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BapanSaha IG
BapanSaha IG Prije 4 sati
Who comes here after watched apex trailer?
Eduardo Prije 4 sati
Love your work on the apex trailer
ArshKhan LM10
ArshKhan LM10 Prije 4 sati
Bro did you just use your voice in apex legends season 8 trailer
Omar Prije 4 sati
Guys this is the newest Apex legend, Fuze
Omar Prije 4 sati
Guys this is the newest Apex legend, Fuze
Omar Prije 4 sati
Hey fuse
john navin
john navin Prije 4 sati
"Just get a job on hammer industries you Dorks "🤬good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VinnyS914 Prije 4 sati
I need to find a qy to touch a lot of people at the same time. I didn't know Joe Biden subbed to you
Jeremy Prije 4 sati
SirCyclopsFN Prije 4 sati
john navin
john navin Prije 4 sati
honest name The Outer Rim Job??????🤭🤭🤭🤭
Mseandimitriusk Prije 4 sati
Wait so. Rey= discount Luke Bb8= discount R2 Poe= discount Han Solo Maz kanata= discount Yoda Kylo ren= discount Vader And when discount Palps died (Snoke), they brought in the real Palps for the final film
"GtaIIIBoy_2_" Prije 5 sati
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 5 sati
Best part PAYBACK 6:48 never been bit HUH 😂😂😂 omgeee WTF animal crackers indeeeed 😂😂😂
Lenny Pearl
Lenny Pearl Prije 5 sati
Doctor Sleep soon???
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 5 sati
5:30 😂 i always wondered wtf every sound played all at once sounded like 😃😅🤣
Renato Pereira
Renato Pereira Prije 5 sati
Do "The Legend of Korra" now.
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 5 sati
4:24 7:03 😂 these are my concussions 🎶
Joshua Paul
Joshua Paul Prije 5 sati
Yo it was really good movie...
Estianne Bodenstaff
Estianne Bodenstaff Prije 5 sati
I could not watch more that 22min
ThunderHaven AE
ThunderHaven AE Prije 5 sati
Obi-Wan is still the king of roasts.
MattTy Prije 6 sati
have they still not done Star Wars The clone wars TV show
Hamzah Abdul-Rasheed
Hamzah Abdul-Rasheed Prije 6 sati
This was actually a decent film
Hazel DelGenovese
Hazel DelGenovese Prije 6 sati
''Inspiration meter'' lmao
HelveticRaven Prije 6 sati
A Honest Trailer about Mulholland Drive would be a dream!
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Prije 6 sati
Not starring Godzilla.
ArisCarroll Prije 6 sati
i for one appreciated the ace ventura joke
tyson kuyper
tyson kuyper Prije 6 sati
Watching this in 2021 and they have confirmed a circe de solie show about Disney animation
Shannon Roberts
Shannon Roberts Prije 6 sati
Do Highlander!
Lancelot Prije 6 sati
I love the stare-ing compilation in these godzilla honest trailer.
jano attionu
jano attionu Prije 6 sati
Honest trailer for Being John Malkovich please
Lindelani Mnisi
Lindelani Mnisi Prije 7 sati
Please do 1917 next 🙌🙌👌
DeathEchoVII Prije 7 sati
Best part of renting the DVD is that it came with a playable level of the Hulk game. I must have spent more time on that that watching the movie.
Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett Prije 7 sati
u missed a prime opportunity to call Aang Captain Planet lol
Simon Kelly
Simon Kelly Prije 7 sati
Best honest trailer ever beyond a doubt.
jake Hanson
jake Hanson Prije 7 sati
"Not prestige television" watch your fucking tongue
Echo 5-0-1
Echo 5-0-1 Prije 7 sati
Where did they get all thoose gloves
Rafika Ashfia
Rafika Ashfia Prije 7 sati
Rafika Ashfia
Rafika Ashfia Prije 7 sati
Rafika Ashfia
Rafika Ashfia Prije 7 sati
liam Prije 8 sati
Get with the times man, spiderman 3 is the internet's favorite now.
Arti Singh
Arti Singh Prije 8 sati
Me after finding out that Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of korra is not on Indian Netflix My Disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 8 sati
Personality of a COAL LUMP 😂😂😂 daaaam
Nathaniel Preston
Nathaniel Preston Prije 8 sati
2:44 first kiss.
the return of the fossa
the return of the fossa Prije 8 sati
can you do john rambo rambo movies 1-5
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 8 sati
Eliza BiCKi BiCKi wild wild BETH 😂 yoooo i fux wit you for THAT one 👏🏾
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 8 sati
All in exchange for pats on the BACK 😂 hellnawww
Dimensional Sponge
Dimensional Sponge Prije 8 sati
2:34 “Gojilla”
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Prije 8 sati
Mekhi Phive minutes of airtime 😂
Nishu Thakkar
Nishu Thakkar Prije 9 sati
i like how they boosted his mumble... or maybe it's real 🤔 i don't know.. it's a mumble
Celebs Vlog
Celebs Vlog Prije 9 sati
Yugesh Keluskar
Yugesh Keluskar Prije 9 sati
Do a honest trailer on The departed
b devs
b devs Prije 9 sati
Hey..... GUYZ...... CMONNN!
daniel bickley gorman
daniel bickley gorman Prije 9 sati
the most overrated movie in cinematic history
Fanny Widiasari
Fanny Widiasari Prije 10 sati
I love this so much😍😍😍
Daniel Prije 10 sati
Why are there so many World Trade Center destruction references in the pop culture prior to the real bombing?
J Jung
J Jung Prije 10 sati
WW 84 steals all its ideas from other superhero movies, the director is a thief!
Gampee Prije 10 sati
Like your work Mate. have a listen the part "this is the way" I instantly thought of the Ugandan Knuckles.
Michael Linger
Michael Linger Prije 11 sati
My daughter was addicted to this movie. It’s pretty decent, Kevin Hart was great in it. But the second one sucked.
shabbir sarwar
shabbir sarwar Prije 11 sati
Is this Sonny from the best ever food review show??
Marius Ioan
Marius Ioan Prije 11 sati
Starring: weeeeeeeeeeeeebs
Alternate Endings and edits
Alternate Endings and edits Prije 11 sati
I would have gone with an acromantula joke
Michael Linger
Michael Linger Prije 11 sati
This was still better than Jurassic Park 2 actually.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Prije 12 sati
SnowboarderGeek Prije 12 sati
Jack Black rules, Kevin Hart is jealous. sad.
Fen Victoria
Fen Victoria Prije 12 sati
A screen junkie was an extra!?
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Prije 13 sati
I wish I had more upvotes to give.
Silias Porter
Silias Porter Prije 13 sati
Mantis laughing with drax was hilarious. Even in the video I was laughing my head off.
Victoria Leary
Victoria Leary Prije 13 sati
These movies bite hard (no offense to the people who like them it's just my opinion) but , I can write better fanfiction in my sleep Hollywood give me a call 👍😁👍
John Gyung
John Gyung Prije 13 sati
i mean anime
John Gyung
John Gyung Prije 13 sati
lol i love this movie
Steven Barry
Steven Barry Prije 13 sati
Too much Human Drama
Teatro Grottesco
Teatro Grottesco Prije 14 sati
Whatever her age if I had a daughter who acted that childishly I wouldn't let go to a tv concert across the street on her own much less follow a band in Europe. Oh, and F that mother of hers.
Mochi Prije 14 sati
Can you do one on Gravity Falls?
J Bennett
J Bennett Prije 14 sati
No pardon for Joe Exotic. COVID still going strong.
jorge gaitan
jorge gaitan Prije 14 sati
I can’t figure out how you can say a movie is hollow if your also saying you have to watch it 3 times to figure it out. That’s what I loved about this movie, it was like trying to take apart a puzzle, and when I did, it was very satisfying. If people liked the HODOR story from Game of Thrones, which judging by the reception of that episode a lot of people did, than there is no way you couldn’t have liked Neill’s story. He knowingly, with a lifetime to think about it, sacrificed himself for the mission. And if you still have not figured it out, that’s why the protagonist ends up tearing up at the end. There is something hard hitting and profound once you put it all together
Village Camping Darjeeling
Village Camping Darjeeling Prije 14 sati
I love u Dwayne. I wish I could meet u 🥺
Martin had a dream
Martin had a dream Prije 14 sati
Jack Scott
Jack Scott Prije 14 sati
After the awesomeness of Rogue One, the perfection of The Clone Wars, the fun of the Mandalorian, and the shitbrick that is the sequel trilogy, I will ensure I have the high ground when I find someone denouncing the prequels.
James Hewitt
James Hewitt Prije 14 sati
All I could here is "...Broke Back Mount Doom"! 😂😂😂
Berserk Brownie
Berserk Brownie Prije 14 sati
super boring movie.. and the particle effects make the fights so annoying. like it was way too much and what monsters getting power ups? what is this shounen?