BOWEN arrows
BOWEN arrows Prije sat
it wasnt stan that won, it was his pants
In The Beginning Was The Word
In The Beginning Was The Word Prije 6 sati
1:15:35 What a point from Serena.
William Collier
William Collier Prije 6 sati
Anyone see Sampras play in real life? Must have been great to watch.
Saisagar Tata
Saisagar Tata Prije 7 sati
At 30:00 in 5th set Nadal could play that shot
Saisagar Tata
Saisagar Tata Prije 8 sati
While we all know what can his backhand do ..his forehand was equally brilliant in this game for STANIMAL
Irisce Prije 11 sati
0:30 You can tell from Novak's reaction that he is not happy after this point: he does not respect the strategy of aiming for the opponent's body/face when running into the net, and Nadal has been known to do this; in fact, many times in the past, Nadal has done this in the same situation and managed to hit Novak with the ball, thus winning the point. It's an old strategy that Nadal knows will work against Novak, and will keep doing as long as he knows it's effective. Novak knows this too, and is not very impressed lol.
Michael Lubin
Michael Lubin Prije 19 sati
J H Prije 20 sati
You all know 19 year old Rafa beat a doping Puerta, right?
seand67 Prije dan
Why is this labelled a 'classic match'?? Serena spanked Maria in straight sets
Ilija Tesic
Ilija Tesic Prije dan
Holy shit, Del Potro trew that ball 4-5 m in the air
canal Brasil esportes.comedia ⚽
canal Brasil esportes.comedia ⚽ Prije dan
Jogava muito invan landel
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Prije dan
Serena love you 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
William Collier
William Collier Prije dan
So beautiful the style of play
canal Brasil esportes.comedia ⚽
canal Brasil esportes.comedia ⚽ Prije dan
Guga era fera muito bom
Hell Arte
Hell Arte Prije dan
Who is here after 1988 record withstands???? Not that I wouldn't watch before just truly hyped that She's STILL the only one to achieve the Golden-Bronze Slam 🥇/🥇+🥉/🥈🏆🎾 4🇦🇺6🇨🇵7🇬🇧5🇺🇲 such an inspiring feat and such an ambitious passionate pro Steffi was.
canal Brasil esportes.comedia ⚽
canal Brasil esportes.comedia ⚽ Prije dan
Guga jogava muito
Worldwide Wyatt
Worldwide Wyatt Prije 2 dana
I loved watching these ladies compete. Of course Steffi got the better of most of their matchups, but you could tell that they both had a huge respect for each other in every matchup. It’s awesome coming back and watching their matches now. I miss this kind of tennis.
Kyung Yu
Kyung Yu Prije 2 dana
You can tell Tsitsipas loved this win so much - straight sets, like he planted a flag in the clay and declared, this is my turf, especially after losing to Med at A/O in straight sets. It'll be really fun to watch the NextGen players battle each other in the coming years.
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja Prije 2 dana
I thought I can’t see anyone winning against Novak 3-0 in a GS Final, Daniil was like Hold my Beer
aam Prije 2 dana
Can you upload the full match please 😭
Jeff Brunswick
Jeff Brunswick Prije 2 dana
Stan has been in so many classic matches. He plays a high risk game, so needs to be on form, but when he is, it is a beautiful sight to behold.
ricardo patricio
ricardo patricio Prije 2 dana
Guga, the number 1 ATP. From Santa Catarina, south américa.
Jake Huang
Jake Huang Prije 2 dana
Stan was so clutched in that 4th set. Beginning by erasing a 0-3 deficit and then holding serve a 0-40 at 3-4. Anyone else would have succumbed to the pressure, but not STANIMAL
Jc pedz
Jc pedz Prije 2 dana
Kristyna should've won
Michel Ramirez
Michel Ramirez Prije 2 dana
No better set of tennis has ever been played
TONY STARK Prije 3 dana
Wawrinka is so Delight To Watch ❤️❤️
David Chang
David Chang Prije 3 dana
So nice!!
nandha kumar
nandha kumar Prije 3 dana
WHITE MAMBA Prije 3 dana
Genie appears: You have one wish remaining. Me: Please give prime Richard Gasquet a good forehand Oh boy i wish he could have it.
Le Freezer
Le Freezer Prije 3 dana
Zewnep Prije 3 dana
4:44 5:19
Hằng Lý Thu
Hằng Lý Thu Prije 3 dana
Wawrinka played so good and still lost. That's kinda sad if you think about that.
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero Prije 3 dana
Rafa holding up the winner's trophy at Roland Garros. Jus as it should be. Nadal Is My Champion!
Saori Koiso
Saori Koiso Prije 3 dana
His canine teeth are very charming. I hope he will not get them straightened.
TONY STARK Prije 3 dana
Do you Know Stan Is the Only Man who beat Djokovic in the Finals of a Grand Slam But Never Beaten by Djokovic in Finals 😀
MovieFan4Life Prije 4 dana
Who knew the foot injury that hit Rafa in this match would make it the end of the year for him despite two limping matches in Washington. Sad to see one of the legends out. Of the big 3, Rafa has missed so many more big events than Djokovic and Federer. 11 grand slams, 2 olympics, and 6 year end championships he couldn’t even compete in due to injury. Djokovic on the other hand missed 1 grand slam and that’s it!! What a shocking fact! Until Federer was practically 40 he also hardly missed a big event. I hope Rafa and Djokovic will get to play a few more times but who knows what’s left at this point.
SPIDER LILIEZ Prije 4 dana
Sorry, I think Mary's shot should be #1 on this list.
Marcello Duarte
Marcello Duarte Prije 4 dana
What a player was Guga!
matias gonzalez
matias gonzalez Prije 4 dana
0:10 its ridicolous the amount of balls you need to play to win a point against djokovik
Владимир Лапин
Владимир Лапин Prije 4 dana
Arantxa missed the image maker a lot. Fiery, bright, burning and emotional on the court, in interviews she turned into a very boring character. This also applies to appearance. Excellent height and weight. Perhaps the best among the first rackets are the chest and butt. The only negative appearance is the legs. But Arantxa hid all her charms under terrible clothes. She had 2-3 successful and sexy outfits on the court, but only when the best years of her career were already behind With the right approach, she could easily become the main woman athlete of the 90s. But instead, she suffered from a lack of attention, which badly affected athletic performance.
Les jardins partagés Rakrouki - Sète
Les jardins partagés Rakrouki - Sète Prije 4 dana
Suhas Bothe
Suhas Bothe Prije 4 dana
High quality match,some of the backends by Gasquet were out of the world
Izham Sham
Izham Sham Prije 4 dana
Thomas Muster was one of my favourites back then. He was one of the pros I modeled my strokes & aggression on. Thanks for this vid!
Wayne Wang
Wayne Wang Prije 4 dana
Stefanos Tsitsipas clearly needs more work on the nerves, if he can win, he can start pull the trigger........
Ilija Tesic
Ilija Tesic Prije 4 dana
It's mind blowing that Novak has almost won 4 slams in a row *twice*
Lil Nicky Da Baddest
Lil Nicky Da Baddest Prije 4 dana
Already made 1st gs final i the same year 😳
吉木早苗 Prije 4 dana
muthuvel boopathy
muthuvel boopathy Prije 4 dana
I just see this video so often after seeing some tennis match highlights of Novak against thiem,Medvedev,tstsipas,zverev etc. Who match Djokovic in his ground strokes but Djokovic gets the better of them with his timely drop shots. This match is a good lesson to tackle the Djokovic drop shot. See Nadal do it twice that too in clay . Proving why Nadal is the man who wins points from the baseline as well as in a drop
29 Yue Hin Wong
29 Yue Hin Wong Prije 4 dana
Wow what a rise
HCaulfield115 Prije 5 dana
Lendl w poly strings would have been nasty
dierto Prije 5 dana
Hingis was so Talented, a little prodigy with one of the best techniques in Tennis… but she hasn’t strong Mental
i ragazzi dello zoo.
i ragazzi dello zoo. Prije 5 dana
Schiavone bel sedere
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago Prije 5 dana
One of the few people who could handle Serena’s power consistently
Michael Black
Michael Black Prije 5 dana
This is what you call tennis. Incredible from both men.
JÚNIOR VIEIRA Prije 5 dana
guga foi otimo
Pratheek Thota
Pratheek Thota Prije 5 dana
Djokovic probably hates wawrinka with the passion of a thousand suns. This guy has screwed him over the slams countless times
Adi Prije 5 dana
in another universe (without roger, rafa, novak) wawrinka is one of the big three, along with murray and del potro
Plant Seed
Plant Seed Prije 5 dana
I like how athletes become less bothered about being politically correct as they get older.
Shiki Prije 5 dana
Eliot Loney?
Борислав Димитров
Борислав Димитров Prije 5 dana
Cilci is one of many Federers bitches lol
Mayank Beniwal
Mayank Beniwal Prije 5 dana
This is how to beat novak at grand slams .
Neon diamonds Aquaberry
Neon diamonds Aquaberry Prije 6 dana
Safin was an absolute unit during his career. Physically/body type , I don’t think there is any player that resembles him currently or after he retired.
bernardo mariano
bernardo mariano Prije 6 dana
Another Swiss we miss on the tennis courts
Chinablue Kurvinus
Chinablue Kurvinus Prije 6 dana
the Sexiest and the most prettiest Tennis girl 🎾 with the Softest body perfect figure Maria Sharapova 💗💋💗 the Greatest Tennis girl in the whole world 🌍🌎🌏🌍💗💋💗💋💗💋💗💋💗💋
Chinablue Kurvinus
Chinablue Kurvinus Prije 6 dana
The Sexiest most beautiful Tennis girl with the Softest body perfect figure Maria Sharapova 💗 the Greatest Tennis girl in the whole world 🌍🌎🌏🌍💗💋💗💋💗💋💗💋💗💋💗
Stephen Wang
Stephen Wang Prije 6 dana
Plot twist: Rafael threw the game so Djokovic could join him and Federer as holding 20 slams each
J J Prije 6 dana
I think "3rd set " of this match deserves a separate Oscar . What a rally , what a comeback and such a never give up attitude fr om both the players , cannot ever forget this match.
Mauro Suga
Mauro Suga Prije 6 dana
Kuerten insane backhand. So beautiful, so precise!
The Devil
The Devil Prije 6 dana
I heard she was made an honorary citizen of Australia after this match.
Brunel Didier
Brunel Didier Prije 6 dana
Marshan122 Prije 6 dana
Daniel Pan
Daniel Pan Prije 6 dana
In today's game...McEnroe would have been defaulted within a matter of minutes for STALLING...
Hafadaze Prije 7 dana
Kinda weird they have to be escorted by little girls
Nicholas Morre
Nicholas Morre Prije 7 dana
Leonardo Gregorio
Leonardo Gregorio Prije 7 dana
Pelé, Senna and Guga are boons from Brasil to the world 🇧🇷
Pa Ma
Pa Ma Prije 7 dana
Carzy novak
Patrick O’Hennesy
Patrick O’Hennesy Prije 7 dana
This match broke my heart
Mahmoud Alcholbec
Mahmoud Alcholbec Prije 7 dana
Roland Garros
Mahmoud Alcholbec
Mahmoud Alcholbec Prije 7 dana
Roland Garros
Nicolás Gaytán Neves
Nicolás Gaytán Neves Prije 7 dana
Un genio, Marat!!