Owen Flibbert
Owen Flibbert Prije 18 minuta
This has to be a joke I cannot understand this one whatsoever this feels very white. Coming from a white person
Lavina Stoltzfus
Lavina Stoltzfus Prije sat
Forgive me for forgetting earth day🙈 My aunt just died and I was too wrapped up in all that. I am just getting into living sustainably and will try to make a difference everyday❤️❤️🌎
Othnielle Aitchedji
Othnielle Aitchedji Prije sat
That was so on point I had to rewind to hear it a 3rd time~
S Prije sat
Honestly even stopping the Sheni/Zaful/Romwe videos would be so much better. They're all so horrible for both the environment and workers (and pretty much everything in between).
AKTSUKI Prije sat
Mano eu tô sem palavras pra expressar o que eu tô sentindo agr mn 😳😳
Melissa Lacson
Melissa Lacson Prije sat
I’m sure he’s a great acupuncturist but she’s really annoying
allofthelovelybooks Prije 2 sati
I liked both Goodwill outfits better personally
Sarah Stephen Foshee
Sarah Stephen Foshee Prije 3 sati
I felt drew complaining about being a size 11
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 3 sati
I know that sister fashion advice same are wrong same are not just go with it bbf cleaver my name is heather ha
Nicol Bo
Nicol Bo Prije 3 sati
Before and after photos?
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 3 sati
Hi Elmo sorry carrie I putt you this I will be there tomorrow is bad day I idae I have I have dentist appointment hi colin key bbf cleaver my name is heather ha
Carolyn Duncan
Carolyn Duncan Prije 3 sati
Do more of these! Loved it and helpful 😊
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 3 sati
I think you and are good team right tanner hey question today is family pizza night hi Elmo my name is heather ha
Michaela B.
Michaela B. Prije 3 sati
That’s not latex. That’s pvc
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 3 sati
I just said that treat Jackab and John leason tanner yea I will came party with you bbf cleaver my name is heather ha
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije 4 sati
I loved billies look but the colour washed her out a little. Honestly this years met gala looked like the teen choice awards it lost it’s glamour
mary hershelman
mary hershelman Prije 4 sati
Funny, my Goodwill Hunting sprees are outfits for $20….
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 4 sati
So want time the party I trust you pick my costume and its fare back HRpost video know my name is heather ha cassie
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 4 sati
Its battle that's right
Silvânia Alves
Silvânia Alves Prije 5 sati
Bilie love you
Melissa Durst
Melissa Durst Prije 5 sati
You ladies are amazing! Do more of these drunk shopping videos. 😆
Becki Worden
Becki Worden Prije 5 sati
Esprit used to be a really big brand when I was in sixth grade. Now we’re talking maybe 90 or 91 lol and then it disappeared. I have a vintage sweatshirt that I found. It just cracks me up when brands come back and end up being super expensive
juliemouse92 Prije 5 sati
It could be nice to do an online thrifting comparison between something like ThredUp and Forever 21.
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 5 sati
Dont worrie I know I am doing hey joslyn can we talk tonight gif with apple hard cider cleaver classmate my name is heather hall
Jane Biden
Jane Biden Prije 6 sati
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list. In some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
📎Thomas James -investing
📎Thomas James -investing Prije 4 sati
I'am very excited ever since I started trading with mr thomas indeed he is the best
Mary Gabion
Mary Gabion Prije 4 sati
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Pinned The Money game with AC
Pinned The Money game with AC Prije 4 sati
@Hills William Thanks
Hills William
Hills William Prije 4 sati
Pinned The Money game with AC
Pinned The Money game with AC Prije 4 sati
I wanna Invest too, how do I get to thomas?
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 6 sati
Creative costume high school prom hi joslyn cleaver classmate my name is heather ha
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 6 sati
My dream walt Disney princes bell cleaver classmate my name is heather ha
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 6 sati
Matt Jackson he is so good looking hi rennee cleaver group my name is heather ha
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 6 sati
I like that movie it is I let you chose the movie matt last night bring me my favorite cinnamon rolls hot chocolate cassie my name is heather ha
skaterboy3718 Prije 7 sati
These ladies had too much sugar snd appear to be wearing rejects.
Kelvin Urena
Kelvin Urena Prije 7 sati
You peasants worshipping people that wish for your own misery and downfall!
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije 4 sati
Where is Rosé ?
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 7 sati
He asked me out cassie Matthew pretty nervous I haven't date anyone in long cleaver goup my name is heather ha
Gertie Marie
Gertie Marie Prije 8 sati
The conversation about the Mona Lisa T-shirt made my head hurt
Cynthia D
Cynthia D Prije 8 sati
The Clevver Style team is ridiculously complimentary. JLo or Kim K could have done more justice to Emma Chamberlain's dress. The gemstone detailing was fabulous, but she looked like an emaciated preteen.. Pretty eyes, though.
Rashauna Raphael
Rashauna Raphael Prije 9 sati
Big Wendy Fitzwilliam RQ! (Woman in gold costume)
Adalyn Powell
Adalyn Powell Prije 9 sati
Holy shit pacsun is still a thing!?
Dhanashree M
Dhanashree M Prije 10 sati
No Buddy
No Buddy Prije 10 sati
I love this new style of show!
Honey Prije 10 sati
What is the deal with no cardigan? Hmm let me tell you cause they're all down here in FL where we don't figgin need them. Hey northern people come get your ugly winter clothes out of our stores ... it's still summer here!
Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete
Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete Prije 10 sati
You both look SOOOOOO GOOD!👏🏽❤️ You did an amazing job! Sinead is always so tough on herself… KNOCK IT OFF WOMAN!🗣😂
Loa Lane
Loa Lane Prije 10 sati
I have better idea carrie came to check it frist hey cassie guss want I got a date with Mathew clvevver group my name is heather ha
KayTeaAndBiscuits Prije 11 sati
i loved that vintage old ad opening - great stuff :) poor billy doesn't have a chance with any of these gals tho lol
Makaroni Prije 11 sati
Mannymua😂 Sinead it’s Manny M.U.A.😂😂
Annie Yang
Annie Yang Prije 12 sati
I honestly hate this video lol
lshardy1up Prije 12 sati
I think they should go to other thrift stores. Goodwill is more pricey and they have horrible treatment/pay for their workers and exploit special needs workers by paying them below min wage cause somehow it's legal.
Paola Leonardi
Paola Leonardi Prije 12 sati
Try Vinted for second hand clothes and accessories is the best!
ALEX LIZAMA Prije 12 sati
Surinam saudí ballena Vení Te amo te quiero
carmela Prije 12 sati
i really miss loryn,, why cany she just make another appearene t least? :(
No one ❤︎
No one ❤︎ Prije 13 sati
I am incredibly triggered at these two Americans insulting my favourite snacks.
Shuntela Juarez
Shuntela Juarez Prije 13 sati
Drew ate this up!!!!! Love Love LOVE!!!!!!
Alyssa L
Alyssa L Prije 14 sati
They need to do Goodwill vs Salvation Army. Also I love Drew’s mask
Emji Amsdaughter
Emji Amsdaughter Prije 14 sati
I would love to try on the third dress!
Kelsey Pyse
Kelsey Pyse Prije 14 sati
Cowbells with Ally and Aj
Alexa Ison
Alexa Ison Prije 14 sati
Zero ate
Kylee Offord
Kylee Offord Prije 14 sati
Drew you found me a sunscreen that I like and will use regularly. Thank you so much.
Alexpeacelovehappi Prije 14 sati
I feel like Goodwill vs Target would be interesting!
aceheller11 Prije 15 sati
You guys should consider thrifting in stores that aren't goodwill. They really aren't a good organization and are very transphobic. I understand they are convenient, but they really shouldn't be supported
1871 Prije 15 sati
I'd rather have you break down the looks you put in honorable mentions than Addison Rae (Whoever the f she is) or The Biebers (their look was NOT Met Gala at all)
Lindsay IRL
Lindsay IRL Prije 15 sati
I’m 6’1 and have alwaysss been so self conscious of my size 11 foot.. Seeing Drew absolutely fckng rock her size 11 heels makes me feel some type of way.. In the best way🤍
kelsey2593 Prije 15 sati
I waiting for the Aeropostale episode! Was also such a staple in middle and high school! The monkey and AERO logos 🐵
Erica Beumel
Erica Beumel Prije 15 sati
I don't get how they think Forever 21 is cheap. Same with Target.
Oats x
Oats x Prije 16 sati
my thrift stores are 1$ each for clothing... 1-5 dollars tops. i guess it's because i live in a more rural area but... yay :) thrifting is better!
onemanarmy2 electric boogaloo
onemanarmy2 electric boogaloo Prije 16 sati
Every single one of these degenerate celebrities are lucky Joan rivers isn't alive otherwise everyone would've been roasted straight to hell
Diana Perry
Diana Perry Prije 17 sati
You guys should try an online version where you swap out Goodwill for ThredUp
tooka81 Prije 17 sati
Someone needs to do a video about how ASOS hates giving refunds or their non existent customer service.
M Wash
M Wash Prije 17 sati
Where the heck has Loryn been? I miss seeing her in videos with the girls
Gavin O'Kane
Gavin O'Kane Prije 5 sati
Check her insta, she explained it.
Christian chimchim
Christian chimchim Prije 17 sati
Kim was the best dressed for me
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose Prije 17 sati
I am not his biggest fan, but... it drives me nuts that everyone says Manny "mua" its M U A.. stands for "Make Up Artist" lol 🤦🏻‍♀️
Candis Maher
Candis Maher Prije 19 sati
Ok Kim k met gala 2 years ago. Sister stolen
Amelie Lysaught
Amelie Lysaught Prije 19 sati
Omg I saw this video on my recommended earlier today but it def had a dif thumbnail cuz I already knew about Drew’s green shirt look
satvir sidhu
satvir sidhu Prije 19 sati
Why does Sinead have to be in every single video. Don't you have any other anchor like Erin, Jakie, Madlin and Loryn. I mean I like her but common guys in every single video its kinda irritating now.
Daisy Starlover
Daisy Starlover Prije 19 sati
Walmart vs goodwill 🤪☺️
naynay_901 Prije 20 sati
Rue 21
itsema91 Prije 21 sat
It's amazing how warped our perception has become of how much clothing should cost. 8 dollars for a pair of shoes??? Seriously?? How do you get it that cheap? What crappy materials are they using? How much pollution was generated as a result? How much were workers paid? Were they even safe while working? Will they last more than 4 wears and what will happen to them after those 4 wears? They just sit in landfill for the next 300 years?
Andrea j.b.
Andrea j.b. Prije 21 sat
Idk if it is my "twc" perspective, but forever 21 is not cheap... like at all
Reyhaneh Alipour
Reyhaneh Alipour Prije 22 sati
Officially Shadon
Officially Shadon Prije 23 sati
Drew’s second look…🔥🔥🔥🔥
Molly O
Molly O Prije 23 sati
Please watch: The True Cost
Kellye Prije 23 sati
IDK if this place even exists anymore or if it's an international chain, but I used to work at Plato's Closet and the low prices PlUS my employee discount was how I managed to look cute for all of college. Would love to see you guys work with them if possible!