Keith Wahl
Keith Wahl Prije 6 minuta
Voodookie lol 😂😆🤣
Keith Wahl
Keith Wahl Prije 9 minuta
Lol 400 years
Meme Youtuber
Meme Youtuber Prije 11 minuta
Logan Paul brother Jake Paul is smoking weed That is disrespectful I hate his attitude
Icy-Dead-Pple Prije 20 minuta
You 30 and still masturbate ? Wilder: TILL THIS DAY!
Coops Prije 24 minuta
Watch dazn's sub price sky rocket and then they will lose subs.
bolo wang
bolo wang Prije 25 minuta
Rename dazn to dlimey bullshit network
Dion Fowlkes
Dion Fowlkes Prije 29 minuta
And if he says the smart money is onFury I’ll take the bet I have 5000 Wilder💪🏾
Dion Fowlkes
Dion Fowlkes Prije 39 minuta
😂😂😂 fury family the fake American media the whole UK all know fury can’t cheat this time and he’s about to get destroyed💀 💣 💣💣💣💣💣🥊
Astropleb Prije 56 minuta
They are setting her up for failure...
Kerr Martin
Kerr Martin Prije sat
Floyd is like the tekashi69 dude in boxing
CDDrinkwater Prije sat
We do know which wilder is gonna show up. The same one who can’t box
alvshill Prije sat
Tyson Fury *should* win. However, Deontay Wilder will certainly be more determined and, now, very aware of the threat Fury possesses. Whether or not Wilder has learned any new tricks is almost secondary to me. It is interesting because Wilder should be much more determined after that embarrassment and after all of those excuses. Also, Fury has never defended a title before and seems to flourish as the underdog, but he isn’t an underdog this time. Let the chips fall where they may.
Negan Prije sat
we have to wait up to 2am to watch boxing live that's not going to go well with uk boxing fans that's exactly why ufc isn't so popular
Progress NotPerfection
Progress NotPerfection Prije sat
Shes an Olympic champion and true fighter that goes 12 rounds! This isn't a circus. This woman is a pure athlete but at the top of her class. Put some respect
Gareth Jamieson
Gareth Jamieson Prije sat
Eddie Hearn just gets it. "You have to tell the story". Spot on. It's like anything - from WWE wrestling to F1 to tennis - tell the story and it's so much more interesting.
David Ostos
David Ostos Prije sat
Than he got knocked out . Fucking clown
El Desaparecido
El Desaparecido Prije sat
I suppose anyone can get an interview nowadays and mention canelos name for clout...
It's  Time
It's Time Prije sat
Could we have this in English subtitles please?
It's  Time
It's Time Prije 2 sati
Deontay Wilder's date of birth: Till this day.
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Prije 2 sati
Eddies stock answer about numbers was always ‘solid’ which we always knew meant unimpressive.
Peteblue Prije 2 sati
Eddie the snake slating his former employer. This man is so full of BS irons untrue.
V Khan
V Khan Prije 2 sati
Where do i get news from now? I got my boxing news from Sky Sports News? What sites people use?
Fans Over The World
Fans Over The World Prije 2 sati
Can see the shoulder programming being aired on BBC mainly because Hearn does his podcast with them so It makes sense
Marcus Longclaw
Marcus Longclaw Prije 12 minuta
I was thinking the same thing . Advertising on match of the day would give them massive numbers
stefan campbell
stefan campbell Prije 3 sati
For Eddie to say Sky Sports didnt cross promote boxing especially boxing PPVs through sky’s football coverage is probably the most disingenuous things he’s ever said (some going) considering those PPVs lined his pockets.
Ben Owen
Ben Owen Prije 3 sati
Game Changed, deal with it! 🥊💥
Paul Moss
Paul Moss Prije 3 sati
Ffs people stop fkin moaning ! Moan moan moan complain . Don’t Fukin watch it then !
Michael Picon
Michael Picon Prije 3 sati
I do believe that yes Deontay Wilder is going to come out at the different type of fighter butt I can tell you this the mind and behavior Resort back to what it knows every time when it gets in trouble showing Deontay Wilder starts getting punched in the face and can't figure out how to stop this bigger heavier better footwork next-level boxer in front of him his mind is just going to go back to where he was and what he knows how to do which is very bad for Deontay Wilder all that new shit is going to go out the window when he starts getting punched
Leon Ryan
Leon Ryan Prije 3 sati
Team Pacquiao will deliver. Only the Pac can execute in the ring what Roach dictates and no other fighter can. Amazing duo! I think Spence is worried.
L-79 Prije 3 sati
Who’s the other broadcaster he mentions at the 2 min mark
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Prije 3 sati
She said that right hand has never failed me lol I'm done great win champ
Marcelo83 Prije 4 sati
No more nelson and all the rest of those bell ends... happy days! But do yourself a favour eddie.. get rid of that middix snd replace him with Roy Jones or Malignaggi... hell replace froch as well he's terrible
Joseph THFC81
Joseph THFC81 Prije 4 sati
The Matchroom bots are out here 😂
SteVie_LiPPs Prije 4 sati
I was watching this guy on soccer a.m And this guy is a legend Funny as fk about the vlad camp in Austria 😂😂😂 Listen son 😂😂
Ben Hyams
Ben Hyams Prije 4 sati
Hope having gone out and utilised restriction-free Texas etc for Canelo that Eddie will properly resist jab passport bollocks. That aside, well done. All good and exciting moves. Loving it
Corz Illa
Corz Illa Prije 4 sati
But he f**ed you up last time Deontay? You got beat and your'e going to get beat again.
Nylinxton Prije 5 sati
Hold on Hold on... 26:30 Blowing contest Ksi team - Body Builders Logan team - 60 year old men. Ksi ksi Ksi Ksi Ksi Ksi
Killer Zabattini
Killer Zabattini Prije 5 sati
2:49 *love clown* 🤡🔥🔥🔥
Killer Zabattini
Killer Zabattini Prije 5 sati
*Benavidez Warrior 🥊🇲🇽 vs love Clown* 🤡🔥😈😂😂😂
Wealth Essential
Wealth Essential Prije 6 sati
Born in 1990 and in 2015 I was 15 years old lol..!
David Solen
David Solen Prije 6 sati
Uhhhmmmm NO we're not !!!!
Maria Koundina
Maria Koundina Prije 6 sati
If the drunk grandpa says champ one more time...
n k
n k Prije 6 sati
Usky couldn't hurt chisora ! No way he gets past AJ
Texas C
Texas C Prije 6 sati
TF should easily deal with Wilder. BUT!!!! Wilder is always just one punch away from winning a fight
Steve S
Steve S Prije 7 sati
Hey Lou, give Art Davie a call, I hear he has a new show that has great potential to be the next big thing. Oh wait, you already told him to f... off in 1993. Lol, loser.
d pog
d pog Prije 7 sati
3:33 as much as he said he wants to tell the fighters story, it sounded like he didn't want to tell us about Richard Riakpors story there. Why did he not finish his sentence??😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben Hyams
Ben Hyams Prije 4 sati
Why what's the deal? Wondering where the fella has been
Chris T
Chris T Prije 8 sati
David Diamante I have lost respect for you... Nobody likes a liar.
Gracias Hermano
Gracias Hermano Prije 37 minuta
That's his opinion knobhead
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Prije 8 sati
Conor Benn produces incredible numbers. Yet Eddie Hearns said that the SKY numbers weren't that great? Or was he talking about something else? Seems he says what suits.
Dan M
Dan M Prije 8 sati
Sky TV’s business model is so outdated. I’m tired of paying for golf and netball just so I can watch boxing. Whether you like Eddy or not, he knows what we want.
George Man
George Man Prije 8 sati
Ksi got knocked out by Prophet muscle
Aderinto Tope
Aderinto Tope Prije 8 sati
The lives of a businessman.... . Hahahahhaa Eddie the hearn Money maker...
AHOY THERE YO-HO-HO ARRR! Pirates ship Prije 9 sati
Who the F is this clown 🤡
Trevor Biddle
Trevor Biddle Prije 9 sati
Hes got way to fukn cocky ova a few basic wins thinks hes sum rocky Balboa needs to get humble soon as!!! Really like marku not a cocky fuka like he is now mmfl!!! From bidzy westmids Gypsy England 🥊🥊🇬🇧💯
Denton Williams
Denton Williams Prije 9 sati
Although maybe he should have retired a lot earlier I'm very happy that his speech is mostly still there. He still has it it together.
lewis griffin
lewis griffin Prije 9 sati
Everything Tyson Fury has said he's went out and delivered so it's not been all talk I like Deontay Wilder all he knows how to do it and make excuses and talk he doesn't know how to fight
SingaporeDonoghues Prije 9 sati
How the Hell that interview warrants that Headline.. Pathetic click bait
x158 Prije 10 sati
It's about to backfire. DAZN can't replicate Sky Sports exposure as a channel on a set top box.
Garry Phillips
Garry Phillips Prije 10 sati
Tyson fury cant load his gloves up this time that's reason Tyson fury trying to get out of the fight wilder will KO Tyson fury in the 7th round or early before 7th round
nolem Prije 6 sati
I swear all you wilder deluded fans keep saying this each fight.
BKH NOTHING Prije 10 sati
Gonna get whooped again in July by fury
James Fox
James Fox Prije 10 sati
2:24 Vegans going mental right about now 🥴😂
Mike S
Mike S Prije 10 sati
Toss up . If Fury slacks on his training and has a bunch of "yes champ" guys around him and Wilder comes in like a man totally out for revenge then Wilder wins . If Fury has trained hard and kept his focus then he can out box Wilder just as long as Wilder doesn't get that one and that's all he has ever needed that one big punch that can drop a bull dozer .
Canon Prije 10 sati
this man got dropped by ksi and now he says he "knocked out" ksi, this prick must've got his drugs from w2s
George Man
George Man Prije 8 sati
Ksi that bitch couldn't land one punch
George Man
George Man Prije 8 sati
🤣at the end of the video was hiding in the restaurant with no shoes on to make sure Prophet Muscle left ... ksi trainer faze sensei exposed ksi for Lying Prophet pit ksi on his fours 🤣 effort the taje down ksi was screaming for cops
George Man
George Man Prije 8 sati
🤣 Dropped? Prophet muscle knocked out ksi ! Ksi was Sleepwalking Type on HRpost 'Ksi knocked out By Prophet muscle' It's all over the Dailymail too Prophet killed ksi, send him into Sleepwalking and beat the brain out of him
Shinobi Master gamings
Shinobi Master gamings Prije 10 sati
Who's here after Deji lost to Vinnie?
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football Prije 11 sati
a man who accepts his defeat?
Abraham Heinz
Abraham Heinz Prije 11 sati
Point taken from both sides as equally important. Amen in the sport of boxing
Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen Prije 11 sati
Well said some these boxing fans are brain dead to even think wilder dosent have a chance, How funny will it be if fury got stretched out and come back to these comments 😂
Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen Prije 19 minuta
@Katarina Alves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈
Katarina Alves
Katarina Alves Prije 31 minute
@Jamie Allen I understand your pain 🙏 I also suspect your already photoshopping pics of fury with his gloves on the wrong way round 😂
Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen Prije sat
@Katarina Alves nope not at all, I'm just reminding you brain dead people who you are supporting 🤣 and its the truth.. just like he been lieng since he fought wilder, wilder was ducking the trilogy and he let it run out haha another smack in the mouth 🤣
Katarina Alves
Katarina Alves Prije sat
@Jamie Allen you're already making excuses for Wilder 3rd L. If Wilder won, I wouldn't make excuses. Would you like fries with your salt? 🍟🥺
Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen Prije 2 sati
@Katarina Alves stop being silly furys a well known cheat he a druggie 🐗 🤣
Darren 84star
Darren 84star Prije 11 sati
Femi never ever ever be undisputed
Darren 84star
Darren 84star Prije 11 sati
Dazn ok but of goes up more than 1.99 an not up in other countries nobody accept it
Darren 84star
Darren 84star Prije 11 sati
Femi is a bodybuilder roid head can't fight more often vada find his his roid juice
LadyChann Dun Dem Season
LadyChann Dun Dem Season Prije 11 sati
I prefer when David just ring calls ....His fight analysis’ always like .... 🤷🏾‍♀️
minisla Prije 12 sati
Khan didn't look relaxed during the fight. Should have taken more time to recover. Lowest punch I've ever seen. Khan shouldn't have even participated in the interview bloke beside him couldn't even admit to sloppy boxing.... Funny fight crawford no hope against canelo either.
Rob my cousin bcuz I found out he Bisexual
Rob my cousin bcuz I found out he Bisexual Prije 12 sati
What kinda boxer goes back to learning the basics at 35? You already past your prime what a 🤡 we should’ve got aj fight but beyonce wilder got in the way with his female antics twerking and excuses. You ain’t gonna win so what’s the point
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije 12 sati
Going the distance isn’t winning. You lost all 8 rounds. Floyd isn’t a knock out artist. You were dead, hugging every round all round.
Lee50 Prije 12 sati
Can't believe a single fight fan would believe this nonsense, that ship sailed 10-5 plus fights ago when he had the chance to step up vs Klitschko but coward away fighting trash and never improving. He's finished.
The Firmamentalist
The Firmamentalist Prije 13 sati
Why, because he learned a couple combos??? C’mon.
IB Prije 13 sati
Danny Flexen best boxing interview bar none. Matchroom or DAZN need to hire him to fill some sort of interviewing role.
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Prije 2 sati
Totally agree
Jamie Savin
Jamie Savin Prije 6 sati
Danny did you write this comment? An excellent interviewer though and Danny knows I think that.
Jack Gallagher
Jack Gallagher Prije 14 sati
No we won’t complete bollocks
Dean Mc
Dean Mc Prije 14 sati
Do people in 🇺🇸 not realise he cannot box ?
Nehemiah Glover
Nehemiah Glover Prije 7 sati
We realize fury cant cheat
Pablo Llega
Pablo Llega Prije 14 sati
PLEASE READ NOOT SPAM ------ Did anybody else see how Mayweather knocked him out during the fight but it was an accident and mayweather was caught in the heat of the moment & went off script and knocked him out Luckily he realized it quick and held Logan up so he wouldn’t fall and the fight wouldn’t end so easily People need to wake up and realize this was Bs If mayweather would have knocked him out the. Jake Paul would have cancelled the fight between jake and mayweather