I just did that
I just did that Prije 3 sati
No one: Kylie: 👅🦷💦
Esha Yadav
Esha Yadav Prije 3 sati
I love the way she takes her cares about her family and goes along them ....this should be learned by new generation ❤️....Stormi why so attractive..... can't get over her
Alexandra Davalos
Alexandra Davalos Prije 3 sati
She’s so nervous 😭 her house is beautiful
Kolil MD
Kolil MD Prije 3 sati
It's not like everything is scripted other than kylie being nervous...
Estella Honey🍯🐝
Estella Honey🍯🐝 Prije 3 sati
Kylie is literally so adorable and she is such a great person and an amazing mother. I sometimes wish she was my big sister
Keysha Winnie
Keysha Winnie Prije 3 sati
So no one is going to talk about her coat and those pads???? Why do they got her looking like that though?
Damien Michael
Damien Michael Prije 3 sati
She literally just gave us everything while giving us nothing
Bianca Prije 3 sati
r we rly ignoring that she said Tupac is her “spirit animal” ? Lol literally wut ??
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Prije 3 sati
My life has totally changed since I started with $7,000 and now I make $ 10,450 every 11 days.
Skinnydips Prije 3 sati
Interesting kitchen set up
nunya bus
nunya bus Prije 3 sati
I’m sorry I love Kylie but this is hilarious
Alajerus Prije 3 sati
This is what everyone was waiting for !
christinamay149 Prije 3 sati
Kris just casually faking some renovations in that one room with the whole get-up and everything LOL
Noah Triumph
Noah Triumph Prije 3 sati
Now you wonder why God didn't choose you to live wonderful life like Kylie 😆 Haters gonna hate hate.
jesusdiedfortheworld Prije 3 sati
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:16
Itss Camm
Itss Camm Prije 3 sati
im crying rn omg shes so pretty.
P Prije 3 sati
These sisters, except khloe look like bollywood actresses...thry never strike me as white....esp Kim is total bollywood. Kendall and kyle should look white but with their dark eyes and hair they never looked like white people...
FROG MAN Prije 3 sati
Did she get cheek gillers
KAWS Prije 3 sati
Vogue : what you'll be remember for Kim Kim : MANY TALENTS
Darbylicious10  #stopanimaltesting #roadto100
Darbylicious10 #stopanimaltesting #roadto100 Prije 3 sati
"shes an icon, a lengend, and SHE is the moment"
Dw Prije 3 sati
Me the only one that didn't know she was pregnant again?
M R.
M R. Prije 3 sati
Lol it reminds me of a pornhub interview
dweeniey Prije 3 sati
i dont understand the level of jealous people who disliked this video🙁
Adriana Kennebrew
Adriana Kennebrew Prije 3 sati
I would need a performance fee for that “ 😅 that’s why she’s a #billionaire !!
Keon John
Keon John Prije 3 sati
It’s the slapping the lips and hair flips fa me…
Tyler Mason
Tyler Mason Prije 3 sati
Showing that belly
farha .
farha . Prije 3 sati
she ' s really showing the same vibes as niki in this video 🤍
Jhenelyn Pantonial
Jhenelyn Pantonial Prije 3 sati
Kinikilig ako.
Liliana Llerena
Liliana Llerena Prije 3 sati
If I were the interviewer I would felt so uncomfortable making her uncomfortable... It felt forced not genuine... 😬
em joy
em joy Prije 3 sati
girl u don’t gotta to that tongue thing every time u answer the questions
K EnZy
K EnZy Prije 3 sati
Now I know why Kylie didn't come in vogue for this long she's dead nervous man 🥲
KAWS Prije 3 sati
Ye being Ye
Baby S
Baby S Prije 3 sati
Kiyle my favorite
carolina calderon
carolina calderon Prije 3 sati
I think it's really cute how stormi doesn't start yelling and screaming when the interviewer approached her and kris on the swings bc ik a lot of kids like to yell for their parents attention when somebody is talking to their mom or dad.
Lablee Artsy
Lablee Artsy Prije 3 sati
One small section in her living room is the size of our entire house 😂
Baby S
Baby S Prije 3 sati
She ain’t that cute
Ss s
Ss s Prije 3 sati
Bad energy kylie
Yohanes a Deo Beny
Yohanes a Deo Beny Prije 3 sati
this interview was so lovely <3
Lisa Yuen
Lisa Yuen Prije 3 sati
Dang I didn’t know Kylie is preg
Cristine_Alejandro Baes
Cristine_Alejandro Baes Prije 3 sati
Lachish Prije 3 sati
No End to the Retardation Fashion has To Offer
Chian Condesa
Chian Condesa Prije 3 sati
Stormi opening the door and swinging 😍😍😍
Zehran Hussain
Zehran Hussain Prije 3 sati
She made me fall in love with her🙈🙈🙈🙈
ParkJisungsKitchenKnife Prije 3 sati
Why is nobody talking about her ‘baby bump’😳
tourry Prije 3 sati
Kylie so very very Nice
Mfanelo Shandu
Mfanelo Shandu Prije 3 sati
I really wanted to see more of her house 😪😪
Karmishaシ Prije 3 sati
"We’re all actually bald" Wait.. come to think of it, I ain’t never saw yall hair before..
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang Prije 3 sati
christinamay149 Prije 3 sati
Her eye contact is intense, like it's just naturally intense. She just stares and I can feel it in my soul.
La girl
La girl Prije 3 sati
Man, the way the sunlight reaches the sofa, I would be so happy if I could receive sunlight through my window 😢😢😢😢
CA FISH Prije 3 sati
kris looking like Charlie Chaplin over there LOL
Sampada Sapkota
Sampada Sapkota Prije 3 sati
tbh i really find this a bit boring .......
Not_the_bitches Prije 3 sati
Okay but the skin tone kinda reminds me of ursula like the purple skintone I also liked
coperpot100 Prije 3 sati
She claims to represent poor people and to despise capitalism but where’s a $6000 dress and rides in a limousine
Ismael Ochoa
Ismael Ochoa Prije 3 sati
This was 7 minutes, what a fucken ripoff
michelle mado
michelle mado Prije 3 sati
She's so arrogant !
zarin tasnim
zarin tasnim Prije 3 sati
idk why but it always bothers me like when the celebrity is walking and they have to keep turning around to answer the questions
Noah Buena Engracia
Noah Buena Engracia Prije 3 sati
Love u fam 🥰
Cristi Respeto
Cristi Respeto Prije 3 sati
Esperando que ciproshow vea esto y haga el doblaje jaja
tia emmi
tia emmi Prije 3 sati
I want this life sm😫😫
Milka Rojas Salina
Milka Rojas Salina Prije 3 sati
Stormi is so sweet🤩
Ian Haines
Ian Haines Prije 3 sati
Y r u famous
ChonMonLon Prije 3 sati
WERK Miss Keke!
ira jakosalem
ira jakosalem Prije 3 sati
king kylie!!!
Larah Degamo
Larah Degamo Prije 3 sati
Jasper Newstead
Jasper Newstead Prije 3 sati
wish he asked about her brothers too tbh...
Mishti Senpai
Mishti Senpai Prije 3 sati
Stormi dashing to the swing after opening the door, I can’t
Create Diys
Create Diys Prije 3 sati
Jesus loves you ❤️
Lynne Lois
Lynne Lois Prije 3 sati
Stormi is so cute Hey small youtubers gang
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh Prije 3 sati
It's amazing how some women look so fit and fine when pregnant and others just prefer wearing baggy clothes with a messy bun and watch tv and rest the whole day lol Honestly I'm the second one But kylie looks gorgeousss❤️❤️
K EnZy
K EnZy Prije 3 sati
Donno y but she seems nervous to me 😉...bu loved this waited long for Vogue questions with Kylie❤️
La girl
La girl Prije 3 sati
I knew she was gonna answer about the pole dance video 😂.
PinappleBanana Prije 3 sati
she seemed so much more confident when she was younger. This is sooo awkward.
PaleoVirus Prije 3 sati
This heralds the beginning of the end. Right in the footsteps of Rome
Aastha Singh
Aastha Singh Prije 3 sati
Who relates with them ?
Andy manoban
Andy manoban Prije 3 sati
She’s pregnant?WTFDDDDDDDD
Baby S
Baby S Prije 3 sati
She’s my favorite Jenner
Maria Belen Vargas San Martín
Maria Belen Vargas San Martín Prije 3 sati
1:41 umm am i the only one that sees the kiss weird? yes? oh ok
Chris W
Chris W Prije 3 sati
She seems so pleased without meaning to. Does she/people think she actually knows what's going on? She dosen't live in the real world and it's sad she think she can relate😔 also how does being in a position to going to a 30k a plate dinner stick it to rich people? This is an snl skit but it's real😔