Villa Gaming goes live!
Knowing Me, Knowing Jota
Prije 7 mjeseci
Knowing Me, Knowing... Wesley
Press Conference | Pre Chelsea
Would You Rather | Emma Follis
Press Conference | Dean Smith
Mike Quavo
Mike Quavo Prije 23 minuta
Am moving from Arsenal to villa
TikTok TV
TikTok TV Prije 53 minuta
Traore is a beast 🔥🔥
Bayu Irawan
Bayu Irawan Prije 2 sati
Saya dari indonesia,permainan luar biasa dari villa
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi Prije 3 sati
Grealish what a player ,, he reminds me of Totti ,, i dn't know how but for me he looks like him in everything even his way of wearing socks
Bambang Portal
Bambang Portal Prije 3 sati
Looks so easy for the villan. Hahha
S S Prije 4 sati
dion dublin legendary club
Kris Tianto
Kris Tianto Prije 4 sati
Where is highlights Newcastle? 🤔
Arzhy Manan
Arzhy Manan Prije 4 sati
Newcastle's Goalie had brain but not hands...
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson Prije 4 sati
Villa have an amazing squad amazing what a few signings has done for us the scary thing is we're only 5 or 6 points off Liverpool in 4th
luis fernando Bautista
luis fernando Bautista Prije 3 sati
With two games left, if they win will pass liverpool!
David O Mahony
David O Mahony Prije 6 sati
Watkins has been incredibly signing
ΑΝΤΕ ΓΕΙΑ Prije 6 sati
Convincing win .. Traore is a great player.. Come on VILLAAA.. fan from Greece 💪😎
Cody Harrison
Cody Harrison Prije 6 sati
You jump I jump right Jack ☺️
Cody Harrison
Cody Harrison Prije 7 sati
He is the king of the world get it he name is Jack in real life
Thomas O
Thomas O Prije 7 sati
Traore...he cant ever score a boring goal...always something special from that fella! Love it! UTV
Lord King Potato
Lord King Potato Prije 7 sati
Traore is class, he deserves to start ahead of El Gaz
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan Prije 2 sati
fair play to dean starting him when el ghazi was scoring and most of the fans were calling for him to start over traore
Narodna Vlada
Narodna Vlada Prije 8 sati
Aston Villa play well in the pass. This is a unique team in the Premier League
Eddy Fitzgerald
Eddy Fitzgerald Prije 8 sati
All I wanted was barkleys little flick to go into the top corner haha delighted with the win, once Luiz scores I think his confidence will be sky high and the goals will come for him, anyways great result again,more of the same against Burnley please lads UTV Edit: not the flick with his head,the flick with his heal I wanted to go in,
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa Prije 9 sati
Sad to hear Lampard get the sack but this is a huge opportunity to go get Barkley and Tammy on a permanent. With Sanson already on the cards we could seriously push for top 5. UTV
You don’t need to know You don’t need to know
You don’t need to know You don’t need to know Prije 8 sati
TomsGoingHAM Prije 9 sati
Crazy that if we win the next two we’ll have beaten last year’s points total with half the games. Turnaround is better than anyone could’ve expected
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White Prije 9 sati
Great play and win for us well done. We could have had a few more goals.
DanThe VillaFan
DanThe VillaFan Prije 9 sati
Come on the Villa! Keep the momentum going
Trequartista TV
Trequartista TV Prije 9 sati
On fire 🔥
Diomar Gremista
Diomar Gremista Prije 9 sati
Vamos vamos Aston Villa , rumo ao topo da tabela, grande vitória 👏👏👏👏👏👏
MD sakib Khan
MD sakib Khan Prije 10 sati
Only for Emi Martinez From Bangladesh "
Harry Williams
Harry Williams Prije 6 sati
We would have won without him it’s cabbage Bruce mate
Malone m
Malone m Prije 10 sati
Just geart team work villa on the up 💪
Woldemikael Selomun
Woldemikael Selomun Prije 10 sati
Traore & Nakamba haters 🤫🤫🤫
Rohaan Patel
Rohaan Patel Prije 10 sati
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije 10 sati
Villa are absolute quality this season. Playing some gorgeous football. Dean's building big things.
Nanven Yakubu
Nanven Yakubu Prije sat
I have to give you guys props for that🙌🙌🙌 Such an amazing turnaround
stigy jones
stigy jones Prije 4 sati
Up the mighty Villa!
Leevi Hellman
Leevi Hellman Prije 9 sati
Up the Villa
The Snowflake Melter
The Snowflake Melter Prije 10 sati
Always a good day when Ollie Watkins scores. The Traore goal was great too! Up the Villa!
Richi Sports
Richi Sports Prije 10 sati
Wow Total dominance by the boys 3points We are back in business Booming
luis fernando Bautista
luis fernando Bautista Prije 3 sati
Two matches left, and if they win, will pass even Liverpool!
Cosmas Mukono
Cosmas Mukono Prije 10 sati
Top shelf performance
Commander Rex
Commander Rex Prije 10 sati
Highlights less than 2 minutes long and still better than Sky sports'
Poeticmic Prije 10 sati
Bit slow.of the mark aint ya. Much like Bruce's style of play;)
Richi Sports
Richi Sports Prije 10 sati
Wonderful performance by the boys Everyone played well MOTM Betrand Traore
Richi Sports
Richi Sports Prije 10 sati
@Poeticmic Target was superb Nakamba played so well Konsa was solid
Poeticmic Prije 10 sati
For me either Nakamba, Ezri or Taregett
Grxcie007 Prije 10 sati
UTV ❤️🦁
bermuda b
bermuda b Prije 10 sati
Commander Rex
Commander Rex Prije 10 sati
Funny how bad the sky sports highlights are. They didn't even show the offside goal or Targetts long shot or anything important
Kevin Underhill
Kevin Underhill Prije 10 sati
Up the Villa
Louie UTV
Louie UTV Prije 10 sati
Nina Elizabeth
Nina Elizabeth Prije 10 sati
SK:DYLAN Prije 10 sati
Y.M.Q Prije 10 sati
Yousef omg 003
Yousef omg 003 Prije 10 sati
Easy win for dean Smith's vesious villans
Alextagamer Prije 10 sati
George M. ツ
George M. ツ Prije 11 sati
Panduleni Hailaula
Panduleni Hailaula Prije 16 sati
i love aston vila with amazing football and traore with tactical attack
Will Hammond
Will Hammond Prije 16 sati
Just put this on repeat and you'll be smiling all day....
Afif Harist
Afif Harist Prije dan
Line Up Aston Villa E. Martinez 26 (GK) M. Cash 2 E. Konsa 4 T. Mings 5 M. Targett 18 D. Luiz 6 J. McGinn 7 Trezeguet 17 R. Barkley 20 J. Grealish 10 O. Watkins 11 Liverpool Adrian 13 (GK) T. Alexander-Arnold 66 J. Gomez 12 V. van Dijk 4 A. Robertson 26 N. Keita 8 Fabinho 3 G. Wijnaldum 5 Mohamed Salah 11 Roberto Firmino 9 Diogo Jota 20
On Chantara
On Chantara Prije dan
Respect villa
AV FC Prije 2 dana
This is recommended for me right after Villa beat them again 2-0 in the 2020/2021
Jacques Procureur
Jacques Procureur Prije 2 dana
City goal is OFFSIIIIIIDDEEEEE VARchester city !!!!!!!!!!
A C Prije 2 dana
Gotta really hope the goalkeeper moves otherwise you make yourself look a bit of a plum. Great when he does though!
Shubhraneel Chakraborty
Shubhraneel Chakraborty Prije 2 dana
Actually Neil Taylor is my uncle.I am from India. I have met with him a few times very down to earth person and entertaining at the same time. Hope he returns to his best form ASAP! If you don't believe me, just search for his mother's name on google and see the surname. That's it!
1oo BLAZĖ Prije 2 dana
Sanson 🔥🤞
Mike Riley
Mike Riley Prije 2 dana
Amazing journey UTV 💜💙
Yudha Tio
Yudha Tio Prije 2 dana
Axel Westerfors
Axel Westerfors Prije 2 dana
Liverpool is gonna be the first team winning there first four games in three seasons but Villa will be there to stop them🤣🤣🤣
zacharia takwada
zacharia takwada Prije 2 dana
When playing fifa 2014 and an offside player comes to collect a lose ball.,you would hear the commentary saying it's an offside player was coming back from an offside position 😐
Valent A.
Valent A. Prije 3 dana
01/21/21 21:21:21 😀
Joshua BIRCHY Prije 3 dana
He’s one of our own been loyal for our times in the championship when he could of easily gone Top respect and if jack ever decided to take his career to the next step I’d support him but he nos deep down villa have got something good going on here UTV SOTC
Favor Prije 3 dana
Aston Villa will end up with 10 to 15 as they have one thing that they win one match and than loose 2
Багдат Ахметов
Багдат Ахметов Prije 3 dana
guntor clement
guntor clement Prije 3 dana
Always decided by the referee who going to win. Got robbed by the referee
MINI DREAM Prije 3 dana
Sweet caroline
MINI DREAM Prije 3 dana
AC/DC the best
Alan O donovan
Alan O donovan Prije 3 dana
After some serious contemplation this is hands down my favourite football match. If I honestly had one wish It would be to have my memory wiped from that night and to be there in villa park for that game
TRon Ron
TRon Ron Prije 3 dana
Daylight robbery.
Oo oO
Oo oO Prije 2 dana
MR Moon Gaming
MR Moon Gaming Prije 3 dana
Remember UEFA ban This aint first time these terrorists are involved in corruption
TheRoadkillNZ Prije 3 dana
For anyone else that thinks their opinion is the rules, sorry you are clearly mistaken! I suggest you read the rules. If you already have read the rules and still think there was no offside offence, then as you clearly can't read very well, here is a nice picture for you from page 209 of the IFAB Laws of the Game 2020/2021 that clears everything up...
Pradeep Muthaiya
Pradeep Muthaiya Prije 3 dana
raheem is still such an odd player, sruh still funny af
james murag
james murag Prije 3 dana
I would have loved city to lose but no way is that offside by any measure
TheRoadkillNZ Prije 3 dana
Then I suggest you never become a referee if you don't know the rules. I suggest you go read them or read one of my other posts which gives an analysis of the situation.
Andrew Snipers
Andrew Snipers Prije 3 dana
Liverpool defenders: exist Deflections: so you have chosen death
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri Prije 4 dana
Silva goal should have been disallowed.
Rafsan Shivaduta
Rafsan Shivaduta Prije 2 dana
it's onside. Blame mings that think too slow
Oo oO
Oo oO Prije 2 dana
Glenn Loughran
Glenn Loughran Prije 4 dana
Villa fan here. The 1st city goal looked fine to me. Can't understand Smith's reaction. Penalty was harsh. Still proud of the Villa for putting up such a fight. Such an improved team.
The grubhub guy
The grubhub guy Prije 4 dana
Good stuff Villa 👏 tons of applause for you and a great job you’ve done in the premier league
Feaby Teras
Feaby Teras Prije 4 dana
Lufefe Ngilana
Lufefe Ngilana Prije 4 dana
And now they're having a brilliant season.
Kev trot
Kev trot Prije 4 dana
Villa has been the most entertaining team to follow this season. They always try to attack and look to create when they have the ball👏🏿👏🏿
TheRoadkillNZ Prije 4 dana
Opinion: So, a 1 - 0 win to Man City then, by way of penalty! The ref and linesman should be fined/investigated! Now that my opinion is out of the way... Fact: That was clearly coming back from an offside position and directly interfering with play. The ref and linesman should be fined/investigated!
TheRoadkillNZ Prije 4 dana
@Mário Pinto I always read the rules... I suggest you do the same, as you clearly haven't, or you are blatantly lying!
Mário Pinto
Mário Pinto Prije 4 dana
read the rules
Fitrah Maliq
Fitrah Maliq Prije 4 dana
Bernardo silva evolution to be a dangerous center forward