Prije 2 dana
WOW‼️ | #shorts
CodmGuyOfficial Prije 11 sati
Guys...I can't see him whats happening
Soo Power
Soo Power Prije 11 sati
He not must boss or. Dont bother people just decide a rest joy job for movie good
Khalid Moh
Khalid Moh Prije 11 sati
Ksi got mad skill 😂😂😂
La mona Monita
La mona Monita Prije 11 sati
Papa will never let you hit the ground
aldena suemia
aldena suemia Prije 11 sati
Either this was post edited or he's an ingrate
Ayuda Prije 11 sati
Bro really did the black ops 2 dolphin dive 😂😂
Somewhere Near
Somewhere Near Prije 11 sati
Cameraman is still alive
Pierre Powers
Pierre Powers Prije 11 sati
This game is stupid
GuuldenWuulf Prije 11 sati
Seeing Bianca's back foot draw a near perfect circle, it disturbs me to discover how accurate Sonic is about what fast running looks like.
bola nola
bola nola Prije 11 sati
🖐🏾 Who else should be working it can’t stop watching reels for the funny ass comments.
Ayesha jalal Barvi
Ayesha jalal Barvi Prije 11 sati
Why does band sound like the indian wedding theme?😂😂😂 👁👄👁
Tommi Huotari
Tommi Huotari Prije 11 sati
LeBron copying is the first thing that I thought
𝐿𝑈𝐾𝐴𝑆𝐼𝐾 Prije 11 sati
He laughed like that out of relief cause when someone yells “Hey bruh” out of their car it doesn’t usually end so good.
YASHUA SAVES Prije 11 sati
Happy Gilmore
S.Q.P.R VICTRIX Prije 11 sati
zachary liu
zachary liu Prije 11 sati
Holy shit
1PUNCHusleep Prije 11 sati
Jiren vs Goku in live action 😂😂
Michelle Jade
Michelle Jade Prije 11 sati
J.G. McBell
J.G. McBell Prije 11 sati
That’s a guy you have to tackle real, REAL low. You go at his knees or he’s never going down.
Chez Maniac
Chez Maniac Prije 11 sati
This some kind of levitation trick or what?
McPherson Paul
McPherson Paul Prije 11 sati
Great shot! Excellent pass!
Nauman Shaikh
Nauman Shaikh Prije 11 sati
Fisting has its own advantage
Sam Jerric Dela Cruz
Sam Jerric Dela Cruz Prije 11 sati
Why does it feel relaxing
Etieia PereiraChagas
Etieia PereiraChagas Prije 11 sati
Sheeeeshboykingsley2.I Prije 11 sati
That must’ve hurt
Alan Ricardo Venegas Mendoza
Alan Ricardo Venegas Mendoza Prije 11 sati
Al parecer si no hay gravedad alrededor de una persona, puede flotar 😵
Alan Ricardo Venegas Mendoza
Alan Ricardo Venegas Mendoza Prije 11 sati
Aclaro, aquí dentro del planeta, en el espacio sideral, es obvio
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway Prije 11 sati
Elite? Videos of 14 year old boys on here with much tighter control & more explosive. If ELITE means she can look ridiculous and still dribble a ball then OK.
Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz Prije 11 sati
El power ranger azul
free spirit
free spirit Prije 11 sati
Olympic standard stuff
MrJctii916 Prije 11 sati
Can't hit the fairway... But, yay! I guess.
jb ij
jb ij Prije 11 sati
I can't even do it lying down
RD2A Prije 11 sati
that lay up was clean
Cindy Roy
Cindy Roy Prije 11 sati
coraru coraru
coraru coraru Prije 11 sati
Moses The Prophet
Moses The Prophet Prije 11 sati
The fact she even did a push-up prior to making this incredible shot is amazing.
tariq Prije 11 sati
fifa needs to see this. anyone who runs like the guy automatically gets >80 pace lmao.
Snekky Snek
Snekky Snek Prije 11 sati
Wtf is this shit
Limsanity Prije 11 sati
Imagine the neighbors pov😂
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo Prije 11 sati
That reaction says, “I haven’t done anything semi-cool to this day”
Sanata Graha
Sanata Graha Prije 11 sati
he have protagonist material
Zakariya Abdulahi
Zakariya Abdulahi Prije 11 sati
MrHandsomeboynow Prije 11 sati
Would like to see her do that in Somalia.
Toejam Prije 11 sati
I don’t know if anyone remembers that “Track & field” game on Nintendo. But.. The triple jump is difficult!
Jordan Ellington
Jordan Ellington Prije 11 sati
I was impressed w the first ones
Lumberjack35 Prije 11 sati
Black boy is scared of white man
Opel Eisenbeis
Opel Eisenbeis Prije 11 sati
I can't breathe! When they went straight thru the chair I died
J K Prije 11 sati
Love it
Wiggity Wop
Wiggity Wop Prije 11 sati
Hey man that’s dangerous I wouldn’t suggest you do that
•Iłz_ Kaleb• VA
•Iłz_ Kaleb• VA Prije 11 sati
wielding a Kodachi is not simple and him wielding it like that? big props
Wai Tam
Wai Tam Prije 11 sati
Fake weight demo 🤔
giulian Prije 11 sati
Victor Chong
Victor Chong Prije 11 sati
Now thats ninja warrior worthy
silver carter
silver carter Prije 11 sati
both feet off ground..u lost pivot's a dumb looking travel
Vladimir Souffrant
Vladimir Souffrant Prije 11 sati
R-kelly moment shared lmao ( I believe I could fly ).
Markus Mayr
Markus Mayr Prije 11 sati
Nancy M
Nancy M Prije 11 sati
Nice job Baby & Daddy. Trust is everything in a relationship
McPherson Paul
McPherson Paul Prije 11 sati
He broke little man's ankles - Hilarious! 😂
Hugh Begg
Hugh Begg Prije 11 sati
Great job dad! And daughter 😀
Don Edwards
Don Edwards Prije 11 sati
That 180 sit down was nice to 😂
Tha Gumbo Spot
Tha Gumbo Spot Prije 11 sati
How did he do that? That 4th lift off 🔥
C G Prije 11 sati
What a life accomplishment 👍
Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez Prije 11 sati
Is that even a yard
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Prije 11 sati
Absolutely Brutal. Your story will be told, kid.
Jesse Varela
Jesse Varela Prije 11 sati
And the comment section once again proves the old saying: Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Prije 11 sati
klasified1 Prije 11 sati
Hoowwww about doing it more in the middle of the ramp NOT by the edge where you easily just ride off the ramp before getting to the bottom
apapz3245 Prije 11 sati
Ok so she’s already too good for the WNBA so now what
McLovin Prije 11 sati
El salto del tigre
Abalabal Prije 11 sati
i looks like dont miss it to hit the ball? am i right🤔
Linda G
Linda G Prije 11 sati
I wish every tire shop can be this quick lol man you know how much money they'd make in a day
Prije 11 sati
Connor Troglin
Connor Troglin Prije 11 sati
Eduarda Lima
Eduarda Lima Prije 11 sati
Jafar Martin
Jafar Martin Prije 11 sati
No hesitation AT ALL.
Harshit, Is That You?
Harshit, Is That You? Prije 11 sati
Yoshi Mitsu from Tekken 3?????
голубой слон кита
голубой слон кита Prije 11 sati
Чел ещё не решил синий он или просто пьяный)))
Monica Collins
Monica Collins Prije 11 sati
That kid is Spiderman
Posativa Prije 11 sati
Minecraft characters be like
Vuyo Sidinile
Vuyo Sidinile Prije 11 sati
That was flippin' good