Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxe
Among Us - Truth or Lie???
TOYS JUGANDO Prije 4 sati
It would not be a bad idea if they put a character among us in smash bros ultimate as a playable character, I just say
Sang Prije 4 sati
This is the game i looking for
The Phione you left in the PC
The Phione you left in the PC Prije 4 sati
when the sus!! is impostor! 😳
CosmicStars Prije 4 sati
Where’s the update for animal crossing?
zachplays Prije 4 sati
Why does it say raspy voice but when I play it says Mr.Griz
秤神意 Prije 4 sati
Tristen X
Tristen X Prije 4 sati
Why is this age restricted?
JR Eats
JR Eats Prije 4 sati
Those tunes though from the 1st game though, Hauntingly delightful
Sri Bhagyalakshmi
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Prije 4 sati
Which Minecraft I search for this
C Stuff
C Stuff Prije 4 sati
Can you Make a super Mario odyssey 2 because that game was a amazing
GamerKizmo 2.0
GamerKizmo 2.0 Prije 4 sati
Alternative title for bowsers fury Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Sunshine Furry Goku Mario Edition.
Angel_ Dragon
Angel_ Dragon Prije 4 sati
i like how marina's confidence sorta goes up on this one compared to previous ones if you get what i mean
A _Normal_Nobody
A _Normal_Nobody Prije 4 sati
This game is probably gonna come out once a brand new Nintendo console releases which is 2024
A _Normal_Nobody
A _Normal_Nobody Prije 4 sati
Still waiting on that update
SystemLoading Prije 4 sati
Dear Nintendo, Where is the January Update, it is late January and it’s been 2 months. Sincerely, SystemLoading
SystemLoading Prije 4 sati
Yo where’s 1.7.0
jeremy aster
jeremy aster Prije 4 sati
I saw this in my recommendations and I thought tomodachi life was coming back
Braunstein Prije 4 sati
that must have been the flashiest game trailer i have ever seen
Chris1sn’tCool Prije 4 sati
Ok guys time to place your bets on what will come out first: BOTW2, GTA6 or Elder Scrolls 6
Nox Tinker
Nox Tinker Prije 4 sati
And then sega never made another one ☹️
The Neatest Goose
The Neatest Goose Prije 4 sati
Me here waiting for the January update for animal crossing
Problem Pixel - Ian
Problem Pixel - Ian Prije 4 sati
"fantasy violence" what most people would think: queen vanessa what i think: *the bosses explode and the mafia boss confirms that he has no more body because he exploded.*
A _Normal_Nobody
A _Normal_Nobody Prije 4 sati
If Satoru Iwata pulled through for a couple of more years to see the switch success which sadly didn't happen ;( then nintendo switch online would probably never be a thing
Rain_Joseph Byrne
Rain_Joseph Byrne Prije 4 sati
Favorite game on switch cause it has three of my favorite games of all time i beat all of them in two months
Maria Ospina
Maria Ospina Prije 4 sati
who came here from jaiden animations
CoolMario64 Prije 4 sati
The Nintendo Switch is has been around almost for 4 years, I believe the Switch can be around for few more years
Maria Ospina
Maria Ospina Prije 4 sati
who came here from jaiden animations
BenByTheWay Prije 5 sati
0:24 Well, thanks for watching my lets play
•NOTreeseramen• Prije 5 sati
super anime bros is finally here
mario odyssey
mario odyssey Prije 5 sati
Even though this really was the ''last update'', I don't care because I still play and I'm still having fun.
PAWSPLAYA 12 Prije 4 sati
last “MAJOR” update, we can still get minor updates or paid DLC since there done with major updates 0:04
Elenor Noonan
Elenor Noonan Prije 5 sati
Legends of Zelda Breathe Of The Wild is the best game to play on the Switch
ronin Prije 5 sati
W game
Freshhermi Prije 5 sati
With the trend in 2020 of hyping up long expected games, them getting released and then being disappointing, i very much prefer to wait even longer and in return get an actual good game.
Zack376 Prije 5 sati
during into the light agent 8 should of appeared
syaifulfauziah Faiq
syaifulfauziah Faiq Prije 5 sati
if etika see this he will blown his mind but now he's dead rip etika
PastelLaz Prije 5 sati
We need a port of this beautiful game onto the Nintendo switch, I’d love to play it on there, it just seems like it would fit perfectly-