Knowing Me, Knowing Jota
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Knowing Me, Knowing... Wesley
Press Conference | Pre Chelsea
Would You Rather | Emma Follis
Press Conference | Dean Smith
Would You Rather | Tom Heaton
Would You Rather | Ezri Konsa
Would You Rather | John McGinn
Would You Rather?
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All In | Punjabi Villans
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Aston Villa's Road to Wembley
Tilak R
Tilak R Prije 7 sati
Grealish "The wizard".
Chriss joel
Chriss joel Prije 7 sati
Unaumia ukiwa wapi ukiangalia mechi za *Aston Villa?* Mimi nipo Tabora 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Never Mind
Never Mind Prije 7 sati
They need to hold ball more.
Roman Cassius
Roman Cassius Prije 8 sati
What a difference from when we faced Leicester last season and got plastered all over the shop by their commitment, organization and pace. Sure, they were missing a few key men but it's still a solid result and a dream start to the season. We were genuinely lucky to stay up last season, despite some brave performances at the end of the campaign. We've done some good deals over this summer though. Martinez is the best goalie we've had for a good few years, Watkins looks a very tidy centre-forward and Barkley coming in on loan was very clever; not only is he a fine player in his own right, but it means Grealish gets a few more inches of room to play, and he's carving teams up. Early days but we look good for a Top 7/8 finish, and maybe even a European place.
Liv Key
Liv Key Prije 8 sati
we’re gonna win the league and pull a leicester, u heard it here first
Gregory Chambers
Gregory Chambers Prije 8 sati
Enjoy it while it last👍
Ikurato Jr
Ikurato Jr Prije 8 sati
this is it. it prove that villa never walk alone 😷😷🤩😍
Will Hughes 16
Will Hughes 16 Prije 8 sati
Would love to see villa react to there fifa 21 ratings
Abel Mutshinya
Abel Mutshinya Prije 8 sati
Giant Killers courtesy of Chelsea FC 😁
cristian de María Campos
cristian de María Campos Prije 8 sati
Is this the best version of the aston villa past?
Lalrinawmi Rinawmi
Lalrinawmi Rinawmi Prije 9 sati
Aston better than Leicester and loserpool..
John Aston
John Aston Prije 9 sati
Can we please have another commentator, this one is awful. I have a Dog that doesn't growl as much as this, bloody awful.
Captain Leeroy
Captain Leeroy Prije 9 sati
Not a peep from Skychester Sports
Barbarossa Prije 9 sati
JEFE GORGORY Prije 9 sati
Aston villa quiere ganar el campeonato
FishFrenzy Prije 9 sati
Sign Ross Barkley Villa please!
Minh Hoàng
Minh Hoàng Prije 9 sati
Well done AV
MANCHESTER CITY 25 Prije 9 sati
Sign ross permanently he is like gareth barry with better tekkers The first XI they have build is amazing Watkins,Grealish(southgate enemy no.1),Both Matty's in fullbacks,Barkley,Bertrand,Mcginn,Emi,Mings,Douglas,Konsa and Trezeguet
yeme Prije 9 sati
clearly, the title is Villa's to lose now
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot Prije 9 sati
Southgate, can't u look Grealish 😶
Gandha Pratama
Gandha Pratama Prije 9 sati
Sudah di bilang, Ross Barkley itu Seorang AMF... Bukan CMF atau DMF... Lampard ga bisa lihat posisi pemain.. akhirnya bintang jadi redup
Lim Pei
Lim Pei Prije 9 sati
I swear if you guys end up winning the league with Martinez, the whole arsenal board has to go. Can't believe we sold this guy.
Justin clark
Justin clark Prije 9 sati
Are you watching Gareth mountgate 🤔
Uncle Ken
Uncle Ken Prije 9 sati
Who are we?????
hp sauce
hp sauce Prije 9 sati
Southgate is officially on crack or heroin not starting grealish for England, maybe spice 🤷‍♂️.
Yoshi Itto
Yoshi Itto Prije 9 sati
You lads awesome
AkunPes Goyok2
AkunPes Goyok2 Prije 9 sati
Well , Keep this form and ignore what pundit and media said For me AVL is bigger than Tottenham, Man city , even arsenal because of history Good luck
omar schrouder
omar schrouder Prije 9 sati
I hope the media keep staying quiet about us. We know how well we're doing that's all that matters. One game at a time lads, that's all it is.
lekan animashaun
lekan animashaun Prije 9 sati
Always here for the commentary
Jugador Numero Doce
Jugador Numero Doce Prije 9 sati
Pufffff Aston Vila 👏
Soul King
Soul King Prije 10 sati
Barkley > that tall skinny guy from germany who played for chelsea
MD Rashid
MD Rashid Prije 10 sati
Ross Barkley, we need to get him permanently
Mohammad Hafez
Mohammad Hafez Prije 10 sati
جمال عبد الحميد : سجل عندك أستونفيلا هو بطل الدوري السنادي والمنافس الوحيد هو إيفرتون 🤣🤣🤣
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule Prije 10 sati
This commentator makes me laugh a lot
Som Shankar Bhattacharyya
Som Shankar Bhattacharyya Prije 10 sati
Leeds and Aston Villa are burning shit d own this season.
Ale Diego
Ale Diego Prije 10 sati
يونس رجوب
يونس رجوب Prije 10 sati
ΑΝΤΕ ΓΕΙΑ Prije 10 sati
Bravo VILLA.. 💪 This season champions again.. 40 years ASTON VILLA fan from Greece 🇬🇷 😎
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan Prije 10 sati
Aston villa are returning back to their gloring days Wonderful keep it up may be you can do it
Joana Fernandes
Joana Fernandes Prije 10 sati
Major part in succes is that vila have finnaly bought a actuall keeper
David Jones
David Jones Prije 10 sati
we were tipped to go down at the start of the season, deano's got em flying, UTV.
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny Prije 10 sati
Emi with another clean sheet
Yusuph Mbandu
Yusuph Mbandu Prije 10 sati
Ross our chelsea player...
Timorti Alam
Timorti Alam Prije 11 sati
ITS about martinez
Arif Setiawan
Arif Setiawan Prije 11 sati
Dean Smith's genius actually started last season when we had 4 games left and he made sure we stayed up with that remaining 4 fixtures. It's only natural that we do so well this season. What a time to be a Villa fan. So happy. Hopefully we maintain this form until the end of the season. UTV. 💪💪😁
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya Prije 11 sati
Martinez n ross barkley make vila back on track .... i wish
gerald GM
gerald GM Prije 11 sati
Happy Days.!!!!!AVilla Coach elated! !!!!
Afrim Kozmaqi
Afrim Kozmaqi Prije 11 sati
Long way to go ,hoppe Villa keep going 💪 👏 👍 like this,and who knows they might win Pl everything is possible, with Grealish Barkley what a fantastic players especially Grealish,well done Villa
Mate Kennedy
Mate Kennedy Prije 11 sati
Break the bank, give Barkley a deal. ❤️
Davinson Hernandez Acevedo
Davinson Hernandez Acevedo Prije 11 sati
New season the Aston villa is very fantastic
luke harrison
luke harrison Prije 11 sati
Dean Smith thank you for putting the pride back into our football club. You have my gratitude and respect until my dieing day.
Zyaad Qassim
Zyaad Qassim Prije 11 sati
The 8 premier League title Loading for Villa
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii Prije 11 sati
If Everton vs villa, my bet is for villa.
D. H.M.
D. H.M. Prije 11 sati
We are on fire 🔥 Villa till I die.
taktongtong Prije 11 sati
so happy to see players like barkley & emi doing well in villa
NANBANSS Prije 11 sati
DARMIAN EMILIANO MARTINEZ ROMERO❤️💥 Cool, better with Two feet, commanding towards diffence, areal ability, better in Air, short stopper, Better in 1vs 1, better Reflexes. A complete Goalkeeper. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🙌
WL 7
WL 7 Prije 11 sati
Atleast a mid table🔥
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football Prije 12 sati
barkley new rooney ?
Nguyen Quang Huy
Nguyen Quang Huy Prije 12 sati
Aston Villa has the same aura like Liverpool last year, let me point out: 1. Match: Sheffield got red card after 12 minutes 2. Match: Fullham is the easiest opponent in EPL at the moment 3. Match: Liverpool reiceved 3 deflected goals 4. Match: Vardy suprisingly got injured before the match. I tell you so this year is Aston Villa's year, I will be their supporter from now on especially because I had made a 2€ bet for them before the season kicked :))
Salina Noor
Salina Noor Prije 12 sati
What a shot by Brakley.
Abdelrahman Abdallah
Abdelrahman Abdallah Prije 12 sati
حاسس إن أستون فيلا هتاخد مركز حلو السنة دي
philly d
philly d Prije 12 sati
We are quite good aren't we UTV
Adi Muhammad Sahril
Adi Muhammad Sahril Prije 12 sati
Congrats 🎉🎉🤩
Skem Phawa
Skem Phawa Prije 12 sati
Martinez the hero of the match...
Jimin C2
Jimin C2 Prije 12 sati
Aston villa is Fery good
mlcm01 Prije 12 sati
What a big work Aston Villa is doing!!! Im a Chelsea fan, but Aston Villa is my second team!! Great job
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis Prije 11 sati
Chelsea is my 5000th team.
Red-blue blood through my veins
Red-blue blood through my veins Prije 12 sati
Manivannan Manikavasagan
Manivannan Manikavasagan Prije 12 sati
I won't be surprised if either Everton or Aston Villa wins the Premier League this season.
Chan Ying To
Chan Ying To Prije 11 sati
If the title is always won by a few favorites, the League will be boring 😴 Miracles are possible !
BolgTheVillan Prije 12 sati
I'm just in heaven right now. UTV
Bayu Purdantono
Bayu Purdantono Prije 12 sati
Keep Grealish and Mings, got Watkins, Emi and Barkley... Really good transfer management...
Bodybagism Prije 12 sati
Hakim Elhak
Hakim Elhak Prije 12 sati
Well done Villa good game and players who give their all
Villainofthepiste Prije 12 sati
WE ARE DOING FABULOUSLY... ..... but a few injuries in key areas and we'll be doomed! We have no strength in reserve and even some of the 1st team aren't really of the required standard. Targett and Trez need replacing. Traore will come in for Trez next game or two but Targett is a huge let down with his lack of quality distribution and he constantly ball watches, leaving markers
Villainofthepiste Prije 9 sati
@The Sun State I certainly wouldn't play Taylor. We need another LB. At times he does link up with Grealish well but it's his crossing that lets him down mainly. If he had a decent cross in him we would have been 2-0 up in the first half....but it's down to composure on the ball. He just panics and fires it across with no thought.
The Sun State
The Sun State Prije 11 sati
@Villainofthepiste I dunno brother, Targett has some cultured touches and links up with Grealish well. He put a couple of good tackles in last night too. Who would replace him? I think he's better than Taylor. Once again we come to the glaring lack of depth on our bench.
Villainofthepiste Prije 12 sati
@The Sun State Agree...You certainly can't deny his effort and work rate but he just lacks raw pace and ability to be a top player. Very useful in the squad or as an impact sub. As for Targett- He is the weak link in the defence and gets dragged inside constantly, ball watching. Thankfully the other THREE and the keeper have been fantastic!!
The Sun State
The Sun State Prije 12 sati
Don't like to admit it but you're dead right, you saw our 2nd team in the Carabao. Pray for no injuries. I like Targett, his main flaw imo is he has a bit of a malicious streak. I never liked Trezeguet but when he saved our asses last season I warmed to him. What he lacks in ability he makes up with hard work.
Angela Coffey
Angela Coffey Prije 12 sati
I never thought I’d say this, but I think if we’d have won if we brought on albrighton
Bobby banana the first
Bobby banana the first Prije 12 sati
We rely a lot on Martinez, i think we should play a cdm like nakamba so we don’t concede so many shots
Aleeex React
Aleeex React Prije 12 sati
I will never in my life believe that aston villa would be second in premier league with grealish, watkins and barkley in attack And Martinez was phenomenal. What a keeper you guys have...
Windra Wiguna
Windra Wiguna Prije 12 sati
Arsenal fan, just here coz missing emi martinez, congrate villa ..
Tom Cartmale
Tom Cartmale Prije 12 sati
We should have had a penalty from Konsa header, defender pulling on his shorts 🤔
Villa_pride1874 Prije 8 sati
Nah not enough for me
Lemosse TPS
Lemosse TPS Prije 12 sati
Great goal
The Sun State
The Sun State Prije 12 sati
Unbelievable!! Jacky has no right to be so skillful. Masterful managing from Deano, not fixing what aint broke by bringing on only one quality sub. Why have you stopped with the extended highlights again? Please bring them back if possible.