Infinity Song "Mad Love"
Joss Stone "Walk With Me"
Julien Baker "Faith Healer"
John Price
John Price Prije 2 sati
My God you suck Colbert... What are you going to do now that the whole premise of your show is gone? Boring ass TV
rocky171986 Prije 2 sati
Lol the rubik cube maniacs can solve it much faster than someone replacing the stickers one by one, that's how insane they are
Sara Sleightholm
Sara Sleightholm Prije 2 sati
Tolkeinism: a safer cult
M N Prije 2 sati
Hard working, educated.. Colbert earned it the hard way.
Pinotl Prije 2 sati
Stephen looks 20 years younger since last week.
alumpyhorse Prije 2 sati
Epic LOTR rant. Stephen let his nerd out in full force and we’re there for it. love you Stephen. Dead serious here: thank you for your service, sir. you kept me going when nothing else could. Well, you and Seth. And Trevor. And John Oliver. And Sam Bee. And…you get the point. You are all heroes.
Mercury Draconis
Mercury Draconis Prije 2 sati
More meows!
Mister Itchy
Mister Itchy Prije 2 sati
Obviously, you turn it a little and then pop a corner off ... then put it back together. Better, pop one of the center caps and unscrew the screw. Taking off the stickers leaves too much evidence.
uosdwiSrdewoH Prije 2 sati
This is so Hollywood. "Deadpool wasn't popular because it was an amazing film but because it was R-rated. Quick, make more R-rated movies." "Have you seen that new show Queen's Gambit? Why do you think people loved it?" "It was an engrossing story that people couldn't wait to get to the next episode of." "HAHA! You are so stupid. It's because it was based on a board game. Quick, start making films and game shows based on the Rubik's Cube." "Umm, that's not a board game." "You're fired!"
blueconversechucks Prije 2 sati
That piano was GREAT to listen to, waking up for work at 6:30 this morning. Happy Friday everyone!!
Rocket Man
Rocket Man Prije 2 sati
Don't WORRY!! Jesus is NOT coming to HELL again to save anyone.... Huhhhh... Save demons, I dont think so....!!!
Mackey Mintle
Mackey Mintle Prije 2 sati
Best Quibi joke yet! ...I mean, besides the actual Quibi.
Sally Willis
Sally Willis Prije 2 sati
They attacked democracy as they supported his lies.
Thurston Prije 2 sati
I love the nerd rant.
Ed Cliffe
Ed Cliffe Prije 2 sati
... and don't get him started about Ungoliant,
Aastha Naik
Aastha Naik Prije 2 sati
Her accent is all over place 🙄
Annika Hurtig
Annika Hurtig Prije 2 sati
Nerd rage * heart eyes *
D Prije 2 sati
I live in Australia and for the past 5-10 years it has gotten worse here too. I’m a conservative and I find that there are no true conservative media outlets that aren’t lie-mongers.
Hameez Ahamed
Hameez Ahamed Prije 2 sati
It's apparent from the cheers, American public aren't the supporters of Islamaphobia. I'm grateful for that
M Wellman
M Wellman Prije 2 sati
I’m trying to be a great writer like Tolkien, I really love his work and the detail involved.
salemandreus Prije 2 sati
Hippos are massive killers, hugely aggressive and tourists think the yawning means they're sleepy and docile. They kill far far far more people than lions or other mammals, they're the second biggest animal killer of humans after mosquitoes (and other humans).
chris miller
chris miller Prije 2 sati
Why must we always compare the beautiful sky puppys to rats??? Besides the bat didnt ask to be eatin so thats like blaming harambe for gun violence
irais salazar
irais salazar Prije 2 sati
i eat meat, and I agree with her. my mother grew on a farm, and always tells us that the way animals are treated and forced to produce is not right.
Sutter Danychuk
Sutter Danychuk Prije 2 sati
Yet, if Biden were to be executed, Kamala Harris would become President
ROGUE ONES Prije 2 sati
"YOU DONT KNOW ME " 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😭😭😂😭😂😂😭😂😭😭😂😂😭😂😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Samatar Ali
Samatar Ali Prije 2 sati
Why go after her she is not trumpist she didnt know him she gonna divorce him watch
LM Prije 2 sati
Will the other half of America wake up soon and realize that they have all been "donned"?
Mimi Clausen
Mimi Clausen Prije 2 sati
So many inuendos Sam...Some of us got em! ;-)
Stanley Lee
Stanley Lee Prije 2 sati
M Palmer
M Palmer Prije 2 sati
Am happy they did not bring the National Guards out.. this had to happen to show the true America 🇺🇸!!! This is who America is..!!!
Jaclyn Fairhead
Jaclyn Fairhead Prije 2 sati
Tolkien nerds are like, "that David Day dictionary is in fact the worst."
macronencer Prije 2 sati
The Tolkien rant was SPECTACULAR!
Allen M
Allen M Prije 2 sati
Welcome to orange man bad show
naziya ahmed
naziya ahmed Prije 2 sati
bts forever love u
Negative Ramos
Negative Ramos Prije 2 sati
Fauci is right. I worked in a job for years whereby one of my roles was to brief high ranking officials. The VERY FIRST thing you get taught, is that if you get asked a question you don't know the answer to, admit that you don't know and go find out. Do not guess. This is basic sh*t. Fauci seems like a different man in all honesty.
lizzie stacey
lizzie stacey Prije 2 sati
Liking for Glorfindel. #GloryForGlorfindel
Rob K
Rob K Prije 2 sati
I could listen to Stephen talk about Tolkien all day
muskcode R
muskcode R Prije 2 sati
Biden is already failing, he'll be out in six months. He's a puppet for Obama(The Original Smoke and Mirrors President), trying to protect his sham legacy.
Bill Campbell
Bill Campbell Prije 2 sati
How do you watch a program like this if one doesn’t have access to a service like Hulu? Right - unfortunately, you don’t. So, when does it come to be broadcast on “regular” tv?
Evan Callahan
Evan Callahan Prije 2 sati
Where are the jokes about Biden signing the Federal mask mandate executive order then two hours later seen standing at Arlington cemetery (Federal Land) not wearing a mask. Keep the President bashing going like you did for the last four years you piece of shit.
Jimmy Conway
Jimmy Conway Prije 2 sati
Without trump to make fun of this guys material is already brutal
A MLK Prije 2 sati
Need more of john’s awesome band and music instead of your useless trash talk
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
Elvira-Irina Reisinger Prije 2 sati
Well... the entire city didn't burn.......
Snowflake Prije 2 sati
Stephen, I understood everything you said, the annoyance of Glorfindel is real.
Jesseca Trainham
Jesseca Trainham Prije 2 sati
Thank the gods, sooner or later, Evil has a way of devouring its own... and speaking of geek culture: every Trekkie knows, you never trust a Q.
Budgie Babycakes
Budgie Babycakes Prije 2 sati
So beautiful it made me cry💖💖💖
Captivus13 Prije 2 sati
Really telling without the laughter. Why get rid of the applause? It's all fake anyway. But notice how Steve still thinks it's funny. It's not......
Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος
Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος Prije 2 sati
Enough with the Biden worship, how more slimy can you become? You have to be ready to keep them accountable very soon, stop licking boots
Ni Won
Ni Won Prije 2 sati
So cool. Class
CK8smallville Prije 2 sati
Oh thank God!! I can go back to not caring about American politics - and I don’t even live in America!
Mari Raita
Mari Raita Prije 2 sati
Omg I love this show, nerd humor on point👌
mattyb Prije 2 sati
Thank you Jon! I needed a happy little tune and that did the trick.
Schrodinger's Human
Schrodinger's Human Prije 2 sati
You look old
Carla B
Carla B Prije 2 sati
Don't mind me, I'm just here happy to hear X-men references. 🤓
Cheri Russ
Cheri Russ Prije 2 sati
D_ _ k with a sh_ t show
Mataya Waldenberg
Mataya Waldenberg Prije 2 sati
And I knew about every little detail of your Glorfindel rant and have to commend you for being correct in all its details. <3
Shan Stacy
Shan Stacy Prije 2 sati
Love the upbeat piano. Does John have any albums you can link to?
Edith Kire
Edith Kire Prije 2 sati
A much less fascist point of view!!😂😂
Jones6192 Prije 2 sati
corujariousa Prije 2 sati
You can't get tired of Jon Batiste. Thanks for having him.
Telepek Telepkowy
Telepek Telepkowy Prije 2 sati
America, as much as I am happy for you that the orange turd is out, this overmasturbatory celebration of his departure will make you all look like the biggest morons once you'll cause another Trump nomination in 4 or 8 years. There is a lot of cheering, a lot of happiness but not enough of "We can't let this happen again.". Don't eat that brunch too often, you guys have a lot of work to do.
Whovian Gamer
Whovian Gamer Prije 2 sati
I enjoy the topics Stephen Colbert covers, but he is painfully unfunny now.
CJusticeHappen21 Prije 2 sati
Everytime I see stories of people trying to follow "Q", I just think of a V for Vendetta-type character who's opening introduction involves a bunch of words that begin with their namesake letter. But then I try to put something like that together and I keep getting hung up on "Voila!"
Jake Ryan Real
Jake Ryan Real Prije 2 sati
Not a single thing has changed in America other than the name at the top... and you say everything feels better? Lol 😂 you are a joke... no pun intended. At least republicans are honest and don’t make things seem better when they are not. The owners of America did not change when the presidency did. Which means the next four years will look like the last 30... more crime, more corruption, more pollution, more in poverty... and the wealthy just keep on getting richer. I’m tired of lying politicians, lying and manipulative television assholes like you, and tired of Americans being treated like native Indians all over again. There are millions (that’s a lot of folks) of people who are homeless and cannot afford housing. Why? Because all of the land is either bought up by private enterprises or it is so uninhabitable that people can’t live on it. The land that is for sale is so outrageous I don’t see how a bank could honestly loan money on it... $90,000 per acre of mountain land with no utilities nearby? What a joke this country is. Calling itself a democracy, forcefully spreading democracy... and when it comes right down to it, this country sidesteps democracy for military force. A complete fricken joke!!!
Taylor Faith
Taylor Faith Prije 2 sati
-slides his pup mask under the bed with his foot- PUBLIC WALKING OF A MAN?! my word what will they think of next? -adjusts monocle-
Jhonbus Prije 2 sati
Where's Matt Parker?
Mister Itchy
Mister Itchy Prije 2 sati
"Oh Maybelline!" ... Made me very happy to hear that!
Alan Pearson
Alan Pearson Prije 2 sati
Who's a speedcuber here?
Боря Дійкин
Боря Дійкин Prije 2 sati
Fauci is now alive!!
Daraugh Prije 2 sati
Hey Anon, QQ more.
John Jinkerheiman
John Jinkerheiman Prije 2 sati
Does this mean Colbert will stop making unfunny cringe jokes about Trump and actually go back to being funny once a month again?
Hanspal Singh
Hanspal Singh Prije 2 sati
The weary step-brother topologically overflow because pantry analogically suit past a determined half-brother. drab, curvy vibraphone
Stiff Richard
Stiff Richard Prije 2 sati
70 plus million Americans see Booker as a lying racism pedaling subversive along with many other now in charge. They're going to whine about the Capitol incident while ignoring all the left wing violence and destruction of the past year and still going on currently. Yes there are some neo nazi types in the country but 70 plus million? Really? The more they keep denying that there was no voter fraud, the worse it will get for them.
IO Tewks
IO Tewks Prije 2 sati
shoutout to those physically affected by Steven's meowing
Boo !
Boo ! Prije 2 sati
You people are not being fair - we're expecting a new, near-perfect health plan to be announced in two Trump.
Linthari Prije 2 sati
I absolutely loved his rant on J.R.R. Tolkien's work. A nerd after my own heart. -^_^
E L Prije 2 sati
This was one of the top 5 intro's to quarentine while so far hahah
Donald Rivers
Donald Rivers Prije 2 sati
“It’s not like like chess, we don’t get to have cool names for things.” Sledgehammer, Hedgeslammer, Sexy Move, ___ Permutation, CFOP/ZZ/Roux method. PLL/OLL etc. Maybe so.
Shayne McIntyre
Shayne McIntyre Prije 2 sati
Righteous Tolkienian nerd fury!
peytongonavy Prije 2 sati
I didn't think John would get my foot twitching and kicking. I was wrong!! Get on down!! Huh ha!!!