See Chang
See Chang Prije 5 sati
Bla bla bla broncos will win!!!
Lawrence Terrell
Lawrence Terrell Prije 5 sati
What's sad is the Lion's wasted Matt Stafford year's as a player and isn't sad the Bear are waste Allen Robinson and Khalil Mack year's as a player the chicago bears need to fire Matt Nagy and the GM this team has been poorly constructed which is why the Rams won
Frank Stange
Frank Stange Prije 5 sati
I feel like Giants score will be alot more
DangerDylan999 Prije 5 sati
Niners 28 to 16
Joseph Buccoleri
Joseph Buccoleri Prije 5 sati
Such a potent offense the Falcons had that year
TrippyAlex 666
TrippyAlex 666 Prije 5 sati
damn ... this was the good old days ...
Joseph Buccoleri
Joseph Buccoleri Prije 5 sati
Evidently Matt Ryan has never recovered he will never return to a super bowl again, this will abs has haunted them for the rest of their career
Mitchell Crocetta
Mitchell Crocetta Prije 5 sati
browns beat bears by 13 or more
eunoia Prije 5 sati
god i love this man
Crackhead Joe Dirt
Crackhead Joe Dirt Prije 5 sati
I made a bet on DraftKings that Carr would get 2 TDs not knowing that passing TDs didn’t count, so here’s to Carr runnin 2 in for me. 🍻
Deshawn Richardson
Deshawn Richardson Prije 5 sati
why not show the Sammy Watkins dime from Lamar????
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy Prije 5 sati
Then the Browns lost to the Broncos in the AFC Championship game for the 3rd time in 4 years
Cristian Delira
Cristian Delira Prije 5 sati
Under 50 points for sure
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy Prije 5 sati
The Browns started wearing their brown jerseys at home in the last half of the 1989 season
Gavin Prije 5 sati
This was amazing oh my lordy
Charlie DiLorenzo
Charlie DiLorenzo Prije 5 sati
1:10:18 no wonder why his predictions are so bad.
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose Prije 5 sati
Broncos 27 Jets 21
Cliffordyp Daniels Sr.
Cliffordyp Daniels Sr. Prije 5 sati
joe and Jerry show where's the popcorn
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy Prije 5 sati
I've been watching football since 1964 best game ever played ( forget 1958 Colts vs Giants)
Nathan Prije 5 sati
Always exciting to watch a bunch of oppressed millionaires playing with a ball.
Joey K O
Joey K O Prije 5 sati
St Louis needs a football team
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose Prije 5 sati
Bronco fan for life!
James Carter
James Carter Prije 5 sati
This is my upset pick. Teddy will feel the woe if his old team and have his worst play of the season and be benched. Jets 23 broncos 22
Abdiel Pabellon
Abdiel Pabellon Prije 5 sati
Baker mayfield looks lean
Nomanslilwhaler Prije 5 sati
'80's Miami teams were superior to what passes for NFL nowadays. Plus, '72 Dolphins are still the only undefeated team in NFL history.
Elizabeth OBrien
Elizabeth OBrien Prije 5 sati
Aww poor adorable cute 😺. It's stressed out and scared.. it doesn't help when folks bang on the board.. 😘
Senderilla Soo
Senderilla Soo Prije 5 sati
Hard to say Niners might loose. Mike left so he might be more willing to spill the beans to his bro now. 😂
Sepakinesis Prije 5 sati
Get him off the jets before his career is ruined
Ryan Bresnahan
Ryan Bresnahan Prije 5 sati
Cowboys winning
Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker Prije 5 sati
Alex Simon ll
Alex Simon ll Prije 5 sati
Hey wokey woke cam, what team do you play for now superman. Lol
Dan G
Dan G Prije 5 sati
0:00 “im the best in the whole world” Jamaal Adams and Justin Simmons are better than you bro lol
60BloodyChamp60 Prije 5 sati
Lifelong FSU Seminoles fan here. I laugh because I felt Tomlin’s pain. It was intentional just like it was intentional when a former Seminoles player I knew did the same thing way back when future NFL coach Bob Davie was coaching. It was the Seminole’s first ever run of winning. It was before Bobby Bowden who was on the staff though, along with...no lie...Joe Gibbs and Bill Parcels! My friend didn’t try to hide it either. It was a pick 6 to ice the game and when the guy was running down the sidelines my friend stuck his leg out and tripped him. Coach Parcels said he was glad his player was paying attention. Coach Davie said he was thinking of doing the same thing. So knowing that story I let this slide and don’t judge Tomlin lol!
John Bruce
John Bruce Prije 5 sati
No reaction on the sideline from James Washington. Probably thinking that's a bigger statement than I've made my whole career...
Ben Garrett
Ben Garrett Prije 5 sati
I’m calling this. Vikings win, 28-13.
The Modern Meme Man
The Modern Meme Man Prije 5 sati
When I saw this super bowl I was at my papas Shriners work watching it and I remember not watching halftime show and play football in our field lol. Perfect game.
S D Prije 6 sati
ryan2g Prije 6 sati
3:57 cole kmet has to do better
Jesus Is king
Jesus Is king Prije 6 sati
“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 Jesus is the only way we can be saved, not Allah, Buddha, only Jesus Christ
pax6 Prije 6 sati
Josh Norman is hosting counseling sessions for victims like him...
LSUTigerBandTrumpet2014 Prije 6 sati
This NFL referee is a college professor at Texas Tech! WOW!
New Life
New Life Prije 6 sati
Prov 18:16
Rogelio Gonzalez
Rogelio Gonzalez Prije 6 sati
Howard is only 1 person, he can't cover all our offensive players
Selena Leyva
Selena Leyva Prije 6 sati
Let's go washington go go go go go go.
Jamauel moore
Jamauel moore Prije 6 sati
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Dhop: free oxygen 💨
Selena Leyva
Selena Leyva Prije 6 sati
Let's go Patriots go go go go go go go go go Patriots.
Justa Person
Justa Person Prije 6 sati
This may have been the Vikings finest hour. It made me a lifelong fan. I might add, for a few years there, Carter/Nelson were a great tandem.
Jackson Pope
Jackson Pope Prije 6 sati
Song please
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez Prije 6 sati
Jeremiah is the stupid one out of the group
David White
David White Prije 6 sati
Good God Lawrence is throwing his receivers into helicopter propellers every time.
Jameek Rich
Jameek Rich Prije 6 sati
See them coaches Donald had here in ny didn't know what the hell they was doing the panthers designed a system to fit Donald's skill set and it shows
InsideUV2 Prije 6 sati
28:14 That catch was clean tho lmao.
Carl Mustard
Carl Mustard Prije 6 sati
Just so everyone from the past knows… Pats won the Super Bowl after this lol
Adonis Fuentes
Adonis Fuentes Prije 6 sati
What’s with all these half’s?
marius coleman
marius coleman Prije 6 sati
I like baker!! My kinda guy
Christian Seals
Christian Seals Prije 6 sati
Amen thank you so much I love u and God loves u more than you could ever imagine Give your life to God not forcing you to just tryna help repent, live for him, read your Bible, and pray everyday, and live faithfully by him🙏🏾❤️‼️God bless everyone and protect your family🙌🏾
Lewis 970
Lewis 970 Prije 6 sati
The Cowboys should've also beaten the Steelers in 1979, but Jackie Smith dropped an easy TD pass, and as usual the refs favored Pittsburgh.
Donald Stewart
Donald Stewart Prije 6 sati
Best announcers in NFL!! 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
P H Prije 6 sati
Cam Newton pushes his teammates out the way to do his stupid Superman celebration smh …. That’s why I lost FLY EAGLES FLY 🦅
itsmeconnor Prije 6 sati
The chiefs were getting flagged to much bro
jeremy x
jeremy x Prije 6 sati
Baldy needs to get with DC Dan Quinn... All-22 Film and Dallas Cowboys coaches explain TB-12's #3 TD to AB on DC's AB/Anthony Brown REFUTES Baldy's explaintion here.. Coach Quinn and players said JLew stumbled, (shown clearly here), set off a bang-bang-bang scenario Safety Kazee was to cover over the top zone of Anthony Brown covering Antonio Brown... (AB was the underneath CB, NOT man to man) BUT When JLew slipped and stumbled, Kazee either took his man or left him wide open vs a covered underneath Anthony Brown (being left to look to be the blame for getting burnt) Had JLew not slipped, Kazee would've stayed over the top of AB to at least be in position to make a play on the ball Anthony Brown was said to be blameless here But Quinn also absolved safety Kazee because had he NOT left covering a receiver with at least 1 defender on him, There would've been (Godwin I believe) left alone in the middle due to JLew slipping down etc
FREDHI Prije 6 sati
Bears pound dogg pound 35-21
Toby Tyler
Toby Tyler Prije 6 sati
30-13 Broncos
Sukundeeznutz Prije 6 sati
Everyone: Lets go! Lets go! Best game you've wber played! TB12: you got any hand sanitizer? 🐐
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner Prije 6 sati
1 of my favorite plays in football since I became a fan...that slant pattern Grbac laid out to JR. Amazing.
Freddie Ritter
Freddie Ritter Prije 6 sati
Lmao this is big game, but it's week 3 people! Kc still working out pre season kinks! Even if bolts win? It still Chiefs division in end
Mike Jennings
Mike Jennings Prije 6 sati
In the history of bad calls, this is THE worst. The ratings have fallen ever since
sinhen li
sinhen li Prije 6 sati
Why are they so happy like they won a bowl
That Comment Guy
That Comment Guy Prije 6 sati
Me: having a good time enjoying this Ad: oh no you don’t
BaronBrrrrett Prije 6 sati
Ravens could've easily got 60 lol
Austin Clark
Austin Clark Prije 6 sati
Still can't believe that the Texans have three running backs who were all RB1's at some point of their career.
Big Beans Bryant
Big Beans Bryant Prije 6 sati
Jianshe Ochagabia
Jianshe Ochagabia Prije 6 sati
I keep coming back because of Shakira's performance.
Marcos Duterte
Marcos Duterte Prije 6 sati
Moldy cheese down to their 3rd string left tackle. Bosaaaaaaaaaaaa
draw colin
draw colin Prije 6 sati
lets go brawns
BaronBrrrrett Prije 6 sati
Imagine being hyped up about your first nfl start and then when the day comes you end up throwing 5 picks 😂