Vinay Vinnu
Vinay Vinnu Prije 14 sati
1:54 💥 BooM
Dustin Hines
Dustin Hines Prije 14 sati
I was me yo yo this is your best friend Stan
Tiannah kpakra
Tiannah kpakra Prije 14 sati
Pure music
Leanry Prije 14 sati
i can’t believe i took this song for granted 5 years ago
Kally Feagins
Kally Feagins Prije 14 sati
I was really hoping for more from this colab, tbh. Neither Mr. The Weeknd's part nor Ari's part really hit the note for me. :\ Like...it's...good? But meh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mayank Joshi
Mayank Joshi Prije 14 sati
Is that flute in the starting, so serene
Chris Skorupa
Chris Skorupa Prije 14 sati
Rubbish, song lost soul
Алан Алан
Алан Алан Prije 14 sati
How can man to be so amazing🤔🙌
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Prije 14 sati
The Weeknd blows smoke rings.
Isha Mehrin
Isha Mehrin Prije 14 sati
0:42 why is this so soothing?! 💖
savedtears Prije 14 sati
I like how the comments are from days ago.
Bonkatsu12 Prije 15 sati
I can still remember the beautiful eyes of the girl I loved.... I would do anything to see them again.
MIlana Stolbova
MIlana Stolbova Prije 15 sati
Bella Dolce
Bella Dolce Prije 15 sati
What I wouldn’t give to meet him 🥺
Erom Guzman
Erom Guzman Prije 15 sati
This song is beyond music its life changing a good motivation and a good way to cry happy sad glad and mad without songs I wonder what the world would be like
íM ā MÂÑGÖÖ Prije 15 sati
Patrick ruled the world for a quiet while
Emerick Gervais-Antoine
Emerick Gervais-Antoine Prije 15 sati
What original musique pleas?
Eric Loyd
Eric Loyd Prije 15 sati
My gf turned me onto the weeknd ... Love u baby Do it how I wanna...
Stef Santos
Stef Santos Prije 15 sati
Is this song for Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez? Asking for a friend...
Abobrinha Prije 15 sati
The voice
atika fitri
atika fitri Prije 15 sati
Hello alu mampir kesini sbg selingan streaming MV Hot Sauce NCT Dream
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma Prije 15 sati
the most The Weekend song 💖🍍
Raymond Esquibel
Raymond Esquibel Prije 15 sati
What does your heart desire?
Dipan Sarkar
Dipan Sarkar Prije 15 sati
aashi dil
aashi dil Prije 15 sati
Bearemy Prije 15 sati
**hills twerking**
Meh Prije 15 sati
0:28 best part
Franco Pinedo
Franco Pinedo Prije 15 sati
Un latino aquí
ZxndeR Prije 15 sati
yea...the surgery is a bit to much....
Jhonatan Mamani
Jhonatan Mamani Prije 15 sati
Me encanta buenisima 😌❤❤❤
Goku Not Found
Goku Not Found Prije 15 sati
10 Sec Silence For Those Who Didn't Heard This Music Or I Should Say Masterpiece!
El Teemo_ Waton
El Teemo_ Waton Prije 15 sati
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 15 sati
Yes you should have won a grammy Abel..your incredible every song I get chills and the way you express yourself is amazing too❤
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 15 sati
Sexy fucking song..beautifuul ❤
Areeba Sajjad
Areeba Sajjad Prije 15 sati
Annoying car noise 😕
Rosalia la cagaass😭😭😭😭😭👎👎👎👎👎 Y AMOR THE WEEKND TE AM0000 MÁS Q A MI N0BIOOOOOO😭✨💗✨💗✨💗✨💗TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ABEL🛐💗✨💗✨💗🛐✨🛐💗🛐
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 15 sati
Another masterpeice❤❤❤chills
Glock 19
Glock 19 Prije 15 sati
"You deserve someone better" 💔💔😭😭🙏 The Weeknd , you killed it Brother
Glock 19
Glock 19 Prije 14 sati
@בן פריינד I don't understand russian.
בן פריינד
בן פריינד Prije 15 sati
3,677,686 לייקים 116,591 אנלייק אני הבעל של עדי אגאי
Carlos Valencia
Carlos Valencia Prije 15 sati
Very talented pineapple
M A A R A N Prije 15 sati
My fvrt✨️
Snehasish Biswas
Snehasish Biswas Prije 15 sati
Michael Jackson at least had a logical argument for his time.
deepak raj
deepak raj Prije 15 sati
This songs always reminds me of Stranger Things
Glock 19
Glock 19 Prije 15 sati
Painful journey of The Weeknd ❤️
xxxtentacion FaNs
xxxtentacion FaNs Prije 15 sati
the Weeknd in top
The Weeknd
The Weeknd Prije 15 sati
Daft punk
Morgan Willms
Morgan Willms Prije 15 sati
This guy is fckn amazing
Michell Viera
Michell Viera Prije 15 sati
Nose ustedes pero me fascino
Matthew Lei
Matthew Lei Prije 15 sati
Original Save your Tears:✨🤩🥰 Ft. Ariana Grande:🤩✨👁👄👁✨🥰
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 15 sati
Such a sexy song..inccredible❤
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Prije 15 sati
The girl looks like Ariana now.
בן פריינד
בן פריינד Prije 15 sati
3,677,635 לייקים 116,592 אנלייק אני הבעל של עדי אגאי
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 15 sati
The Weekend is as powerful as MJ was every time he sings a verse I get chills thru my whole body just amazing so theatrical too cant wait to see you in the movies Abel..your incredible and your songs speak to my soul.thank you
Gaurav Rajwade
Gaurav Rajwade Prije 15 sati
too good men 👌
Bilguun Munkhbat
Bilguun Munkhbat Prije 15 sati
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 15 sati
Abel is absolutely incredible an artist of our century..every song is a masterpeice and hes so theatrical too I want to see him in the movies too..mega talent his voice is soooo beautiful hes so expressive in everything he does..and the red jacket at the superbowl was besutiful i bet iit was heavy.The first time i heard Blinding lights I was like woooooow❤
José Bailon
José Bailon Prije 15 sati
Mauricio Antonio Toro Sánchez
Mauricio Antonio Toro Sánchez Prije 16 sati
Como cuando sales de rumba, mambo, guerga, fiesta o carrete y te crees el rey del mundo, el planeta a tus pies y todo se derrumba cuando te sale gente al camino, amanece y termina la noche. A quien no le ha pasado. Sales como locomotora a la calle en la noche y terminas como como caballo de carrera mal herido... Pura metáfora.
el nigga de freefire
el nigga de freefire Prije 16 sati
Casi mas de 5 años de no escucharla alfin la encuentro y aun me acuerdo de toda eya
クソFemboy Prije 16 sati
Facha 😼
בן פריינד
בן פריינד Prije 15 sati
3,677,581 לייקים 116,590 אנלייק אני הבעל של עדי אגאי
Arturo Martínez
Arturo Martínez Prije 16 sati
I'm good at the song, I love some of my favorites.
Big Bang Gamer
Big Bang Gamer Prije 16 sati
Now this is what I call a real remix unlike which rosalia did to the blinding lights which she just translated thr lyrics to her language lmao.
ABBAS Prije 16 sati
*IM BACK AFTER LOSING 30 pounds and having a sixpacks*
ur father o3o
ur father o3o Prije 16 sati
I left the app and came back at 1:23 and I thought he was r kellying this poor girl
ur father o3o
ur father o3o Prije 15 sati
@בן פריינד no u
בן פריינד
בן פריינד Prije 16 sati
3,677,564 לייקים 116,590 אנלייק אני הבעל של עדי אגאי
クソFemboy Prije 16 sati
Jeri Prije 16 sati
Also because of the clip you are watching)
Kari Gibbons
Kari Gibbons Prije 16 sati
Brilliant artist .The Weekend❤❤
AMV明るい Prije 16 sati
damn great i love this song more than ever
Paulo Dalicano
Paulo Dalicano Prije 16 sati
Ngl this is addicting
Chris Prije 16 sati
when someone says “they know a guy”
Dafne Castillo
Dafne Castillo Prije 16 sati
Porque se arruinó así la cara?, si antes era guapo :"(
Axedimitri12YT Prije 16 sati
Rasi Everything
Rasi Everything Prije 16 sati
what do you think between Yummy and Blinded light?
Brochungus Prije 16 sati
This song looks so old in age
Éric JÉRÔME Prije 16 sati
Very good. I like it a lot because it reminds me of a great song : hrpost.info/history/gLeHqNGkc6ifZnY/video
Patricia Caroline
Patricia Caroline Prije 16 sati
Perfect song! 🥰
Alejandra Hernandez
Alejandra Hernandez Prije 16 sati
Luis Miguel Carranza
Luis Miguel Carranza Prije 16 sati
Nice lyric!
notorious ayemi
notorious ayemi Prije 16 sati
Damn your face is disturbing
jyrifisky Prije 16 sati
Aryan Boglay
Aryan Boglay Prije 16 sati
But why you do plastic surgery
_EatABanana_ Prije 16 sati
This song keeps me up at night with it’s addictive ass lyrics that always get stuck in my head 😤😤😭😭😭