Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends
What's Wrong With My Face
I Broke My Nail Again
Prije 8 mjeseci
Staying Home With My Cats
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Curling My Hair With Bananas
Giving Safiya Wedding Nails
Thank you
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I did something to my hair
Random No
Random No Prije 13 sati
Ben would be that one Beynn in the library to be as loud as possible then say he'll be quiet but continues to be loud
ireth0 Prije 13 sati
How is this one of my favourite simply videos AND one of my favourite ASMR videos?
Maniska Maitri
Maniska Maitri Prije 13 sati
MJ Emmerling
MJ Emmerling Prije 13 sati
I can’t believe how good you are at Samar
Kelli Arabena Heatlie
Kelli Arabena Heatlie Prije 13 sati
I'm not even joking I have watched this like 3 times and the first time I watched it I fell asleep
Cory C
Cory C Prije 13 sati
Crisitne: “sO wHaT dO yOu WaNt To Do To mE” Matt: “ewwwwwww”
Lacy_TheObsessiveARMY Prije 13 sati
Her tenth grade math is my 8th grade math :(
Saddie ASMR
Saddie ASMR Prije 13 sati
Yessss I love it!! Welcome to the community 😄😄
kooljuul420 Prije 14 sati
i just broke my nail so now i’m here
YourFunnyFreindFoxyUwU Prije 14 sati
lEarN sO cAllEd “sImPlE” nail hAcz In tHiS vIdEO
Dequx Prije 14 sati
This was sooooo good
studywithcici Prije 14 sati
ahh this is so amazing cristine! *screams in asmr* i listen to asmr every day/night and i absolutely loved this, the whispers, the nail tapping, etc.<3
Sabby N.
Sabby N. Prije 14 sati
Please do more asmr nail art, your whisper is soooo nice! 💖
Cory C
Cory C Prije 14 sati
Cristine: “do these ppl just sit on their phones” Me: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀....
Gianna Sheehan
Gianna Sheehan Prije 14 sati
@GibiASMR is she doing good? btw I love gibe and this channel!!
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez Prije 14 sati
This was a totally fun and cool video for you to film Simply! You should totally film more videos with Matt! Have a great day Simply, Ben, Menchie, Zyler and Matt!
Siannie Gutierrez
Siannie Gutierrez Prije 14 sati
You really need to make more of these videos
Laura C
Laura C Prije 14 sati
I just want to know when the next Holo Taco collection is launching. The nail oil pen, the purple creme, the unicorn skin and that pink creme on your other hand is calling my name!!!! My wallet is waiting Cristine!!!!!!!! 😁
A & A Squad
A & A Squad Prije 14 sati
I’m a really load person so this was weird for me
Grumzz Prije 14 sati
I regularly get orange nails because I grated turmeric. Awesome flavour and colour, but shit STAINS. (I did not use caps lock, I pressed shift for every one of those characters..)
lizzy fleet
lizzy fleet Prije 14 sati
f*uk ben for 1 min
layla Mcdonald
layla Mcdonald Prije 14 sati
What does she keep looking at!??? I needs to know lol
A & A Squad
A & A Squad Prije 14 sati
I love all the sounds but at the be beginning I hated the wisper but it the middle of the vid I didn’t mind it
A & A Squad
A & A Squad Prije 14 sati
Omg this gives me so much anxiety I hate the wisper
Glitching Out2010
Glitching Out2010 Prije 14 sati
Ray Potato
Ray Potato Prije 14 sati
Sorry sweetheart I can’t watch this 💕👁👄👁💕💅🏻💅🏻
layla Mcdonald
layla Mcdonald Prije 14 sati
Okay now you just have to make a asmr channel! Lol
Amanda Mecsics
Amanda Mecsics Prije 14 sati
Simply: “Turn the Caps Lock off” Me:HIIIIIIII SIMPLY HOWS YOUR DAY??????!!!!!!!
GlowingIeaf Prije 14 sati
Her cat sleeping in the back is the cutest
Jocelyn Quintanilla
Jocelyn Quintanilla Prije 14 sati
The transitions have me dead I couldn’t stop laughing the first time the fading scene change happened 😭😭
Sneha Singh
Sneha Singh Prije 14 sati
I do not like asmr but I loved it coz of you Cristine ❤️❤️😘
Christa Nova
Christa Nova Prije 14 sati
I could work from home 100%... but for some reason my organization doesn't have us doing that.
Wahhbajack Prije 14 sati
The whispered "what's on my other hand" gave me an existential crisis
Emthepuff Prije 14 sati
One of my cats kept yelling to be fed and ruined it a little
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Prije 14 sati
I’m going into junior year of high school next year. I’m doubling up on sciences. All honors classes. Which is the highest level here.
Kenley Peele
Kenley Peele Prije 14 sati
Not the water line please not the water line -Christine
Rebecka TARRAS-WAHLBERG Prije 14 sati
Can we just acknowledge her jawline and how pretty she is! ☺️
Kenley Peele
Kenley Peele Prije 14 sati
LOL this is so funny Christine is like me trying to follow a makeup tutorials dying🤣🤣🤣
Chandan Goswami
Chandan Goswami Prije 15 sati
When ben was weaching the cak it was funny so funny ok 😂😂
Chelsie Shealy
Chelsie Shealy Prije 15 sati
-whispers- I watch all your videos that’s how I got here shh
Piper In Da Hood
Piper In Da Hood Prije 15 sati
never again I need your excitement
Roser Batalla solé
Roser Batalla solé Prije 15 sati
sorry girl, this is horrendous lol. See you on your next video
life with Julia
life with Julia Prije 15 sati
Julia Wiggs
Julia Wiggs Prije 15 sati
I'm so excited for this years launches!!
I'm_bored_today Prije 15 sati
i think im a teen witch lol I can watermarble
drunkthestral Prije 15 sati
I never thought I'd get tingles from a simply video but here we are maybe 2021 won't be a garbage year after all
allison hughes
allison hughes Prije 15 sati
i think a mutied purple ok black
Jazico Prije 15 sati
the first thing i was expecting was Cristine would wait for us to increase our volumes and then scream
Greta Knietaite
Greta Knietaite Prije 15 sati
you are officially going insane
Jokerlove14 Prije 15 sati
See used the colors of the NFL team Baltimore Ravens.
Jokerlove14 Prije 15 sati
This is great! 👍🏾
IGotTooManyOTP Prije 15 sati
Cristine: whispering ᶠᵘᶜᵏ My ads: *Netflix opening think sound at very high volume* My ears: 😭🩸
Shauna Corrigan
Shauna Corrigan Prije 15 sati
For some reason, the slow transitions in place of Cristine's normal jump cuts made me laugh so hard🤣
Ellie Scaffidi
Ellie Scaffidi Prije 15 sati
Question for simply, have you ever done a gradient with holo?
Jordan Van
Jordan Van Prije 15 sati
My mum just called me- see yall later byeeeeee
En Doresu Yume
En Doresu Yume Prije 15 sati
I'm sorry Cristine I look at all of your vids, but I can't x) I fucking hate ASMR. I tried anyway because it was you, but it makes me angry xD ... No judgment at all on people who like that !!!! I understand why I can be relaxing or anything. But it's not working at all for me x)
Ella Rzepecki
Ella Rzepecki Prije 15 sati
why did cristine keep looking to the right of her?
Seaunicorn Prije 16 sati
Neeva Imcryingandhavingamentalbreakdown
Neeva Imcryingandhavingamentalbreakdown Prije 16 sati
you could say he's, 'senti-BEN-tal'
Cindy Kruger
Cindy Kruger Prije 16 sati
I miss your voice. But really loved seeing a new video of you're Simply missed u
Bailey Yost
Bailey Yost Prije 16 sati
Can you try a Nailboo kit on YouR OthEr HaNd!
Miranda C
Miranda C Prije 16 sati
Simply, you should try poly gel nails 💿🌮
Laney B
Laney B Prije 16 sati
I came back here to say I fell asleep so I would say this is a very successful asmr video
Justin Scapi.o
Justin Scapi.o Prije 16 sati
Am I the only one whispering w her?
Rosa Khoury
Rosa Khoury Prije 16 sati
Kristin tells mychy to stop licking his bed and he doesn’t pay any attention at all 😂
Ella Rzepecki
Ella Rzepecki Prije 16 sati
that one person in the comments that wants to annoy cristen: EEEEEEEEEE E H HELLO CRISTEN NOTICE ME. EARLY SFJVHBESHKBV,
Lizzy Whitlock
Lizzy Whitlock Prije 16 sati
I couldnt stop laughing when she breathed in and it went up her nose
Julissa Ocampo
Julissa Ocampo Prije 16 sati
I've tried to watch this video twice now and ebery time I fall asleep
Melissa Bowtell
Melissa Bowtell Prije 16 sati
This is my 1st ever asmr video! I was giggling the whole way through! Quietly of course 🤫
Alexis TwoLastNames
Alexis TwoLastNames Prije 16 sati
ayyyy asmr-stine. we love to see it 😂
Vionna Jackson
Vionna Jackson Prije 16 sati
Simply is the definition of “sips tea“ #SimplyNailogical
ez marez
ez marez Prije 16 sati
when I was a kid I called getting the tingles 'hairy blood'... I don't know why
Alyson Legere
Alyson Legere Prije 16 sati
i love this
Jaeda Mckenzie
Jaeda Mckenzie Prije 16 sati
i dont want your dam grammarly ad i just wanna watch simply nailogicalllll
B Kilgore
B Kilgore Prije 16 sati
i LOVE the pastel créeme polishes!! such pretty colors, excited for that collection! maybe i’ll actually get to buy this one!
Kaiga Ramune
Kaiga Ramune Prije 16 sati
You should do like a series of asmr🤩🤩
Sharon Philips
Sharon Philips Prije 16 sati
Cristine has actually started to look old
Very Redundant
Very Redundant Prije 16 sati
Please do more ASMR videos! This was one of my favorite simply videos OF ALL TIME 😍