoleon yong
napoleon yong Prije dan
Omg, I understood him without subtitles.
A Ar
A Ar Prije dan
This was my first video I watched from boris
A Ar
A Ar Prije dan
Did he just do a toast with Anatoli
Alex Ro
Alex Ro Prije dan
This is definitely каньяк
KarKaleb Prije dan
Russian combat
Jason Kiigespere
Jason Kiigespere Prije dan
I was looking for a role model in my life, i think I have found him.
Cole Robarge
Cole Robarge Prije dan
JoeTEG TheEmeraldGamer
JoeTEG TheEmeraldGamer Prije dan
The first 3 seconds are comedy gold.
MODEST_TURTLE_47 Prije dan
Question for Boris. Will you ever make a video where you only speak in Russian with English subtitles, just so we can see what that’s like?
MODEST_TURTLE_47 Prije dan
Lyrics: All rise for hardbass Never fear. Boris is here. Ready? Let's go. Slavic squats and cheeki breeki Cold kompot with chebureki Always moving, never down Such is life with slavs around Take my Lada, drive in town Fingers up and windows down Hot pelmeni and some kvass Drive around and pump hardbass SLAV KING! Slav. King. Ready? Let's go! My mama says it's just a phase When I fill my days with mayonez But no.. Play this music from your car Inviting friends from near and far Here everybody knows Squats on toes break your bones Do you? So listen! Raving gopniks, pumping sounds Squats in bushes, heels on ground I need no better way To keep the western spies away Big and fearless like a bear Tracksuit with the stripes I wear From Krakow to Kamchatka I'm the patron saint of vodka SLAV KING! Slav. King. Let's go! King. Slav. King. SLAV KING!
MODEST_TURTLE_47 Prije dan
Всем встать на хардбас Никогда не бойся. Борис здесь. Готовы? Поехали. Славянские приседания и щеки брики Холодный компот с чебуреками Всегда движется, никогда не опускается Такова жизнь с рабами вокруг Возьми мою Ладу, поезжай в город Пальцы вверх и вниз Горячие пельмени и немного кваса. Поезжай и перекачай жесткий бас СЛАВ КИНГ! Славянин. Король. Готов? Вперед! Моя мама говорит, что это всего лишь фаза... Когда я заполняю свои дни майонезом Но нет... Воспроизвести эту музыку из своей машины Приглашаем друзей из ближнего и дальнего зарубежья Здесь все знают Приседания на пальцах ног ломают тебе кости А ты? Послушайте! Бегущие гопники, качающие звуки. Сквоты в кустах, каблуки на земле... Мне не нужен лучший способ Чтобы держать западных шпионов подальше Большой и бесстрашный, как медведь Тренировочный костюм с полосками, которые я ношу... Из Кракова на Камчатку Я святой покровитель водки. СЛАВ КИНГ! Славянин. Король. Пошли! Король. Слав. Король. СЛАВЯНСКИЙ ЦАРЬ!
MODEST_TURTLE_47 Prije dan
Привет, Борис. Хочешь посмотреть на запад, чтобы упасть?
Elementary Downfall
Elementary Downfall Prije dan
Show your face Comrades!
Mr. Bread
Mr. Bread Prije dan
I have the same controller
Akai Ookami
Akai Ookami Prije dan
When's boris gonna appear in the madness series
Rupayan Bandyopadhyay
Rupayan Bandyopadhyay Prije dan
Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that it was a gopnitsa who handed Boris the pickle, might have been his girlfriend or sister.
Shane Freeder
Shane Freeder Prije dan
oddly reminds me of the raymond games
You daily Kangaroo dr.
You daily Kangaroo dr. Prije dan
I want to see Boris react to the winter war
Lsd Bread
Lsd Bread Prije dan
Cannot find a lada near me :(
MadlyPlayzz23 Prije dan
lakshmivallabh Prije dan
Ralph Alberto
Ralph Alberto Prije dan
“Were not savages here” **Pulls out chainsaw**
TheIdentifiable Prije dan
so your in madness now?
Ralph Alberto
Ralph Alberto Prije dan
I thought that cat wad artyom lol.
Timmy Bobby
Timmy Bobby Prije dan
bread shoes
Razaq Abhimanyu
Razaq Abhimanyu Prije dan
Anyone thinks this looks similar to uhh Madness Combat art style?