KingLo TRG
KingLo TRG Prije 33 sekundi
If it’s not full auto is it even a uzi????
BlackRainbow 411
BlackRainbow 411 Prije 2 minuta
Haha times back then..shoot with a not silenced gun out a car with no ear protection..these days he even uses earprotection for air guns xD
Da gru
Da gru Prije 2 minuta
I love how the 50 cal just makes everyone laugh and smile, just through the pure joy of complete destruction :D
Da gru
Da gru Prije 5 minuta
I guess the effect you see, that it cracks on the back side is caused by surface tension and interference. Not a physicist, but the rest of my school knowledge lets me make an educated guess, could be completely wrong tho. The shock hits the ball, the shockwaves run around and through the ball, not strong enough to break anything and then they combine at the back, in one point of focused interference, overcoming the surface tension of the ball and knocking chunks out. Like in a waterbath, that has waves coming from at least 3 sides at the same time to one point, creating one giant wave.
Mr.Martyr Prije 7 minuta
Hearing those ricochets is fucking terrifying. Lol
Dominic Younger
Dominic Younger Prije 7 minuta
Terminator orgins
Nariki YT
Nariki YT Prije 7 minuta
A new way to be an "WANTED" movie😅
Július Zlúky
Július Zlúky Prije 9 minuta
only problem is fast reloading but its cool.
John Perry
John Perry Prije 10 minuta
It just happens. Wait till your older. You’ll get more
Big Evil
Big Evil Prije 13 minuta
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Prije 14 minuta
In next 10 years, soo uhhh guys we've got this m68 cannon, we've paid 10$ for it, so let's test it out
Legend Prije 14 minuta
Made in Palestine*
DerPanthaa Prije 15 minuta
Sherman is trash.
Perfect Plunger
Perfect Plunger Prije 18 minuta
mordechaimordechai Prije 18 minuta
No rn-50? 😭
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Prije 20 minuta
It’s not okay that that is legal….
destructwime0 Prije 21 minute
TanqR 1490
TanqR 1490 Prije 22 minuta
How did you get a TANK?!
Daily Ari the Bot
Daily Ari the Bot Prije 23 minuta
This bitch empty! Yeet!
Lastone Standing
Lastone Standing Prije 24 minuta
I love your channel, greetings from germany. ... I live in Germany where everything is illegal. The only weapon that I can use through a trick from Jörg Sprave (he has a yt channel, the slingshot channel) is the Scubaringer for "shark hunting"(named airringer before it got banned and it became the scubaringer), because all weapons that shoot a project through a barrel are illegal here ... But that thing shoots bolts OVER the barrel haha. F the law ;) Can definitely be fatal, but let's see how long it is legal here is. I would love to see a review on your channel, just for fun. You can buy extra bursting disks on ebay, which allow you to bring the gun from 300 bar to 400-450 and extra bolts are availabe on ebay :)) I know it will be a joke to you, but i would love to see it on your channel
XXXTENTACION FAN Prije 25 minuta
I would personally keep all the bullets I catch and put them all in glass cases up for display if I were him
_I_AM_SKITTLE_ Prije 25 minuta
Who would shoot a dog with a dessert eagel!!?
Lastone Standing
Lastone Standing Prije 25 minuta
I love that thing haha ... I would definitely buy it if I wouldn't live in Germany where everything is illegal. The only weapon that I can use through a trick from Jörg Sprave (he has a yt channel, the slingshot channel) is the Scubaringer, because all weapons that shoot a project through a barrel are illegal here ... He shoots bolts OVER the barrel haha. Can definitely be fatal, but let's see how long it is legal here is. I would love to see a review on your channel, just for fun. You can buy extra bursting disks on ebay, which allow you to bring the gun from 300 bar to 400-450 :))
Carl Andrews
Carl Andrews Prije 26 minuta
Those are cafetiere’s bud, not French press.
Cecil Stanley
Cecil Stanley Prije 27 minuta
The crispy episodes are the best. He just brings this goofy fun loving spirit. Donuts stuffy. Brandon’s just a mirror image of myself which ain’t much fun. Eli is the frat boy that loves attention. Baddie is obnoxious his voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
Cecil Stanley
Cecil Stanley Prije 26 minuta
Scott is the karma magnet
Evan Valentino
Evan Valentino Prije 27 minuta
I played arsenal in roblox and theres barret to and i hit 2 player at once with a barret and it just go trought
Sergey Gaponov
Sergey Gaponov Prije 30 minuta
Matt, try to slow the bullets in the water and see which bullet flies the longest.
R3ckt Prije 31 minute
isnt the cable less strong when more weight (example elevator) hangs on it ? i dont think that a 9mm could break it but maybe a 5.56x45 or another 15cal ?
210 G00N
210 G00N Prije 32 minuta
Shoutout San Antonio
Marco’s Ways
Marco’s Ways Prije 34 minuta
The beginning is like the editing you get in India just as awful but it does make it funny
Minianiton Prije 34 minuta
can u upload video in side of tank
JoeJoe Potatoe
JoeJoe Potatoe Prije 37 minuta
You’re missing the reaper
Sync Prism
Sync Prism Prije 37 minuta
How you aim when hip firing like he does at 5:51? I'm surprised it's so accurate without a laser pointer
NAGA RAPPER Prije 40 minuta
Over Acting.
Alex Uchiha gaming
Alex Uchiha gaming Prije 43 minuta
Imagine the neighbors beside his house or beside his rang
J. BODDY Prije 43 minuta
Master Havoc
Master Havoc Prije 43 minuta
Intro makes this unwatchable....
Rowan Honiball
Rowan Honiball Prije 45 minuta
He gets a gun but I am knot .bro I am 11 and he I 5 bro what the
Zachary zman Miller
Zachary zman Miller Prije 46 minuta
I am 13 years old and I technically have 5 guns a Russian sks a marlen 30-30 a stoger 4/10 double barrel shotgun a Henry 22 lever action and my first gun a heritage rough rider my dad bought me the 22 he bought the 4/10 with my money I got to go with him and get it the 30-30 was passed down from my grandpa the sks was my dads but he said it is mine now and I have a bunch of Vietnam stuff and a bunch of knives one being a Vietnam bayanet
HH Vortex
HH Vortex Prije 47 minuta
“How many Diamond play buttons is it take to stop a 50 BMG” make a good vid I think
San Amitah
San Amitah Prije 50 minuta
If you can scientists running out of jobs
Melissa Acevedo
Melissa Acevedo Prije 51 minute
L. o. n. g 22. Magnum
shubham verma
shubham verma Prije 52 minuta
Black swordsman is that u?
shubham verma
shubham verma Prije 53 minuta
Call Guts from berserk he will teach u how to swing that blade
NinjaNotFound Prije 53 minuta
Sooooo How to counter tank?
John Gregory
John Gregory Prije 56 minuta
Matt, oxygen doesn't burn, it enables burning. It was the steel in the tank that was burning. Once the gas got past the burning metal, no more burn.
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Prije 58 minuta
Demo got all dis money N were yo motor boat😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Aikawa Yuu
Aikawa Yuu Prije 59 minuta
He used the mlg ooooohhhhh
Visual Candy
Visual Candy Prije sat
"Yeah ...he's dead" 😅🤣🤣
Soldier333 Prije sat
Ah yes the beginnings of space marine armor
소프트스프렁크 Prije sat
Syko Soldier
Syko Soldier Prije sat
What does it take to get your hotdog out of a shotgun barrel? Some Balls!
Stevin Harper
Stevin Harper Prije sat
Matt bring Artur Rehi the Demo Ranch pretty please. I'm sure others in Demolitia would agree
dale brown
dale brown Prije sat
Dam boy he thick
예천동 불개미
예천동 불개미 Prije sat
여윽시 천조국성님들
Swig McAle
Swig McAle Prije sat
Full auto AK actually sounds terrifying. It even sounds the same in most movies.
Alex the pro team
Alex the pro team Prije sat
Should use 50 bmg on fluffy
Lilmegsta Prije sat
Oxygen isn’t flammable flames need oxygen to keep flaming
ImRandom32 Prije sat
I would want the last one that silver
BroThisGameTrash Prije sat
Wow the only demolition ranch video that I actually want to know is bulletproof he uses lever actions on it wow🤦‍♂️
GodSpeed Prije sat
and so weve made it to endgame
sohrab roshan
sohrab roshan Prije sat
Kue ?
Jeep forces
Jeep forces Prije sat
When you max out your starting weapon
hamody 5aug2017
hamody 5aug2017 Prije sat
معدن رائع
prof. 24k
prof. 24k Prije sat
Imagine being killed by what looks like a hot glue gun
michael Grikstas
michael Grikstas Prije sat
Shoot at gas cans
Van Johnson
Van Johnson Prije sat
I’m going to Las Vegas today and I found this video and also got a commercial for riding a plane
DJVILLAN Prije sat
That's not 12,000 feet thick.
Stig R.
Stig R. Prije sat
at this point breaking the door would be easier
Andrew Britch
Andrew Britch Prije sat
I love underwood ammo!
the warden Mohd Izuddin
the warden Mohd Izuddin Prije sat
Use super shotgun
Kidsinamerica Prije sat
I have one of those .25 Autos......no rifling in the barrel, cheap construction, but ACCURATE out to 10-12 yards.
Mike b
Mike b Prije sat
Euro trip robot fight nice.
AJAX Prije sat
I JUST rewatched all three Matrix movies yesterday and this came up in my recommendation today and the intro is so fucking funny
Bruno no
Bruno no Prije sat
Я один задаюсь вопросом откуда у него танк?
unknown. Prije sat
That intro was the best police chase I’ve ever seen
luke daniel
luke daniel Prije sat
no ding on the m1 annoyed me but it was all forgiven when you apologised
Fifthhoven Prije sat
If a bullet got through that or destroyed it - unless it is somehow very low quality - it would be really confusing and disappointing somehow. Glass can shatter, of course, but it's a lot of very hard mass concentrated to such thickness (and balanced by form). It would make the whole world extremely brittle by comparison if that had worked... It would suck.
YOga拜拜 Prije sat
Amerika TITID
Toxxyc338 Prije sat
Seeing the start of this video can't help but have me thinking Matt's turning into Hicock45. Just taking a gun and shooting at plates on a range, and people go bananas over it.