The Tide
The Tide Prije 3 sati
Hope Brady and the Bucs win the Super Bowl.
Deerick Johnson
Deerick Johnson Prije 3 sati
The nfl is RIGGED
omar khan
omar khan Prije 3 sati
Brady owns this man.
Jayden P.
Jayden P. Prije 3 sati
NFL has a lot of balls to show that “PI” like they didn’t not call a bunch for Packers for the first hour of the game. 🖕🏽
Justin Wayne
Justin Wayne Prije 3 sati
The finest RB in modern history. Possibly ever. The man, in this era, throws men. Unheard of.
Caleb Martinez
Caleb Martinez Prije 3 sati
22:01 Nick Chubb is about to lose it while tyreek hill has already lost it😂😂
idot Prije 3 sati
As soon as they ranked him fourth best, I knew he’d make it back to the super bowl
11BravoKilla Prije 3 sati
Damn it's honestly kinda sad how Aaron Rodgers is basically turning into Brett Favre. 2 great quarterbacks, but only won 1 Superbowl each in their careers. It's literally been a decade since Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers won the Superbowl.
Luiz Eduardo
Luiz Eduardo Prije 3 sati
Cagada esse field goal a 2min do fim... Tem que arriscar a 4° descida!!!!
Emma H
Emma H Prije 3 sati
It’s inconsistent
Austen Perrault
Austen Perrault Prije 3 sati
Damn I would love to see Diggs on the Chiefs, I like how he plays as a receiver but the chiefs are my favorite team ever since Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, and Eric Berry.
Travis Stoudt
Travis Stoudt Prije 3 sati
Congrats Brady but u will no doubt lose to Mahomes and company again just like week 12
We need Shakira again in the Super Bow yes or yes
I’m a Depressed Detroit Fan
I’m a Depressed Detroit Fan Prije 3 sati
The Packers chocked plain and simple. The terrible call not to go for it on 4th and Goal down 8? Coaching was bad, But Rodgers chocked the most. He had several chances to get touchdowns and he couldn’t. They settled for field goals with the game on the line. Brady had 3 interceptions, and you couldn’t get 1 touchdown?? On that 3rd and Goal he had a wide open path to the end zone and instead of running it, he throws into coverage.
sam sung
sam sung Prije 3 sati
Even when Brady tries to lose he still wins lol
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall Prije 3 sati
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Elijah Richard
Elijah Richard Prije 3 sati
Best super bowl i’ve ever seen
DAMO LowEND or NoEND Prije 3 sati
@ 10:57 they pop his ass out the air😂🤣😂
Giovanni Carbajal
Giovanni Carbajal Prije 3 sati
Rodgers was SHOOK
ACE Prije 3 sati
he looks like he's slowed down compared to last yr and yrs back tbh
Ryan benz
Ryan benz Prije 3 sati
This game reminds me when I use tyreek in madden ,, no literally 😂
Matt Deaver
Matt Deaver Prije 3 sati
BDGMed Prije 3 sati
10:35 WHY would you throw it? The field was wide open! Run the ball rogers!!!
Oli J
Oli J Prije 3 sati
It's hilarious how Packers fans are crying about refs when in week 16 they laughed at us Titans fans when we complained. How does karma feel, Green Bay?
KofiMensahKing Prije 3 sati
All I gotta say about this game is **field goals**
bzour Tamer
bzour Tamer Prije 3 sati
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Legend Garcia
Legend Garcia Prije 3 sati
AMart Prije 3 sati
Brady goes off to win a Super Bowl in TAMPA and retires. Bucs go back to being garbage. This is all written.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams Prije 3 sati
Packers were cheated by the refs!
Ambushw23 Prije 3 sati
KCs d played great and the offense played well they were just the better team. The bills couldn’t finish drives not stop big plays.
f5rct txrcr
f5rct txrcr Prije 3 sati
3:16 I'm dead
marcela fernades
marcela fernades Prije 3 sati
2:37 Song?
Wallace4461 Prije 3 sati
Tom B., the Honey BADGER awaits, feel his wrath Tommy boy
Broski Mate
Broski Mate Prije 3 sati
Man I can't believe Rodgers didn't run it in for the touchdown at the end! He could have jogged it in!
Matt Prije 3 sati
I've been arguing with my best friend for about 15 years that Tom Brady is the GOAT. He always said Tom is just a system QB, anyone will succeed in that system. Well former MVP and Heisman Winner Cam Newton sucked in that system, and Brady is back in another SB with a different team, in a different conference. My friend is quiet now...
Cecil Meredith
Cecil Meredith Prije 3 sati
Not an NFL year without a BLEW DAT 😈⚜️ and a Choke Pack Choke
Master Q
Master Q Prije 3 sati
I wonder if anyone got paid big in Vegas, cause things look off to me. Especially,, the last field goal......why??
E Wizzop
E Wizzop Prije 3 sati
Josh Allen a monster 💯💯
Smooth Bro
Smooth Bro Prije 3 sati
I would like to thank Todd Bowles for being an awesome def coordinator and the 8 sacks his defense did and the turnovers that defense forced everybody giving credit to Brady but it was the DEFENSE that gave them the short field against the Saints last week
Mahomes ll showed his maturity and his leadership on the sidelines !!!! Letting Hardman know .. hey it’s ok brother , keep your head up . That’s what the legendary Qb’s did !!! That’s why Mahomes will be in the Hall and be one of the greats who did it.
Perla Cerda
Perla Cerda Prije 3 sati
nikhil roy
nikhil roy Prije 3 sati
Who's here after its - bucs vs cheifs SUPER BOWL 55
E Wizzop
E Wizzop Prije 3 sati
Not finna do this against the bucs
Itss Dev
Itss Dev Prije 3 sati
The bucs paid the refs
poppanolan Prije 3 sati
After the initial sting... Bills fans have to be feeling good going forward. Allen is legit.
Raul Reyes
Raul Reyes Prije 3 sati
Take a look at minute 2:15 play with Rodgers..he had room to score by himself..but decided to pass ..plenty room to score
Goddard Bolt
Goddard Bolt Prije 3 sati
Belichick punching the air right now
Bob Jordan
Bob Jordan Prije 3 sati
The jittery brake focally decide because spear collectively deserve on a tiny magician. jolly, useless step-mother
Stephanie Malley
Stephanie Malley Prije 3 sati
Whew, that's scared me!😲🤭🤗😎😷
alex lopez
alex lopez Prije 3 sati
3 years later a super bowl champion
Solar Infrared
Solar Infrared Prije 3 sati
Hunts respect as a former chief is awesome
Grand Maul
Grand Maul Prije 3 sati
Call Brady the Goat-Slayer
Trend America with Liam
Trend America with Liam Prije 3 sati
Antonio Clemente
Antonio Clemente Prije 3 sati
Generational talent!!!! Future Jet
Trend America with Liam
Trend America with Liam Prije 3 sati
James Matthews
James Matthews Prije 3 sati
Darrell ran so fast the camera had to catch up to him.
Drew Blood
Drew Blood Prije 3 sati
He’s better off with short answers, and simple responses. He sounds dumb when he thinks he has to keep talking. Big dumb dumb.
Chase Miller
Chase Miller Prije 3 sati
One Of The Greatest Super bowl performances in NFL History
Gary Maccagnone
Gary Maccagnone Prije 3 sati
The Michigan man is back in the Super Bowl.
South west djs Fan club
South west djs Fan club Prije 3 sati
I thought we was n 2021
Guy Karow
Guy Karow Prije 3 sati
I think it’s pretty obvious that the coach of the Green Bay Packers wasn’t good enough to play at that level !! Look at all the bad calls he made . Rogers should’ve played it the way he wanted to that what does idiots on the sidelines wanted him to do !
Vegas~Life Prije 3 sati
Mr.. Brady... Is the Goat.
bzour Tamer
bzour Tamer Prije 3 sati
The low priest hemperly name because robert continuously injure below a onerous mustard. far-flung, tenuous tendency
Michael Griggs
Michael Griggs Prije 3 sati
who’s here after brady just made his 10th super bowl with the buccaneers
Honour Morris
Honour Morris Prije 3 sati
Boki Kusturic
Boki Kusturic Prije 3 sati
I am sure it was not about NE and Belichek...It was about Tom :D
E Wizzop
E Wizzop Prije 4 sati
Chiefs offense not even great 😂 that oline nasty and bills actn like they can’t cover every pass somebody wide open can’t warp up
dean marley aguiero
dean marley aguiero Prije 4 sati
Damn Packers and Steelers are the biggest chokers in the season.
UnderWaterLevelz Prije 4 sati
Packers were too predictable on offense. Rodgers should try handing the ball off once in a while. Everyone forgets that John Elway didn't win a Super Bowl until he had Terrell Davis to hand the ball off to.
Ambrose Ramirez
Ambrose Ramirez Prije 4 sati
Tom Brady is the GOAT
Andrew Grove
Andrew Grove Prije 4 sati
Refs help Brady again
epa tongan
epa tongan Prije 4 sati
10:33 Aaron Rodgers should of ran that in.
stealthiscool Prije 4 sati
Rodgers didn't get the ball back after the Packers settled for a FG instead of going for it (2014 was similar). People are complaining about the calls and letting things go until the end but the PI call was blatant unlike the others, and no doubt people would've been calling it the 'worst call of all time' if the officials let it go. The fact of the matter is the Packers blew it once again with their decision making, 6 points off of 3 interceptions is unforgivable
Veng3nce On_YT
Veng3nce On_YT Prije 4 sati
Damn the KC Chiefs are going back to the super bowl, Super Bowl 55 who do you think is going to win. I think KC wins back to back super bowls. I think the Chiefs give Tom Brady his 4th super bowl loss
Stephen Cifuentes
Stephen Cifuentes Prije 4 sati
Superbowl 55 is going to be a badass game! I got Chiefs !
FAITH SEEKER Prije 4 sati
All sports are rigged its all WWE tom brady has the machine behind him since day 1 wake up ppl yall wasting time with this nonsense
Lax God
Lax God Prije 4 sati
people say because he made 3 others give him a break. Bro if he made 3 others he shouldnt of missed this one
FAITH SEEKER Prije 4 sati
Imma just speak my peace and leave it be because one-day the real truth shall be expose. All sports are 100% rigged thats been proven 2ndly the nfl is WWE its all scripted if you look at tom ladys carreer its been nothing but a movie "scripted" tom ladys is the elites biggest face of the nfl right now and tom does the rituals very well now I can go deeper but I'll leave it be. The refs are in on it go look at this game and you can see the refs was following the scripted that was told to them by the elites it was bad now they getting more sloppy with it and yall still blind to the fact nfl is rigged. These sports analysts are nothing but Dj's whos paid to hype the none sence and get yall to believe its real but they play off yall emotions. Nfl been rigged since its existing its money to be made etc. Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and others was told by the elites to throw their super bowl games away. They want tom brady to be the goat thats sad. Look at some if the players faces and it saids it all. These analysts knows sports are rigged because they apart of the BS. IM DONE