Maxski Prije 9 sati
Actually hearing HOW they made big steps is much better than just hearing "And AlphaTauri have made some big steps" thanks!
Thorsten Hagemeier
Thorsten Hagemeier Prije 9 sati
What's up with Gasly and italian circuits?
JENO 28 Prije 9 sati
Kimi fun: 0_0 Kimi angry: 0_0 Kimi sad: 0_0
Saleh 1
Saleh 1 Prije 9 sati
Anis B
Anis B Prije 9 sati
Under such IMMENSE pressure, Fernando was trying to slow down in the corners to not catch too quickly the traffic. How can you THINK about this when you're defending a F1 win against THE GOAT ??!!! It just shows how great Nando is.
tommobeast2 Prije 9 sati
They should both run their own team
iamthestog Prije 9 sati
Look how bad you are! Luca Badoer. No I crasha Maybespin! Nikita Mazepin.....
dusty44444 Prije 9 sati
Thank you Fernando for giving so much credit to Michael for the reason this is a legendary fight for a race win. You two are F1 legends.
F1-AMG44 Prije 9 sati
Alonso >>> Schumacher
Magic Jack
Magic Jack Prije 9 sati
Alpha tauri are only fast in quali and Mclaren and Ferrari have them beat on race pace
David Ste
David Ste Prije 9 sati
Mazepin sounds like a snack I'd eat for morning tea, also it looks like Mercedes turned the slider up on Bottas_AI a little too high this week.
三宮葵 Prije 9 sati
FIAM→Federation Internationale del' Automobile Mercedes
Owen Seaman
Owen Seaman Prije 9 sati
imagine if leclerc had a car that could keep his qualifying and practice pace during the race...
Gabriel Luricci
Gabriel Luricci Prije 9 sati
Go, Kimi, Go !!!
Đức Lâm Nguyễn
Đức Lâm Nguyễn Prije 9 sati
MeltingRubberZ28 Prije 9 sati
Only a matter of time before Otmar sues Alpha Tauri in addition to the FIA. Only he's allowed to "bend" the ruled
nazart Prije 9 sati
When the Ferrari Master 🅱️lan actually worked
Footwork Prije 9 sati
F1 is really trying to play matchmaker with these two.
Heique Prije 9 sati
He's on ice, he even admitted to it on team radio. That explains so much about Mazepin's behaviour, driving and tantrums on the radio.
All Wheel Drive
All Wheel Drive Prije 9 sati
Haas should develop 6 wheels F1 car for Mazepin
Luca Buchignani
Luca Buchignani Prije 9 sati
pierre gasly is one of my favourite drivers. i secretly hope to see him at ferrari one day
Karol N
Karol N Prije 9 sati
Vettel better get his finger out before people forget he was 4 time champion.
blkmamba824 Prije 9 sati
I hope more than anything that Vettel can be competent... not necessarily competitive, although that would be even better.... but just competent - no mistakes. If he can lead Aston to the front of the midfield, that would be special. I just hope he isn't out-performed by Stroll. That would probably be the last straw.
Gilles Kaske
Gilles Kaske Prije 9 sati
Thanks Scarab I thought you could bash the rack and control arm into place drill some new holes and reattach with Home Depot carriage bolts. How wrong I am
fishyyy Prije 9 sati
Fernando hugs the chicken very tightly
SebaCod Py
SebaCod Py Prije 9 sati
This is want we love thank you
hardly workin'
hardly workin' Prije 9 sati
Guilt is a horrible thing, but if Mazepin does not push the underachieving car, he will never know the limits. Too bad he has low self esteem, or he never would have had to defend himself. We will have to see if he beats Grosjeans record of crashes his first year in F1.
Giuseppe Genovese
Giuseppe Genovese Prije 9 sati
3:10 in 2005 you can't change tyres, am i wrong?
Medeterano Medeterano
Medeterano Medeterano Prije 9 sati
GP2 engine !! GP2
Armchair Racer
Armchair Racer Prije 9 sati
No way, they got Scarbs! Whoever's in charge of hiring at F1 needs a raise!
Dman Oli
Dman Oli Prije 9 sati
Just here to listen to the real sound of F1 cars
Misantyr Prije 9 sati
The first session for MazeSpin, without a spin? Can you believe this?
Not Jar Jar Binks
Not Jar Jar Binks Prije 9 sati
That intro 😍
MeltingRubberZ28 Prije 9 sati
dick heder
dick heder Prije 9 sati
great video, i never knew that d renault engine had an issue in one of its cylinders which affected its power output
Gilberto Francisco
Gilberto Francisco Prije 9 sati
Joe Rogan vs Kimi ...podcast ... that would be a seeing
LeJimster Prije 9 sati
Why does it sound like she recorded the audio for the highlights in a portaloo?
Alex R.
Alex R. Prije 9 sati
Alessandro Spenga
Alessandro Spenga Prije 9 sati
Dear F1, have you noticed how ALL OF US want V10s back?!
eduorbai Prije 9 sati
After turkey, was clear for red bull
7249xxl Prije 9 sati
knowing how low they sit in the car if that lid was an inch more elevated George would have his bottom destroyed.
Squirrely Bird
Squirrely Bird Prije 9 sati
At this rate, Haas will run out of cars for Mazepin by Monaco
Glatze Metzger
Glatze Metzger Prije 9 sati
Since 2020 Siler Arrows are..... Black
Curious_Cat Prije 9 sati
Alonso seemed really worried to show that he had 3 wins by the end of this race. lol
FIREDELL10 Prije 9 sati
Fernando should have a pretty decent advantage over most of the field, considering how much more he's driven the track than everybody else.
Syahdam Cipta
Syahdam Cipta Prije 9 sati
F1 plis turn on subtitle 🙏
Hue Brasil
Hue Brasil Prije 9 sati
and some kids says that man is overrated ... ahh please ...
Tebogo Seatlhol
Tebogo Seatlhol Prije 9 sati
Emila always taking names
pongabor8 Prije 9 sati
LADA dudes 1200 enough said
Nachthexe DerShredder
Nachthexe DerShredder Prije 9 sati
Everyone is talking about Mazepin, but what about Latifi? The dude has been pretty fast fp1 and fp2! (Faster than George)
Arnaud J.
Arnaud J. Prije 9 sati
*I keep saying that this kind of Blue / Yellow Renault colours (not only the livery but also the team outfits) is much more beautiful and recognizable than the current one wich has almost no personality..*
Isaac Andrade
Isaac Andrade Prije 9 sati
F1 should drop the playlist here in the comments!
David Ha
David Ha Prije 9 sati
vettel... slower than stroll...
Luca Gattoni-Celli
Luca Gattoni-Celli Prije 9 sati
DaHappyTaco Prije 9 sati
Keep these coming! Wonderful analysis for somebody just getting into the sport.
MadelnOahu Prije 9 sati
I hope this is going to be another epic race
David Griffith
David Griffith Prije 9 sati
Mazepin is like those guys you encounter playing GT Sport that turn off the traction control because they think they're world champions, but just crash into you, other players and the wall continuously.
Kear_Parthurnax Prije 9 sati
Tsunoda going crazy mode
filippos stavro
filippos stavro Prije 9 sati
Great. Now put Seb and Alonso and then Lewis and Alonso together in the next races!
Drizzle Prije 9 sati
I liked the bit where he crashed
Garfield Thomas
Garfield Thomas Prije 9 sati
That engine sound is severely missed!!!
Kenny Simbayi
Kenny Simbayi Prije 9 sati
Sam and Scarbs together ❤
Red Bull Sauber Petronas
Red Bull Sauber Petronas Prije 9 sati
Helmut Marko is a clown
filippos stavro
filippos stavro Prije 9 sati
Alonso,one of the Greats. Younger F1 fans who didn't have the chance to see him race back then, boy you missed out.
Pepek Námořník
Pepek Námořník Prije 9 sati
so seems like Merc is slowly throwing the sandbags off, oder?
Tip Prije 9 sati
watch out for gasly this season
ma man ma homie
ma man ma homie Prije 9 sati
did f1 recycle content by changing the voice
Antoine Laperche
Antoine Laperche Prije 9 sati
Would have been funny no to see Mazepin spin.
HANS NICHOLAS Prije 9 sati
such a boring result
Will Lewis
Will Lewis Prije 9 sati
Bargain 2021 was the new version of this. The 7 times world champion fighting with the new guy about to win a world title
C3 Prije 9 sati
There's no way Vettel can stay on this year performing like this. If he doesn't figure it out soon I'd swap him out for Hulkenberg.
Adam Robledo
Adam Robledo Prije 9 sati
Why tf did they disqualify Montoya
Mohamed raffeq
Mohamed raffeq Prije 9 sati
Yes that the way u do it
Bobby Gilbert
Bobby Gilbert Prije 9 sati
Mazepin trying to hard to spin? Lul