Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir Prije minute
She reminds me of Ash Barty in some ways - simple person- hard worker.
Alexander Wagner
Alexander Wagner Prije minute
Krejcikova's technique is beautiful and there is an assuredness and weight in her shots that's just wonderful to behold.
qaztennis Prije 3 minuta
What the bullshit where are the aces of bagel and golubev? I watched this match and there were a couple of Golubev's best moments that are worth showing !!! Please remake the video as I consider it disrespectful to the players of Kazakhstan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had Nakole
Had Nakole Prije 4 minuta
Dekuji,regulerne jsem si pobrecel.Ta soustredenost a bojovnost byla uzasna.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Prije 5 minuta
She’s so calm.
Calvin Shen
Calvin Shen Prije 6 minuta
I think Jana Novotna in the heaven is watching with smiles
Anthony C
Anthony C Prije 7 minuta
The only time a French will win the French open
Alan Tricolor
Alan Tricolor Prije 8 minuta
Essa vitória do Djoko em cima do Nadal deveria acontecer em 2011, Federer não permitiu. Veremos se o Stefanos vai conseguir fazer frente pro Djoko.
Disenyo Prije 10 minuta
The last shot is clearly in... Controversial winning...
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis Prije 10 minuta
I've never rooted for this guy and I have watched him get tight and come up small in more matches than I can count but I applaud his honest anger and how bitter and unsatisfied he is with this result at the French Open which was impressive. Any time you're in a semi at a major you've had a good showing. If he can channel that anger and get more steely in big moments he may get to where many anointed him to be 4 years ago.
Лера & Никита
Лера & Никита Prije 10 minuta
Собаки в намордниках!
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic Prije 13 minuta
Just here to say hi to all those watching this video in 2031.
manohar man
manohar man Prije 14 minuta
Her calmness and compose mind ,made a huge part in her victory .just watch the semi finals to understand
J. Aguilar Taylor
J. Aguilar Taylor Prije 14 minuta
How much pilllls Novak took to beat Nadal.
Khôi Đỗ
Khôi Đỗ Prije 16 minuta
Also I wanna celebrate 10-year anniversary of Li Na's becoming the only Asian winner at Roland Garros
god thin
god thin Prije 18 minuta
Wow honestly, this video is disrespectul. Why the cut in his response?
dessi wilson
dessi wilson Prije 20 minuta
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Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu Prije 22 minuta
Herbert mahut just need to kiss already 😫😫
AOMan A Prije 22 minuta
1:30 Hindrance right here!
greg jay
greg jay Prije 22 minuta
A word about Djokovic. This man is simply the best ever in this sport. Why does he receive poor support and even boos? Because he comes from a country with a history of Socialist Planning, based on a system called Worker Self Management. Because of the US, which stirs up trouble against SELECTED targets, usually those who oppose global supply chains and Oligopoly sweat shop systems such as Iraq, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, ex-Yugoslavia, Belarus, Cuba etc. The US deliberately forced violence upon Iraq and the break up of Eastern Europe because they were in the way of the new system, i.e, global sweat shops and massive income earning inequalities. Serbia and others were directly circled for domination and destruction. Serbs and Croats always got on, just as Ukraine and Russia always got on until the US circled all as as targets for their terror and destruction. It should also be noted that plenty of other countries have competing ethnicities who are fierce rivals e.g, Spain [Basques, Catalyns, Madridistas & Nationalists etc] or the impoverished Indonesia [Timor etc] & Phillippines but they are never targeted for destruction and break up. They are no threat to US plans for global sweat-shops everywhere hence they are ignored, never demonised despite their horrific poverty and economic backwardness.
ピーター・パーカー Prije 23 minuta
Interesting final coming today!!
hoplite101able Prije 24 minuta
Levendia mas!!!
Connie Jee
Connie Jee Prije 26 minuta
In this match, one will witness why Rafa is the King of Clay, he is a legend of all times….the unexpected way he can return difficult shots from a strong opponent such as the no. 1 in the world , Djoko. Sad to see tho' how Djoko showed off when he made a good shot back at Rafa :( "The leopard never changes its spots." My heart feel the disappointment for Rafa in his last set. It reminds me " the mind is willing but the flesh is weak" . I wish him a speedy recovery for Wimbledon.Let's see if he can equal Fed in 20 GS trophies!!~ Vamos Rafa….La mejor de las suertes! Creo en ti siempre. Muchos abrazos y besos!
Gigi Lafonte
Gigi Lafonte Prije 26 minuta
Holly macaroni! Amazing match. Congrats Nole!
Rahim Rawji
Rahim Rawji Prije 26 minuta
This looks like it was a great match
Bojan Palink
Bojan Palink Prije 27 minuta
It's not Nole's fault that Nadal lost ..... Nadal misplaced the drink bottles at the end of the third set.
Randy Hernandez
Randy Hernandez Prije 28 minuta
No one is going to even remember who won this years women’s FO title. That’s just the fact. The winner will fade into the background so she should celebrate now because the next GS tourneys she enters, she won’t have the luck that was bestowed on this years FO. The runner up also had her chance at the FO but sadly won’t get much further after this fortnight in any future GS tourneys. Her window of opportunity has closed for good! This was a mess of a tourney on the women’s side. The depth is great but for Christ’s sake, why can’t the defending winner actually defend her title?!?! There is ZERO consistency in the WTA. I’m not really sure if Naomi can defend her GS titles either with the personal issues she’s having. The WTA is all a mess!!! No real dominant champion to root for and no rivalries!
R I C K I . FF
R I C K I . FF Prije 29 minuta
Nole 💚
aileen vargas
aileen vargas Prije 31 minute
My bf won big money on the bet with Djokovic yesterday instead of giving me small treats for supporting him what I got in return was insults and bad words. I don't want to watch the finals anymore with him 😞
Denny Crane
Denny Crane Prije 33 minuta
Hey @Roland Garros, description has been put wrong for this video, it is written "watch Barbara krejikova press conference after her victory against barbara krejikova".🙄 Kindly correct it.
Tennis Tan
Tennis Tan Prije 34 minuta
From 1:58...Bublik: smash to the side alley, partner! Oh....c'mon....Pls help him, God...Thank u, God.
Minh TN
Minh TN Prije 36 minuta
21:42 Wawrinka must be really good at ping pong
Yuri Serebriany
Yuri Serebriany Prije 39 minuta
Well done Anastasia!
Jenkins S Thomson
Jenkins S Thomson Prije 40 minuta
Her late coach Novotna would be so proud.
q4short Prije 41 minute
ugh, who?
shawneechief Prije 43 minuta
Τα δάκρυά σου ωκεανό να γίνουν και η ρακέτα μεγάλο κουπί Από θύελλες να διαβείς νικητής σαν φτάσεις στο προορισμό σου
Rafa Nadal
Rafa Nadal Prije 44 minuta
I want revenge I want u to beat novak at Australian open. 👍👍👍👍
Ilan Plazola
Ilan Plazola Prije 49 minuta
One of the reasons Rafa didn't win Is because they played at night the cinditions are diferent, in all those years he never played against some one like Novak at night in RG
THE KING Prije 50 minuta
The undisputed goat
Nasarif Kongsin
Nasarif Kongsin Prije 51 minute
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rachel robles
rachel robles Prije 52 minuta
I love watching Herbert and Mahut play...saw them at the US Open and I was super excited to finally see them in person...but PHH is my favorite doubles player.
gison vieira
gison vieira Prije 55 minuta
Simplesmente deuses do tênis
Ben_ 9Haan
Ben_ 9Haan Prije 56 minuta
They make the court so small.. Two best player all the time Congrats Nole,, you're a fighter, you know not easy to win Vs with Nadal, but you done it in tactical way.
Chloe Manchestor
Chloe Manchestor Prije 57 minuta
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DragonAurora Prije 58 minuta
I love watching women's tennis...women moaning and 99% of them are smokin hot.
cookie2011 Prije 58 minuta
nadal is finished
chargingbolt9 Prije sat
This match shows how exciting tennis really is to watch
KJ Bennie
KJ Bennie Prije sat
It's too bad the 2021 semis wasn't played during the day. At night gave Nole the advantage. Great win for The djoker!!!
Jose Antelo
Jose Antelo Prije sat
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John O'Neill
John O'Neill Prije sat
This is a big loss for Nadal. Suddenly all those French titles are worthless because at his best on Clay he still got beaten by Novak!
Emotions! all the way! Seeing Mahut n P.H. Herbert playing with such incredible chemistry is out of this world! Congratulations FRANCE!!!
Duc Dinh
Duc Dinh Prije sat
This match should be the finale.
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Prije sat
This is a big loss for Nadal. suddenly all those French titles are worthless because at his best on Clay he still got beaten by Novak!
Ben_ 9Haan
Ben_ 9Haan Prije sat
Barbora so calm... Nothing show she under pressure even in GS final Congrats barbora
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Prije sat
Андрей Сыхов
Андрей Сыхов Prije sat
Сама не понимает как ей это удалось, победить в финале Ролан Гаррос?!.
tesina21 Prije sat
No one cares about doubles but nice job I guess.
blahrapz Prije sat
So happy for Mahut. He'll get to share the trophy with his son
ad-rock Prije sat
Anybody else watch this for Alexander?
rio verde
rio verde Prije sat
This guy will never go to history as the GOAT. Greatest clay court player yes. But that’s it.
Shady Ramzy
Shady Ramzy Prije sat
championes championes ole ole ole
dzoniking1 Prije sat
Me when playing wii sports:
Attor Safar
Attor Safar Prije sat
Today Djokovic gonna roast someone alive
Diego S.
Diego S. Prije sat
This deserve will be the final
Chuck Deless
Chuck Deless Prije sat
03世代のあーぼ Prije sat
It ain't Novak season. It's Novak year.
miro y
miro y Prije sat
Novak:” Nadal can be beaten!” That was in 2008, since then it happened 30 times, Twice at RG ......Fed can only DREAM to beat Nadal on clay and prove he’s best overall...he’s over and out never achieving that dream
Mun Yee Wong
Mun Yee Wong Prije sat
I forgot the Williams sisters.