Muhammad Rafi Rizkiya Gaming
Muhammad Rafi Rizkiya Gaming Prije 17 sati
This year get a points
RMAN Prije 17 sati
If this has George Russell commentary: So turn one flat around here than flat around here flat around here flat around here drs open flat around here drs open and that’s a lap of the Hungarian Grand Prix
Galaxy_Ayram Prije 17 sati
This guys magical just hope he gets into some competitive machinery and he will be a force to be reckon with
EectroNights Prije 17 sati
Really glad that Russell and the Williams have improved so much to the point where getting into Q2 atleast with 1 driver is a norm👍
misterfee 888
misterfee 888 Prije 17 sati
All I want is for Russel to replace Bottas next season
Ferrari's Masterplan
Ferrari's Masterplan Prije 17 sati
Come on Georgeeee you can do it
Katia Catarina
Katia Catarina Prije 17 sati
if it rains RUSSELL can win.
TheOneAndOnly 2.0
TheOneAndOnly 2.0 Prije 17 sati
First viewer I love F1
Charles Leclerc 16
Charles Leclerc 16 Prije 17 sati
Charles to get top 3 in quali
Sam Le Roux
Sam Le Roux Prije 17 sati
I’m the first comment
Eilish O’Connell
Eilish O’Connell Prije 17 sati
It’s crazy cos to us they both look literally the same 😂
Thomas Ronhaar
Thomas Ronhaar Prije 17 sati
Q3 again for RUSSELL?
Zakaria Khachane
Zakaria Khachane Prije 17 sati
Its close
Goated At NFS
Goated At NFS Prije 17 sati
The pole lap this year will be slightly slower.
Pi_za82 Prije 17 sati
i think by about 2 seconds
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Prije 17 sati
Wahida Amalia
Wahida Amalia Prije 17 sati
Mentality Razvan
Mentality Razvan Prije 17 sati
Batmo Bil
Batmo Bil Prije 17 sati
chaz Prije 17 sati
Nah bud, you're ninth
Batmo Bil
Batmo Bil Prije 17 sati
Actually I’m first
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong Prije 17 sati
The race weekend starts here
Nils Prije 17 sati
chaz Prije 17 sati
Andy Prije 17 sati
Hope im first!
Eskander X
Eskander X Prije 17 sati
What a pathetic crybaby 😭
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo Prije 17 sati
Boa tarde!!
Riquelme Chalegre
Riquelme Chalegre Prije 17 sati
Wills Eaves
Wills Eaves Prije 17 sati
Adam Wilkie
Adam Wilkie Prije 17 sati
Max Prije 17 sati
Thats a funny coincidence......its the exact same turn as Lulu's big crash next Sunday!!!
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster Prije 17 sati
Filip Šibović
Filip Šibović Prije 17 sati
DimBulb Prije 17 sati
Ohhh lucky boy
Dave Long
Dave Long Prije 17 sati
Lucky guy.
Izequias Valentim
Izequias Valentim Prije 17 sati
Minute 1,22 i just realized Max is a cheater and an enraged driver. Thats why he got that accident last time. He wants to beat Hamilton so bad that he forgets the track has limits
NURUL AFSER Prije 18 sati
…and not a single moment from 2008. Disappointing.
Joe Morrison
Joe Morrison Prije 18 sati
Alex over taking Perez all the ay off the track....
箜撻のゲーマーチャンネル Prije 18 sati
DAZN JAPAN Thanks you
Everyday Shorts™️
Everyday Shorts™️ Prije 18 sati
Ti piacciono i video corti e divertenti, si? Allora iscriviti al nostro canale per non perderti nessun video👍👍😁
gelo Prije 18 sati
Красный борон!
Rblx_Fighter Prije 18 sati
“Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel” Never heard that in ages
Varun Chopra
Varun Chopra Prije 18 sati
This is intro is great I want this intro
18 BLS Mihir Wadyekar
18 BLS Mihir Wadyekar Prije 18 sati
An indian knows why this thumbnail is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
James CF10
James CF10 Prije 18 sati
I've got some BTS footage from Silverstone which shows this car in the flesh👌🏾 Definitely worth checking out if you're into it
George Prije 18 sati
I like how comment section is just the place where Hanilton fans cry that it wasn't Hamilton's fault because of some crashes from 2 years ago
Vachan Shan
Vachan Shan Prije 18 sati
Man on track, man on track.
Yaseen Sergawey
Yaseen Sergawey Prije 18 sati
S 🅱️innala
CrossKennedy Prije 18 sati
Alonso 🤣🤣
Malto Prije 18 sati
In the right car kimi is a beast
Ranger Ste
Ranger Ste Prije 18 sati
Well, 2022 is near, so get prepared
Anthony Massie
Anthony Massie Prije 18 sati
Hope the stewards see this before Thursday.
NEMESIS 187 Prije 18 sati
Clips ruined by yelling commentator
Rio Anugrah
Rio Anugrah Prije 18 sati
Dulu karena ga ada max verstappen, makanya lewis ga ada perlawanan kuat, selalu kalah saing
floorbrother Prije 18 sati
Back then: not even a safety car Today: Red Flag + standing start Why is F1 nowadays rather a show than just a competition?
Lightening McQueen
Lightening McQueen Prije 18 sati
Amazing how he didn't hit the wall unlike Sergio.
syed maaz
syed maaz Prije 18 sati
Red bull has always been cry baby 👶 😂
Deniz Çankaya
Deniz Çankaya Prije 18 sati
Last Kimi win ;(
Lord Targaryen
Lord Targaryen Prije 18 sati
Ahhh back when Formula 1 was at its peak and not the same boring stagnant result again and again.
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh Prije 18 sati
He drank from Kimi’s bottle...
Jose García
Jose García Prije 18 sati
Like his life, Lucky boy
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons Prije 18 sati
He gave it everything?? He gave it first of all.. Far to much speed and took the risk of crashing.. the result of this aggressive attack? .. He took it all and left his adversary in hospital. Mr Barretto are you seriously thinking that the defender was at fault and are you thinking that Verstappen made a mistake by not letting Ham through? Open the door, let him go, let him win the Brittle GP because his psyche needed a bath in the public admiration to pump up his ego? Do you think that Max Verstappen should let Ham win every BRRRGP from now on?
Kevin Jin
Kevin Jin Prije 18 sati
Chicken Fajitasssss? Lewis I thought u loved animals?
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey Prije 18 sati
Most unsportsmanlike person ever in any sport.
Dinos Magic
Dinos Magic Prije 18 sati
what a Champ!!! Too bad he retired early !!!
sx200n1 Prije 18 sati
I wonder? If every driver was given an identical car and setup to race in, so a full grid of cars with the same power, spec and shape. Who would win out of the current roster? My vote would be Alonso.
Y Tho
Y Tho Prije 18 sati
Vettel as its best
Moritz Niedworok
Moritz Niedworok Prije 18 sati
I've just realised Toro Rosso got their first win before red bull
Sarah Poisel
Sarah Poisel Prije 18 sati
Seem like sir Lewis has a really really hard time turning right with cars on his left
edthe2nd Prije 18 sati
ItS tHe cAR!
Ron Tesoro
Ron Tesoro Prije 18 sati
don't say the word..........
jmurray212 Prije 18 sati
Note his helmet/ vision line - as he’s coming around in the 360 - looking to the right so as to drive out of the spin.
Davi Barbosa Monteiro Batista
Davi Barbosa Monteiro Batista Prije 18 sati
David Just arent the narrador because his puberty didint come xddd
Chuyew Prije 18 sati
After that spin he got contract with Ferrari.
SVW Videos
SVW Videos Prije 18 sati
Who's here for the 2 year anniversary of the best race of the 2010's?
Proscenium Prije 18 sati
Mazepim still has to learn from his master how to drive further without crashing
S1M0_1L_PR0 Prije 18 sati
Formula 1, please, stop with this format
SIXITHS Prije 18 sati
Where was Horner's manufactured outrage after this braindead move from Verstappen...?
Gideon Sanders
Gideon Sanders Prije 18 sati
No Damon, yr wrong. Race incident, fine. Cheering like you won the WC? Not fine. LH is always moaning about respect this and that. This was disrespectfull to his opponent. Goes to show that respect only applies to LH in his own mind... but, you can have yr opinion, you are just wrong