"Smartphones are Boring now."
The Self-Healing Smartphones!
6G - Explained!
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Huawei is replacing Android.
Poco X3 - The Shady Truth.
OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020 - Wow.
Samsung and Google are at War.
Unboxing World's Fastest Phone.
The Apple Master Plan.
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I'm switching to iPhone.
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DON'T buy this USB Stick.
OnePlus messed up.
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Is your Smartphone Overpriced?
OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11
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Huawei P40 Pro+ Unboxing!
Dear Smartphone Makers.
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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11
Smartphones are evolving.
moon_1789 Prije 16 sati
Nokia : pathetic
CooCoo Prije 16 sati
I feel like if they put an in house OS on the S and/or Note phones, put a skin on it that looks just like their Android phones, and just glossed over the fact that it’s their own OS, they could sell a lot.
Boredom Busters
Boredom Busters Prije 16 sati
samsung s21 ultra viewers at 1:06 : aww that's cute
Qamber Jangian Baloch
Qamber Jangian Baloch Prije 16 sati
Samsung wins clearly, ❤
Titus B. Ramos
Titus B. Ramos Prije 16 sati
Another plot twist: he is sponsored by every phone brand
Yaw ziggy
Yaw ziggy Prije 16 sati
In my country🇬🇭 peoples worship iPhones especially the slay queens🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Gaming Fox
Gaming Fox Prije 16 sati
Where is a the Samsung gang💪
Alan J
Alan J Prije 16 sati
I want a Linux phone. You're pronouncing Linux the wrong way.
DOC DOC Prije 16 sati
compare samsung with sony 5 ii
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal Prije 16 sati
Pramod 😂😂😂
Titus B. Ramos
Titus B. Ramos Prije 16 sati
With these cameras if we still get a low resolution video that is mysterious. Idk what to say
SD MARV Prije 16 sati
Still watching this on my s9+ 2021
Ghostshot990 Prije 16 sati
It really bothers me that you opened it despite having no guarantee it was not a bomb.
RickersonYT -Roblox
RickersonYT -Roblox Prije 16 sati
sedwarg Prije 16 sati
Aaaand that's my S21 order cancelled
Yaw ziggy
Yaw ziggy Prije 16 sati
If your phone screen resolution is not good,pls skip this video
Nins Oh
Nins Oh Prije 16 sati
These was a great comparison video. Engaging and informative.
Melten Prije 16 sati
That is nearly all the specs and feature of the motorola one vision/action and its realest later
Danielle Talent
Danielle Talent Prije 16 sati
Guys where can i buy this i need an upgrade from the custardapple pro X max plus Ultimate SE fold edge
Zenux Prije 16 sati
what music is that in the intro
KTLC1 Prije 16 sati
I'. Really happy that this channel exists. It's really hard to find people that aren't pro apple in every way, even when the two have pros and cons
WA5P 47
WA5P 47 Prije 16 sati
The cameras look like the pp I made in Minecraft
SherPk Prije 16 sati
Full Rob jobs copy😂😂😂
Sandramohan Naganathan
Sandramohan Naganathan Prije 16 sati
Good Comparision. Thank you
whoEmu Prije 16 sati
giveaway me 😇❤️ bro love from Bangladesh
EMWAY SABSEHII Prije 16 sati
Super impressive sir. How much price to the hole products in rupees?
Yosef147 Prije 16 sati
Honorable Mentions: #6: 0:20 Samsung S20 Series #5: 0:39 Nokia 8.3 5G ($699/£499) #4: 1:04 IPhone SE 2020 ($399/£419) #3: 1:30 VIVO X50 PRO ($665/£500) #2: 2:09 Sony XPERIA 1II ($1199/£1099) #1: 2:59 Oppo Find X2 Pro ($1450/£1099) Categories: Best Affordable Phones: Winners: 3:52 Google Pixel 4A ($349/£349) / 4:08 ONEPLUS Nord ($480/£379) Runner-up: 4:27 Samsung Galaxy A71 ($419/£419) / 4:55 IPhone 11 ($599/£599) Best Ultra Affordable Phone: Winner: 5:20 Poco X3 ($260/£199) Runner-up: 5:50 Realme 6 ($289/£219) / 6:05 ONEPLUS Nord N100 ($233/£179) Best Gaming Phone: Winner: 7:12 ROG Phone 3 ($1000/£897) Runner-up: 7:42 Lenovo Legion Duel ($1049/£799) / 8:21 Blackshark 3 Pro ($729/£649) The Battery King: Winner: 8:55 ROG Phone 3 ($1000/£897) Best Foldable Phone: Winner: 9:21 Galaxy Z Fold2 5G ($1999/£1799) Best Compact Phone: Winner: 10:05 Google Pixel 4A ($349/£349) Runner-up: 10:35 Google Pixel 5 ($699/£599) / 10:45 IPhone 12 Mini ($699/£699) / 11:07 Sony Xperia 5 II ($949/£799) Best All-Rounder Flagship Phone: Runner-up: 11:46 IPhone 12 Pro ($999/£999) / 11:57 ONEPLUS 8 Pro ($899/799) / 12:13 Huawei Mate 40 Pro ($1440/£1099) / 12:28 Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra ($760/£584) Winners: 12:57 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ($1299/£1179) / 13:17 IPhone 12 Pro Max ($1099/£1099) Best Value Phone: Runner-up: 14:12 Xiaomi MI 10 ($600/£550) / 14:30 Xiaomi MI 10T Pro ($570/£550) / 15:17 Galaxy S20 FE ($699/£699) Winners: 16:23 ONEPLUS 8T ($749/£549) / 17:10 ASUS Zenfone 7 Pro ($850/£730)
Harsh Ahlawat
Harsh Ahlawat Prije 16 sati
Liked this vedio only because Samsung won✌🇮🇳
David Francis
David Francis Prije 16 sati
hi,my name is asa I'm from jamaica I have a 12 yr old son who is a big big fan of yours, I would love to give him one of the phone for his birthday tomorrow. but I cant afford one,how can i get one of these phone to surprise him,that would be the best give ever from a father to a son.thanks so much.
Titus B. Ramos
Titus B. Ramos Prije 16 sati
Plot twist: He is sponsored by both companies and is having a competition
SeanHQBlox Prije 16 sati
Oh I have a LG G5 right now and that's what I usually use. Can someone tell me since my LG g5 battery runs out pretty fast compared to other phones. Is that jus because my phone is old or are they just like that? Oh and there's also a slight problem with the module where It would suddenly think that I don't have the right one in that's the module isn't supported and then I can't turn off or anything. I have to take it out and stick it back in which resets all the time and stuff, thankfully not the apps.
Ajith Agesto
Ajith Agesto Prije 16 sati
Bro u had so many phones so just give me 1 good phone 😅😅 till i didnt have any personal phone
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris Prije 16 sati
11k thumbs down? People like having their phones wiped?
OCEAN Prije 16 sati
They both have their own future 👍
Dry Bonnie
Dry Bonnie Prije 16 sati
Wait is 5g really that bad? The only time I had problems was when the cord got pulled out
LORD JOKER Prije 16 sati
screen is an important factor there is a 2k WQHD + dynamic amoled screen bidet FHD + oled there is a screen that does not charge, it cuts down from there, put a screen like Samsung, is it enough?
Sandroid Prije 16 sati
Being Bombed by Galaxy S21 ads
JoHin Prije 16 sati
you should bring in the cheapest cannon eos, just to give some context to how bad phone cameras still are
Jacob Prije 16 sati
6g will probably be starlink
Titus B. Ramos
Titus B. Ramos Prije 16 sati
Watchin these even tho I can't afford both phones nor the S10 mentioned
Alperen DURMUŞ
Alperen DURMUŞ Prije 16 sati
Can't wait to buy the s21 5 years later the release lol
SeanHQBlox Prije 16 sati
For the 12 one you said I think it was sumsang or something who was about to release a good flip phone or something. So did they release a good one?
Dabbing Granny ProductionsTM
Dabbing Granny ProductionsTM Prije 16 sati
Is this only for Android phones or do iOS phones also commit die? im only asking because im planning to get an iPhone and i kinda like the Pro Color RGB version of that image :flooshed: it probably doesn't because iPhones most likely don't use Google's stuff, but im still gonna ask to make sure.
Moonchild Ting
Moonchild Ting Prije 16 sati
Hey please can you make a video on Tabs
Organica Prije 16 sati
Whose paying him
hallmonitor98 Prije 16 sati
Watching on note 4
xpium Prije 16 sati
I knew the 11 pro was better than 12 😹
Geniz Prije 16 sati
may i have one of those phones sir pliz
Alperen Yıldırım
Alperen Yıldırım Prije 16 sati
When you cannot afford the both of them, ıt doesn't matter which one is better.
regitt Prije 16 sati
bruh just make thick as s phones with good processors and a giant battery so we can have a good phone that is comfortable to hold
hallmonitor98 Prije 16 sati
Where does the note 4 rank?
Stivon Paul
Stivon Paul Prije 16 sati
Father/Mother of ANDROID :-----------------LINUX ❤️❤️
xpium Prije 16 sati
iphone 11 pro max > iphone 12 pro max
sannio komi
sannio komi Prije 16 sati
This video was sooo goood .
logfu roo
logfu roo Prije 16 sati
I got the miletary Wi-Fi and i got 4g
ツJOleph Prije 16 sati
Pls send me a phone
Joshua Mcewen
Joshua Mcewen Prije 16 sati
0:35 *i have no words*
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson Prije 16 sati
The entire time with me being American I'm thinking he is saying the phone is 29 pounds as in weight until I noticed the currency lol
Ashwin Thiykarajan
Ashwin Thiykarajan Prije 16 sati
Samsung camera is stunning love Samsung good phone
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Prije 16 sati
That’ much and they gave you a 128 instead of the 256 ? I’ve learned never buy anything “special” edition .. these are normal phones with custom shells
MrsCempedak Prije 16 sati
Good comparison. MPs are not everything. But I guess Apple good step up and build a 20 or 30MP which would be capable of elimnating some of the issues caused by too little resulution
AbdulRahman Ch
AbdulRahman Ch Prije 16 sati
this video aged really well after the S21 has been released!
GamerBoy Prije 17 sati
9:09 Look AT The TV. Your Welcome
Xcalibur Prije 17 sati
We buy what smooth running,and not camera nigga..
XxIsacornxX Prije 17 sati
Let’s grow together guys
SeanHQBlox Prije 17 sati
Also fake reviews isn't only on tech I'm pretty sure it's on apps where the app is a scam and the people who made it use fake reviews to get people to download it.
Mirza C
Mirza C Prije 17 sati
did anyone else see this at 3:27 in the window on the left?
Mini Fragile
Mini Fragile Prije 17 sati
What if you could get the redmagic with a cooler
Covid20 Prije 17 sati
What a waste.
Chez Fauzi
Chez Fauzi Prije 17 sati
What screen protector u use on your personal smartphone?
Math1as_xD Prije 17 sati
plot twist: He switched around the 1$ and the 80$ glass protector
Khanky Surtida
Khanky Surtida Prije 17 sati
I personally love iPhone since I got my hands on it. (FYI i was a samsung user) It doesn’t lag after how many years, The camera now has improved much better, It’s much luxurious. One thing I noticed, even though Samsung has 108MP camera, people in my country never really fell in-line at stores or network companies to get the new S21 series when it was announced and released. Compare to iPhone 12 Pro series. People are fighting @powermac, retails stores etc.
bollywood hollywood movies and web series
bollywood hollywood movies and web series Prije 17 sati
I want night video recording
Aurora Dragneel
Aurora Dragneel Prije 17 sati
is there give away on this HRpost channel if so i need to win a new phone # good content
AGYEMANG ERIC Prije 17 sati
*Nobody does this better than Guurusweb at IG, he’s expert*
Piotr Lewandowski
Piotr Lewandowski Prije 17 sati
Ads can be disabled. I have now zero ads in my phone.
WaveMasterShip GD
WaveMasterShip GD Prije 17 sati
Who throws a 100000kg brick at their phone
Sameed Sherazi
Sameed Sherazi Prije 17 sati
I came for the facts and reactions but STORY OF MY LIFE, lol. New Sub here. It was my dream phone man, all the features including display, rear selfie AND finger scan. Edited: But I can buy a mid-end car in my country if I have that much of money to buy it. Feeling lol and sad at the time.
Tribal Warrior
Tribal Warrior Prije 17 sati
Arun: apple Ziri (0:31) siri: thats why were just friends
Maheen Shaiq
Maheen Shaiq Prije 17 sati
How is this compared to the Samsung A51?
John Rey Gonzales
John Rey Gonzales Prije 17 sati
What is the name i will search on no. 29?