Prije 22 dana
the Next BIG Game...
Prije 29 dana
Fortnite's New BRAWL Mode!
Gábriel Farkas
Gábriel Farkas Prije 14 sati
He forget to say sheesh after like 6 kills lol
Caleb Blackburn
Caleb Blackburn Prije 14 sati
Can you tell the canned cat man I just had a another hint Kay he’s good but he I don’t know why wow old Donna’s Mayflower and I can play on my mobile phone and pay now can you get my purchase a new cam show and I can’t never I can’t do nothing now because it yeah that ☝️
Glizzy gobler 2882
Glizzy gobler 2882 Prije 14 sati
Harry’s face 🤣🤣🤣
DivineXP_ Prije 14 sati
I feel such like a boomer I am 19 and I swear I have never heard of ratio or at least how it is used, bruh these dang whipper snappers and their fancy words.
Zum Foxy
Zum Foxy Prije 14 sati
You pulled the Uno reverse card
Chris N
Chris N Prije 15 sati
Sypher, maybe you should get funny tik toks. this isn't a challenge, when you are always using the crappiest video of the internet.
FishFeet100 Prije 15 sati
2:10 funny
shahiwala Aziz
shahiwala Aziz Prije 16 sati
1:40 what is this music its some making me remember smth but i can't get the name of that game :(
Y2xCobi Prije 16 sati
That shi look like a slurp juice 🎮🧍🏼‍♂️
King Derp
King Derp Prije 16 sati
0:13 seconds in and he already shows up, dudes got Fortnite VIsion
FyRe_bace Prije 16 sati
4:37 naruto potato
Kinan like games
Kinan like games Prije 18 sati
I'm surprised that sypher didn't beep the swear words in this video. Sypher your channel is a family channel there are families and kids watching your vids
Ven0mShanked Prije 19 sati
Tbh that Naruto potato looking fresh
im_Zeeshan Ahmed
im_Zeeshan Ahmed Prije 19 sati
Ratio king
SimplyOctane Prije 20 sati
personally i think fortnite kinda sucks all they do is steal ideas to get people to play apex is a lot better i’ve been playing since day 1
ballsy cakeman
ballsy cakeman Prije 21 sat
My guy u can't ratio someone u ratios tim Sweeney
huntyyyboy Prije 22 sati
Wat happen to save the world
Johny Prije 22 sati
Do a Minecraft series and do all advancmens
Karina Esco
Karina Esco Prije dan
4:41,am i the only one that knows who this is?
Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan Prije dan
ゴクブラック🅥 Prije dan
Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment Currently : 121
ゴクブラック🅥 Prije dan
Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment Currently : 121
K Prije dan
1:52 I can relate
Solar Controller 2021
Solar Controller 2021 Prije dan
The game never died in the first place
Kirby Robby
Kirby Robby Prije dan
7:37 that shit looks like Sunny
Rye_lo Prije dan
Hello great video MIndy
Tim Stevenson
Tim Stevenson Prije dan
Breeze Prije dan
One of the hashtags is season7 but it’s season 8
Mr.Miyagii _-
Mr.Miyagii _- Prije dan
Sypher it be funny if you reacted to some Brandon Rogers but he’s not family friendly
pentious Prije dan
i love how as soon as the car starts flying the next video recommended for Sypher is a video called flying cars in fortnite xD
BraylenOzele Tele
BraylenOzele Tele Prije dan
7:31 Sypher said a green hat?! That's a do-rag shsssjsj!
Danielfoxo99 Prije dan
yt_Cookiezz Prije dan
When I get a notification that says “somebody has like or sub to my channel that makes my day”
Lorenzo Ingram
Lorenzo Ingram Prije dan
Those naruto draws are bad from a artist
Y2xCobi Prije dan
Y’all keep sending that one dude wit the controller I love when syphet sees that dude outta nowhere 🤣🤣😄
R0N1N 51M
R0N1N 51M Prije dan
Nahhw man the symbiotes are the best items🙄
Taxable_ Trophy
Taxable_ Trophy Prije dan
BOOST Prije dan
I remember playing Apex I believe season 1 and I’m not sure why but I disliked it and quit . I played warzone for so long and I got sooo tired of it and I remember seeing my friend play Apex at his crib and I was digging it . Next day I gave the game a 2nd chance and from there I’ve been playing this game , so much fun . You really need skill in this game .
God gamer
God gamer Prije dan
The thing is these TikToks be so funny 😂 though
River Calvert
River Calvert Prije dan
Wanna know what a vibe would. Be a Oliver tree skin like the musician. Aka the best in my head
X.awkward. Prije dan
if I cant have my shoes Karen cant have her MOM
dj8a Prije dan
0:08 looks like a green flopper to me
matthew w
matthew w Prije dan
The guy with the green bandana look like unspeakable
Fusion Kobe
Fusion Kobe Prije dan
SypherPK is kinda cool
Quantambreak11 -
Quantambreak11 - Prije dan
Bro who else thinks Naruto should not be in fortnite
Zayden Kaapana-Suzui
Zayden Kaapana-Suzui Prije dan
1:35 ur not that guy pal trust me ur not that guy 😂😂
Weston Norman
Weston Norman Prije dan
My friend hasn’t played since season 6 and he is worse player
Kidfresh Prije dan
Sypherpk cussed in a yt video OMG get the camera 📸
Jamie Stanway
Jamie Stanway Prije dan
0:16 I need to know who this guy is please tell me
ClamantOx Prije dan
The fact that Sypher enjoys these is really funny
BTW Eazz
BTW Eazz Prije dan
Dusk_Phoenix07 ツ
Dusk_Phoenix07 ツ Prije dan
Last one nearly got me.
Jayden Hylton
Jayden Hylton Prije dan
Naruto more like potato
SMB Goatz
SMB Goatz Prije dan
A lot of stuff need to come back and this is my opinion: salty springs, paradise palms, the old styles of guns, maybe tilted towers,loot lake,shockwave and impulses,hunting rifles,the old storm style and that’s it
Dorsen Cani
Dorsen Cani Prije dan
even though its fake i feel so bad for that guy
XxibrahimxX Lads
XxibrahimxX Lads Prije dan
Bill got me real hard 🤣
Nazia Khan
Nazia Khan Prije dan
Sypher your the best
joel manschot
joel manschot Prije dan
Paras Verma
Paras Verma Prije dan
That chef tho 🤣🤣 gordon ramsay cosplay 😂😂
Ayden Riney
Ayden Riney Prije dan
You have a point about people from warzone coming to apex. Ive seen tons of people hiding in corners this season.
Stanley Shifer
Stanley Shifer Prije dan
he cursed in a vid not a stream a vid 3:10
FreakshowFN Prije dan
7:28 he isnt wearing a hat Sypher it's a durag (:
Finnán Alfred
Finnán Alfred Prije dan
Heyyyyyyyyy whats wrong with Irish people lol
chrisformanu11 Prije dan
5:37 what is the name of that game
Naveen Talwar
Naveen Talwar Prije dan
I remember dropping on sypherpk's spot on my first day of fortnite.I even got my first kill on the weather station
blazedden Prije dan
My dad had a cat and he kicked it in his sleep because he was dreaming about football.
Sharan Sundararam
Sharan Sundararam Prije dan
2:09 lmaoooooooooo
Jimmy Burresss
Jimmy Burresss Prije dan
5:09 ... wait it’s not like that everywhere else ...
C33 Yakyhoo
C33 Yakyhoo Prije dan
Report the person I replied to
Dylan Prije dan
He has such a punchable face in the thumbnail
shlongdonghinghong56 Henley
shlongdonghinghong56 Henley Prije dan
Omg no one cares about fortnite
6ixdeuceape Prije dan
These vids suck make more fortnite content post more. You, fresh and lazarbeam are all I got to watch and I get no content from any hardly it sucks
Helen Garry
Helen Garry Prije dan
4:27 Me and the boys at 3am
Sushi Prije dan
Siren head coming in
Brennan Kieb
Brennan Kieb Prije dan
14:00 "Door's are cool but they're not that useful" What if I'm purposefully trolling by putting 4 doors surrounding me on all sides, opening them, and then leaving the door open via emote?
Saavin Prije dan
I am scottish ya know
Qt yond3r
Qt yond3r Prije dan
3:11 inky 2.0
Yassin Ahmed
Yassin Ahmed Prije dan
4:34 it's a potato Naruto 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Khalid Hadafow
Khalid Hadafow Prije dan
Try the new mythics
Mojtaba Fethie
Mojtaba Fethie Prije dan