Diki Choden
Diki Choden Prije 10 sati
Just about anyone n anybody on vogue these days, I mean no hate to the tiktokers but what happened to the standard of vogue…… this is getting really sad
Together Prije 10 sati
Peace in Myanmar453
beltop5 Prije 10 sati
Seems like talking about anxiety is giving her anxiety 😐
Shaikh Saba
Shaikh Saba Prije 10 sati
priyanka bikull achi nhi lgri
A J Prije 10 sati
What I wanted--Louis Tomlinson What I got --THISS
Charlotte Maria
Charlotte Maria Prije 10 sati
Charlotte Maria
Charlotte Maria Prije 10 sati
Charlotte Maria
Charlotte Maria Prije 10 sati
BK Land
BK Land Prije 10 sati
It doesn’t have to be this way * Happiness in broken sway * Children feelings broken in play * The norm has changed to scorned * Both once loved be still now torn * It’s not to late to close your door * Ignore everyone accept the golden gate * Discover the real you determine your families fate * The world is a broken plate representing the broken in all of us * No perfection to find in every last one of us were traveling blind * After love it’s all about the commitment * It is something we all seek to find * Only a few have found * Peace be still over troubled waters for all of us in this world 🌎
Charlotte Maria
Charlotte Maria Prije 10 sati
larisa zhang
larisa zhang Prije 10 sati
emmmm cant relate
Dipak Sanki
Dipak Sanki Prije 10 sati
Please tell me the phone number of Gal Gadot plssss l am his big fan
Charlotte Maria
Charlotte Maria Prije 10 sati
Zuni Silverwolf
Zuni Silverwolf Prije 10 sati
SO friggen happy Symone won! She's a true queen! Absolutely adore her. She's a national treasure and must be protected at all costs! 💜👑
Alina Yeung
Alina Yeung Prije 10 sati
Olivia Rodrigo should do one of these!!
Uzma Kehkishaan
Uzma Kehkishaan Prije 10 sati
The interviewer is so cute🥰🥰
velvet thunder
velvet thunder Prije 10 sati
why did i just discovered this video?!
Dainty Diana
Dainty Diana Prije 10 sati
I like how her voice is high but also deep/sultry
Evan Ward
Evan Ward Prije 10 sati
I didn’t know Quentin Tarantino played Tennis!
bekelu desta
bekelu desta Prije 10 sati
An answer to all of this is Jesus Christ. Accept him as your lord and savior and be saved!! unless you come to life and the life giver you can never be happy!!
Veronica Smth
Veronica Smth Prije 10 sati
Small Boosss
Small Boosss Prije 10 sati
You and your family had massive INSENSITIVE PARTIES during the lockdown.. please dont pretend to "feel this" about the pandemic.. cant believe this is on vogue. I hope your anxiety gets better though..that im sorry about
Joe J.
Joe J. Prije 10 sati
Wow, how brave. I'm getting both doses at once now... once a week.
Toyin Niyot
Toyin Niyot Prije 11 sati
Love this woman!!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Prije 11 sati
3:11 I though you were shite in harry potter, by the way...
Napawut Sukont
Napawut Sukont Prije 11 sati
Wow Chad Michael in brown-orange-ish wig is stunning
Grace Lewis
Grace Lewis Prije 11 sati
73 questions with bts PLEASE
Sabine Prije 11 sati
That hair! She looked more tasteful decades back
Hadyn Calderwood
Hadyn Calderwood Prije 11 sati
Just an awesome woman!!
Wanda Howard-Holmes
Wanda Howard-Holmes Prije 11 sati
This was a very good interview highlighting anxiety. I appreciate the usable tips. Thank you, Dr. Ramani and Kendall.
Angellique INFJ
Angellique INFJ Prije 11 sati
This look is so natural and beautiful!
kingof206 Prije 11 sati
A lot of y’all be anxious because you’re addicted to social media etc and subconsciously comparing yourself to every single person. Go within to find the real power and the anxiety will go away.
Mama Kim
Mama Kim Prije 11 sati
It’s the no make for meeee!!! She definitely doesn’t need it at ALL!! # Black Queen 👸🏽 Frfr!! Front a Grandma 👵🏽 in Chicago who loves to see the young generation get they groove on !!! # 70’s kid 👧🏽😘😘🌹🌹❤️❤️👸🏽👸🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏾🙏🏾👵🏽🤙🏾🤙🏾
Vermin Meridas
Vermin Meridas Prije 11 sati
She's so pretty dude like??? idk but yall she looks like one of those black barbie dolls. straight up her features look unreal, almost doll-like in a way.
Star Flames TV
Star Flames TV Prije 11 sati
Even prettier without makeup
Jooyeon Kim
Jooyeon Kim Prije 11 sati
She is sweetest person
Celestine Jordan
Celestine Jordan Prije 11 sati
I am not feeling that thing about getting vaccinated due to the fact me personally.I feel the urgency of all the talk about getting people back to normalcy isn’t so.I don’t trust the system.This is my personal opinion. It will become a problem IF it becomes mandatory having people psychological thinking even when one isn’t systematically sick or had COVID or not allowed to do business with any company.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Prije 11 sati
What a strange girl
yarung tamuk
yarung tamuk Prije 11 sati
😀😀😀😀😀😀😀I hate u
Mia Pia
Mia Pia Prije 11 sati
Can we have Asian on here 😩😭
Aur Wood
Aur Wood Prije 11 sati
I only watched. TVD because of her, she was the most beautiful black woman I've ever seen yet seeing her crying because of a racist ugly producer like Julie Blec makes me so furious.
onewinter9411 Prije 11 sati
When they show the dance, I was cringing so hard. Like, usually you see artists doing their best and here a tiktoker flailing her arms and calling it "dance"
Meena Gangwar
Meena Gangwar Prije 11 sati
She is a beautiful enderwoman, I guess😅😂💕 love her though
Y Prije 11 sati
I think using just a bit of powder on a blemish-prone skin can help to settle it down a bit. For me it really helps
Grace Metzgen
Grace Metzgen Prije 11 sati
Why is she here
karean Lavia
karean Lavia Prije 11 sati
Soo beautiful
Babes Narcis
Babes Narcis Prije 11 sati
i wish she has a make up line it will be a hit!😍😍😍
Paras Prije 11 sati
Windhi As
Windhi As Prije 11 sati
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caline otelo
caline otelo Prije 11 sati
Beautiful 🥀
Us Prije 11 sati
Love yourself Relay3694
Flora Warren
Flora Warren Prije 12 sati
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Janice Mckenzie
Janice Mckenzie Prije 12 sati
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Junhee Kim
Junhee Kim Prije 12 sati
this goes to show how everyone can be a model if they just put on a little makeup. like if i saw her across the street without makeup i would not recognize her
NateWRLD ANTI Prije 12 sati
Keep it up hollywoods bleeding i guess
Geremy boissiere
Geremy boissiere Prije 12 sati
Wonder woman 84 j'ai le dvd le film il et excellent et bien réussi pour l'année 84 je suis née le 8 janvier 1986 je suis pure français avec des origine normande du côté de m'a mère et breton du côté de mon de mon père mon père et mort le 14 août 2019 cancer du poumons avec la cigarette
Geremy boissiere
Geremy boissiere Prije 12 sati
Gal gadot dit joss weldon et une pourriture il ne mérite même pas de vivre avec c'est menace
LifeOfReilly Prije 12 sati
Hats off to Kendall for having the courage to represent all of us who struggle with social anxiety... The ‘introverts’ of the world thank you...❤️
Maiku DA
Maiku DA Prije 12 sati
these are some bland and boring food
Luiza Alves
Luiza Alves Prije 12 sati
No começo ela tava linda, no final parecia q tava no começo
rick junior
rick junior Prije 12 sati
what disturbed me is her eating anchovies and just picking thru clothes and changing without washing fishy hands
Sabrina Ramalho
Sabrina Ramalho Prije 12 sati
Mule passe um protetor solar
Palampi | Diary of Life
Palampi | Diary of Life Prije 12 sati
Ng Yan Sze Jacquelyn
Ng Yan Sze Jacquelyn Prije 12 sati
Watching this triggers my panic attack idk why.... 😿
LadyLakeMusic Prije 12 sati
I’ve always been a fan
Jesse Tony
Jesse Tony Prije 12 sati
literally one of the most beautiful women out here
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray Prije 12 sati
I'm so high rn lmao why am I here
annag cocl
annag cocl Prije 12 sati
Love love loveee this side of Kendall. This video was amazing excited for the rest of the series
A Ric
A Ric Prije 12 sati
I had to go look this gorgeous girl up and then wth happened all this Disney drama lol. Either way Disney is in the light.
Eliya Eliya
Eliya Eliya Prije 12 sati
She is amazing 🌺😍😘 beautiful girl ❤️
s2rbabi13 Prije 12 sati
Shes glowing cos shes dating Michael
Taz Bo
Taz Bo Prije 12 sati
Which camera did you guys use to film this?
Taz Bo
Taz Bo Prije 12 sati
What camera do you guys use to film this?
Joylina Vasaikar
Joylina Vasaikar Prije 13 sati
I being nthng uses sponge blender to blend my foundation nd she being a supermodel uses her fingers to blend her foundation. Like wowwww she is so so so down to earth I just love her ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
potah Prije 13 sati
She is so beautiful
RAUNAK DAS Prije 13 sati
let's take a moment,my heart skips a beat seeing her gigantic long legs😍