2 Sides of Snake Eyes
desi writer
desi writer Prije 21 sat
i am from India, before watching this trailer i never knew something like this existed, and after watching this i have watched all jackass movies, might have been the most immature thing to watch, but made my day surely.
𝗛𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗡𝗦𝗛𝗨 Prije 21 sat
Snake Eyes vs. Shang Chi would be interesting
Ramon M.
Ramon M. Prije 21 sat
It’s like saw but a comedy 😂
Bljoc Prije 21 sat
Well done for proving that stupid people become even more stupid over the years
Prince Imrahil
Prince Imrahil Prije 21 sat
F your identity politics crap!
blacksheep shepherd
blacksheep shepherd Prije 21 sat
So so only.. Took 2 full length movies to just put a hearing aide on air..
Joseph Castronovo
Joseph Castronovo Prije 21 sat
Wow, this would be hilarious if it turned out to be bad.
Cody Orahoske
Cody Orahoske Prije 21 sat
Ah yes, America 😀😀👍🤲🏻🙌🏻❤️‍🔥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
AvengerZEX-J 3095 Warrior
AvengerZEX-J 3095 Warrior Prije 22 sati
My friend Grant from my High School is going to love this.
Christopher Kwiatkowski
Christopher Kwiatkowski Prije 22 sati
I remember being 6 years old when this show was out me and my brothers always had to call it Jackbutt or we'd get in trouble lol
Ethan Andrews _
Ethan Andrews _ Prije 22 sati
Its finally happening😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩
Oscar Szanchez
Oscar Szanchez Prije 22 sati
Paramount 100 Years
Bary 90's TV
Bary 90's TV Prije 22 sati
So phenomenal
goober Prije 22 sati
Is this still funny...............nah....
Cloudy Prije 22 sati
Gonna see this tmrw 😄😄
Jim Batin
Jim Batin Prije 22 sati
Thank God, All of humanity is not lost.Thank God for Jackass
Archer, Emissary of the Gorgonites
Archer, Emissary of the Gorgonites Prije 22 sati
Lol professional idiots
Commander Keen
Commander Keen Prije 22 sati
Fuck yes
Robert Delafuente
Robert Delafuente Prije 22 sati
grateful the crew takes insane amount of pain to make Jackass possible for us
Keira Porkert
Keira Porkert Prije 22 sati
He is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺
TallPoppySyndrome Prije 22 sati
The love heart isn't very jackass
JasminLeblanc Prije 22 sati
Probably will be a 5 minute segment where they pay tribute to Ryan Dunn.
Sean MRS
Sean MRS Prije 22 sati
Ah, reminds me of the times in 2006 rich white kids getting bored and existing. 😂
Brian Posey
Brian Posey Prije 22 sati
this fucking made my day!
MountDoom Prije 22 sati
XYDogAustria Prije 22 sati
Ok mal gucken bei 1:00 Stop oder langsam Laufen lassen Cameramann Maske im Gesicht alle anderen Nein nur der Links noch Findet den Fehler gg
captain unsinn
captain unsinn Prije 22 sati
OMFG YES!!!! :'D
The Asian
The Asian Prije 22 sati
if my life (simplified) was made into a movie, this would be it.
XYDogAustria Prije 22 sati
Ach du Heilige Mutter Gottes...gg
Woody Prije 22 sati
This seems like a gift from God. Comes out the day I EAS let's goooo
¥human¥ Prije 23 sati
iTz Zack
iTz Zack Prije 23 sati
When i saw the trailer is was like damn this can be a really good movie but damn the movie was so garbage it disappointed me tbh 5/10
Lucas harris Vlogs
Lucas harris Vlogs Prije 23 sati
Never saw this coming
veizour Prije 23 sati
I guessing some of the old cast ran out of money from their prior movies, so now you got jackass 4... ... Not that I'm not going to watch it or anything... 🤣
Aditya Nayak
Aditya Nayak Prije 23 sati
Meanwhile Harshad Mehta.. Who is this fxxking hell man?? P.S Harshad Mehta was also a scamster who terribly destroyed BSE and banks by using enormous loopholes.
ReactionReality Prije 23 sati
Where’s bam tho
h20overdose Prije 23 sati
It not going to be the same with margera kicked off for real he was the glue even though he is high as shit.
demotherapy Prije 23 sati
2:00 They knew all along.
Steve Guida
Steve Guida Prije dan
Underrated flick
late night logic
late night logic Prije dan
Yeah… this trailers advertising a different one to the movie I watched. Not impressed… I mean, yeah I am but, ultimately no… it’s getting into odd weird territory when I just like weird. Help me someone. Explain it. It’s not uplifting, it’s not insightful, it’s not moving, it’s a big nothing.
Tovarisch Prije dan
Thought number 1. How are these guys still alive? Thought number 2. If I was a specialist of an insurance company, I would never agree to insure them
weltvonoben Prije dan
Im feeling bad about Bam.
Karma Prije dan
Madison Daniels
Madison Daniels Prije dan
He was fired back in February 2021.
Poetin NL
Poetin NL Prije dan
You guys need to stop please God
Make-A-Woosh-Foundation Prije dan
alternative title: Darwin Award Tryhards - still failing, luckily.
Darpan Das
Darpan Das Prije dan
A glimpse of Iko Uwais in the trailer took the hype to the next level.
canbe anything
canbe anything Prije dan
read the warning at the end
William Healy
William Healy Prije dan
The marketing team really screwed up on this one Never even heard of this movie before I saw a poster at the cinema, had to search up this trailer
Aditi Ashutosh
Aditi Ashutosh Prije dan
Came here after the masterpiece 'Interstellar'
Matthew Jay Evans
Matthew Jay Evans Prije dan
Three things: 1) Love the trailer 2) I miss Ryan Dunn. I wonder if they are going to do some sort of tribute thing to him in the movie? 3) So sad that Bam won't be a part of this. He got fired for being stupid. Oh well.
blu menthal
blu menthal Prije dan
This gives me nostalgia, i remember watching Jackass dvds in the 2000s. Such a good time (and sometimes disgusting lol).
Dejan Pavlovic
Dejan Pavlovic Prije dan
Hahah i really want to see how bear thing ended
Thomas Apollo
Thomas Apollo Prije dan
Machine Gun Kelly, Stev O.... I will never watch this shit
Kadi Rebel
Kadi Rebel Prije dan
I would rather watch Bam Margera skate in a video, than watch Jaskass Forever. And I think Bam would prefer to skate than do stupid stunts, you know Ryan Dunn got a blood clot from the horse pulling him on the floor because of this stupid film. Rest in peace Ryan, 1977-2011
FlameLFH Prije dan
They got his scale completely wrong. Clifford is the size of a small building.
championchap Prije dan
Love you guys! No Bam this time around though?
Kyle Salisbury
Kyle Salisbury Prije dan
Yessss I love it 👌🇬🇧
Tollah Tv ferkah
Tollah Tv ferkah Prije dan
What a sh&t show.
Michael Chadwick
Michael Chadwick Prije dan
Looking forward to this... I think Dunn would have absolutely loved this.
Escobarioli Prije dan
1:09 lmao tyler the creator was made for jackass
internal injection
internal injection Prije dan
Pet semic victory petting big handed knuckle swoll write paw con knassglass sezno
GreaseMonkey Prije dan
yo its ah sham,
Jayden Prije dan
Where’s bam?
Madison Daniels
Madison Daniels Prije dan
He's fired.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Prije dan
All of a sudden, Johnny Knoxville is like 80. What the fuck.
OmegaMapDesign Prije dan
I'd love for this movie to not include Bam Margera but definitely include the remains of Ryan Dunn.
CX da Grinch
CX da Grinch Prije dan
Look how they massacred my boy
John Lucas
John Lucas Prije dan
We've been waiting this part 2 for so long. like WTF! are they waiting the pandemic to be back in normal before they gonna release the part 2?
Duarin Aratir
Duarin Aratir Prije dan
Call me stormshadow......... Nope your called Tommy no lame edgy names here.
Gefilta Fish
Gefilta Fish Prije dan
When the stunts are so vivid.. you can just feel some of their pain just by watching it.
Eagler Prije dan
Idiocracy at its finest
Priscilla Brown
Priscilla Brown Prije dan
Sees the warning at the end... Me and anyone else with half a brain: Well yeah, no shit...
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Prije dan
@1:52 Alfred E Neuman (Mad Magazine)
Chawklet Studios
Chawklet Studios Prije dan
Waited 8 years to watch this. So glad I did.
C0okiee Prije dan
This will make Amc stock price moon. Now i understand why people said hold.
Lenny Henry
Lenny Henry Prije dan
Whys it always about the little girl.. it’s called Clifford the big red dog and he looks just a dog who is red… this ain’t Clifford man.
Sand Castle
Sand Castle Prije dan
still trying to die i see
Lenny Henry
Lenny Henry Prije dan
Hope this film ain’t just about the girl and his relationship with the girl…
سلمان فيصل
سلمان فيصل Prije dan
aw manu made me rember the dudeson :(